Sunday, April 7, 2019

Defence Contracting: Raytheon Fun Fact

Raytheon is a public funded tax payer build company held in private hands for the United States Military which keeps all the tax money with no rebates back to citizens - stealing our tax dollars.  

Raytheon's founder Vannevar Bush helped to build the world's first radar system equipment during World War Two.

Vannevar Bush - "Father" of Raytheon
He also had notable students:

Claude Shannon - known as the "Father of Information Theory" in Computer Science.

Claude Shannon

Frederick Terman - known as the "Father of Silicon Valley" in Computer Science.

Frederick Terman
There you have it, Raytheon's founder started the Company off United States Tax Payer money right for the United States Military that gave them all private the tax payer money to make a free company off it.

Then they kept all the tax payer budgets and refuse to issues rebates to citizens or increase check payments.

Then the people hired by the Military are also the Father Of Silicon Valley and the Father of Information Theory - given to them from the military for free and paid for by United States Tax Payers which they made private and kept all the money.

They gave them Silicon Valley for FREE, from United States Tax Payer Money.

Right from the desk of the United States Military.

With no returns to citizens.


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