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Today's Constitutional Amendment's Corrections

United States Capitol In 1906
This is a rather long and not well researched topic that affects everyone in the world probably however it is mainly a United States Congressional issue under the United States Constitution. 

What is needed today is the correction of past United States Constitution Amendments which today are full of many large flaws, improper proceedings and no federal or public oversight. These proceedings passed illegally in Washington D.C. later were adopted in other countries like the taxation and Equifax credit laws meaning they are illegal in all other participating countries and also in the United States.

However much of the "intent" of the laws might have been legitimate, but the core foundation of the laws and legislation may be illegal in many issues. 

This topic is probably one of the largest and hardest topics you can research and put together but once you learn the material it becomes extremely simple in "layman's" terms. This is some excellent information and also research I have done about the History of these issues so you can understand it as well as the implications of these false Government legislations. 

History Of Unregulated Constitutional Proceedings:

The main topic I am presenting here is the illegal Equifax Tax system as well as the United States 16th Constitutional Amendment 1913 also known as the income tax amendment as well as the Nova Scotia Shopping Referendum 2004 which was illegally over tuned by the Nova Scotia Courts in 2006 - the reason being the government is not allowed to change a public vote through court legislation.

This is sort of a "summary" of incorrect Constitutional proceedings and their impact to today's society and government system.

Before we go back to the United States 16th Amendment in 1913 I would like to share a story with you about how the implications and incorrect usage of the amendment was used in 1919 by the United States 66th Congress.

In 1913 the United States 16th Constitutional Amendment was the "income tax" laws which launched the Equifax Credit System. 

After the amendment was passed the United States began a Federal Income Tax on United States Citizens and also launched their first attempt at a credit system by issuing Bank Loans to US Citizens which caused the period known as "the roaring twenties", easy bank loans were issued which created a large economic boom in the United States.

However, US Citizens didn't pay back the easy loans to the bank helping to cause the stock market crash in 1929 and bankrupting banks leading to the Great Depression of the 1930's. 

Research into these topics makes the issues even worse.

The not properly ratified 16th amendment led to more bad legislation in 1919 - known as the 18th Amendment.

The United States 18th Amendment was the Alcohol Prohibition Amendment which led to alcohol prohibition in the roaring 1920's. 

The 18th Amendment was later repealed in 1933 under the 21st Amendment making Alcohol legal again.

Today, the 16th Amendment will have to be repealed and the tax laws corrected because it was not properly passed and not only that it was also improperly used. Abuse of the 16th Amendment by illegal taxation and no Federal or Public oversight means it will have to be repealed at a later date and all issues corrected.

Did you know that under the 18th Amendment during Alcohol Prohibition that alcohol was NOT illegal for citizens? 

Not many people know that today but the 18th Amendment only banned the transport, production and sale of Alcohol, not the consumption and possession by United States Citizens. 

So during prohibition in the 1920's possessing and consuming alcohol was still legal, however manufacturing, distribution and sale was illegal. Not many people know that today.

The improper usage of the 18th and 16th amendments during the 1920's:

The 16th amendment allowed bank loans to citizens however when they passed the law they also added the 16th amendment which banned alcohol.

Meaning, in the United States they passed a law to get easy loans from the bank but then they banned you from using the money to buy alcohol under the 18th Amendment - improper usage.

The United States gave money to citizens from the bank but then banned them form using it to buy alcohol. 

That is the definition of an unconstitutional law, issuing loans and then banning products from being purchased with the money. Later the 18th amendment was repealed during the great depression after they caused the stock market crash with the first failed credit system. 

Back to the 16th Amendment, the income tax amendment. 

Researching the improper passing of the 16th amendment makes the issue even worse and more illegal and it is filled with improper usage making it illegal probably anyway.  Right away all proceedings around the amendment are "defense contractor" based and biased in their favor.

I'm sure if you examine the major legislation by the United States 66th Congress under President Woodrow Wilson including the prohibition amendment you will find that much of the legislation was to put in the Equifax Credit System and the Military Defense Contractor System - giving the new income tax money from the public to private citizens to manufacture military equipment.

In fact this time period was when the United States setup the unconstitutional Defense Contractor System and illegal tax law system. 

Now there is a lot of confusion on the implementation of the 16th amendment which I will document for you. However today it is easy to plot it's improper usage and show how the entire Equifax and Defense Contractor System has no proper Federal Government oversight, I will use the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping referendum as an example of what happens under the United States 16th Amendment. 

Just like the 18th Amendment which was repealed later, that will happen some day to the 16th amendment. 

So those are the same situations, the 16th United States Amendment and the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum.

Like this, and this is a main point of my material, if you take the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum situation and "map it" on a flow chart for it's "process flows" meaning how it operates it falls out. 

Like this and I am an expert in this topic.

Let's say you are making a video game or computer program, if you do that you need to make a flow chart of processes to design the computer program functions so that the program works, if something is wrong the program gives you an error.

For example, if that was a calculator when you press 2 + 2 it says = "error". 

What that means is the calculator program was never designed to say "4" when you type in 2 + 2.

For the Nova Scotia Shopping Referendum if you designed the procedures in a computer program for a "simulation" of the public vote it spits out "error" 

Like this in steps:

1.The public is called to vote on the purposed law. 
2.The public votes.
3.The vote is tallied and answer is no.
4.The law is struck down.

They they said..

5.Sobeys Corporation sues the Government - that is an error if that was a computer program because it is the WRONG process flow according to the constitution.

Then they said:

6.The court changes the public vote, end of topic - that is also an error if it was a computer program

What that means is if they make a computer simulation of Constitutional Proceedings, which they should have and I am now pushing for, and run the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum on it the results are all "errors" on the simulation and the program does not follow the "flow chart" back to the Federal Government.

At that point the ruling "falls out" of Government regulation and lands outside into private hands at the Courts and Companies like Sobeys Corporation. Meaning, they have the laws "at home" and at the government at the same time, and the process flow went to their houses outside at home....instead of back to the Federal Government for public oversight. 

Then they hold the law at home through the defense department and have no government offices attached to the public referendum or it's results for the public to take their issues to.

That is what happened with the United States 16th Amendment, it does not pass on a computer simulation of proper "process flows" for Government Proceedings and the process flows in place lead to people at home through the United States Defence Department.

At that point all the tax money ends up in private hands at people houses, that's what the computer simulation would say if it was created with the proper constitutional process flows for real government proceedings.     

Now I will have to break this topic into multiple posts because it is too long, the future stuff is the implications of these "errors" in government proceedings like I have been talking about anyway in pervious posts about how because of that the Federal Government owes us all rebate checks as reparations for improper usage of Constitutional Amendments and their illegal passing and implementation. 

That is the simple explanation, as if the amendments were put in a computer program with proper process flows to make them run like a simple calculator on any home computer - much more on that later. 

Here is the history and arguments of the 16th amendment. 

First this amendment took from 1909 to 1913 to pass, that's five years. 

What they are saying is the vote in the United States to pass the 16th amendment took five years to put through. 

There argument is that people researching the 16th Amendment of  1913 are saying that the vote was never properly passed at the State Level in many US States and it's also fraudulent at the State Level with the public vote, in many cases they are also saying the actual states may have NOT EVEN HAD a referendum at all, and that the Senate just put it through anyway.

Then they are saying that when they passed it, they just put it though anyway with no oversight or proper voting and it took them five years to do that - not only that, it was last thing their administration rammed though before they left office. 

I am saying that they tried to get the taxation amendment "going" at the State level which failed and they tried to organize the states to vote for a federal income tax but they couldn't get it going.

Five years later apparently they didn't get all the votes passed and not only that some states apparently never even held the referendum potentially because nobody wanted it. 

Then they just rammed it through anyway creating private defense contractors of the tax money and the Equifax credit system - just like Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia.

So you could say that the easier case of the Nova Scotia Shopping Referendum caught the larger case of the United States 16th Amendment fraud. Not only that, also improper usage of the Amendment making it illegal anyway because of the Equifax fraud.

So it is not only a fraudulent Constitutional Amendment it is also plagued by improper usage.

History of the Challenge of the Amendment.

This is all public and long, you will have to look it up but this is the summary.

The challenges to the Amendment began in 1975 by James Walter Scott sixty two years after the implementation of the 16th Amendment. 

James Walter Scott made the case that he "did not have to pay taxes" because the amendment never actually passed and did not pay taxes from 1969 - 1972 and his argument did not hold up and he was convicted of not paying his taxes by the lower United States Courts - also the same place where the Defence Department operates around the lower 9th Circuit Courts.

The main body of the material come from William Benson who wrote a book about it in 1985 called "The Law That Never Was" which challenged the United States tax amendment. 

Now here come the ridiculous rulings on the topic from the United States Courts, all flimsy with no proper oversight and all out of context.

Meaning, it's always a lower small court with zero argument that rules in favor of the 16th amendment against citizens and it has never actually been forced into public federal oversight by the population.

For example people are challenging the Amendment to the United States Courts in the wrong fashion.

You can not beat the amendment in the lower courts, they are not setup to take the case and don't have the proper knowledge, materials or oversight to know what you are talking about - they always strike down the challenges to the amendment.

This has to be made into a Senate Bill in Washington D.C. by the public to repeal the 16th Amendment, correct the tax laws and remove improper procedures.

After this happens, the Private Defense Department Contractors will be struck down and made illegal and lose all their money form taxpayers when the proper "process flows" are put in place for actual government procedures.

The people changeling the amendment are doing so "backwards" by not pay taxes and then trying to beat them in the lower courts with the argument - that is the WRONG procedure and they are not built to handle you case.

That happened in the first case in 1975 and in the second case after 1985.

The book "The Law That Never Was" was also used for a scam by the author William Benson called the "Reliance Defense Package".

The Reliance Defense Package was a scam sold by Benson claiming that by using his system you would NOT have to pay your taxes.

Then he used his book "The Law That Never Was" as the reference material. 

This was resolved in the lower courts again in the United States only in Illinois and never made it to the Congress in Washington D.C. where they ruled William Benson's claim that the non ratification argument to not pay your taxes was fraud and he apparently was convicted in some kind of tax scam.

HOWEVER...that is not what they mean, and only applies in Illinois. 

What they mean is William Benson's argument that you don't have to pay your taxes because the amendment was never ratified was a "scam" from Benson's "system" the Reliance Defence Package.

The State of Illinois does not have the authority to strike down the United States 16th Amendment, they only meant the tax scam system he made off the material called the "Reliance Defence Package" which is illegal in Illinois.

The book "The Law That Never Was" is apparently accurate, but it was used in a scam by Benson to sell home products to people to cheat their taxes.

They struck down his "tax scam system" saying that his  "non ratification of the 16th Amendment argument was not valid in a tax scam". 

They made his system the "Reliance Defence Package" illegal, because it was a tax scam based on a research book about the 16th Amendment.

The actual book "The Law That Never Was" was not part of the scam and it remained in print but the tax scam called the Reliance Defense Package was made illegal. 

Again though, only a small court struck down the argument at a low level in that one case. The actual argument has to be "presented" to the Washington D.C. Senate from the Public as a bill to repeal the 16th Amendment, correct the tax laws and put in place the proper proceedings - this will terminate Private Defence Contractors running off public tax money once implemented.

That all makes Private Defence Contracting and the Equifax Credit System illegal in every Country using it, having unknowingly adopted it from fraudulent legislation from the United States of America leading to a "disintegration" of public oversight of government regulations in probably every NATO based country and beyond.

All this has to be repealed and corrected.

That's it for now on this because it is a long and hard topic, in the next part I will show how this is affecting today's society of our generation like I have been taking about in past posts.

I will have much more material on Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr,Viola Desmond, Rosa Parks The Civil Rights Movement in the future as well as much more on the United States 16th Amendment and Equifax.

I am also planning to read the autobiography of Frank Sobey from Sobeys Corporation to scan it for reference material for my book research and I am requesting the court audio of the overturning of the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping referendum.

That may take me a long time like three or four years to review and process but I will be blogging about all the facts I am finding as well as my analysis of the events as I do the research.


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