Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Check Out My New Page About Sobeys

I have a new page I have started to post all my material about Sobeys and my research notes on the Frank Sobey book - The Man And The Empire.

You can visit my page at www.sobeys.info .

Right now it's just a place holder, but in the future it will contain my research notes about the Frank Sobey book and information about the Sunday Shopping Referendum. Just stuff out of public materials and research, like a watchdog group page for keep companies like Sobeys in check for compiling research notes about their companies public activity.

Just so info...

Recent activities with Sobeys in the public are leading me to launch this page, for example I will be posting stuff about the SAP Corporation for example because that was my old work there, plus they have started donating money to St. Marys' University, as well as started their own brand name of non meat sandwich.

They have also just opened a brand new office building near my neighbourhood at the old Sears store building near Portland Street.

Then they are getting awards for business I am assuming for other people in business with them so to me they are just giving awards to each other. 

At the same time they are also in the news for blocking retail store space in Woodside, which is on the Dartmouth side of the Halifax Harbour. 

They are saying that Sobeys owns the buildings in the area and pulled their store our years ago and refuse to let a new store come in by not renting out the old grocery store space to a new business.

That area has no grocery store now leaving residents left "stranded" without a convenient location to buy groceries. 

If you're familiar with Halifax that is the Dartmouth General Hospital area and the Nova Scotia Mental Hospital area. That area is full of group homes and special care residents for people in mental health treatment programs and rehab programs meaning many of the residents are in group homes and mental health care treatments.

That is in the Pleasant Street area of Dartmouth, now they are complaining that there is no place for patients in group homes and in health treatment programs to buy food locally, which is probably difficult for them anyway, because Sobeys is blocking new grocery stores form opening in the neighbourhood by not renting out their retail space to food competitors.

More stories and information about all this coming soon at www.sobeys.info

You can write me at jasonmackenzie@sobeys.info if you have contributions for my page.


See, they started flaming me already saying that my email address jasonmackenzie@sobeys.info is a "catch all" email account not a real one, trying to degrade the  value of my webpage www.sobeys.info .

That's what I'm talking about with the flaming, they are already going around saying that the email is "not a real email account" and is only a "catch all" with no outgoing mail server attached to it.

The point is so what anyway, it would still work. What I mean is they are trying to degrade my Sobeys page already over the email address I posted. For one, none of them will ever write to get a reply plus it's none of your business and it is a real full email account on a private server with SSL that's not setup right now. Just the SSL is not activated.

You got it? Stop flaming me about my page contents and private business stuff lying about me in public going around making things up about my email servers trying to discredit my work.

That's what I meant about you, plus you're all WRONG in your analysis of my work and webpages.  

Ahhhhhh, more information....

Yeah Sobeys just started donating St.Mary's University money, then according to their company's business model as outlined in the Frank Sobey book they will now try and start bossing them around with the donations to take control of the direction of the University.

Right, just in time for the new CFL Franchise...so they are right on schedule. Then St. Mary's is backing the CFL Franchise and Sobeys is going to run down there and try and start bossing the CFL Franchise around trying to steal the direction of the new CFL team so to me they are doing it already because they are at St. Mary's.

For one, they don't have the kind of weight boss around the CFL from Sobeys.

However, just like everything else in the local area everyone else like me comes up with new ideas and then when we get something Sobeys, who are no one here in Canada,  walks in all the time and tries to steal it all from us in the public for a 2 Cent donation to St. Marys.

So they are at it already at St. Mary's because of the CFL Team, then they will be down there trying to steal the CFL stuff to see if they can strong arm the league with 2 Cents to find out if they can steal the team of the whole CFL league like they how they bought AVIS Rental Cars in the 1980's as described in the Frank Sobey book as their operating procedures.


Pictures Of The Innerworkings Of Black Holes

Image of Black Hole Exploding Materials and Plasma
Apparently Black Hole are visible now with new pictures coming out of their innerworkings. 

This plasma being ejected from the black hole, if this is actual picture, would be showing the debris being ejected from objects in space being destroyed by entering the black hole and being crushed, as obviously seen in this picture.

When they say "space time" they mean that when the solar system starts to explode at a black hole, time doesn't exist anymore because the planet stopped spinning. Then it is just "dead time" or whatever waiting for the end with no daily time sun cycle.

Seeing this photo leads me to several conclusions. 

For one black holes could be appearing at the end of galaxy or solar systems life cycle, the swirling of the galaxy leads to pressure building up at the center of the galaxy which is forming the "black hole" when the pressure becomes too large the galaxy gets eaten and falls into the black hole being destroyed, in a standard life cycle. 

The black hole at the center of the galaxy is collecting pressure as the galaxy swirls, then it builds up pressure and eventually the stars and planets fall into it when the galaxy dies.

The plasma being ejected is from objects like stars and planets being destroyed by the black hole, this function could also be a pressure release valve for the galaxy, when the black hole "density" gets to high objects fall into to it in space from being pulled in by the black hole's gravitational forces, which are pulled in by the black hole in a weightless environment.

Objects like comets, asteroids, moons and small Pluto like planetoids would be pulled in first because they are lighter, they get sucked into the black hole because it is a highly dense spinning region creating gravitational forces that create waves or ripples in space like throwing a rock into a lake or pond.

The ripples throw the comets etc. and small objects off  track in space and then their new "track" sends them into the black hole to be destroyed.

A black hole to me is not really a hole at all to me after seeing these pictures, it is more of a "collection point" of materials "squeezing together" , making the "hole" actually a dense object like a large planet, only it's opposite and destroys large objects in space.

So this "swirling" of the galaxy creates a pressure point in the center where material has been collected and pressure is so strong there that is destroys objects, the black hole's massive gravity well is being created by the spinning of the galaxy.

Those explosions in the black hole region emitting plasma through space would create "outward gravitational forces" from the explosions that push objects away, later as the galaxy spins they would eventually land on a "track" in space that pulls them back to the center of the galaxy to the black hole.

So as the pressure explodes objects emitting plasma that debris would go outward and be sucked back in later through the gravitational cycles of the galaxy spinning. Meaning, those objects being ejected from the black hole eventually fall back in from the galaxy spinning in cycles. 

As the center mass of the black hole destroys objects, these explosions would eventually become so large that it would destabilize solar systems and the planets and sun would be thrown off their "gravitational tracks" and then fall into the new gravitational path created by the exploding matter coming form the black hole.

When the planets fall off track, they land in a new path created by the exploding black hole, and their new gravitational path is now the on black hole. As the galaxy spins the stars and planets switch from their old gravitational orbit to their new one around the black hole, after so many cycles of the galaxy the stars and planets hit the hole and fall in, exploding.

After this you could chart how long it takes for a star or planet to fall into the black hole region by calculating the amount of gravitational cycles take place before the star or planet gets destroyed. What I mean is the after the solar system is knocked off track the galaxy keeps spinning, that creates a gravitational cycle that sends the stars and planets into the track leading to the black hole.

If you knew all that you could say how many days or years it takes for a star or planet to fall into a black hole after the explosion from the hole that displaces the gravity in a near by solar system, or you can also predict when that will happen by watching the explosions. 

I'm sure scientists could easily track all that today knowing all that information and assuming they already have the instruments built to measure those phenomena's .  

They are starting to see this phenomena in layers now I guess, when you look at the "hole" that is waves of material and energy being ejected from explosions in the dense black hole region, I'm sure that once that energy is "released" by the black hole that later is collects and is recycled and used to form new objects in space like comets, planets, stars etc.

Well, at least that's what I see when I look at the picture.

---Additional Information---

According to NASA's own pictures of this black hole, Galaxy's have the ability to blow up and then spin themselves back together.

I am the origin of that theory on here today, the black hole sucks in all material and it all explodes. The material is then ejected from the black hole and then begins re-swirling which is continuous anyway and the galaxy will rebuild itself from the materials being ejected from the black hole which is used to form new galaxy's, stars and planets etc.

That all would mean that the entire galaxy can be destroyed by a black hole, then the materials would be recycled by the galaxy to form new planets out of the old materials from the black hole and then spin itself back together, of course all the stars planets would be in new positions now, probably. 


Friday, April 26, 2019

How Is My Case Connected To The Rehtaeh Parsons Case?

Well that will be up to Federal Prosecutors after they receive the evidence form my lawsuits.

My case is a Civil Court Issue which means I am suing Sobeys and other parties over the attempted theft of my personal assets and harassment.

This is what I am doing but it will take several years to get moving, and I was working on this the whole time and during the Rehtaeh Parsons case in a separate situation. Hopefully by posting this information on the internet people like Federal Prosecutors and Political Groups can start ahead when they see my analysis and then launch a separate investigation before my case gets to the civil courts.

This is an important point...these people have to be stopped before more girls get hurt through public harassment in Canada.

My Civil Court case is somewhat long and it will take years to assemble, all the evidence from it will be turned over to the Supreme Courts for Federal Investigation, like I have already done in the past ten years ago from earlier incidents.

This is how I am progressing.

When I get my stuff going I am hiring several teams of Lawyers to subpoena the people who harassed me from Sobeys and from the "music scene" to take statements about the harassments and get them to reveal the names of the other parties, this will all be compiled by myself and legal teams. All that will be handed over to Federal Prosecutors for investigation.

What will happen is we will get the complete story and all the names, then I am suing them in Civil Court with Federal oversight from the evidence from the harassment for a possible criminal investigation by the Federal Government. That will be up to them.

However this is also an SEC matter from Washington D.C. for United Sates Prosecutors who had Sobeys under investigation in the past, I am also subpoenaing those documents from previous cases against Sobeys as evidence against them in my case.

How the SEC is involved in my case is through Record Label people in Pennsylvania and Calgary, Alberta who also harassed me and I am suing them as well. They will be interviewed by my legal team about the issues of plagiarism and harassment when I sue them to see how they are all connected and get their names.

That also took place in France and Quebec around the issues of plagiarism, harassment and bootlegging . All those Record Label parties are also being sued and they will be questioned by my legal team and the information will be passed to Federal Prosecutors in Washington D.C. from the SEC because the origin in my case is a Stock Market issue.

That will take a long time and it is expensive but I will receive large settlements from all those parties.

I am also going to have my legal team interview the people who harassed Rehtaeh Parsons to see if they are the same people who harassed me from Sobeys and people involved in music, whatever comes from that will be handed to Federal Prosecutors, then that will be out of my hands and they will determine if it will be a criminal investigation, mine is only financial.

So that is how they are connected, then there is also the Bitcoin Scam from Calgary and another hazing death that may all be connected to my case, so I am going to have all parties interviewed by my lawyers to see if they are implicated in my civil case, they will have to reveal the names of all parties and issue a complete story of the events which will take several years to complete before my lawsuit progress to the Civil Courts.

All that evidence my help resolve the Rehtaeh Parsons and other hazing death cases, I hate saying that but that's what it is, from my Civil Court evidence.

Hopefully all this will work out without more future incidents from them and people like the Bitcoin thieves.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

This Is It Everyone, Sobeys & The Flamers Are All Caught On My Case

Here it is...

In 2008 Sobeys Head Office staff and people around me in music all got together behind my back in a group of people who some I knew and others I didn't or were other office staff.

They all got together without me while I was doing my Project Management Certification hours at Sobeys and running my band Collapse and then they tried to "acquire my assets" with people I knew outside in music along with my managers and coworkers.

A bunch of people I knew outside all tried to claim my assets with Sobeys staff and Sobeys tried to say that they "owned my work and music" at their office and with people outside out of my regular hourly salary.

They tried to say they invested in my assets with my wages, then they went out and contacted a whole bunch of people I knew from their office floor to people outside in music and just that I knew and they all tried to say to me that Sobeys owned my assets to get a cut of my future earnings from them I assume, listed below in a previous post, the  Vice President of my Department, The SAP Applications Specialist in Information Technology, Manager and Director all claimed they "did my work" then they tried me make me give them my assets for my salary with people outside in music.

That means they tried to claim my band Collapse with outside people at the same time as inside their office by saying they owned it with my regular salary and then they tried to get outside people to make me give it to them, just like with my plagiarism case on LA Weekly, when I said no and told them I was suing them they flamed for two years outside and on the internet trying to make me give them my band ownership and SAP work with people I knew and complete strangers.

This has been resolved for eleven years but they just started harassing me again trying to make me give my new stuff to them and people form Sobeys Office outside - who they are I don't know.

I have a permanent restraining order against them for over ten years now which they just broke.

Yeah, this is a massive lawsuit against their "Corporation".

I just learned some of this today, but they are saying that is the same circumstances that they acquired other businesses with like AVIS Car Rentals in the 1980's and they have also faced previous investigations in the past from United States Lawyers.

I already knew most of this but I found out more today and it's even in Frank Sobeys Book - The Man And The Empire as part of their business model.

They say that they are buying so many shares in outside Companies that they get appointed a Director to talk to them, then they begin bossing them around and then buy them out - that is their entire business model.

That is how they acquired all those businesses in the 1980's in Canada right in their own words in the book.

If you come here flaming and harassing me about my possessions that's what you will be involved in and you will be in court with me for the rest of your life over it.

None of you are ever allowed near me, and I am going to sue the Federal Government of Canada over it in the future along with whatever is left of Sobeys Company. 

Like I told you, you do not own any share in my music or business ventures, and you have no claim to say that someone bought my stuff in advance form my salary at Sobeys and that I reported to them for my music from outside their business or inside for my SAP design work.

On the day I quit and told them I was going to sue them earlier that morning I was contacted by email from outside by staff form Convergys call center who claimed to own my music assets looking for my money as well as by email at the same time from inside Sobeys claiming that same thing and that they owned my SAP designs.

All of you know you tried to steal my future music and business assets eleven years ago and that I left and told you all I would sue you and that is it. 

I guarantee that you do not want to be involved with me in the courts by harassing me for my money and possessions when I sue Sobeys and the Government in the future because you will lose your estates and money in the process when you are sued and I will claim you wages and assets as payment for harassing me and trying to steal my assets at my office at Sobeys and from outside at the same time in music from Convergys Call Center and their staff.

I am doing the full analysis of the Sobeys book which I will own for my webpages to share as public reference research about all this material plus the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping referendum issue.

Do not approach me with these topics because you will be involved in the courts with me and have to pay massive legal bills defending my case against you - which you will not win because it is all public and already court documented.

Consider this notice if you see it that all you parties have a permanent restraining order against you and that is what you will be facing in the Courts if you break my conditions.  



Frank Sobeys Book

I got a copy of the Frank Sobey book, The Man And The Empire....right away on the first page they say that they are the people that are saying that Nova Scotia sucks and there is nothing in it, that's what the book is about.

So Sobeys started that lie that there is nothing promising in Atlantic Canada, right on the first page.

Yeah Sobeys started that rumor.

I will have my full analysis posted in a few days of the book after I read it this weekend.



Wednesday, April 24, 2019

This Is It Everyone, I Am Selling A Bunch Of My Stuff Off

Watch Out Stock Market, I Have Started Loading My Investments
They say it's never too early to start planning your investments, I started this week.

That's right, I'm heading down to the Bank and enrolling in Capital Investments programs starting right now.

What that means is I'm selling off my SAP Servers that people tried to steal from me when I worked at Sobeys Office to help launch my investments and all my corporate business designs. 

What is this all about anyway? Well I just finished a bunch of work and now I have to enroll in investment group programs to start planning my future financial investments, all my old corporate business designs, software designs, SAP Designs etc. which is the entire working server I am selling off as investments at a later date.

What that means is I am selling all that off and reinvesting the money to help double my returns off my savings for the future.

I'm doing all that to launch my Record Label and book stuff Space Command.

What stage am I at? 

Well I just finished my business plans for my Record Label and Book Releases which I am taking to the Banks through business start up's etc and I'm going to let them purpose ....a small business loan to me, which I am not really interested in taking but I'm going to go hear their offer.

That's just because I'm trying to not take on any debts at my Record Label, that bank money is to start my manufacturing production for my Record Label, Music Distribution, Book stuff for my Internet Promotion at www.banzairecords.com

What I'm saying is I'm trying not to take on investors and get loans for my main business which is a Record Label.

However, I'm taking all my business plans and SAP Designs to them to see what I can get for it to see how much money I could take on as loans...which I am trying to keep small.

So I'm just taking my business plans starting now to be reviewed by the bank and wealth management companies to "see where I am at" and to get advice for my next steps, because believe it or not I'm stuck at my next phase of my business plans....meaning I have to get financial advisors to help me with the next steps because it's getting too complicated.

That's for my start up money for my music production, record label and book stuff.

Then when that starts earning money I'm reinvesting it in outside options, then I am selling off my SAP Designs and software designs after I have all that reviewed by the bank and investment companies starting now. This may take a while.

So I'm going to be using my software designs and SAP work to raise money by "selling it off" to outside investors. 

How am I doing this?

Easy, after I get my startup money for my Record Label and get that moving I'm going to be handing out my secret business designs to "Investment Companies" and "Wealth Management Companies" to get them to put the word out that I am selling my designs, I will still be around to advise them on the designs after I start selling my SAP Server work etc.

Those are my future investments, then I am selling them off and taking returns on them to generate income....that Income is for my Record Label.

That's part of the money for my Record Label, the rest may be from a small business loan so I can open easier or I will take money from the sale of my SAP work.

You can buy my designs if you are offered them through an investment firm where I am planning to sell them at, after I sell that stuff I am taking payments off the revenue like issuing a loan.

So I'm "loaning out" my SAP work and future money to start taking in payments off my assets. Part of that is I have to be around to help show the designs to people, companies on the Stock Market will hopefully be shown my SAP and Software Designs that they can purchase from me though investments companies or wealth management companies once I have one.

Then I will be paid for the designs hopefully with some cash and the rest will be monthly income....that is in the future, but I am out setting that up right now and "considering" taking on a small business loan if I get a good offer

That is for my future investment planning...right now that is only the planning stage and I am going to be going to business meetings to start showing them my work to start setting up those investments.

Right now I am going to start the process of getting my business money to launch my music production / record label.

That is just small right now.

LATER....I am going to be taking that money when I start generating an income and them I'm loaning out money from that to other people from my record label to them as investments to help increase my savings.

So when my record label starts making money, I'm loaning some of that out to people to help me make extra money off investing parts of my savings to help generate an extra monthly income.

When I start investing my money later, that's when I am selling off my SAP work and software designs like "loans" so the SAP server is like a "loan" from me along with "cash" from investments, then they will have to pay me back out of the money they make off it, then I will just taking returns off it to help grow my savings account after my record label launches. 

You can only get the money and stuff I am loaning out through Investment Management Companies which I will be hiring to sell my SAP Servers, then they are also going to help tell me where to invest my money.

Those are "financial advisors"....I am just setting up meetings starting now to get that process started so the banks etc. can review my work and start finding buyers for it. I will still be there though to help support my SAP designs unless they don't need me. 

Again, that can be sold over and over. The people buying that from me are companies doing SAP installations and SAP consulting companies. Then I have to "hang around" to support all that.

Then all those returns are going into my record label and book production. That's when I will be signing bands, out my bank loans maybe and investment money.

So in summary I'm giving ALL my SAP work and software designs to Investment Firms and Wealth Management Companies to get them to sell it for me. Then I am just taking financial returns off their profits from their consulting companies ...well unless I just sell the whole thing.

Then I'm taking that money and putting it into my record label and savings accounts, after I get all that I'm going to be loaning out money as investments to help "grow my savings" they call it by loaning out a percentage of my income for monthly returns like on the stock market.

So some of my money will be record label and book money, the rest will be from the returns of my investments and the sale of my SAP server designs - which are complete.

What I mean is I'm giving my SAP work to an investment company to help me sell it off, that is all later.

Right now I am just setting up the meetings to start getting my business plans reviewed by the bank and investment firms / wealth management companies to start the process of planning my investments.

So right now I am just starting the process to setup my future investments and get money for my Record Label production. 

I am just doing music and book stuff....everything else like my SAP Designs I am selling off as investments and loaning out money from it to help grow my savings.

I don't know how long that will take, quite a while probably.

This will be SMALL TO START, for like just my regular monthly income and hopefully larger later when I start loaning out money to business people for returns on my future savings . 

After I get all that done and have my business money setup  THAT's when I am going to be signing bands and pressing albums etc. then I will be finishing my investment planning etc. with my SAP stuff when I get that income coming in.



Tuesday, April 23, 2019

***Blog Disclaimer***

I just want to remind everyone not to take this blog too seriously, anything I am talking about is all public record and public events. I am not on here slandering people or anything like that and anything I say can be easily verified.

What I mean is when I say stuff like Sobeys, the Defense Department, Government Corruption etc. I am only talking about things I have experienced working around those topics and the University curriculum. 

Anything I say might be able to be dismissed by the Government or anyone who knows things not contained in my information.

What that means is I may only be talking about personal experiences with specific individuals who are corrupt and ruining the name of a larger Company, Business or Government in the public.

So, that stuff may be just individual cases of small groups of corrupt people committing crimes and harassing people in public.

The actual Government may know facts that I never heard of and can reassure any claims I make based on personal experience and public records that those are only individual small cases. Like with Sobeys Company and Sunday Shopping regulations, the real Government may be able to dismiss that as individual small events of small groups of corrupt people causing that within a larger normal Government system.

These smaller cases may make the Government look bad, but it might not be the whole story which may be classified or private. Other people may come out later and dismiss and correct those claims with other more classified information, making stuff I say only indicators of larger problems which later may be small to a large legitimate Government.

That is the whole point of my page, that it just what it looks like from my point of view based on personal experience, research and analysis of public records and accounts. That does not make those facts and larger organizations make be able to dismiss that.

Don't come here flaming me about this blog at my home, you are doing that in public and that is what I am blogging about. If you do that you will not be correct and are flaming me out of context not knowing what you are talking about and none of that applies to me.

If companies like Sobeys didn't do anything, that is a larger issue that I have nothing to do with and don't know anything about. That's all based on my own negative experience's working at their main head office years ago under their Board of Directors Department, most of those people may not even work there anymore and they have all new executives now.

That's all I am saying is the stuff I say is only what it looks like in public based on public records and personal accounts. If there is a larger issue that is for the regular Government to deal with. My over sarcastic dramatization of events is only to show indicators of larger problems that should be dealt with by the Federal Government and I am only hoping to draw attention to these "obscure" political issues which may be indicators of larger issue's the Federal Government needs to know about so they can deal with them with the regular Government channels in the proper context, not public claims and analysis not knowing all the facts from secret Government procedures which may be classified.

This is why, people started flaming me again starting Halloween 2018 and began harassing me this spring on my walking routes with people from the slums and black people that I don't know like with the Rehtaeh Parsons case.

In the past I also said I was flamed from Calgary and Halifax as well as my home town in New Glasgow.

Guess what happened? 

In Calgary they flamed and harassed a 9 year old girl to death and she killed herself this week in the same City I was complaining about, something has to be done about this. How a 9 year old girl knows about death and suicide is beyond my comprehension.

'Tireless bullying' drove 9-year-old Syrian refugee to suicide, grieving parents say


So yes, they did it again like with Rehtaeh Parsons this time they convinced a 9 year old girl to know about suicide and then she did it when they flamed her in public and at school.

That is the worst thing I have ever seen.

When I talk about Africa, The Middle East war etc. I am talking about Adolf Hitler himself and the History Books - something so large no one has anything to do with it and it's fiction to regular citizens.

I have nothing personal against refugees from the Middle East or Africa in a regular situation, I am talking about Global Wars and Corruption, based on few facts and personal experiences.

That was a 9 year old girl and Syrian Refugee they did that too, I don't want any of them to be harmed and that is not anything I am talking about. I hope they catch the people that did that today just like the ones that did it to Rehtaeh Parsons.

I'm telling all you flames and people harassing everyone, don't come up to me outside and start flaming me and harassing me about my pages, if you do you are harassing me OUT OF CONTEXT and I having nothing to do with anything you are talking about. All my analysis is what I said above and that's it.

You people have nothing to do with my page or analysis and YOU ARE PUBLIC so I can say whatever I want if it's public record or personal accounts which is all I offer. 

If you think my page is anything other than that YOU ARE OUT OF CONTEXT and don't know anything you are talking about just like I don't know anything about actual Government secrets which my nullify my analysis in one second when you hear real facts.

I'm sorry that something like that happened so bad in Calgary and I hope they correct this problem with these out of control maniacs flaming the citizens and making young girls commit suicide in public, that is the worst thing I have ever imagined in real life. All my material is just documents, history books and personal analysis.

All you people doing that flaming need to be stopped right away and you are the real problem outside in public and it's small and no secret what you all do in public in front of the whole Country and anyone on the internet can say anything about that in their analysis because they are NOT TALKING TO YOU, they are talking about public events with each other in an open discussion and you are NOT ALLOWED to interrupt them at home by personally involving them with your issues from your house by flaming them in public over something you read on a webpage.

Those are just webpages and not something you can take seriously anyway. 

You flamers are the problem in this Country harassing everyone.


Thursday, April 18, 2019

Is Sobeys A Front For The Fake Defense Department?

Is Sobeys Fake?
Recently I was out walking and saw a new Sobeys office building, near my neighbourhood. I thought to myself "Will you people stop following me around?".

Then I got to thinking after getting some strange advice from a stranger out on a walking trail.

Is Sobeys a front for a disconnected branch from the Federal Government? I mean they have no customers but have all kinds of money and never go broke. 

"Maybe that is the public tax money?" I thought to myself.  Think about it, the food is on sale right cheap but it's always bad, the one by my house always smells like rotten chicken that's close to when I stopped shopping there.

Like the meat is bad and it's always on sale two for one, plus they have no customers. Then they never take a hit on the Toronto Stock Exchange. I mean, is this place fake and run by tax money from the fake defense department?

Then I got to thinking,  in their office and also at the Convergys they have all these "suck holes" out on the floor talking to everyone...what if they are spying on the staff for the head office and the defense department?

I mean that's who flamed me and all that, from their office staff.

Then they have staff in there spying on the other staff while they are working and trying to get to know people to see the work they are doing, then they pretend to be your friends to see what you have in your houses.

Then when they see you have secret technology at home like I do, they try and steal it for their board of directors.

Then they go around the office floor dividing everyone up into "friendship groups" and then getting them all talking about the other staff in different groups to compare notes on their employee's activities then they were all flaming me together about the stuff I had in my bedroom from the staff at Sobeys office and trying to talk to my friends.

Then they found out about my secret computer technology I have at home from talking to people that know me and comparing notes in their "friendship groups" in the office all drinking tea and stuff together in the break room, then when I caught them they got all the friendship groups in there to start flaming me at home.

That is possible, think about it...that could all be run from public tax money.


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I Went Hiking Way Out In The Marsh Lands And This Is What Happened

Well really, it wasn't that far out although some of the scenes looked like the pictures in my science textbooks from back in school.

I went out on the Trans Canada Trail near Cole Harbour, home of NHL Star Sidney Crosby, it's like a 5km hike out on the trail. The place is called the Salt Marsh Trail.

To my surprise this was an actual salt marsh, not only that there is poison ivy down there, thankfully not in bloom and there are warning signs.

I was kilometers out of the city on the trail in the salt marsh reading the historic signs and this is what I found out.

The trail there used to the CN Railroad tracks that they removed in like 1980, that is now part of the Trans Canada Trail. The section called the Salt Marsh Trail was featured in the 1965 film "The Railrodder" starring Buster Keaton. 

The Railrodder is a short film produced by the National Film Board of Canada and is one of Buster Keaton's last films.

I have posted the clip below, when you watch the movie from 1965 the part that shows the CN Rail tracks at the start of the movie when he is out in the marsh lands, that is now the Salt Marsh Trail.

That was on a sign at the trail, the actual location is the Salt Marsh near Lawerencetown and Cow Bay, Nova Scotia.

The Railrodder


This is the Beach I go to in Cow Bay, it's called Rainbow Haven Beach, or Rainbow Beach for short we like to call it. There are large Provincial Parks there at Cow Bay and tons of walking trails, I think Rainbow Beach is where Buster Keaton walks up on to the shore, maybe but I can't confirm it.

Then he goes to  what is now the Salt Marsh Trail. On the other side of the water where the trail is that is where Rainbow Haven is.


Rainbow Haven Beach, Cow Bay, NS.


Sunday, April 14, 2019

Today's Constitutional Amendment's Corrections

United States Capitol In 1906
This is a rather long and not well researched topic that affects everyone in the world probably however it is mainly a United States Congressional issue under the United States Constitution. 

What is needed today is the correction of past United States Constitution Amendments which today are full of many large flaws, improper proceedings and no federal or public oversight. These proceedings passed illegally in Washington D.C. later were adopted in other countries like the taxation and Equifax credit laws meaning they are illegal in all other participating countries and also in the United States.

However much of the "intent" of the laws might have been legitimate, but the core foundation of the laws and legislation may be illegal in many issues. 

This topic is probably one of the largest and hardest topics you can research and put together but once you learn the material it becomes extremely simple in "layman's" terms. This is some excellent information and also research I have done about the History of these issues so you can understand it as well as the implications of these false Government legislations. 

History Of Unregulated Constitutional Proceedings:

The main topic I am presenting here is the illegal Equifax Tax system as well as the United States 16th Constitutional Amendment 1913 also known as the income tax amendment as well as the Nova Scotia Shopping Referendum 2004 which was illegally over tuned by the Nova Scotia Courts in 2006 - the reason being the government is not allowed to change a public vote through court legislation.

This is sort of a "summary" of incorrect Constitutional proceedings and their impact to today's society and government system.

Before we go back to the United States 16th Amendment in 1913 I would like to share a story with you about how the implications and incorrect usage of the amendment was used in 1919 by the United States 66th Congress.

In 1913 the United States 16th Constitutional Amendment was the "income tax" laws which launched the Equifax Credit System. 

After the amendment was passed the United States began a Federal Income Tax on United States Citizens and also launched their first attempt at a credit system by issuing Bank Loans to US Citizens which caused the period known as "the roaring twenties", easy bank loans were issued which created a large economic boom in the United States.

However, US Citizens didn't pay back the easy loans to the bank helping to cause the stock market crash in 1929 and bankrupting banks leading to the Great Depression of the 1930's. 

Research into these topics makes the issues even worse.

The not properly ratified 16th amendment led to more bad legislation in 1919 - known as the 18th Amendment.

The United States 18th Amendment was the Alcohol Prohibition Amendment which led to alcohol prohibition in the roaring 1920's. 

The 18th Amendment was later repealed in 1933 under the 21st Amendment making Alcohol legal again.

Today, the 16th Amendment will have to be repealed and the tax laws corrected because it was not properly passed and not only that it was also improperly used. Abuse of the 16th Amendment by illegal taxation and no Federal or Public oversight means it will have to be repealed at a later date and all issues corrected.

Did you know that under the 18th Amendment during Alcohol Prohibition that alcohol was NOT illegal for citizens? 

Not many people know that today but the 18th Amendment only banned the transport, production and sale of Alcohol, not the consumption and possession by United States Citizens. 

So during prohibition in the 1920's possessing and consuming alcohol was still legal, however manufacturing, distribution and sale was illegal. Not many people know that today.

The improper usage of the 18th and 16th amendments during the 1920's:

The 16th amendment allowed bank loans to citizens however when they passed the law they also added the 16th amendment which banned alcohol.

Meaning, in the United States they passed a law to get easy loans from the bank but then they banned you from using the money to buy alcohol under the 18th Amendment - improper usage.

The United States gave money to citizens from the bank but then banned them form using it to buy alcohol. 

That is the definition of an unconstitutional law, issuing loans and then banning products from being purchased with the money. Later the 18th amendment was repealed during the great depression after they caused the stock market crash with the first failed credit system. 

Back to the 16th Amendment, the income tax amendment. 

Researching the improper passing of the 16th amendment makes the issue even worse and more illegal and it is filled with improper usage making it illegal probably anyway.  Right away all proceedings around the amendment are "defense contractor" based and biased in their favor.

I'm sure if you examine the major legislation by the United States 66th Congress under President Woodrow Wilson including the prohibition amendment you will find that much of the legislation was to put in the Equifax Credit System and the Military Defense Contractor System - giving the new income tax money from the public to private citizens to manufacture military equipment.

In fact this time period was when the United States setup the unconstitutional Defense Contractor System and illegal tax law system. 

Now there is a lot of confusion on the implementation of the 16th amendment which I will document for you. However today it is easy to plot it's improper usage and show how the entire Equifax and Defense Contractor System has no proper Federal Government oversight, I will use the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping referendum as an example of what happens under the United States 16th Amendment. 

Just like the 18th Amendment which was repealed later, that will happen some day to the 16th amendment. 

So those are the same situations, the 16th United States Amendment and the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum.

Like this, and this is a main point of my material, if you take the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum situation and "map it" on a flow chart for it's "process flows" meaning how it operates it falls out. 

Like this and I am an expert in this topic.

Let's say you are making a video game or computer program, if you do that you need to make a flow chart of processes to design the computer program functions so that the program works, if something is wrong the program gives you an error.

For example, if that was a calculator when you press 2 + 2 it says = "error". 

What that means is the calculator program was never designed to say "4" when you type in 2 + 2.

For the Nova Scotia Shopping Referendum if you designed the procedures in a computer program for a "simulation" of the public vote it spits out "error" 

Like this in steps:

1.The public is called to vote on the purposed law. 
2.The public votes.
3.The vote is tallied and answer is no.
4.The law is struck down.

They they said..

5.Sobeys Corporation sues the Government - that is an error if that was a computer program because it is the WRONG process flow according to the constitution.

Then they said:

6.The court changes the public vote, end of topic - that is also an error if it was a computer program

What that means is if they make a computer simulation of Constitutional Proceedings, which they should have and I am now pushing for, and run the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum on it the results are all "errors" on the simulation and the program does not follow the "flow chart" back to the Federal Government.

At that point the ruling "falls out" of Government regulation and lands outside into private hands at the Courts and Companies like Sobeys Corporation. Meaning, they have the laws "at home" and at the government at the same time, and the process flow went to their houses outside at home....instead of back to the Federal Government for public oversight. 

Then they hold the law at home through the defense department and have no government offices attached to the public referendum or it's results for the public to take their issues to.

That is what happened with the United States 16th Amendment, it does not pass on a computer simulation of proper "process flows" for Government Proceedings and the process flows in place lead to people at home through the United States Defence Department.

At that point all the tax money ends up in private hands at people houses, that's what the computer simulation would say if it was created with the proper constitutional process flows for real government proceedings.     

Now I will have to break this topic into multiple posts because it is too long, the future stuff is the implications of these "errors" in government proceedings like I have been talking about anyway in pervious posts about how because of that the Federal Government owes us all rebate checks as reparations for improper usage of Constitutional Amendments and their illegal passing and implementation. 

That is the simple explanation, as if the amendments were put in a computer program with proper process flows to make them run like a simple calculator on any home computer - much more on that later. 

Here is the history and arguments of the 16th amendment. 

First this amendment took from 1909 to 1913 to pass, that's five years. 

What they are saying is the vote in the United States to pass the 16th amendment took five years to put through. 

There argument is that people researching the 16th Amendment of  1913 are saying that the vote was never properly passed at the State Level in many US States and it's also fraudulent at the State Level with the public vote, in many cases they are also saying the actual states may have NOT EVEN HAD a referendum at all, and that the Senate just put it through anyway.

Then they are saying that when they passed it, they just put it though anyway with no oversight or proper voting and it took them five years to do that - not only that, it was last thing their administration rammed though before they left office. 

I am saying that they tried to get the taxation amendment "going" at the State level which failed and they tried to organize the states to vote for a federal income tax but they couldn't get it going.

Five years later apparently they didn't get all the votes passed and not only that some states apparently never even held the referendum potentially because nobody wanted it. 

Then they just rammed it through anyway creating private defense contractors of the tax money and the Equifax credit system - just like Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia.

So you could say that the easier case of the Nova Scotia Shopping Referendum caught the larger case of the United States 16th Amendment fraud. Not only that, also improper usage of the Amendment making it illegal anyway because of the Equifax fraud.

So it is not only a fraudulent Constitutional Amendment it is also plagued by improper usage.

History of the Challenge of the Amendment.

This is all public and long, you will have to look it up but this is the summary.

The challenges to the Amendment began in 1975 by James Walter Scott sixty two years after the implementation of the 16th Amendment. 

James Walter Scott made the case that he "did not have to pay taxes" because the amendment never actually passed and did not pay taxes from 1969 - 1972 and his argument did not hold up and he was convicted of not paying his taxes by the lower United States Courts - also the same place where the Defence Department operates around the lower 9th Circuit Courts.

The main body of the material come from William Benson who wrote a book about it in 1985 called "The Law That Never Was" which challenged the United States tax amendment. 

Now here come the ridiculous rulings on the topic from the United States Courts, all flimsy with no proper oversight and all out of context.

Meaning, it's always a lower small court with zero argument that rules in favor of the 16th amendment against citizens and it has never actually been forced into public federal oversight by the population.

For example people are challenging the Amendment to the United States Courts in the wrong fashion.

You can not beat the amendment in the lower courts, they are not setup to take the case and don't have the proper knowledge, materials or oversight to know what you are talking about - they always strike down the challenges to the amendment.

This has to be made into a Senate Bill in Washington D.C. by the public to repeal the 16th Amendment, correct the tax laws and remove improper procedures.

After this happens, the Private Defense Department Contractors will be struck down and made illegal and lose all their money form taxpayers when the proper "process flows" are put in place for actual government procedures.

The people changeling the amendment are doing so "backwards" by not pay taxes and then trying to beat them in the lower courts with the argument - that is the WRONG procedure and they are not built to handle you case.

That happened in the first case in 1975 and in the second case after 1985.

The book "The Law That Never Was" was also used for a scam by the author William Benson called the "Reliance Defense Package".

The Reliance Defense Package was a scam sold by Benson claiming that by using his system you would NOT have to pay your taxes.

Then he used his book "The Law That Never Was" as the reference material. 

This was resolved in the lower courts again in the United States only in Illinois and never made it to the Congress in Washington D.C. where they ruled William Benson's claim that the non ratification argument to not pay your taxes was fraud and he apparently was convicted in some kind of tax scam.

HOWEVER...that is not what they mean, and only applies in Illinois. 

What they mean is William Benson's argument that you don't have to pay your taxes because the amendment was never ratified was a "scam" from Benson's "system" the Reliance Defence Package.

The State of Illinois does not have the authority to strike down the United States 16th Amendment, they only meant the tax scam system he made off the material called the "Reliance Defence Package" which is illegal in Illinois.

The book "The Law That Never Was" is apparently accurate, but it was used in a scam by Benson to sell home products to people to cheat their taxes.

They struck down his "tax scam system" saying that his  "non ratification of the 16th Amendment argument was not valid in a tax scam". 

They made his system the "Reliance Defence Package" illegal, because it was a tax scam based on a research book about the 16th Amendment.

The actual book "The Law That Never Was" was not part of the scam and it remained in print but the tax scam called the Reliance Defense Package was made illegal. 

Again though, only a small court struck down the argument at a low level in that one case. The actual argument has to be "presented" to the Washington D.C. Senate from the Public as a bill to repeal the 16th Amendment, correct the tax laws and put in place the proper proceedings - this will terminate Private Defence Contractors running off public tax money once implemented.

That all makes Private Defence Contracting and the Equifax Credit System illegal in every Country using it, having unknowingly adopted it from fraudulent legislation from the United States of America leading to a "disintegration" of public oversight of government regulations in probably every NATO based country and beyond.

All this has to be repealed and corrected.

That's it for now on this because it is a long and hard topic, in the next part I will show how this is affecting today's society of our generation like I have been taking about in past posts.

I will have much more material on Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr,Viola Desmond, Rosa Parks The Civil Rights Movement in the future as well as much more on the United States 16th Amendment and Equifax.

I am also planning to read the autobiography of Frank Sobey from Sobeys Corporation to scan it for reference material for my book research and I am requesting the court audio of the overturning of the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping referendum.

That may take me a long time like three or four years to review and process but I will be blogging about all the facts I am finding as well as my analysis of the events as I do the research.


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Why Legal Prostitution Is A Good Career Option For University Graduates

Prostitution A Good Career Move?
When I talk about prostitution I mean legalized prostitution. For myself I am someone who has already been through "traditional" relationships none of which ever worked out leading to myself just being single, enjoying my own time and hang out casually with whatever girls I want to.

Years ago, I worked in a Record Store and gained valuable experience in the music business form a large Canadian Retail Chain learning how to run a Record Store Franchise, deal with head office issues, music reps, distributors like Sony, Universal, BMG, Warner etc. as well as other music industry people.

At that time I also did a lot of work in Heavy Metal music and helped to promote Heavy Metal though the mainstream Record Store Industry and also during that time I met a lot of professional music artists working in a music store on big name labels like Sony and Universal. 

After that I went to University to advance my career and when I graduated I gained valuable work experience working at a Corporation and finishing my Project Management Certifications and began working in the music business again, this time as a musician.

At that time I had a series of bad relationships and family attempts and was "divorced", and had left my job to pursue other options and was single and starting out on my own again.

Being single and working in music I began to develop my own record label and book series which is still in production. I decided to focus on finishing my own music albums and put my work experience into making a music promotion to promote my music digitally as an online music magazine, this all just began to launch. 

However at this time I put most of my efforts into writing and music promotion and have no money for manufacturing of compact disc's and distribution. Being single in my early 40's and in good shape I thought, maybe I should become a prostitute for women.

This is why. I worked in music, went to university and worked in a corporation, after that I developed my own music, books and internet promotion but have no manufacturing.

I figure, the best way to raise money to finish my business setup in my 40's is probably to fund it by becoming a prostitute, when it is legalized. 

That way I would be able to generate a lot of money without taking on bank loans or investors and the money would just be personal savings to start my business. That way I still maintain all the sole rights to all my material, which I do anyway, and never have to pay anyone back for my financial business launch.

I figure that would be a good career short cut in the Corporate world by starting my own business off being a prostitute, when everyone else is out trying to get a bank loan to start a business I'll just fund mine by having sex for money, and I already have my own products in development. 

Logically, after University, working in a Corporation and developing my own products the next logical step would be to become a prostitute around the business community to get my own start up money by having sex with rich business women to help me fund my musical albums, books and web promotions.

That is a great career short cut, launching a business loan free off prostitution. Then later if I ever needed money again for more business expansions I would just start hooking again.

So when I did all those highly educated degrees, certifications, product development etc. I figure that the easier step to fund that would be from free money from women by having sex with them, when everyone else is going to the bank for money I'll get mine from being a prostitute...interest and investor free with no loan paybacks.

That is why becoming a legal prostitute would be a good career move for a University Graduate.