Monday, May 13, 2019

Lawsuits Getting Resolved And New Stuff On The Way

Well this is pretty big to me for resolving multiple lawsuits in my favor. Basically the flaming and harassment of me plus theft and fraud all over the place from the thing at my old office is leading to this.

I own the Great White North Records and Prodisk album catalogs, however I can't print them yet. What is happening is later I am getting lawyers to file copyrights on their catalogs and logos etc. because of my court case, then I will own them and be able to print Great White North Records albums at Forward Regression, on the Great White North Records name with logos, excluding The End Records and Sonic Unyon logos which will be replaced by my logo.

Right so those label people lost all those album catalogs to me and they didn't owe the bands any money, which I will own 100% with no royalty payments to bands in my settlement which is what is happening.

In my settlement I will not have to pay anything to the artists that used to be on GWN or Prodisk and will own the albums 100% after the Copyrights get filed and then I will be able to print them.

It also gets better than this, I am also suing anyone pressing albums which featured the Original Banzai Records logo, this one:

So if an album was originally printed on Banzai Records with the original logo and then repressed OFF a major label I am suing them because I don't believe they are a real company. What I think is that they are bootleggers and I am looking for the people pressing Collapse bootlegs.

For example, Aggression - The Full Treatment was released on the original Banzai Records and Great White North Records,  I own the name Banzai Records and I own the Great White North Catalog so I own the album on Banzai Records.

When I reissue Aggression - The Full Treatment on Forward Regression Records I own 100% of the money and I am paying no royalties after the material is copyrighted.

When I reissue Aggression - The Full Treatment I am putting the Original Banzai Records logo on it which I will also own. When that happens the original Banzai Records Logo will be my registered trademark on Forward Regression.

That means I own the original logo right now anyway duh because of all that, but I am not using it on any products until I register all the copyrights and trademarks and have their approvals.

So it is the same for now, I'm not using any of that until my reissues get processed by the copyright office and they give me the 100% green light, before that I am not issuing anything.

In the same situation with other labels over issues like harassment, plagiarism and copyright infringement I am also going to own their album catalogs which I will have to copyright with lawyers myself before I press the albums.

I don't know what catalogs they will be yet because I do not have a full list yet. That is the same thing as my Sobeys lawsuit and it's similar involved parties.

Like this, if anyone uses the Banzai Records original logo or presses an album that was originally issued with that logo I am suing them to see if they are a real business or bootleggers, that's because if they are pressing those albums they may be pressing Collapse albums and flaming me so I am suing them to find out, plus they are only doing small runs and I don't believe they are a real business.

This is not all albums that were on Banzai because some artists like Metallica and Slayer kept all their material on a major label, other's were not reissued and then used by bootleggers who flamed me and bootlegged my Collapse albums. 

I don't know what albums they are yet and will have to wait to find out. Even if after the band was dropped by Polygram and signed to a small label off the original Banzai Records the deal may not be valid because the company was actually bootleggers, and they lost all their albums to me through my lawsuit, meaning I would own the reissue. 

Also, companies like Sony and BMG Rights Management bought a bunch of that stuff or won it in a settlement and I may own a piece of those albums as well in my court case. That is the easy part, they just owe me a cut of those records or I may get the full rights to them someday.

I'm not in an argument with those labels it's just a friendly court settlement over my personal damages against the previous party. 

Albums like this:

Celtic Frost - Tragic Serenades EP
Raven - Live At The Inferno
Infernal Majesty - None Shall Defy
Racer X - Street Lethal
Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted
D├ętente - Recognize No Authority 
Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire
Abattoir - Vicious Attack
Exciter - Long Live The Loud
Jaguar - Power Games
Sortilege - Metamorphose
Warfare - Pure Filth
Tyrant - Legions Of The Dead

All those albums originally had the Banzai Records logo on it, if they were repressed on a small label after Polygram dropped them I am suing those record labels because I believe they are bootlegging and not real businesses and I am looking for Collapse bootlegs.

Again, if you use the original Banzai Records logo or issue albums like the list above I am suing you to recover my Collapse bootlegs etc. and then I will also own the above list, or something like that, even if they were reissued by the band because the bootleg label lost the albums to me etc. like that.

The actual album list is to be determined, when I file the copyrights for the albums. In the mean time I have a claim on those records in court but nothing will actually be pressed until it is approved by the Copyright and Trademark Office by my lawyers.

After that I am doing official reissues of the albums like listed above on Forward Regression Records and I am putting the original Banzai Records logo back on them on Compact Disc, that's after the copyrights are in my name and finalized through their office.

I don't know how long that will take,and I don't officially own any of that yet, but I am working hard at it.


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