Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Things To Be Careful About In The Heavy Metal Music Scene

Be Careful Of Crowds At Concerts
This is some advice I have to people or kids getting into Heavy Metal music and going to concerts and stuff from my experiences and things that have happened to me. Heavy Metal and stuff is all super awesome if you're into it but here is just some stuff to watch out for, the bad part, that kids and parents should know. Not drugs specifically, that's the regular part.

The main thing is going to Heavy Metal concerts, in fact not many music fans even go to concerts at all or they only go once in a while, for me today I only go to shows put on by large labels like Sony or BMG which would be like a large promotion, like a huge Metal Fest or something and no small Heavy Metal concerts where the crowd harasses you.

Regular music fans will only go to a concert to see the band play and then go home, or even bands. They will just go play the concert and then leave and go home right away, maybe sometimes there will be an after party with the band or something that you might get invited to but that is only for ONE day.

After that the band leaves and you have to go home. 

What happens is people at these shows will try and get you to stay there with them and talk to you every day. They will say that's the "metal scene" but it's not, metal bands and fans do not live together and hang out and go to concerts and play shows everyday.

That is a different crowd, every one else just goes to the concert and then goes home. At these smaller non label backed concerts people there will try and "lure" you into a scene and get you to hang out with them and talk to them every day in a group and take up all your time.

When you get down there and start talking to them it's full of scams, crime and they bum you for stuff. They all say they are some "metal scene" but they all "live together" and hang out every day all talking to each other, then you find out later it's all bootleggers trying to get you involved in crime and trying to get money and stuff from you.

No one hangs out like that talking every day, you might have a few friends into metal and know some bands but you only see them at concerts and that's it. No one "lives in the metal scene", Heavy Metal music is just a hobby and people have a real life. Even if that's a record label or magazine that's just for work or concerts and they don't take it home with them.

It's usually only a few friends into that music and then they only see the other people at shows, then outside of that they have a regular life. Other people will try and talk to you all the time and tell you what to do all the time and try to tell you "how to be metal". None of that is a real music scene, that's people trying to lure you out and use you and manipulate you for financial gain or other illegal activities. 

Don't get tricked by that, no one hangs out like that. Then they all talk in this huge group about every thing you do, then if you say you don't like one person there they all get mad at you. That's probably because their all involved in scams and stuff and are covering for each other all talking and you can't say anything bad about them, if you do they all start fighting with you.

I don't hang out like that, I have a regular life and do music stuff as a hobby and now I have a real business that I've setup or am in the process of doing. Here is a story that happened to me.

People around me tried this scam on me that didn't work and I had to put the run to them but I also got ripped off as I keep saying on here to let people know that that these scams don't work on me. What they did was they were trying to "figure out" how I wrote my music.

First this all nuts talk anyway, but they were saying they wanted to know "where my music was coming from" in my band Collapse. They all thought that someone else was doing it or that I was copying other music they never heard of, then they tried to put me in a situation where they would make me follow them around and give them money, trying to boss my music stuff around.

Here is the stunt they pulled on me, two of them gave me Heavy Metal cd's of bands I  didn't listen to on separate occasions and then they started bragging them up saying how awesome they were and tried to make me say it back to them and start "following them" and making me "tag along" with them like I was a poser or some kid that didn't know anything.

Yes, I have a lot of stories about the music scene and it's filled with scams and rip offs. Anyway, I thought it was nothing and didn't really like the records so I just put them aside and forgot about it. Then what they did was they were listening to me writing music for my band Collapse and were waiting to see if I would copy or plagiarize the records they gave me, to see if that's how I was writing my music, it isn't.

That never happened and later I got into a huge fight with them. So they tried to set me up to see if I would copy the bands they told me about and I didn't. They tried do that to make me "follow them" and try to "lead me around like on a string" begging to them for friendship and stuff.

What was happening was they were trying to say they "knew how to make me do things" by giving me cds and then saying they were good to see if I copied them when I wrote my music so they would find out where I got my ideas at. Then they tired to say that meant they knew how to make me follow them around and they knew how to make me "do stuff" and said I was "stupid" and "would fall for anything" then what they meant was they tried to tell me to give them my money.

So the whole stunt was they setup all this music stuff and were pretending to be in a Heavy Metal scene to try and see where my music came from by playing tricks on me, then they tried to make me follow them around and make me do stuff. They stuff they wanted me to do was give them my money.

Yeah so what that was all about the whole thing is later they tried to make me give them my money.

They were doing things like copying me and doing music stuff that I was into to try and get me to "go to them" then if I went there (I didn't) they were going to try and tell me what Heavy Metal music was and what to listen to and them boss me around and get me to "do stuff for them" like let them use my car all the time or something that at the end of it they tried to make me give them money, that was the whole thing.

That never happened, I am in the regular music scene and know what it is anyway and they must not have known any of that and they tried to take me in a scam making me follow them around at the crowds at Heavy Metal concerts, like making me live there with them and bleeding my bank account, apparently all those people are bootleggers anyway.

So they tried to make me stay in their crowd to get money out of me which didn't work and I got in a huge fight with them and then I never talked to them ever again and that was it. Now I don't go to those concerts where those people "group at" hanging out in a crowd.

They did that to me because I have a University Degree and stuff and a good career plus I play music and had a record out at the time that today would most like be in the BMG Music group because they larger labels bought that old scene out that I kept, my first record.

Don't be concerned though, nothing happened except a huge fight I had with them just before I moved away to Halifax to continue to play music and start my own business, that's what I am doing now.

Yes, that's pretty pathetic I know but it's going on at smaller shows where strangers "try and get to know you" which I don't participate in when I'm out drinking at a concert or something. Now I only go to large shows which are safer like from Sony or someone and then just go back home, even if I was playing a concert. Not because of regular music fans but because of scams and thieves.

Just remember to be careful of crowds at concerts and don't get fooled by these "fake friends" that want you there every day hanging out with them. They are just looking to use you for stuff and milk you like for you car all the time, getting you to buy them or give them stuff and then they will start telling you to give them money if you fall for it. 

Of course I didn't fall for that and everything is fine anyway but it makes you mad that people pull those tricks on you and stuff so my advice from all that is just be careful at that stuff and watch out for those things.

Obviously they didn't know anything about me thinking they could do that like how far I was involved  into music at a business level and that I didn't need people to tell me what bands to listen to or they thought I was desperate for friends or something, like some kid or something that didn't know anything looking for friends, when I was a University Graduate with a career etc. and they were all poor with no education, pathetic. 


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