Friday, May 17, 2019

Just A Quick Note About Heavy Metal Bootleggers etc.

I can't talk long on here because it's Memorial Cup Week in Halifax and I'm super busy, if you don't see me down at the game I'm watching the whole thing on Internet Stream. It turns out I am super busy and couldn't make it to all that, but I might be down there at some point this week.

If you don't know yet we're in the middle of setting up which is a Heavy Metal YouTube Channel we are making specifically for running on Blu Ray Players and Smart TV's, like a music television stream with metal updates etc. in it, like Netflix only it's for Heavy Metal on the Blu Ray and SmartTV YouTube app.

We are doing this on our own, this isn't backed by YouTube or anything but it's an internet tv music channel on the YouTube app. Hopefully it will go somewhere, for now it's probably just us on there watching it since people might not have those compatible devices yet, you can also watch it directly on YouTube on your computer for music playlists etc. 

This is still the early days of that and we're probably the only one on there. All that doesn't matter anyway, I like watching it. 

Here is the update on bootleggers in summary and it's approximate and I'm trying not to reveal personal information. 

It turns out that the original Great White North Records defaulted to me I am being told as I was a direct investor in the label by backing them with my record and my promotions which led to us getting concerts from tons of bands that are now on BMG etc, that all closed when Great White North stopped, in the middle of the promotion they abandoned the label.

That was when it just hit the major music distros like Century Media, Sonic Unyon etc. and places like Metal Hammer Magazine.

So when they closed and took off that cancelled the promotion to get the albums in Metal Hammer that I was working on by promoting Collapse and working as an investor in the label to help them get on Century Media distribution at the time and in Magazines like Metal Hammer with my record and money, outside of them here in Halifax, through places like CD Plus, HMV etc. what was happening.

I spent several years putting the record together and owned studio equipment etc. and spent thousands of dollars to record and put my first two records out. Great White North Records tried to cancel my investment of thousands of dollars out of my pocket and release the record for six weeks only and then scrap their label then they tried to cancel my record and waste my investment of thousands of dollars of recording equipment, music gear, concert promotions etc. and walk out with my album.

Then they tried to say I didn't own the record after I spent all that money on it and helped to promote it into places like Metal Hammer Magazine which it didn't get to before they closed. 

Right so, they can't do that...that are not allowed to walk out on my investments in the record label and make me waste my money, then they abandoned it and their label was never transferred it to me with the album catalog because they took off.

That means they are in default to my recording studio and promotions to get the album released on major distribution in stores like CD Plus etc. which is where it was going, meaning I own their album catalog anyway.

They tied to say that all my money and promotions with concerts that I put into that label didn't matter and they tried to cancel my money I put into it and walk out in six weeks after it's release and ruin my investments, that is not allowed so I own their records as an investor. 

Also, I kept the promotion running from Great White North Records for the last 11 years by holding on to my album and reissuing it on my own label Forward Regression, so my record was sill open but I never got the rest of their catalog as payment from my "contract". 

So my album promotion from my investment never closed, then they owed me their catalog as payment for abandoning the promotion for The End Records (BMG), Sonic Unyon, Century Media Distribution (Sony)  and magazines like Metal Hammer. 

Today they are closed and there is no one to contact so I own it alone at Forward Regression but I haven't had the rights transferred to me yet to print the catalog.

In fact, I can print the catalog anyway right now because if anyone tried to sue me for pressing the albums they would not win in court because of the above facts. So if I ran off their catalog, I would successfully be able to defend pressing it in court because I was invested in the company and they tried to ruin my investments.

However, that is NOT the correct avoid lawsuits I am transferring the rights to the catalog to me FIRST then pressing it so their can be no outside challenge of my ownership of the Great White North Records catalog and Prodisk Music.

In fact, I have been getting a lot of demos of atmospheric Death Metal and Black Metal at Forward Regression that don't fit on my label, so I may re-open Great White North Records as a sublabel on Forward Regression to release to albums on Great White North Records.  

I could do that right now anyway for new albums, but I want to print the old back catalog as well. If  you interested in being signed to Great White North Records in the future when I reopen it send your demo to and then you will be on the list of band submissions.

If you can't get on Forward Regression you might be able to get signed to the sub label Great White North Records later, that is the same distribution and on the same promotion but is a separate label. That will take some time to put together.

I just want all the albums in one place the new ones and the old ones, but I can still print new albums under the same name. 

If you demo is accepted we will inform you that it is for the new Great White North Records when it launches. 

The bootleggers did this, they tried to cancel albums on their way to Metal Hammer magazine similar to what happened with mine and then scrap their label deal. Then they tried to sell them as bootlegs under the table at shows and stuff small out of places like Metal Hammer magazine behind the bands back and rip them all off but they got caught.

They tried to steal larger artists by bootlegging them by closing their label before it hit the major distros, stores and magazines and bootleg them under the counter and at concerts to steal the bands money with no promotion or store distribution, that is also partially what happened to me meaning I don't know the whole story yet.

If you look on the internet they are the ones selling all those "unauthorized" metal albums, then they tried to steal real ones off the distro and magazines and they all got caught.

Stay tuned and thanks for your demo submissions.


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