Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Why Equifax Is Illegal

Technically, Equifax is a scam so it's illegal's the law that made Equifax that is illegal.

That law is the 16th Amendment of The United States Constitution and is NOT valid. That means that these laws are in place, but UNREGULATED - meaning no Government Branch has ever taken accountability for the issue and there is no "office" to complain to.

Now I don't mean to make this into some soap box argument, but I can debate with the best of them. 

The issue here is this, if you research the 16th Amendment it never passed the vote in the United States in the public referendum. 

The public struck down the 16th Amendment in 1913.

The vote was then "taken" from the public and passed into law anyway - you can find this in their own books doing proper research.

Just like Sunday Shopping here in Nova Scotia.

Like this...

The United States Military in 1913 never protected the United States of America and honored their referendum on their proposed tax laws.

The tax laws never passed, then they put the law in place anyway - illegally overturning the referendum.

This is the actual Amendment: 

The amendment simply gives the United States Senate permission to tax citizens incomes. 

Then they started collecting tax money.....and then they gave it Defence Contractors like Raytheon in the 1920's.

They passed the illegal amendment, then collected tax money and then gave it to Military Contractors.

Like this...a section of the United States Military in 1913 who was "assigned" to protect the referendum...they failed.

Instead, they gave the results to the Senate to tax American citizens.

Then the military after stealing the referendum....STOLE the tax money and put it in to private companies launching Defence Contractors.

So when they stole the tax money, they also stole the referendum and the defense budget.

They switched the defence budget to private and stole the contracts into private hands from the Military.

Then they abandoned Federal Regulations resulting in todays slum areas.

Then they made Equifax to regulate the tax system.

So the Defense Department first stole the referendum in the United States in 1913, then they illegally passed a Senate tax law, then they used the tax money to start private companies to make military equipment aka Defense Contractors and steal the United States military budget to start private companies.

Then they started issuing credit from banks and made Equifax to monitor debts in a scam from Washington D.C.

So if you look at the pattern....the Federal Oversight was disconnected by a section of the United States Military who blocked the Senate from losing the referendum by not honoring the public's vote, then they blocked federal oversight, then they collected tax money and transferred it to private contracts to launch new companies like Raytheon.

Obviously all done with the stolen tax money when the Military staff stole the defence contracts to start private businesses with then illegally began taxing United States Citizens for defence contract money to their private businesses from the Military like Raytheon.

All written in their own public documents.

That is why today, Equifax and Defence Contracting are scams from Washington D.C. and have no Federal Oversight, being disconnected, with no "head office" to complain to with public complaints.

That's because they stole all the money and contracts and abandoned Federal Oversight, leaving it up to us, the public, to resolve the issues ourselves on how to proceed and make the corrections to our countries law books. 


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