Friday, May 3, 2019

"Music Blog" Pages

From my last post I mean that the regular United States Death Metal and probably metal scene is the main one, that's huge and is just US influenced. That's the biggest one, that's where I'm playing at and it's most of my audience cantered in California, the rest comes from everywhere else.

I was just noticing that the record labels are uploading their back catalogs of their audio albums to YouTube as official versions that can be shared on any webpage across the internet. 

This cuts down on open file sharing blogs like this Slayer page, which is a blog with links to albums on Mediafire that you can download. That is not something I participate in, I may share pictures of bootlegs and blog about them which I will be doing when I see awesome bootlegs but any sound I share comes from YouTube, making it official. Anything on YouTube they are saying has been screened by the owners, now they are making official copies.

On these blogs:

These are blogs inked to "file rips" and full of scams and click throughs similar to Megaupload. Yeah, you can find albums on that like file sharing and it's open on the web but you have to "scour" the pages to find the download links and they are full of pop ups, ads, scams, fake files and fake click throughs.

Anything I do does not participate in that, any songs or albums I share are from an official site. If I cover a bootleg on a blog then it's just for blogging...I would only share the audio if it has been posted and screened on YouTube and I never host other labels audio or video files on my pages.

I'm just showing the difference between what I'm doing and those music sharing blogs like in the link above.


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