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Life Discovered On Other Planets And Evolution Explained

A Black Hole Gives Birth To Life In The Universe
This is original research by myself plus traditional science etc. I'm not in a lab though it's observation and analysis only.

Not only are black holes in the news so is evolution, what perfect timing I thought because I was just saying not that long ago on this blog that there are no modern day examples of evolution and science went out and found one.

Bird Goes Extinct and Then Evolution Brings It Back

My first thought on that is that this is just the same bird anyway and it was hiding it the artic circle or somewhere like the Dodo Bird is and you just can't see them.

Well this story if the bird came back that is probably through interspecies cross breeding, making it some kind of Donkey like animal. 

Like I said, If I was wrong I would corrected myself because of my new information on Evolution, which now has to be corrected however I'm saying Darwin is wrong in his version and that humans are much older than they are saying and that the dates are wrong, plus they used the theory of evolution in a scam in the 1800's with the Royalty destroying their creditability. 

So there are several topics here, many years ago there may have been "proto humans" like other human species living next to us for example. Humans might have come from the cross breeding of proto humans like the donkey giving birth to us, regular humans.

In the fossil record the other early human like creatures, proto humans, may have lived next to us and went extinct. Similarly, like today, aboriginal tribes disconnected from society who can't talk and are cannibals etc. and living on secluded islands may in fact be these non intelligent proto humans, as we continue into the future they will probably go extinct, before they go extinct maybe they should go get a sample to study in the lab to see what their issue is, maybe they can learn from these human like people if they are determined unintelligent, like animals, and see if that's what they are.

It's my opinion that they should not be hiding in there anyway killing and eating each other and need to be stopped anyway and forced into regular society, when that happens we will find out if they are unintelligent proto humans or not, or leave them alone...that is not up to me anyway.

If I have to pick a main point in evolution it's actually the development of modern human intelligence when they began keeping records etc. and making society's that's recorded history.

I think that humans lived long before that like the myth of Atlantis which was apparently lost and the world fell into an unintelligent state where they lost records, plate shifting and massive global ice ages where those humans probably hide was in tropical regions during ice ages where they were probably of lower intelligence.

Like the cycles of the planet and universe like ice ages and plate shifting I believe that humans may go through a cycle of intelligence that rises and decreases depending on the background of the planet. Intelligence would be high during warm periods like on Atlantis creating super human like intelligence and science and then lower during ice age periods where we lived in the tropical regions during ice ages and plate shifting events. 

My theory is that humans may be a permanent part of the Earth since we are the main species and that Earth is probably a human planet anyway, with plant and animal subcultures. 

Two questions remain, when did we evolve to the point of actual human intelligence and when was that?

The reason I have my new updated theory is because of the discovery of the pictures of the inside of black holes or whatever is visible.

All material being ejected from black holes is "recycled" planetary material which is then used by galaxies to create planets and solar systems in a cycle the endlessly repeats itself, making the universe much older than even expected which would not be accounted for by science because we can not date the galaxy yet before it was destroyed in the past and recycled.

So the modern record of the galaxy would only be from the recreation of the solar system only and not before that from ejected black hole material.

Evolution therefore has to be true because when the planet formed it came from the black hole material of destroyed galaxies and when the Earth was made there was obviously no life on it yet because it was just formed out of the new material.

This material that came out of black holes from the center of the Galaxy contained life giving material samples that were trapped inside the Earth at it's formation with the building blocks of humans in it which we grew out of.

Therefore because of the black hole discovery life has to exist on other planets because the black hole material with live giving samples has to be locked in other planets right now when they formed, that's what scientists should be looking for.

In fact you can prove this for a fact because the materials that collected at the Earth would have also been distributed throughout the galaxy and been collected by other planets where they remain today.

What I believe is that the position of the Earth in the galaxy is set in some kind of "band" like a gravitational force that collected life giving materials at a certain degree or radius in the solar system. This is why scientists look for Earth like planets for life in outer space in a similar gravitational band around a star. 

However, there is no evidence that the size of the planet or it's position determines the gravitational band in the solar system and that life may be able to exist on any size planet potentially in similar gravitational bands as the Earth which is what they should look for.

That would be gravitational bands that are "life material collecting" from matter being ejected from black holes. So as you can tell the Universe is not only infinite outwards it is infinite backwards in time and endlessly recycles itself from black holes destroying and rebuilding itself and always contains life material leading to the obvious conclusion that there has to be life or was life on other planets or at least life building materials.

The point of evolution of the Earth were humans were created would have probably been in the first  Oceans on the early Earth. I believe in the early days of the planet that it was completely covered in water and there land and continents formed later. At the time would be where most of human evolution began when the life giving materials first mixed and through interspecies breeding new creatures formed that eventually came on the land when it came out of the ocean and then they became humans and at some point intelligent.

For example, proto humans could be the cousins of humans on a different evolutionary path at the same time and we remained and they went extinct. I believe that this time period of the planet happened super fast in the new planet which would have been raw and with super heated oceans leading to a chain reaction of evolution and birth of new species.

Today, evolution would probably only be from interspecies breeding which is rare I think but could happen, in the future this "effect" could in fact turn back on by nature and make species cross breed to create new life forms that would continue, the old ones may also go extinct after the fact and be lost in the archaeological record. Why there ae no human skeletons or fossils found is because the human body and skeleton are too delicate and disappear to quickly to remain in the fossil record. 

At some point all that had to happen, they came up on the new land which would be the real planet as soon as it formed probably and grass grew and then became humans pretty quickly. 

You have to remember that the materials that made humans and their bodies also need the planets atmosphere, food, trees etc. to be sustainable. All those materials would have collected at the Earth from the black hole making this a human planet from the beginning. 

So the point of the planet is that it collected material that made it a human planet with super intelligent creatures on I think that the physical appearance of people may have come from the materials that made nature like the air, water and trees and that we are a product of those materials and need them to breathe and eat and that it is permanently locked in that cycle.

During the formation of the planet the creatures in the ocean would have been in an embryo state and the ocean acting as the embryo or placenta while the physical land, air and plants developed separate for us and then later when the land and all materials were complete they locked giving birth to todays planet when everything came up on land.

What I find most exciting about the new discovery of black holes is that if that material could be harnessed and we collected a sample, it might be able to be dumped into another planet like Mars to terraform it and force it to begin growing as a human like planet. That's if the gravitational band could support that and if not, other materials from black holes could be collected to adjust it and make it work in a different gravitational band, once it took off it would become an Earth like planet and possibly be sustainable for humans or even grow them on it's own.

That would work anywhere in the universe.

I also believe that the current cycle of the Universe is in it's infancy or just beginning and that humans are alone, materials on other planets may not have formed other humans or intelligent creatures at all or it is too early in the Universe for that to happen.

Likewise, it may be up to us to find these materials and planets and to terraform them and colonize outer space ourselves once we find the means, then we will be the humans on the other planets by terraforming them by ourselves when we achieve the means, at some point we will all be destroyed and recycled by the Universe and our materials used to create other planets and life forms. 

Finally, black holes contain the materials to grow life itself and have the power if harnessed to regrow human limbs and the human body. If properly harnesses this material may even have the means of life extension technology where we could extend our lives as humans for hundreds or thousands of years.

In fact, we could permanently preserve the Earth and ourselves by dumping these materials form black holes back into the Planet to continuously regrow the planet and our bodies which would then exist in a state of permeant preservation and we would never die.

What scientists should be looking for in outer space is planets with Oceans to find the "infancy state" on other planets so we can examine the "placenta" of the planet and possibly collect samples.


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