Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Your Questions Answered

Here are several questions I have been asked recently. The answer is no, I don't know why local record stores don't carry the music I advertise on my page when you come to visit Halifax to go shopping. I'm assuming they don't have access to the proper distributors or may not know what it is.

My store would be mail order only, I know you mean retail and that is not what I am doing. Meaning I wont be carrying the titles in stock in a retail outlet in Halifax if you come here shopping, it's mail order only.

Montreal officially dubbed Heavy Metal City.

No, that has nothing to do with the youth center scene or bootleggers who are apparently flaming people to get their names attached to it because they are mentally retarded with people in the slums.

They are talking about actual people who really do that and participate in Business, University, Music and Politics like myself as well as writers and professionals, like Sony etc. That's not the local youth center, give it up. 

No you can't order a CD Copy of the Brutal Death Metal Vol. 1 on Deathmetal.tv

Who were those people playing with me in Halifax with Misery Index and all them like Cryptopsy etc. Answer: No one, they were all just pretending they were in Death Metal and making up fake internet profiles and having fake conversations with each other on message boards, flaming people and trying to ruin the metal scene with fake profiles pretending to be a few hundred people. 

I am starting my metal section back up like at the mall before? Yes, but it is online only. 

Are any heavy metal bands coming back to Halifax? Answer, No. Flamers ruined the scene, maybe Metallica someday but that's at the Commons. 

What ever happened to the guy that did that thing? 

Answer: Excommunicated.


Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Andromeda Galaxy

This is one of my favorite picture sets from the Hubble Space Telescope, it is of the Andromeda Galaxy. 

The Andromeda Galaxy is the closest galaxy to ours, the Milky Way, and is over double the size at 220,000 light years across compared to ours which is 100,000 light years across. 

Also in comparison is Andromeda has over 1 Trillion stars while our galaxy only has 200 - 400 Billion. 



Here Are Two Perfect Examples From The Hubble Telescope

Oh some of these pictures may be artists impression, but they look the same anyway...I think they are just drawing pictures of the sun.

In these examples you can see where the nebulas would be formed into planets.

The Eskimo Nebula - This is a supernova burning off multiple gas clouds and nebulas creating a white and orange effect. Now, that explosion would later be circulated by a black hole and the remix to create a new gas giant.

The new planet would be the same colors as the picture below, so in this picture is the blue print for creating a Jupiter like gas giant potentially when it remixed and cooled. The planet it made from these material would be an orange and white gas giant, and would look like the image below inside the planet.

OPO9935D - A supernova burning off  white and red gas clouds and nebulas, potentially creating a new red and white gas giant like Jupiter later when the material remixes and cools around a new stable star, the new planet would be a red and white version of Jupiter potentially with the colors like the image below inside the new gas giant planet.



REVIEW: The Universe Revealed

Well at first glance I of see the real inner workings of the universe is that I am unimpressed so for a review I give it 1/10 for originality. I mean it's not made of very much when you look at it, it's nothing but dust, rocks, liquids and gases.

That's all pretty basic and you can see everything from every picture taken by the Hubble Space Telescope because you know what's it's made of. The bigger mystery is how does all that assemble to form new chemical reactions and grow life and create planets.

That is the bigger mystery.

SPACE - The Ultimate Front:

The true reveal of outer space is it's horrifying size and dimensions that will terrify the human brain, plus everything out there is permanently on fire. Like looking into the core of the Earth and seeing the magma for the first time, outward is even more terrifying.

Somehow we are trapped as humans, in a cool blue atmosphere surrounded by fire and horrifying size and dimensions. Then we are all just products of that creation and is what we are made of. This is just throwing it in our faces as humans, what outer space is made of.

It's just sitting there telling us we are trapped on Earth and can never dare to escape because of the horrifying size and infinite fire in outer space. As if it's daring us as humans to venture out into the materials that made us.


All I see when I look out into outer space is a new frontier to conquer, on a scientific front and exploration into the materials that made us as humans. My quest...to find the materials and chemical reactions in outer space to preserve and regrow the Earth and permanently preserve myself into the Earth inside it and extend my life to the end of the Earth's existence until I am sucked into the black hole and incinerated at the end of the galaxy, that's I how I want to die by seeing it all first hand in a permanent state of preservation when my life is embedded into the Earth, then I die when it meets it's end along with it.

You have to realize that everything in outer space is probably 800 Hundred Trillion Light years across, that's the size of the dirt storms in the nebulas. Plus, it's flammable gases like the insides planets atmospheres so why is it burning? Well the storms are filled with oxygen, carbon dioxide, flammable liquids etc. so when something that size ignites then it will burn in a bubble contained like inside a planet for 800 Trillion infinite light years as it burns off.

Plus I think they are taking pictures of "unstable regions" that are exploding and recirculating and perhaps creating the blue prints for new planets. So most of the "dramatic" images on Hubble are probably from these "unstable" regions. Like the massive amounts of dirt would be the "fundamental elements" that will later circulate to form new planets - that dirt will eventually be the ground and core of planets in the future and the gases around them will be the atmosphere. You can probably even see planets forming in the pictures, if they can get that close, as the region stabilizes like ours, cools off and begins to form planets.

Here are several pictures I got from www.spacetelescope.org .

LINK: https://www.spacetelescope.org/images/archive/top100/

Horse Head Nebula - Nebula filled with dirt clouds and gases, perhaps the inside of a mountain on a Mars like planet.

Supernova with Destroyed Nebula Circulating.

Supernova with Destroyed Nebula Circulating.

The Bubble Nebula - A pocket in space filled with liquids and gases that may some day be ignited.

Planet Jupiter - See the clouds, that is the same thing as the nebulas trapped in Jupiter's atmosphere circulating inside a gas giant.

Region 106 - Gas Clouds, perhaps similar to the ones trapped inside Jupiter.

Uranus - A dense blue and potentially radioactive atmosphere glowing with poison clouds and chemicals.

The Veil Nebula - This is perhaps the contents or some of the contents of the inside of Uranus. I'm assuming the blue glow is the same material as the atmosphere on Uranus - Radioactive poison and gas, lit up in a chemical reaction and possible neon material glowing in charged chemicals and solar powered by the sun.

Black Hole Destabilization - Two stars and solar systems being turned and sucked into a black hole burning off and colliding with each other, distributing particles and materials into outer space.



Friday, May 24, 2019

The Universe Revealed

Recent pictures of the Black Hole have revealed the inner workings of the infinite universe, I have decided to make this extremely simple to understand.

All objects in outer space are mixed and ejected by black holes are remixed by the galaxies spinning, so all the loose materials in outer space are essentially the contents of the insides of planets floating around loose from destroyed planets or never became planets at all.

Comets are pieces of destroyed ocean beds with frozen water around them floating through space like Europa or Planet Earth and made of anything imaginable all solids, liquids and gases mixing together.

Clouds of toxic poison gas and liquids all mixing in outer space from black holes and material that never became planets or the insides of destroyed planets themselves floating loose in outer space.

Imagine a nebula like a blob of strawberry jam floating in a clear jelly - that is the make up of outer space.

Only all materials in outer space are toxic and poison of any combination, solid, liquid or gas. Asteroid fields for example are destroyed planets by the black holes on orbits in outer space around the black hole which would be on unique courses separate from Earths location and I don't believe that it is possible for us to be hit by an asteroid or comet because the gravitational forces from the black hole would be too large for the comet or asteroid to penetrate the large magnetic field of our planet or solar system.

I believe that the images of a comet hitting Jupiter in the past were fake, like the fake news on the internet and probably a hoax from a fake NASA branch in the fake section of the government.

Nebula clouds are filled with giant colored blobs of liquids floating in space (like a blob of strawberry jam injected into a clear jelly with a syringe) , then they are filled with gasses and rock debris from destroyed planets in any combination, not even conceivable by humans.

Super Nova

Comet - Destroyed Oceans and Rocks Circulating

Destroyed Planet Ejected From Black Hole

Rock, liquids and gases collecting.

Supernova Igniting large clouds of flammable liquids and gases, flames shooting off the outer edges of the chemical clouds of the explosion.

Clouds of liquids, gases and rocks mixing form the insides of planets or planets that never formed.

Clouds of liquids, gases and rocks mixing form the insides of planets or planets that never formed.

Clouds of liquids, gases and rocks mixing form the insides of planets or planets that never formed.

Clouds of liquids, gases and rocks mixing form the insides of planets or planets that never formed.

The green section is flammable liquids and gases mixing, remember - all see through liquids back lit by light from stars.

Don't be concerned though, these objects can never hit you on the Earth because of Earths unique gravitational fields generated by the Black Hole which probably always keep us on a safe course, because we are a stable solar system, not like the images in these pictures.


Tales Of John A. MacDonald & The United States Civil War

Symbolic Civil War Picture To Represent Indian Attacks On Canada In 1885
I'm not getting into all the details on this topic as it is long and is only an approximate summary of the events.

This is a topic that has come up because of recent news events surround the Indian Reservations in Canada from British Columbia and their protests against the new Alberta pipelines as well as blocking of Canadian Oil Pipe expansion through our Provincial Government lands in British Columbia. 

Also in the news is the widespread protests against Canada's first Prime Minister John A. MacDonald and their anti Canadian beliefs across Canada's Indian Reservations and the public vandalism of John A. MacDonald statues.

In fact the Anti John A. MacDonald sentiment is not new in Canada from Native Americans and dates back to the late 1800's at the time of the United States Civil War and the early days of Canadian Confederation.

At that time John A. MacDonald's United States counterpart Abraham Lincoln had just been assassinated after his victory from the North over the South in the Civil war after peace had been established in the United States. 

In Canada Queen Victoria had just decided to unite Canada under John A. MacDonald in 1867 two years after the end of the Civil War and make Upper Canada, Lower Canada , Quebec and Nova Scotia one Country for our united security after the United States Civil War.

However after the United States Civil War the old west battles raged on in the Great Lakes Region on the Canada side of the United States border after the Civil War. John A. MacDonald was sent by Queen Victoria from England to quell the threats of Old West Indian Uprisings at the Great Lakes after the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. 

John A. MacDonald himself as Canada's Prime Minister fought the Battles of Great Lakes of behalf of Queen Victoria with our traditional forces known as "The Redcoats" in the United States.

After the Civil War Indian uprisings and attacks on the newly founded Canada persisted, Queen Victoria from England ordered the death of hundreds of thousands of Native American Indians trying to overthrow Ottawa. 

John A. MacDonald
It was not only Indians threatening the newly formed Country of a United Canada known as "The Dominion Of Canada" at the time, it was lead by many other Canadian Detractors from inside Canada as well as Confederate Soldiers fleeing the United States and leading and backing the Indian uprisings against the new Capital of Ottawa.

In fact, not all Confederate soldiers fled to the Great Lakes region after the American Civil War, many of the Confederate Soldiers and sympathizers fled to Canada and granted asylum or executed by John A. MacDonald. 

You have to remember that these "Old West Style" wars and gunfights with the Indians at the Great Lakes after the Civil War not only resembles the Old West battles they are in fact the "blueprint" for the Old West itself. 

The look of the Old West comes from Nova Scotia when it was a Country and New England when it was the Thirteen Colonies under England.  At the time Nova Scotia was home to England's Royal Army where the Red Coats were stationed in Halifax to protect the Thirteen Colonies in New England from invasion and uprising and essentially "slave colonies" from the King of England to make money for Europe in a lower feudal style system than Nova Scotia, which used the King of England as their Monarch with no local Prime Minister.

Instead they had Governors and land owners set up in the United States to run slave colonies, which were white and black slaves,  in the Thirteen Colonies for the European Royalty who issued land grants to their prominent citizens to run farms and plantations for the in the American Colonies.

For them, Nova Scotia was the Royal Military Base protecting the Thirteen Colonies, after the American Revolution Nova Scotia remained an ally under the newly established independent United States of America.

In the early to mid 1800's the creation of the Intercontinental Railway in Canada and the United States where they laid the original rail road tracks from Coast to Coast in Canada and the United States led to many wars with the Native American Indians and opposing political groups.

It was the establishment of these rail road tracks or "Intercontinental Railway" in the United States from New York City to California which led to the wars with the Indians and the establishment of the Old West, which was setup to resemble places like Nova Scotia and New England where the citizens originated from when they expanding into the frontier of the Old West.  

In fact that is why today Nova Scotia and New England are such large tourist attractions because it is the model of the Old West and still resembles the look of it today. Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, being the Royal Military for England and New England as the original Thirteen Colonies.

Establishing the Intercontinental Railway meant the United States was going to be at war with the Indians in the regions and opposing political groups while establishing new towns and laying rail way tracks. 

This United States sent US Marshalls to keep peace in the region and United States Military forces to the areas which later led to massive resistance from United States detractors and Indians in the Southern Colonies and is one of the main causes of the outbreak of the Civil War when the South separated and tried to overthrow Abraham Lincoln in the North and seize the Old West and large sections of the United Sates of America, as well as the Intercontinental Railway.

In Canada the same battles were raging in the Great Lake Regions over the railway and Canadian Western Expansion at the United States border after the Civil War Ended in 1865 and the formation of Canada under John A. MacDonald and Queen Victoria from England.

Many of these battles were against the newly founded Capital of Canada in Ottawa by white groups with American Civil War connections and Indian Groups in the regions.

In the news today are the Cree Indians who were involved in the uprisings in Canada in 1885 against Ottawa and the Queen of England. Chef Poundmaker the Cree Indian leader who rebelled against Canada in 1885 was just given a symbolic pardon by Canada's Prime Minister in their role in their attacks on Ottawa, on the Victoria Day Holiday which is Queen Victoria's Birthday and the Queen who established Canada in 1867 and made John A. MacDonald the first Prime Minister and who they were rebelling against.

In fact that Cree uprising of 1885 took place not at the founding of Canada in 1867 but at the re-election of John A. MacDonald later in the 1880's. John A. MacDonald was not only Canada's first Prime Minister he was also Canada's Third Prime Minister, which was allowed in the early days of Canada.

It was during John A. MacDonald's second run as Prime Minister that Chief Poundermaker attacked Ottawa and tried to overthrow him with Indian and white resistance fighters and put in a new Prime Minister by force in Ottawa, which would be a dictatorship in Canada and an occupation of Ottawa against the British Monarchy in England.

Louis Riel
This time the Red Coats were sent in to the Great Lakes to defend Ottawa from Indian and white invasion and their attempt to force in a new Prime Minister against the Queen of England and John A. MacDonald acting as Canada's third Prime Minister.

Who was this new Prime Minister? His name was Louis Riel, the most famous traitor in Canadian History and also known as Canada's Benedict Arnold who is the most famous traitor in United States History.

Louis Riel was white I believe and French with Native American Connections, and one of the people who led to the establishment of the Province of Manitoba in Canada who backed the Metis Indian Tribe, Chef Poundmaker the lower Cree Indian leader who backed the Metis and was recently symbolically pardoned in Canada. 

Louis Riel's fame in Canada comes from the Red River Rebellion in 1869 where he successfully overthrew land owned by the The Hudson's Bay Company, today that is the department store The Bay, which ran the Canadian Fur Trade for the Queen of England at the time and made designer fur coats sold in Europe to rich people and aristocrats in the 1800's in places like France and England.

It was this land which he occupied with the Metis Indian Tribe which I believe later led to the establishment of Manitoba and later two rebellions against John A. MacDonald, as Canada's third Prime Minister, where he tried to overthrow Ottawa and make himself Prime Minister on behalf of the Metis people.

However, he was defeated by the Red Coats in Canada from Ottawa and England and sentenced to death by hanging and was executed for Treason in 1885 at the North West Mounted Police Barracks, todays RCMP, in Regina where he was hung after his trial.


Friday, May 17, 2019

..Bootleggers Continued.

...oh and I really hate to bring this up by like with my record on the old Great White North Records...the same thing happened to the band "Ade" from Italy(?) I don't know, on Blast Head Records which was an associated label of PRC, the same people.

The Ade album came out and was in the Century Media Catalog for two minutes and then Blast Head Records closed and some other label bought all their stock I'm just assuming they pulled it off the distro to bootleg or something, whatever.


Just A Quick Note About Heavy Metal Bootleggers etc.

I can't talk long on here because it's Memorial Cup Week in Halifax and I'm super busy, if you don't see me down at the game I'm watching the whole thing on Internet Stream. It turns out I am super busy and couldn't make it to all that, but I might be down there at some point this week.

If you don't know yet we're in the middle of setting up www.deathmetal.tv which is a Heavy Metal YouTube Channel we are making specifically for running on Blu Ray Players and Smart TV's, like a music television stream with metal updates etc. in it, like Netflix only it's for Heavy Metal on the Blu Ray and SmartTV YouTube app.

We are doing this on our own, this isn't backed by YouTube or anything but it's an internet tv music channel on the YouTube app. Hopefully it will go somewhere, for now it's probably just us on there watching it since people might not have those compatible devices yet, you can also watch it directly on YouTube on your computer for music playlists etc. 

This is still the early days of that and we're probably the only one on there. All that doesn't matter anyway, I like watching it. 

Here is the update on bootleggers in summary and it's approximate and I'm trying not to reveal personal information. 

It turns out that the original Great White North Records defaulted to me I am being told as I was a direct investor in the label by backing them with my record and my promotions which led to us getting concerts from tons of bands that are now on BMG etc, that all closed when Great White North stopped, in the middle of the promotion they abandoned the label.

That was when it just hit the major music distros like Century Media, Sonic Unyon etc. and places like Metal Hammer Magazine.

So when they closed and took off that cancelled the promotion to get the albums in Metal Hammer that I was working on by promoting Collapse and working as an investor in the label to help them get on Century Media distribution at the time and in Magazines like Metal Hammer with my record and money, outside of them here in Halifax, through places like CD Plus, HMV etc. what was happening.

I spent several years putting the record together and owned studio equipment etc. and spent thousands of dollars to record and put my first two records out. Great White North Records tried to cancel my investment of thousands of dollars out of my pocket and release the record for six weeks only and then scrap their label then they tried to cancel my record and waste my investment of thousands of dollars of recording equipment, music gear, concert promotions etc. and walk out with my album.

Then they tried to say I didn't own the record after I spent all that money on it and helped to promote it into places like Metal Hammer Magazine which it didn't get to before they closed. 

Right so, they can't do that...that are not allowed to walk out on my investments in the record label and make me waste my money, then they abandoned it and their label was never transferred it to me with the album catalog because they took off.

That means they are in default to my recording studio and promotions to get the album released on major distribution in stores like CD Plus etc. which is where it was going, meaning I own their album catalog anyway.

They tied to say that all my money and promotions with concerts that I put into that label didn't matter and they tried to cancel my money I put into it and walk out in six weeks after it's release and ruin my investments, that is not allowed so I own their records as an investor. 

Also, I kept the promotion running from Great White North Records for the last 11 years by holding on to my album and reissuing it on my own label Forward Regression, so my record was sill open but I never got the rest of their catalog as payment from my "contract". 

So my album promotion from my investment never closed, then they owed me their catalog as payment for abandoning the promotion for The End Records (BMG), Sonic Unyon, Century Media Distribution (Sony)  and magazines like Metal Hammer. 

Today they are closed and there is no one to contact so I own it alone at Forward Regression but I haven't had the rights transferred to me yet to print the catalog.

In fact, I can print the catalog anyway right now because if anyone tried to sue me for pressing the albums they would not win in court because of the above facts. So if I ran off their catalog, I would successfully be able to defend pressing it in court because I was invested in the company and they tried to ruin my investments.

However, that is NOT the correct procedure...to avoid lawsuits I am transferring the rights to the catalog to me FIRST then pressing it so their can be no outside challenge of my ownership of the Great White North Records catalog and Prodisk Music.

In fact, I have been getting a lot of demos of atmospheric Death Metal and Black Metal at Forward Regression that don't fit on my label, so I may re-open Great White North Records as a sublabel on Forward Regression to release to albums on Great White North Records.  

I could do that right now anyway for new albums, but I want to print the old back catalog as well. If  you interested in being signed to Great White North Records in the future when I reopen it send your demo to label@banzairecords.com and then you will be on the list of band submissions.

If you can't get on Forward Regression you might be able to get signed to the sub label Great White North Records later, that is the same distribution and on the same promotion but is a separate label. That will take some time to put together.

I just want all the albums in one place the new ones and the old ones, but I can still print new albums under the same name. 

If you demo is accepted we will inform you that it is for the new Great White North Records when it launches. 

The bootleggers did this, they tried to cancel albums on their way to Metal Hammer magazine similar to what happened with mine and then scrap their label deal. Then they tried to sell them as bootlegs under the table at shows and stuff small out of places like Metal Hammer magazine behind the bands back and rip them all off but they got caught.

They tried to steal larger artists by bootlegging them by closing their label before it hit the major distros, stores and magazines and bootleg them under the counter and at concerts to steal the bands money with no promotion or store distribution, that is also partially what happened to me meaning I don't know the whole story yet.

If you look on the internet they are the ones selling all those "unauthorized" metal albums, then they tried to steal real ones off the distro and magazines and they all got caught.

Stay tuned and thanks for your demo submissions.



Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Visit www.deathmetal.tv Launched Today!

Visit www.deathmetal.tv launched today!

Make sure to visit and subscribe to the deathmetal.tv YouTube Channel to watch Heavy Metal Videos on your devices, the idea of the page is to watch Heavy Metal videos of your Smart TV or Blu Ray Player with the YouTube App. The YouTube page looks best on your Smart TV or Blu Ray player.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVYfLUjyLwsZOwY9SdXSvrA

All videos by deathmetal.tv conforms to YouTube's user Copyright Guidelines, meaning ads may appear by the artists featured in the videos.

Also watch on the webpage at www.deathmetal.tv for Heavy Metal News, Videos and Playlists, still under construction.



Monday, May 13, 2019

Lawsuits Getting Resolved And New Stuff On The Way

Well this is pretty big to me for resolving multiple lawsuits in my favor. Basically the flaming and harassment of me plus theft and fraud all over the place from the thing at my old office is leading to this.

I own the Great White North Records and Prodisk album catalogs, however I can't print them yet. What is happening is later I am getting lawyers to file copyrights on their catalogs and logos etc. because of my court case, then I will own them and be able to print Great White North Records albums at Forward Regression, on the Great White North Records name with logos, excluding The End Records and Sonic Unyon logos which will be replaced by my logo.

Right so those label people lost all those album catalogs to me and they didn't owe the bands any money, which I will own 100% with no royalty payments to bands in my settlement which is what is happening.

In my settlement I will not have to pay anything to the artists that used to be on GWN or Prodisk and will own the albums 100% after the Copyrights get filed and then I will be able to print them.

It also gets better than this, I am also suing anyone pressing albums which featured the Original Banzai Records logo, this one:

So if an album was originally printed on Banzai Records with the original logo and then repressed OFF a major label I am suing them because I don't believe they are a real company. What I think is that they are bootleggers and I am looking for the people pressing Collapse bootlegs.

For example, Aggression - The Full Treatment was released on the original Banzai Records and Great White North Records,  I own the name Banzai Records www.banzairecords.com and I own the Great White North Catalog so I own the album on Banzai Records.

When I reissue Aggression - The Full Treatment on Forward Regression Records I own 100% of the money and I am paying no royalties after the material is copyrighted.

When I reissue Aggression - The Full Treatment I am putting the Original Banzai Records logo on it which I will also own. When that happens the original Banzai Records Logo will be my registered trademark on Forward Regression.

That means I own the original logo right now anyway duh because of all that, but I am not using it on any products until I register all the copyrights and trademarks and have their approvals.

So it is the same for now, I'm not using any of that until my reissues get processed by the copyright office and they give me the 100% green light, before that I am not issuing anything.

In the same situation with other labels over issues like harassment, plagiarism and copyright infringement I am also going to own their album catalogs which I will have to copyright with lawyers myself before I press the albums.

I don't know what catalogs they will be yet because I do not have a full list yet. That is the same thing as my Sobeys lawsuit and it's similar involved parties.

Like this, if anyone uses the Banzai Records original logo or presses an album that was originally issued with that logo I am suing them to see if they are a real business or bootleggers, that's because if they are pressing those albums they may be pressing Collapse albums and flaming me so I am suing them to find out, plus they are only doing small runs and I don't believe they are a real business.

This is not all albums that were on Banzai because some artists like Metallica and Slayer kept all their material on a major label, other's were not reissued and then used by bootleggers who flamed me and bootlegged my Collapse albums. 

I don't know what albums they are yet and will have to wait to find out. Even if after the band was dropped by Polygram and signed to a small label off the original Banzai Records the deal may not be valid because the company was actually bootleggers, and they lost all their albums to me through my lawsuit, meaning I would own the reissue. 

Also, companies like Sony and BMG Rights Management bought a bunch of that stuff or won it in a settlement and I may own a piece of those albums as well in my court case. That is the easy part, they just owe me a cut of those records or I may get the full rights to them someday.

I'm not in an argument with those labels it's just a friendly court settlement over my personal damages against the previous party. 

Albums like this:

Celtic Frost - Tragic Serenades EP
Raven - Live At The Inferno
Infernal Majesty - None Shall Defy
Racer X - Street Lethal
Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted
D├ętente - Recognize No Authority 
Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire
Abattoir - Vicious Attack
Exciter - Long Live The Loud
Jaguar - Power Games
Sortilege - Metamorphose
Warfare - Pure Filth
Tyrant - Legions Of The Dead

All those albums originally had the Banzai Records logo on it, if they were repressed on a small label after Polygram dropped them I am suing those record labels because I believe they are bootlegging and not real businesses and I am looking for Collapse bootlegs.

Again, if you use the original Banzai Records logo or issue albums like the list above I am suing you to recover my Collapse bootlegs etc. and then I will also own the above list, or something like that, even if they were reissued by the band because the bootleg label lost the albums to me etc. like that.

The actual album list is to be determined, when I file the copyrights for the albums. In the mean time I have a claim on those records in court but nothing will actually be pressed until it is approved by the Copyright and Trademark Office by my lawyers.

After that I am doing official reissues of the albums like listed above on Forward Regression Records and I am putting the original Banzai Records logo back on them on Compact Disc, that's after the copyrights are in my name and finalized through their office.

I don't know how long that will take,and I don't officially own any of that yet, but I am working hard at it.



Saturday, May 11, 2019

Life Discovered On Other Planets And Evolution Explained

A Black Hole Gives Birth To Life In The Universe
This is original research by myself plus traditional science etc. I'm not in a lab though it's observation and analysis only.

Not only are black holes in the news so is evolution, what perfect timing I thought because I was just saying not that long ago on this blog that there are no modern day examples of evolution and science went out and found one.

Bird Goes Extinct and Then Evolution Brings It Back

My first thought on that is that this is just the same bird anyway and it was hiding it the artic circle or somewhere like the Dodo Bird is and you just can't see them.

Well this story if the bird came back that is probably through interspecies cross breeding, making it some kind of Donkey like animal. 

Like I said, If I was wrong I would corrected myself because of my new information on Evolution, which now has to be corrected however I'm saying Darwin is wrong in his version and that humans are much older than they are saying and that the dates are wrong, plus they used the theory of evolution in a scam in the 1800's with the Royalty destroying their creditability. 

So there are several topics here, many years ago there may have been "proto humans" like other human species living next to us for example. Humans might have come from the cross breeding of proto humans like the donkey giving birth to us, regular humans.

In the fossil record the other early human like creatures, proto humans, may have lived next to us and went extinct. Similarly, like today, aboriginal tribes disconnected from society who can't talk and are cannibals etc. and living on secluded islands may in fact be these non intelligent proto humans, as we continue into the future they will probably go extinct, before they go extinct maybe they should go get a sample to study in the lab to see what their issue is, maybe they can learn from these human like people if they are determined unintelligent, like animals, and see if that's what they are.

It's my opinion that they should not be hiding in there anyway killing and eating each other and need to be stopped anyway and forced into regular society, when that happens we will find out if they are unintelligent proto humans or not, or leave them alone...that is not up to me anyway.

If I have to pick a main point in evolution it's actually the development of modern human intelligence when they began keeping records etc. and making society's that's recorded history.

I think that humans lived long before that like the myth of Atlantis which was apparently lost and the world fell into an unintelligent state where they lost records, plate shifting and massive global ice ages where those humans probably hide was in tropical regions during ice ages where they were probably of lower intelligence.

Like the cycles of the planet and universe like ice ages and plate shifting I believe that humans may go through a cycle of intelligence that rises and decreases depending on the background of the planet. Intelligence would be high during warm periods like on Atlantis creating super human like intelligence and science and then lower during ice age periods where we lived in the tropical regions during ice ages and plate shifting events. 

My theory is that humans may be a permanent part of the Earth since we are the main species and that Earth is probably a human planet anyway, with plant and animal subcultures. 

Two questions remain, when did we evolve to the point of actual human intelligence and when was that?

The reason I have my new updated theory is because of the discovery of the pictures of the inside of black holes or whatever is visible.

All material being ejected from black holes is "recycled" planetary material which is then used by galaxies to create planets and solar systems in a cycle the endlessly repeats itself, making the universe much older than even expected which would not be accounted for by science because we can not date the galaxy yet before it was destroyed in the past and recycled.

So the modern record of the galaxy would only be from the recreation of the solar system only and not before that from ejected black hole material.

Evolution therefore has to be true because when the planet formed it came from the black hole material of destroyed galaxies and when the Earth was made there was obviously no life on it yet because it was just formed out of the new material.

This material that came out of black holes from the center of the Galaxy contained life giving material samples that were trapped inside the Earth at it's formation with the building blocks of humans in it which we grew out of.

Therefore because of the black hole discovery life has to exist on other planets because the black hole material with live giving samples has to be locked in other planets right now when they formed, that's what scientists should be looking for.

In fact you can prove this for a fact because the materials that collected at the Earth would have also been distributed throughout the galaxy and been collected by other planets where they remain today.

What I believe is that the position of the Earth in the galaxy is set in some kind of "band" like a gravitational force that collected life giving materials at a certain degree or radius in the solar system. This is why scientists look for Earth like planets for life in outer space in a similar gravitational band around a star. 

However, there is no evidence that the size of the planet or it's position determines the gravitational band in the solar system and that life may be able to exist on any size planet potentially in similar gravitational bands as the Earth which is what they should look for.

That would be gravitational bands that are "life material collecting" from matter being ejected from black holes. So as you can tell the Universe is not only infinite outwards it is infinite backwards in time and endlessly recycles itself from black holes destroying and rebuilding itself and always contains life material leading to the obvious conclusion that there has to be life or was life on other planets or at least life building materials.

The point of evolution of the Earth were humans were created would have probably been in the first  Oceans on the early Earth. I believe in the early days of the planet that it was completely covered in water and there land and continents formed later. At the time would be where most of human evolution began when the life giving materials first mixed and through interspecies breeding new creatures formed that eventually came on the land when it came out of the ocean and then they became humans and at some point intelligent.

For example, proto humans could be the cousins of humans on a different evolutionary path at the same time and we remained and they went extinct. I believe that this time period of the planet happened super fast in the new planet which would have been raw and with super heated oceans leading to a chain reaction of evolution and birth of new species.

Today, evolution would probably only be from interspecies breeding which is rare I think but could happen, in the future this "effect" could in fact turn back on by nature and make species cross breed to create new life forms that would continue, the old ones may also go extinct after the fact and be lost in the archaeological record. Why there ae no human skeletons or fossils found is because the human body and skeleton are too delicate and disappear to quickly to remain in the fossil record. 

At some point all that had to happen, they came up on the new land which would be the real planet as soon as it formed probably and grass grew and then became humans pretty quickly. 

You have to remember that the materials that made humans and their bodies also need the planets atmosphere, food, trees etc. to be sustainable. All those materials would have collected at the Earth from the black hole making this a human planet from the beginning. 

So the point of the planet is that it collected material that made it a human planet with super intelligent creatures on it...us. I think that the physical appearance of people may have come from the materials that made nature like the air, water and trees and that we are a product of those materials and need them to breathe and eat and that it is permanently locked in that cycle.

During the formation of the planet the creatures in the ocean would have been in an embryo state and the ocean acting as the embryo or placenta while the physical land, air and plants developed separate for us and then later when the land and all materials were complete they locked giving birth to todays planet when everything came up on land.

What I find most exciting about the new discovery of black holes is that if that material could be harnessed and we collected a sample, it might be able to be dumped into another planet like Mars to terraform it and force it to begin growing as a human like planet. That's if the gravitational band could support that and if not, other materials from black holes could be collected to adjust it and make it work in a different gravitational band, once it took off it would become an Earth like planet and possibly be sustainable for humans or even grow them on it's own.

That would work anywhere in the universe.

I also believe that the current cycle of the Universe is in it's infancy or just beginning and that humans are alone, materials on other planets may not have formed other humans or intelligent creatures at all or it is too early in the Universe for that to happen.

Likewise, it may be up to us to find these materials and planets and to terraform them and colonize outer space ourselves once we find the means, then we will be the humans on the other planets by terraforming them by ourselves when we achieve the means, at some point we will all be destroyed and recycled by the Universe and our materials used to create other planets and life forms. 

Finally, black holes contain the materials to grow life itself and have the power if harnessed to regrow human limbs and the human body. If properly harnesses this material may even have the means of life extension technology where we could extend our lives as humans for hundreds or thousands of years.

In fact, we could permanently preserve the Earth and ourselves by dumping these materials form black holes back into the Planet to continuously regrow the planet and our bodies which would then exist in a state of permeant preservation and we would never die.

What scientists should be looking for in outer space is planets with Oceans to find the "infancy state" on other planets so we can examine the "placenta" of the planet and possibly collect samples.



Mother's Day: Things You Crave When You Are Pregnant

Before women become mother's first they have to get pregnant which is a long and uninteresting process of romantic dinners and a large workload for most men who can barely bring themselves to participate in, that's why it take a great Dad to be a father.

If you're young what you need to know about that is that it take's a great man with plenty of time, patience and a stable income to impregnate a woman properly with knowledge of many topics like entrainment, dinners and other various grooming activities. 

Way too much work for most "rock music" type people like myself who fell off that workload years ago, maybe that was just nature and my job is now complete. 

When a women finally does become pregnant after years of hard work by a man who has some basic understanding of what the woman is talking about and is able to meet those demands during her pregnancy she experiences things like "food cravings", meaning she has to eat all these strong tasting food combinations for some reason which I will now explain.

Common cravings during pregnancy include:
  • Spicy Food
  • Chocolate
  • Ice Cream
  • Meat
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pickles
So what is all that about anyway?  Well my research has shown that the cravings are caused by the baby eating the nutrients in the womb through their embryo. Like pickles, that's actually the baby being hungry and apparently they are all addicted to pickles when their are in their mothers stomach.

The baby inside the mothers womb can not eat food directly, however the baby "absorbs" the chemical content of the food eaten by it's mother that's called nutrients.

Like in all humans, after the mother eats food the chemicals of the food are extracted by the human body and processed. What comes out is nutrients, like from pickles. The baby eats the chemical nutrients in the womb from the mother of the food she eats. Baby's in the womb enjoy eating spicy foods, cholate, ice cream, hamburgers, steaks, peanut butter and jam etc. just like all regular kids.

Only unborn baby's are still inside their mother so they have to make the mother crave the items of the food they want to eat so they can enjoy the chemical nutrients of the food so they can grow be born and become a regular kid, at that time they can go to McDonalds themselves, probably with supervision, and then eat their own hamburgers, pickles and  ice cream.


Friday, May 10, 2019

Big Boobs In Bikini!

I'm Just Getting Up This Morning To Check On Sobeys Unregulated News Stories

Uh, yea I'm Sobeys - www.sobeys.info
Sobeys to add 3000 ecommerce jobs in Quebec and Ontario, oh that's gonna save Canada I'm sure.

Federal and SEC regulators will probably make sure to get their cut paycheck from Sobeys in Ottawa for their new job at their ecommerce desk selling door to door meat just like Bill Sobey's Grandfather in my home town.

Yes the days are back, The Sobeys got the old meat wagon back out on a new website on the internet and bringing meat to your house again this time with a new ecommerce website, yeah no thanks you already came to my house once and tried to rip me off I don't think I'll be needing your grocery delivery service.

Who are all those people you're hiring anyway? That's all the people they get to work for cut wages and lead them around on a string like they said to me when I worked there, all while running unregulated on the Stock Market with no Government in Canada.

They should change the name of the Parliament to Sobeys, and just get SEC regulators to be their front desk secretary since they think they are so prominent in Canada.

Well if there's no Government anymore and they're all running unregulated with no interference against Canada's Constitution then I guess it's up to the public to go down there and resolve it.

I'm sure their not worried that the world hates them, they got a guy in Ottawa that says they get to stay open anyway, and no the SEC doesn't take complaints anymore so that's all over now. I just say don't go there.

Then I was sitting around enjoying a free society last night and I found the protentional ponzi scheme at Sobeys, that's like an illegal reinvestment scam.

So they take the money from their suppliers and hold payments for weeks to open new stores and now they have a new ecommerce website in an effort to raise money for some reason, I'm not sure why they need it anyway, they are unregulated after all.

Now those new jobs are being paid for out of the ponzi scam, no those wages are supplier money. The point there is you can't have all that going at the same time in a "company" like that. So it's illegal probably. I'll just leave a little bit of doubt there since I don't know the whole story.

Oh right the ponzi scam....so they take the suppliers stock and then don't pay them back....then they DISCOUNT the unpaid for inventory in a sell off to close their competitors with unpaid for food and inventory items.

Then later they'll be in a mad rush to make payments on it while in insolvency.

So the unpaid for stock buys the new stores, employees and ecommerce website.

Then they take the unpaid for stock and discount it in a sell off to get new customers to go there by selling it clearance by undercutting the wholesale price, that's to steal competitors customers.

Then they will try and keep the customers and make small deposits on the late inventory payments, that's classic insolvency and bankruptcy protection people. Cough, cough Neverland Ranch.

Yeah Freshco, that's gonna be big.

Anyway, that's all unregulated with no oversight. That is the worst company in the world. Visit my Sobeys Company Watchdog page at www.sobeys.info , plus be sure to check out my music if you have time...but don't try and steal my office work because I have a Corporate watchdog page now and I'd rat you out to the Government but since that's not there, I'll just tell all your neighbours about it.