Friday, May 10, 2019

I'm Just Getting Up This Morning To Check On Sobeys Unregulated News Stories

Uh, yea I'm Sobeys -
Sobeys to add 3000 ecommerce jobs in Quebec and Ontario, oh that's gonna save Canada I'm sure.

Federal and SEC regulators will probably make sure to get their cut paycheck from Sobeys in Ottawa for their new job at their ecommerce desk selling door to door meat just like Bill Sobey's Grandfather in my home town.

Yes the days are back, The Sobeys got the old meat wagon back out on a new website on the internet and bringing meat to your house again this time with a new ecommerce website, yeah no thanks you already came to my house once and tried to rip me off I don't think I'll be needing your grocery delivery service.

Who are all those people you're hiring anyway? That's all the people they get to work for cut wages and lead them around on a string like they said to me when I worked there, all while running unregulated on the Stock Market with no Government in Canada.

They should change the name of the Parliament to Sobeys, and just get SEC regulators to be their front desk secretary since they think they are so prominent in Canada.

Well if there's no Government anymore and they're all running unregulated with no interference against Canada's Constitution then I guess it's up to the public to go down there and resolve it.

I'm sure their not worried that the world hates them, they got a guy in Ottawa that says they get to stay open anyway, and no the SEC doesn't take complaints anymore so that's all over now. I just say don't go there.

Then I was sitting around enjoying a free society last night and I found the protentional ponzi scheme at Sobeys, that's like an illegal reinvestment scam.

So they take the money from their suppliers and hold payments for weeks to open new stores and now they have a new ecommerce website in an effort to raise money for some reason, I'm not sure why they need it anyway, they are unregulated after all.

Now those new jobs are being paid for out of the ponzi scam, no those wages are supplier money. The point there is you can't have all that going at the same time in a "company" like that. So it's illegal probably. I'll just leave a little bit of doubt there since I don't know the whole story.

Oh right the ponzi they take the suppliers stock and then don't pay them back....then they DISCOUNT the unpaid for inventory in a sell off to close their competitors with unpaid for food and inventory items.

Then later they'll be in a mad rush to make payments on it while in insolvency.

So the unpaid for stock buys the new stores, employees and ecommerce website.

Then they take the unpaid for stock and discount it in a sell off to get new customers to go there by selling it clearance by undercutting the wholesale price, that's to steal competitors customers.

Then they will try and keep the customers and make small deposits on the late inventory payments, that's classic insolvency and bankruptcy protection people. Cough, cough Neverland Ranch.

Yeah Freshco, that's gonna be big.

Anyway, that's all unregulated with no oversight. That is the worst company in the world. Visit my Sobeys Company Watchdog page at , plus be sure to check out my music if you have time...but don't try and steal my office work because I have a Corporate watchdog page now and I'd rat you out to the Government but since that's not there, I'll just tell all your neighbours about it.


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