Thursday, April 25, 2019

This Is It Everyone, Sobeys & The Flamers Are All Caught On My Case

Here it is...

In 2008 Sobeys Head Office staff and people around me in music all got together behind my back in a group of people who some I knew and others I didn't or were other office staff.

They all got together without me while I was doing my Project Management Certification hours at Sobeys and running my band Collapse and then they tried to "acquire my assets" with people I knew outside in music along with my managers and coworkers.

A bunch of people I knew outside all tried to claim my assets with Sobeys staff and Sobeys tried to say that they "owned my work and music" at their office and with people outside out of my regular hourly salary.

They tried to say they invested in my assets with my wages, then they went out and contacted a whole bunch of people I knew from their office floor to people outside in music and just that I knew and they all tried to say to me that Sobeys owned my assets to get a cut of my future earnings from them I assume, listed below in a previous post, the  Vice President of my Department, The SAP Applications Specialist in Information Technology, Manager and Director all claimed they "did my work" then they tried me make me give them my assets for my salary with people outside in music.

That means they tried to claim my band Collapse with outside people at the same time as inside their office by saying they owned it with my regular salary and then they tried to get outside people to make me give it to them, just like with my plagiarism case on LA Weekly, when I said no and told them I was suing them they flamed for two years outside and on the internet trying to make me give them my band ownership and SAP work with people I knew and complete strangers.

This has been resolved for eleven years but they just started harassing me again trying to make me give my new stuff to them and people form Sobeys Office outside - who they are I don't know.

I have a permanent restraining order against them for over ten years now which they just broke.

Yeah, this is a massive lawsuit against their "Corporation".

I just learned some of this today, but they are saying that is the same circumstances that they acquired other businesses with like AVIS Car Rentals in the 1980's and they have also faced previous investigations in the past from United States Lawyers.

I already knew most of this but I found out more today and it's even in Frank Sobeys Book - The Man And The Empire as part of their business model.

They say that they are buying so many shares in outside Companies that they get appointed a Director to talk to them, then they begin bossing them around and then buy them out - that is their entire business model.

That is how they acquired all those businesses in the 1980's in Canada right in their own words in the book.

If you come here flaming and harassing me about my possessions that's what you will be involved in and you will be in court with me for the rest of your life over it.

None of you are ever allowed near me, and I am going to sue the Federal Government of Canada over it in the future along with whatever is left of Sobeys Company. 

Like I told you, you do not own any share in my music or business ventures, and you have no claim to say that someone bought my stuff in advance form my salary at Sobeys and that I reported to them for my music from outside their business or inside for my SAP design work.

On the day I quit and told them I was going to sue them earlier that morning I was contacted by email from outside by staff form Convergys call center who claimed to own my music assets looking for my money as well as by email at the same time from inside Sobeys claiming that same thing and that they owned my SAP designs.

All of you know you tried to steal my future music and business assets eleven years ago and that I left and told you all I would sue you and that is it. 

I guarantee that you do not want to be involved with me in the courts by harassing me for my money and possessions when I sue Sobeys and the Government in the future because you will lose your estates and money in the process when you are sued and I will claim you wages and assets as payment for harassing me and trying to steal my assets at my office at Sobeys and from outside at the same time in music from Convergys Call Center and their staff.

I am doing the full analysis of the Sobeys book which I will own for my webpages to share as public reference research about all this material plus the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping referendum issue.

Do not approach me with these topics because you will be involved in the courts with me and have to pay massive legal bills defending my case against you - which you will not win because it is all public and already court documented.

Consider this notice if you see it that all you parties have a permanent restraining order against you and that is what you will be facing in the Courts if you break my conditions.  



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