Thursday, April 4, 2019

Halifax Skateboard Park - Terror On The Commons

Halifax Skateboard Park-Abandoned To The Slums & Left Open To Criminals
In Halifax, NS the Commons as it is known is a park area attached to Citadel Hill with grass areas, ball parks and a skating oval,  this area is widely used for outdoor events like concerts etc. for example Paul McCartney and Metallica among other large artists have played on the Commons.

The Halifax skate board park is a dilapidated relic from some where I believe in the 1990's and probably approaching thirty years in age, the park now sits there ruined and unsupervised making it a target for crime from the local nearby Halifax slum areas.

That's right everyone gone are the days of heading down to the skate park and hanging out listening to Suicidal Tendencies and getting drunk on the Commons.

All that is over nearly thirty years later leaving this abandoned park open to loitering and crime, people hanging out in the areas flaming citizens and hiding behind graffiti at the stake park and living in squalor in the local slum areas.

That is not the same park it used to be back in the haydays of Glen Danzig and Metallica in the 1990's.

Today the area is overrun with criminals and I think they are more interested in flaming citizens, looking for fights and bumming money than actually skate boarding or listening to punk music which is what used to be at the skate park, today it is all crime and flaming from the North End in this area.

This is an unsafe area in Halifax on the Commons with an old abandoned skate park relic from the 1990's with run down concrete, no fencing and no supervision.

These locals areas were giving to skate boarders in Halifax years ago, and today when the park is abandoned people in the area no longer know how to "police themselves" leaving the area open to crime, loitering and public harassment - meaning today's city council has to take this park from the supposed skate boarders and plow it, never allowing it to return.

This is the whole point, I don't see any actual regular skaters in that area at all...that might not be totally accurate but everyone I ever met there now has this connection to the slums in the North End.

That was not always like that, regular kids used to skate there and listen to music like Suicidal Tendencies, Glenn Danzig and Metallica and get drunk and have fun, regular people from normal houses.

Back in those days you could just have fun down there and get drunk and listen to Glenn Danzig at the skate park with regular people.

But that is all gone now. 

Today it is a major crime area and has been "absorbed" by local criminals and flamers from the slums, who harass anyone who is not part of their "group" from the poverty areas.

Here is the example, the park is out in the open and getting on thirty years old and is UNSUPERVISED by the City leaving it open to crime - the City has to take back this skate park and plow the area on the Commons.

A couple of nice kids from the regular houses might want to go down there and skate board and listen to Glenn Danzig and guess what happens?

People down there try and "take you aside" by calling you over and whispering to you when you are from better houses and backgrounds. The they try to get you involved in their criminal activities where they live in the slums.

Then they try and make you hang out with them in the North End...then they start bumming you for money and looking for stuff from your nice house and trying to get you on drugs - then they introduce you to people who try to get you to go to their apartments, that's when you are forced in things like prostitution.

They start pressuring you and start offering you drugs and stuff to start making money for them by making you become a prostitute and then try holding you there and not allowing you to leave through intimidation - then they try "bleeding" your home of it's money and possessions and pimping you out on the streets as a forced prostitute. 

This skate area needs to be removed....for example the new roller skate and ice skate park is supervised with proper materials, security and skate rentals.

In the same area the skate park is abandoned with no security guards, fencing or supervision.

I have to stress the importance that this is not a fenced in skate park, leaving it open with the regular people on the commons with no supervision.

I'm not even sure if people can actually even use all those ramps down there or not, or are they just sitting there being wasted because no one does tricks like Tony Hawk on those giant ramps, I wouldn't know for sure but I've never seen it. 

This skate park should be demolished immediately before someone gets killed, raped or forced into prostitution in it.

Any new skate parks should be in a Police friendly area at a modern rec center type setting with a community police officer on duty with security cameras or guards like at the children's playgrounds.

A new park should also include blue fencing with a yellow rail on top to signify that the park is for kids and not criminals, and also include video camera's, community police office at a rec center or security guards like at the roller skate park or the children's playground, baseball and track and field areas.

Take a look at this terrible skate park...that is not for kids or regular people, it is for crime and the City can't allow that oversight to continue. 

Skate parks should be kid friendly with blue fencing and police supervision - not left open for criminals from the slums who use it as a front to abduct teenage girls and force them into prostitution or worse.


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