Wednesday, April 24, 2019

This Is It Everyone, I Am Selling A Bunch Of My Stuff Off

Watch Out Stock Market, I Have Started Loading My Investments
They say it's never too early to start planning your investments, I started this week.

That's right, I'm heading down to the Bank and enrolling in Capital Investments programs starting right now.

What that means is I'm selling off my SAP Servers that people tried to steal from me when I worked at Sobeys Office to help launch my investments and all my corporate business designs. 

What is this all about anyway? Well I just finished a bunch of work and now I have to enroll in investment group programs to start planning my future financial investments, all my old corporate business designs, software designs, SAP Designs etc. which is the entire working server I am selling off as investments at a later date.

What that means is I am selling all that off and reinvesting the money to help double my returns off my savings for the future.

I'm doing all that to launch my Record Label and book stuff Space Command.

What stage am I at? 

Well I just finished my business plans for my Record Label and Book Releases which I am taking to the Banks through business start up's etc and I'm going to let them purpose ....a small business loan to me, which I am not really interested in taking but I'm going to go hear their offer.

That's just because I'm trying to not take on any debts at my Record Label, that bank money is to start my manufacturing production for my Record Label, Music Distribution, Book stuff for my Internet Promotion at

What I'm saying is I'm trying not to take on investors and get loans for my main business which is a Record Label.

However, I'm taking all my business plans and SAP Designs to them to see what I can get for it to see how much money I could take on as loans...which I am trying to keep small.

So I'm just taking my business plans starting now to be reviewed by the bank and wealth management companies to "see where I am at" and to get advice for my next steps, because believe it or not I'm stuck at my next phase of my business plans....meaning I have to get financial advisors to help me with the next steps because it's getting too complicated.

That's for my start up money for my music production, record label and book stuff.

Then when that starts earning money I'm reinvesting it in outside options, then I am selling off my SAP Designs and software designs after I have all that reviewed by the bank and investment companies starting now. This may take a while.

So I'm going to be using my software designs and SAP work to raise money by "selling it off" to outside investors. 

How am I doing this?

Easy, after I get my startup money for my Record Label and get that moving I'm going to be handing out my secret business designs to "Investment Companies" and "Wealth Management Companies" to get them to put the word out that I am selling my designs, I will still be around to advise them on the designs after I start selling my SAP Server work etc.

Those are my future investments, then I am selling them off and taking returns on them to generate income....that Income is for my Record Label.

That's part of the money for my Record Label, the rest may be from a small business loan so I can open easier or I will take money from the sale of my SAP work.

You can buy my designs if you are offered them through an investment firm where I am planning to sell them at, after I sell that stuff I am taking payments off the revenue like issuing a loan.

So I'm "loaning out" my SAP work and future money to start taking in payments off my assets. Part of that is I have to be around to help show the designs to people, companies on the Stock Market will hopefully be shown my SAP and Software Designs that they can purchase from me though investments companies or wealth management companies once I have one.

Then I will be paid for the designs hopefully with some cash and the rest will be monthly income....that is in the future, but I am out setting that up right now and "considering" taking on a small business loan if I get a good offer

That is for my future investment planning...right now that is only the planning stage and I am going to be going to business meetings to start showing them my work to start setting up those investments.

Right now I am going to start the process of getting my business money to launch my music production / record label.

That is just small right now.

LATER....I am going to be taking that money when I start generating an income and them I'm loaning out money from that to other people from my record label to them as investments to help increase my savings.

So when my record label starts making money, I'm loaning some of that out to people to help me make extra money off investing parts of my savings to help generate an extra monthly income.

When I start investing my money later, that's when I am selling off my SAP work and software designs like "loans" so the SAP server is like a "loan" from me along with "cash" from investments, then they will have to pay me back out of the money they make off it, then I will just taking returns off it to help grow my savings account after my record label launches. 

You can only get the money and stuff I am loaning out through Investment Management Companies which I will be hiring to sell my SAP Servers, then they are also going to help tell me where to invest my money.

Those are "financial advisors"....I am just setting up meetings starting now to get that process started so the banks etc. can review my work and start finding buyers for it. I will still be there though to help support my SAP designs unless they don't need me. 

Again, that can be sold over and over. The people buying that from me are companies doing SAP installations and SAP consulting companies. Then I have to "hang around" to support all that.

Then all those returns are going into my record label and book production. That's when I will be signing bands, out my bank loans maybe and investment money.

So in summary I'm giving ALL my SAP work and software designs to Investment Firms and Wealth Management Companies to get them to sell it for me. Then I am just taking financial returns off their profits from their consulting companies ...well unless I just sell the whole thing.

Then I'm taking that money and putting it into my record label and savings accounts, after I get all that I'm going to be loaning out money as investments to help "grow my savings" they call it by loaning out a percentage of my income for monthly returns like on the stock market.

So some of my money will be record label and book money, the rest will be from the returns of my investments and the sale of my SAP server designs - which are complete.

What I mean is I'm giving my SAP work to an investment company to help me sell it off, that is all later.

Right now I am just setting up the meetings to start getting my business plans reviewed by the bank and investment firms / wealth management companies to start the process of planning my investments.

So right now I am just starting the process to setup my future investments and get money for my Record Label production. 

I am just doing music and book stuff....everything else like my SAP Designs I am selling off as investments and loaning out money from it to help grow my savings.

I don't know how long that will take, quite a while probably.

This will be SMALL TO START, for like just my regular monthly income and hopefully larger later when I start loaning out money to business people for returns on my future savings . 

After I get all that done and have my business money setup  THAT's when I am going to be signing bands and pressing albums etc. then I will be finishing my investment planning etc. with my SAP stuff when I get that income coming in.


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