Thursday, January 28, 2021

Spotify Web Promotion To Artists...what do YOU get?

Man, you're right everyone...there's no money on Spotify....not to a huge artist I mean.

Look at these albums man, this is how you're supposed to release the albums now, by sharing them to blogs and posting for your friends to find out about about new records.

That to a band like Kiss is just a Spotify sticker on their arm band.

Watch I'll release a huge Spotify song for Kiss on my blog.

Kiss - Spotify Release - Wicked Lester - "Keep Me Waiting":




Like that, then all they pay you on your blog is in whatever web traffic for your file on your blog playlist.

Then the listener gets to listen free is they want to hear advertisements like on the radio.

Then like this...Then you release your band on it.

Then I make my band and promotional pages, like blogs and stuff for my release.

Collapse - Spotify Playlist - "Mechanisms Of Oppression":

-Then you embed your file here like in the example above.-

Then you release your album on Worldwide Digital on the same service and then when you promote your band, they ask you to make playlists of their songs to release with your record for their ad revenue, then attach them to your files to promote ANY of their songs at ANY level of music even if it has no fans.

Like that, there you go...Paul Stanley - Keep Me Waiting On Spotify Digital.

Then I get a few clicks off the link for being paid in web traffic and choose what bands that I want to promote by including them on my page.

So I have to pick bands to promote with mine, and then just distribute it at any level.

So this is my blogs list of bands that I'm making for my Spotify links.

Like to sell with my band, because it's such a small promotion to the large artists like Kiss.

Brand new release of Paul Stanley - "Keep Me Waiting" on this blog's playlist, for their small Spotify Promotion.

That's what you get working there.


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