Thursday, May 9, 2019

NEWS: Sobeys Parent Company In Breach Of Stock Market Again

Empire / Sobeys Stock Chart
Sobeys Company is currently in breach of Toronto Stock Market regulations in the News again just like I have been saying on this blog and I reported them for it ten years ago when I quit my job there, one of my roles was stock market compliance.

According to Bloomberg Canada Sobeys parent company Empire's 52 week stock price fluctuated between $20 and $30 per share - their stock price rose to $30 between February and May 2019 as Sobeys began new strong arming business tactics to suppliers and competitors while operating on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

This is approximate and I am simplifying and is protentional risk to stock investors. According to my research in the public record Sobeys remains unregulated by the SEC in Canada whatever that is as no public comment was made about their new Stock Market Breach.

Sobeys new business tactics which are outside of Stock Market Regulations is creating a risk to investor and suppliers of their store products who also operate on the Stock Market.

What the company is doing is using their credit from food suppliers as financial loans to open new businesses while not paying their debts, creating an unreported fluctuation in the Stock Market, meaning if the new stores are unsuccessful Sobeys will not be able to repay their debts to food suppliers meaning they will lose their inventory while it sits on store shelves and will impact suppliers stock prices.

This kind of financial risk is against regulations of the SEC but Sobeys remains unchecked in Canada. Plus, they are using the money to open new store to strong arm other business to close to steal their market share. 

Like this, Sobeys suppliers are issuing them food and products on credit then they are repaid later, Sobeys is now "extending" their payment terms back to their creditors by weeks. That is like you telling the credit card company that you will pay your loan back on your terms whenever you want. Then you would be using the money for your loan payments to make down payments on new loans in some kind of pyramid scheme or financial racket.

Like this, that credit repayment to food suppliers is hundreds of millions of dollars per week that is not being paid back on time to suppliers. So Sobeys is selling their food and products from suppliers and then "holding" the suppliers money in their possession from repayment - hundreds of millions of dollars per week.

This is the possible scenario...Sobeys is using the money from it's suppliers to open new businesses called Freshco that means the suppliers own those new stores because it was bought out of their repayment money.  If they don't get the money back.

What that is similar to is "flipping" houses.

The supplier money was withheld from repayment (that is not Sobeys money) and saved in their bank accounts. Then Sobeys is "strong arming them" by not repaying the depts. 

Then they are attempting to open new stores with the cash called Freshco, if an effort to raise money then they will repay their loans back out of the new business revenue.

What this means is Sobeys is close to a state of bankruptcy protection if the deal goes bad which is a risk to investors and their suppliers on the Stock Market.

Sobeys shares will drop and be worthless and investors will lose their money and their supplier stock prices will drop - this is because they are UNEGULATED on the stock market, or they can't do that. 

Here is a simple example - you hold back your house payments to the bank for several months to save a large sum of cash and tell them you will pay them back in several months.

Then you use the cash from not paying your mortgage to put a down payment on a new house, then you fix it up and sell and "flip it" for a profit. Then when the flip house sells you take a cut of the profit and then pay your own home loan back.

Typical ponzi scam? I'm not sure.

That's what Sobeys is doing I would guess. That's if I worked their and was from the SEC to watch them operate like what I turned them in for. If fact that was my job in stock market compliance at their company. 

That creates a massive risk on the stock market to all involved parties. All suppliers inventory could be lost if the deal goes bad, their stock will be worthless and suppliers stock prices will drop because of the massive amount of supplier lost inventory.

It's worse than that and also a breach of stock market regulations because they are using they money to strong arm smaller business to steal their cut of the food market by opening new cheaper stores or something next to them to steal their customers which is apparently their whole business model which I recently learned.

If I was a stock market regulator and at the SEC or somewhere I would rate this as a level one breach and call it stock market fraud.

That means they are using investor money and supplier money to open new stores to strong arm other business by opening new stores form money gained from not repaying their debts while operating on the stock market, classic stock market fraud.

 If that is all accurate then Freshco actually belongs to their suppliers and their investors, not Sobeys.

That's because this deal would not be approved with proper stock market oversight in Toronto because it's probably illegal and too much of a risk to investors and suppliers.

When I am researching government constitutional breaches I would say that is what this is and would locate the parties at the "business strategy approval board" whatever that is who is not regulating Sobeys in Toronto. I don't know what all that is yet so I will have to do more research. 

What should happen is the Courts should be blocking Sobeys new business transactions but they are not, so that is where the breach is I would guess.

My advice would be that Federal Stock Market Regulators in Toronto or Ottawa need to intervene while the breach is still open and get the courts to block Sobeys business deals to get their suppliers money back, I would also assume that Sobeys is being sued in the courts right now by businesses in that local area for damages for constitutional infractions on them by Sobeys because they are using unfair tactics which are currently unregulated on the stock market to steal their businesses customers by opening cheaper stores next to them with supplier money - all against Canada's Constitution. 

If you want references SEC Regulators it's all over the news right now so go look it up and maybe try and figure out what your job is.

Coincidently enough if you watch the Sobeys graph as their stock price goes up, the strong arming tactics increase and this is also the same time period since last October where I was harassed and the public was flamed right at the same time as Sobeys public strong arming business tactics began.

Just like I said. 

Visit my Sobeys Company Community Watch Dog Page at which is currently an ad for my band Collapse and the album on the page is the one I was working on when I worked at Sobeys and was flamed by them when their staff tried to steal my work. Get all that yet people? Or what.


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