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Malcolm X: The Truth Exposed

Malcom X Mug Shot Just Before Joining The Middle East 
If you read this blog then you have seen some of my material on Malcolm X and the American Black Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, in fact I believe Malcolm X was killed by the KKK as I wrote previously on this page.

Today, I believe Malcom X is a traitor to America and an enemy soldier from West Africa and Saudi Arabia. It is my opinion that according to Malcom X's own words that he betrayed the United States and joined Saudi Arabia and West Africa in an attack on America in the 1960's with the "Black Panthers" another West African Saudi Arabia backed group.

I watched several videos of the speeches of Malcom X, specifically on the Canadian talk show "Front Page Challenge" in the 1960's, in the series the talk show hosts challenge current front page news headlines, hence - Front Page Challenge.

In this clip they were front page challenging Malcolm X about his recent headlines in the United States.

CBC Archives - Malcolm X News Story is Challenged on Front Page Challenge TV Show In Canada:

Make sure you know what you are supporting.

In the clip on Front Page Challenge Malcom X says originally, he was a Muslim "Black Separatist" who was anti-American who wanted a "Country For Black People Only" built inside the United States and backed by Mecca from Saudi Arabia and West Africa.

Now I wrote about this before...you have to remember that is a LARGE volume of material and I have many other interests so I am just reviewing the material and posting what I learned to go along with current events.

That you can relate the teachings of Malcom X to todays news stories. 

I believe that if that happened today that Malcolm X would have ended up on the terror watch list, perhaps even being labeled as a black "Osama Bin Laden" and also backed from Saudi Arabia like Bin Laden, all because of his ties to Middle Eastern Terrorism and Black African Muslims in West Africa. 

Today, that might even make the Black Panthers an Al Qaeda Terror Group. Meaning they are black Muslim terrorists from West Africa with direct ties to Saudi Arabia. 

The television clip from the CBC Television Show Front Page Challenge, is a stand out clip where Malcolm X denounces the idea of a Black Separatist State in America. Here are some other examples form the clips, that I will have to go through in more detail later.

Malcom X claims on the clips he is some kind of "anonymous character" dressing like a white person while being Black, this gives him a generic look of being a black man. 

Then he claims repeatedly that his family's birth name was taken from him by "slave masters" and his family was originally a black slave family...apparently, in the clip he will not reveal his original slave name for his family if he knows it and offers no proof if that is true, keeping his anonymity.

He only claims that his family birth name was chosen by "slave masters" on plantations and he denounced that name calling himself Mr.X...or Malcolm X to remain anonymous. 

Here is the main point of the story...Malcom X's family was in a fight with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)anyway and he states in the videos that his families home was burned down by the KKK twice and they had to move.

On top of that..his father was MURDERED by the Ku Klux Klan because his family was in a direct confrontation with them, later he was also murdered.

Malcom X claims on these videos that he was the "most integrated"  black man into white society and dressing white, then he was confronting the Ku Klux Klan and trying to preach them "Black Islam" by force saying they wanted their own separate Country in the United States to the KKK and was killed.

The Message Of Malcom X is Anti American and un Christian:

Malcom X does not represent regular "Black Americans" who are Christian with regular United States beliefs.

Do not use Malcolm X as a reference for traditional Black Rights and Christian values in the United States....Malcolm X is a "Muslim Extremist Religious Figure".

When you support Malcolm X you are supporting Muslims and Terrorism from the Middle East and Africa.

After the murder of Malcom X's father his mother was placed in a mental institution and Malcolm X began a career as a criminal in the United States.

In his own words he turned to "Mecca" from Saudi Arabia and became a "Black Muslim".

Now you have to understand what a "Black Muslim" is....A Black Muslim is someone who is half Muslim from the Middle East and half Black from Africa, making them "Black Muslims" who report to Mecca in Saudi Aribia.

In the video clip Malcolm X says he travelled to Mecca and was allowed to visit in the 1960's however the news reporter says he was "denied entry" to Mecca because he was not Muslim.

What that means is you have to be Muslim to visit Mecca in Saudi Aribia at that time, Black Muslims are black and mixed with Middle Eastern people to make them Muslim - that all reports to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

So to be a Black Muslim you have to be Middle Eastern Muslim and report to Saudi Arabia with all Middle Eastern Muslims.

In fact, Malcolm X says that Saudi Arabia "took him in" in the videos at their government with other Black Men from Western Africa who are Black Muslims and they were allowed to visit Mecca.

Malcom X then says that the Black Muslims are from West Africa and are part "Middle Eastern" in their religion and report to Saudi Arabia.

Then Malcom X came back to the United States with the Black Panthers, most likely a Militant Group from West Africa made of Black Muslims and began terror attacks inside the United States for Muslim West Africa and Saudi Arabia.

What that means is Malcolm X does not send an American message to Black People.

He sends a message of Muslim ideals from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and represents "separatism" of blacks, which he later took back, and Middle East like violence in America...then all that really supports Muslim West Africa, where they visit Mecca in the Middle East through Saudi Arabia where they work for.

So Malcolm X means....West Africa Blacks - Not Christian Blacks with American Values.

That group supports black terror cells from Muslim West Africa and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East - remember Malcom X means half black / half Muslim like in West Africa.

In the Middle East that is Black Al Qaeda, you should not support that being a Canadian or United States Citizens because it is against our core values as citizens. 

I realize that people get tricked by Malcolm X because it appears just to be a black civil rights movement, but in fact it is a Black West African terror cell movement from Saudi Aribia in the Middle East according to  Malcolm X in his own words.

At this point this material gets super long and I will be updating it from time to time as I review it....this is also the Rosa Parks and Viola Desmond events.

Viola Desmond was the first Rosa Parks and took place in my home town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia in the 1950's I think, later Viola Desmond died in the same two week period and in the same city as the assassination of Malcom X in New York City.

The history books put Viola Desmond at the scene of the assassination of Malcolm X by two weeks earlier when they say she died.

I believe and probably so do many others that the death of Viola Desmond was probably staged because of her execution by the United States Government in collaboration with Black Muslims from West Africa, like the Black Panthers a Muslim terror cell in the 1960's. 

After the assassination of Malcom X by perhaps the Ku Klux Klan just like his father, I believe they picked up the other members of the Muslim terror cell and were executed by the United States Government for Treason.

Then they may have back dated the death of Viola Desmond in the cover up of their executions. However, it still all took place in the same city New York City in the same month and year February 1965 with all the leaders of the civil right movement in the same place.

Way too many facts pointing to the execution of Viola Desmond, by the United States Government, in collaboration with Black Muslim Terror Groups from West Africa, backed by Saudi Arabia.

Knowing all that about Malcolm X only WEAKENS the stories of Viola Desmond and Rosa Parks and ties them to terror cells from the Middle East in the 1960's instead. In fact, Viola Desmond and Rosa Parks themselves may be part of "political stunts" by the Black Muslim Terror Cell in the United States in the 1960's attempting to use protests to pass fake Government Legislation just like today.

Just be careful what you are supporting - those are terror groups not basic United States and Canada Christian values for regular people like the majority of our populations here.


Just a small update, if you watch the second video around 35 Minutes Malcolm X says he thinks the KKK are the Local Police Officers, is how he references it, and then says that "all white men are due for extinction" and they want to separate as black men and not integrate because they are all going to die, white men.

That's some pretty wacked out stuff in that material.


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