Thursday, January 14, 2021

Kat Wonders Try On Haul

I'm just using Kat Wonders YouTube page as my new virtual girlfriend like for my bedroom and stuff because I'm super busy right now building my online shopping cart for my store so I have no time for anything, I just started listing listing some stuff now...but it's going to be a while to get going on all that like on Amazon and stuff.

Like the setup on there takes a long time to get all the product listings and stuff started, like going through all them catalogs and stuff to pick the products for my online I'm just using that for my girlfriend in the meantime instead of a real one.

The store is based out of the comic book page....get the link at:

I'm going be mostly blogging on that now because I have to try to start earning some money on this piece of crap with my degrees and stuff, fyi busy as hell now.


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