Wednesday, April 3, 2019

What We Need To Re Establish In Atlantic Canada

This is not just Atlantic Canada I am talking about on this blog, these issues affect everyone, where we live we can't allow scams from the United States like Equifax and Illegal Defense Contracting to limit our freedoms from a corrupt Washington D.C.

Where we are suffering at from these scams is places like proper court rooms and new court systems meant to handle issues like we are experiencing in our cities with groups of people flaming better off citizens in gangs.

We also need hospitals, roads and City Expansion in Halifax...this expansion will draw a global spotlight to Halifax and helping to grow Atlantic Canada. 

New sporting events like the CFL and other professional sports exhibition events will draw positive attention to Halifax, as we all get together as citizens to help rebuild our community and neighbourhoods. 

What we need here are positive changes and positive influences on our citizens like sports and upgraded modern court buildings with new government offices built to handle the type of crimes that take place in the slums on a daily basis. 

What we don't need are these "negative influences" and "negative forces" like run down communities full of crime, loitering and garbage in the streets, that is not the example we need to set in a city like Halifax.

We need to set the example of a great city with modern facilities, new roads, hospitals and up to date government regulations, to bring the slums back into Federal Government Regulation right here in our provincial capital of Halifax and stop crime and harassment. 

You see, transforming the court system into an upgraded modern facility will allow us to have new court options which will ease the load on our court system while giving us the resources to regulate things like "slum areas" under our Provincial Regulations.

It is my belief that starting with large funding amounts we can begin pouring this  money into the Nova Scotia Court system for new computers, cleaner larger buildings and updated procedures. This funding program once in place will give the courts the start they need with a new larger budget and renovated buildings to being to have the time and space to start locally regulating these issues like flaming and slum areas.

How can we get started cleaning up the Atlantic Region without new courts and civic buildings, like City Halls and Town Halls?

These new buildings will give us the motivation and space we need to get started dealing with these issues. 

Then of course we need new first glance opinion is that the Halifax Hospital, the Victoria General Hospital should be on four city blocks and with a complex of new buildings, with new access express roads coming into the city. 

The slum areas of Halifax like the North End are in the direct path of the Trans Canada Highway coming into Halifax on the route to the Hospitals, plowing these failed neighbourhoods will allow express entry into the Hospital Zone for patients travelling to the City and faster access for emergency vehicles like ambulances and police cars. 

Of course, private city contractors will all be fired and all jobs returned to the City - any staff working on City Contracts will have to get a job with the town instead of a contractor. 

Again, these private city contractors are probably costing the City more than saving them money by creating messes of tractor equipment improperly stored all over the City and unsightly neighbourhood areas.

All City vehicles should be stored in City Garages throughout the area, to be used when needed for City work only...not shared with private vehicles.

In fact a large financial budget increase into Halifax will probably save us money by buying new cheaper bulk equipment like plows and bull dozers that we can get for next to nothing on the international markets. 

Then that money will all be expenses and wages with no private business cut of the funding, saving our Province money.

What we need to do in this area is to start accounting for "unregulated" areas of City operation like the slums in the North End and start bringing the issues forward to City Hall and the Courts to begin the process of re attaching government regulation to these run down areas.

If you look into the issues of slum areas, they are non regulated by the Federal Government making "blank zones" in our communities which are full of crime and hatred.

These unregulated zones have to be accounted for by today's citizens to help bring our Province back into regulation, locally at the Nova Scotia Government in Halifax.

Forcing the local Government to regulate these issues will show Ottawa and the Canadian Federal Government as well as Washington D.C. that we have been abandoned here by Federal Regulation and left to fix the issues ourselves.

The first thing to go is the Equifax Credit System. 

This scam from Washington D.C. is a fake credit system passed many years ago which does not report to Federal Oversight making it illegal in Nova Scotia, or anywhere including the United States, but it is still in operation.

The piece of the Equifax credit scam is United States Military Defense Contracting...also passed and put in place with no Government regulation.

What I means is if you look all that up, theses businesses are in place however there is no Federal Government Offices taking the calls or issues at the Government.

This makes them fall under "unregulated" Provincial Zones because there is no "head office" to handle complaints about the actual place - Equifax. 

If there is no office to deal with the fake laws that allow Equifax and Defence Contracting to exist in Nova Scotia that means they are unregulated and illegal and making them a scam. 

How did all that go unnoticed? 

In the past research was harder than it is today and researchers are putting the records back together and show the holes in Government legislature and examining unregulated areas. In short - there was no communications in the past about these issues, only today under modern scrutiny are the facts coming out about these falsely made laws that made Equifax and Defence Contracting.

Then you can put the blame on scams like Equifax, Defence Contracting and Non Reporting Government Branches for taking all our tax money and wrongfully making us take their credit scam, then this created the unregulated slum areas when the actual Government was abandoned in our region in major key areas - resulting in a crime wave from unregulated slum areas through illegal Senate Proceedings in Washington D.C. that were forced on us here in Nova Scotia with no open disclosures or discussions in the past. 

It's time to remove these unregulated areas and get the citizens money back in the right places and put an end to these scams from a corrupt Washington D.C. on our Country in Atlantic Canada.

You have to realize that cleaning up the city and putting in all those buildings and expanding our city road system out into the rural areas will mean we have some "restrictions" in the Capitol.

For example you allow a smoking ban to have marijuana around the Capital City, then NO SLUM AREAS or crime groups. Meaning - no public grouping in poor areas that will lead to the harassments of citizens.

Then in Halifax it's like we have separate laws from the rest of the Country with more restrictions for regular citizens that will prevent them from being the victims of crime and increase safety.

This will make a safer more restricted city and allow citizens to have expanded freedoms of things like drugs, alcohol and prostitution.

When I say prostitution I mean the girls are hot like in a dirty magazine, something aimed at a better class of citizen than poor street prostitutes. 

That way in the capitol Halifax alone we could allow prostitution if it was like as in a dirty magazine and expanded adult entertainment like strip clubs and modern sex venues like in Las Vegas. Then we could see all the sexual material right downtown in a "prostitution zone" inside a restricted Halifax with tighter laws and regulations.

We would have a nice clean city with modern buildings and a private adult entertainment business like in a dirty magazine - only legal in Halifax. Then all those girls could be running around the Casino naked and stuff and doing promotional shows and events from the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Meaning prostitution would be legal in Halifax only in the adult zone, once up to a decent standard like Las Vegas.

Then with proper limited screening for regular citizens in the Halifax area you could have safe legal prostitutes at the Hotels and Casino area using ads like from a dirty magazine while we also have legal cannabis here which I am sure would be a large tourist attraction.  

If Halifax was made into a modern city with updated buildings and made an "adult zone" with no smoking outside we could have all that, if we decided to as people we are allowed to do that ,we just need to pass the regulations - cleaning up the City to make it a stand alone "adult zone" with legal cannabis and no smoking etc. to make it clean and safe for an adult industry can from our tax money when we take it back from United States Defence Contractors and Equifax.

Then of course the slums will have to be removed and new strict laws put in to this Adult Sex Zone in Halifax, where you can have marijuana and legal prostitutes like in dirty magazines. 

The trade is to get that, you need to have more strict restrictions on regular citizens who want to meet prostitutes and have marijuana and get rid of slums and crack down on gangs and make them all illegal.

This will loosen the rules for the rest of us in the Adult Zone in Halifax only and then force all crime and slum areas out of the city to allow us to have a safe venue for our "Adult Entertainment Zones" in a legal cannabis area. 


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