Sunday, January 31, 2021

HALIFAX: Information From My Courtcase

People wanted to know what happened with this about my court case that I won.

The Provincial Government here in Halifax is in a breach of pending default settlements...I already filed my case and now expect them to get flooded with lawsuits against their offices. 

Like I said, I won my case but they won't file anything because they are the defendant against me in they will be sued at their homes, the staff, for not filing government paperwork or doing their jobs.

So I get 2% rent reduction...the Government along with legal aid in Halifax knows this but they are saying it is beyond their capabilities to enforce the rent decrease so I will have to deal with it directly with the landlord by to people on disability cheques...forcing them to get private lawyers to enforce the government rent reduction.

They are saying "I have to represent myself with Private Lawyers to the landlord to get my reduction" because the government REFUSED to give me the rent rebate they wrote into law but won't enforce against landlords.

So I am.


The" Community Services places" for disability and medical benefits refused to file the government paper work and AGAIN refused to correct the medical forms for the disability rate for the THIRD TIME in front of lawyers now.

Now they are saying they refuse to help me or file my forms and I have to have paid private lawyers to force them to correct my medical file for my benefits and federal tax audit and the legal aid can't help because it is "beyond their capabilities".

So I'm suing them all at home then with a private lawyer, the government staff, for not filling my paperwork for my medical files and benefits, now they owe me back money and stuff.

Then they also said it's up to the citizen on disability to enforce the government rent reduction with private lawyers and to get their medical benefits corrected because the government staff "won't do it" and they are saying it's "beyond the capabilities" of legal aid.

So how the fuck are you going to say in court when I sue you for it at home at the local government that that's real to the judge?

That a disabled person living on a cheque in Halifax has no legal representation to get their rent rate and cheque rate fixed from the Nova Scotia government to their staff at the front desk and the landlord jacking the rent up.

Then I'm pressing charges against you, because you're all fucking lying in a scam together.

Remember, I already fucking won...what are you going to defend my case with at your house?

Your government wages off our tax money at home, you're going be bankrupt as soon as I file.

Then trying to say you won't help me and I have to defend myself with private lawyers against Nova Scotia Student Loan posing as Revenue Canada Staff and coming to my house trying to steal my money and none of you will help me.

Working with them right to my face at your government offices.

That because you're the one I'm suing.

Good enough then, remember I already fucking won and I told when I get my new lawyer to go get my money back I'm pressing charges against you at home and suing you for assaulting me at your office over my rent and benefits and stuff.



Thursday, January 28, 2021

Paul Stanley - Spotify Release - "Keep Me Waiting"


I might have made a keystroke error during the test

Anyway, I went back and checked my code and the link didn't paste in from my keystroke.

The formatting pasted so I might have just made a key stroke error.

That's what I mean, it's full of stuff like what they ask you to do is beyond the abilities of their software.

Just to do a quick copy and paste they don't have it because all the steps are manual like I just showed you on this page.

Like when you post to blogger and paste in the code in a text document it comes in all jambled.

Then when it's pasted it's just a mess in a block of data and you have to edit it yourself...that's too long and expensive to put it on the page the way they are asking, like for a big company.

So it's ok for releasing blog albums it you want to correct the code while you blog and paste in records, but it's slow and you have to do them one at a time.

That's takes all day to do all that, so I'm just going to pick and promote albums on my releases on this blog as I'm listening to music and using the internet. 

Just at whatever to see it as I'm listening to music, while I'm making my list for my blogs and stuff for the records I am promoting with my release.

Then I'm gonna post songs and album releases on this blog, like whatever I can do with it to start my own Spotify Blog Promotion by using their service on my page.

Just whatever way I can post them right quick and then listen to them on my blog like they are asking, because fans are supposed to stream them off your blogs on that particular service....Spotify.

That's what you'll be following along with now as you listen to music with me on the page.


That's My Example

Like for the industry have the requirements to use the service you have to they want you do build software requirements that are beyond their services, that's why it's not worth any money.

That's what I mean the artist is huge to that.

That's the stuff they are asking you to make in the industry now.

So I'm running Spotify to see what it looks like for my pages.


See it failed my test...

So what they are asking you to do is beyond the services they offer to use their stuff.

Like this...

When I put all that together and press click, the song didn't how they are asking you to paste in the html code.

Now I have to make a new post and put the song on it to see what it looks like for the code.



Spotify Web Promotion To Artists...what do YOU get?

Man, you're right everyone...there's no money on Spotify....not to a huge artist I mean.

Look at these albums man, this is how you're supposed to release the albums now, by sharing them to blogs and posting for your friends to find out about about new records.

That to a band like Kiss is just a Spotify sticker on their arm band.

Watch I'll release a huge Spotify song for Kiss on my blog.

Kiss - Spotify Release - Wicked Lester - "Keep Me Waiting":




Like that, then all they pay you on your blog is in whatever web traffic for your file on your blog playlist.

Then the listener gets to listen free is they want to hear advertisements like on the radio.

Then like this...Then you release your band on it.

Then I make my band and promotional pages, like blogs and stuff for my release.

Collapse - Spotify Playlist - "Mechanisms Of Oppression":

-Then you embed your file here like in the example above.-

Then you release your album on Worldwide Digital on the same service and then when you promote your band, they ask you to make playlists of their songs to release with your record for their ad revenue, then attach them to your files to promote ANY of their songs at ANY level of music even if it has no fans.

Like that, there you go...Paul Stanley - Keep Me Waiting On Spotify Digital.

Then I get a few clicks off the link for being paid in web traffic and choose what bands that I want to promote by including them on my page.

So I have to pick bands to promote with mine, and then just distribute it at any level.

So this is my blogs list of bands that I'm making for my Spotify links.

Like to sell with my band, because it's such a small promotion to the large artists like Kiss.

Brand new release of Paul Stanley - "Keep Me Waiting" on this blog's playlist, for their small Spotify Promotion.

That's what you get working there.


Court Case Update

I won my court case, they owe my 2% back on my rent per month....but I will have to file the form myself when I find out what it is.

Now I just have to go down and get the form and drop it off to get my 2% rent rebate here in Halifax.


Ace Frehley - Spotify Playlist - "The Atlantic Years"

Ace Frehley - Spotify Links - " Space Invader (Deluxe Edition) "

Peter Criss - Spotify Link - "Out Of Control"

Moonshine At Lake Banook

If you see me outside give me that legal moonshine, the one you're allowed making.

Like you're allowed having it anyway, and no one can say anything because I already sued and beat the Nova Scotia Provincial Government in Court with my lawyer.

They got me wrapped up in this huge court case like with all government letters they send me like cheque stubs and stuff...I don't know where they are coming form so I have to verify every letter they send me with my lawyer because of the lawsuit.

Now they're moonshineing again.

So no one's allowed asking about that moonshine we're allowed having, plus all the houses fell down here in the we got legal moonshine already.

If you see me give me some, legal only.


Lawsuit Update January 2021

This thing is over...anyway, right now "I'm back to work" at home when I can on my own time doing stuff in the music and shipping business, man it sucks out there.

I mean, them companies man...they must be nearly flat broke or something...I mean considering how terrible the industry conditions are coming from music and shipping.

Right now I'm just doing my band to set up my business, and internet promoting working on music and video blogs etc.

I just started promoting on Spotify, so I'm trying to work that into my business to post albums and links directly on the pages and stuff for internet the old listening station at my old record store.

Anyway, now the Heavy Metal section is on my webpages on the internet and I have switched for now from cds to digital distribution and now the albums are directly on the page through Spotify...not sure yet if that integrates into your google login or to play Spotify through your google page

Now at my promotion I am just putting the albums we are promoting directly on the webpage from Spotify which is free to use if you listen to ads...these are the new official versions of the records from the actual record companies, not bootlegs! 

So I'm testing to see how that integrates into my pages, so you go to the page then you can listen to the records right on the death metal page for example.

Like on here: 

You can listen to them free remember, however you're not allowed skipping with around unlimited usage if you don't pay..then they play ads like on the radio but it's not inconvenient to listen to...and they are the official versions.

So we'll see how that goes.

That's what I'm blogging about now, like working in the store and stuff I just started my shopping cart and that's more work and harder than people say...then I got all these catalogs from all these wholesalers and that's about two years work just to go through all that to build the shopping carts layout for your webpage and then to also list on amazon, ebay etc. 

That's a lot of work doing that, I'm just doing that when I can to try and earn extra money later.

Now in the meantime this is what happened.

After my court case years ago that I won now The Provincial Government here in Halifax is refusing to correct my benefits claim requests and refused me access to my medical forms and information for my Canadian Medical Records to fix the file corrections that I need for my health claims and taxes and also refusing to give them to my lawyer.

The Local Government is not allowed to refuse you access to your forms or to force you to use a lawyer to file your claims.

My benefits and student loan forms at the local government here are not correct and they are refusing to give me my form for my medical record and tax audit and refusing to take my claim submissions.

Then they made me use a lawyer and they refused the lawyer, so that is over...I won my case.

Now I have to send the lawyer back again and force them to give me the forms and correct my tax and medical files.

In the meantime during the case Nova Scotia Student Loan here in Halifax a private collection agency here in Halifax has sent me a letter posing as Revenue Canada for my Income Tax file.

When I called to them to ask about the status of my account it was NOT Revenue Canada but private student loan debt collectors posing as Revenue Canada people and then they tried to force my to pay on my debts out of my Canada Benefits and make me put the money into an account with no file information to prove it was my debts.

Then I had to get the lawyer to file against them again to ban them from contacting me....all private debt collectors working for the Halifax MLA Office on their collection contracts.

Now student is not allowed talking to me anymore and I am placing a restraining order against them from my lawyer and suing to have my student loan debts absolved because of the scam on me from student loan debt collectors.

So while I am suing them to get my medical files corrected for my tax audit from Revenue Canada that I am filing....the Provincial Government won't give me the forms or correct my file, the student loan harassed me to death in a scam in front of my lawyer and tried to make me pay illegally during the the lawsuit and I turned them in.

So now I am getting a restraining order against them, suing to have me student debts cancelled and and they can't win because they just harassed me to death in a scam right in front of my lawyer during the court case.

All while I am suing the other office to get my files corrected for my medical claims and tax information for the actual Revenue Canada for my Income Tax Returns.

So now I have to sue the Provincial Government, and I already won, because they are blocking my Federal Income Tax Audit that I am filing because they won't give me my medical information or correct my files.

That's my Provincial Files for my Federal Audit that I am filing for my Income Tax Returns and Canada Benefits Claims.

So it looks to me like they are finally starting to get the hint that I sued them because the harassment back to me from the private debt collectors on the government contracts from downtown Halifax like on Barrington Street at the Nova Scotia Student Loan Office is so bad right to my face now.

Anyway, then when it was happening I had to stop and get a restraining order process filed against them now student loan is not allowed to try and collect against me anymore because they will be in a second breach against me if they come back and now I won't have to pay the debts.

The point here is the Provincial Government here in Halifax is saying to me in a scam that they won't give me my files or correct them and that Canada has no unbiased third party advocate for Federal Medical Claim Benefits Forms to resolve the issue, and they have also refused my lawyer access.

All of which is not true. 


Lords of Chaos - Official Film Trailer (HD)


Mayhem - Dawn of the Black Hearts [HQ - FULL - Remastered]

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench (Official Music Video)

Nirvana - Breed (Live At The Paramount/1991)

Andrew W.K. - Party Hard (Official Video)

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

EINHERJER - The Blood And The Iron (Official Video) | Napalm Records

WARBRINGER - Power Unsurpassed (Album Version) | Napalm Records







Marasmus (US) - Ectoplasmic Violation (Death Metal) Transcending Obscuri...

INTOXICATED (US)- Walled | Florida Thrash Metal | Florida Death Metal | ...

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Darkest Hour - Painkiller (Judas Priest)

Darkest Hour - Knife In The Safe Room




Sepultura - Inner Self [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Razor - Sucker For Punishment [Video]

Anvil - Metal On Metal (Live)


U.D.O - One Heart One Soul (2018) // Official Music Video // AFM Records



Inside the U.S. Capitol at the height of the siege


President Trump supporters riot in Capital, seek violence including "heavy metal band members"...

Fake statement from band website: "I assure all our fans...we did not get shot in the riot and swear we are still alive, please avoid merch table for six months during cleanup."

PS, "This is not a fake statement from the Secret Service".

First glance opinion, Iced Earth guitarist gets six life sentences in attack on Capital Building.

Trump, briefly recovers during riot and makes racial slur....Joe Biden cancels Keystone Pipeline AGAIN, here we go with the birds again, no one cares now...New Vice President quits Senate seat (?), do they even have that any one cares about any of this now, wheres my fucking heat rebate?

Political rebuttal....get the fuck off my property.


Columbus native, musician Jon Schaffer arrested for role in Capitol riot

Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer faces 6 charges in Capitol riot

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Metallica - Live at Record Store Day (2016) ReMixed & ReMastered w/ CD A...

Metallica: Helpless & Jump in the Fire (MetOnTour - Berkeley, CA - 2016)

SPOIL ENGINE - The Hallow (feat. Jeff Walker) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The Crown - Motordeath (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Megadeth - 1986 - Killing is my Business

Twisted Sister You can't stop rock and roll subtitulada en espaol

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, April 1978)


SPOIL ENGINE: Neural DSP - Archetype GOJIRA plug-in

AC/DC - Realize (Official Video)

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Kat Wonders Try On Haul

I'm just using Kat Wonders YouTube page as my new virtual girlfriend like for my bedroom and stuff because I'm super busy right now building my online shopping cart for my store so I have no time for anything, I just started listing listing some stuff now...but it's going to be a while to get going on all that like on Amazon and stuff.

Like the setup on there takes a long time to get all the product listings and stuff started, like going through all them catalogs and stuff to pick the products for my online I'm just using that for my girlfriend in the meantime instead of a real one.

The store is based out of the comic book page....get the link at:

I'm going be mostly blogging on that now because I have to try to start earning some money on this piece of crap with my degrees and stuff, fyi busy as hell now.



1930s and 40s Dress Sets! Vintage Fashion @idacath

My Vintage Shoe Collection (1940's-1950's)

Retro Shoe Collection // Collections Management

1940's Fashion Show during the London Blitz | AI Enhanced Film [4k, 60 fps]

1940's Fashion Models - Hollywood Actresses | 1941 Film

Vintage 1940s Makeup Tutorial Film - 1946

Vintage 1940's Beauty Routine for Women - 1948

How to Be Popular - 1940's High School Dating Guide

How to be Pretty - 1940's Guide for High School Girls

Vintage Shoe Collection ✨ 1930s & 1940s

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Raven - Into The Jaws Of Death (Video Clip)

ATLANTIC CANADA: Serial Killer Allan Legere To Get Parole Hearing Today

Atlantic Canada serial killer Allan Legere to receive parole hearing today:


MUSIC: Did Dave Mustaine From Megadeth Invent Death Metal Vocals?

Is Megadeth - "Killing Is My Business" the origins of Death Metal metal vocals?

Not only is Dave Mustaine the top Heavy Metal lead guitarist and ex member of Metallica on the song "Killing Is My Business" at the end the song Dave does his metal growl which sounds exactly like later Death Metal vocals from other bands, is this one of the original influences of Death Metal vocals?

Obviously, since this record is one of the first Thrash Metal albums you have to give Dave Mustaine credit for inventing that and influencing Death Metal vocals, even if not the first he would be the most influential since he is the most well known artist, even over all of Death Metal today.


Monday, January 4, 2021


CLICK HERE FOR SHOPPING CARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE FOR SHOPPING CARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ROB ZOMBIE - The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Supe...


Megadeth - No More Mr Nice Guy - Official Music Video - HD



Exumer - Hostile Defiance (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Collapse - Mechanisms of Oppression


Accuser - Phantom Graves (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Rocka Rolla

Motörhead – Bomber (Official Video)

Napalm Death - Live in Tokyo 1989 (Official Full Live Show Audio)