Sunday, January 31, 2021

HALIFAX: Information From My Courtcase

People wanted to know what happened with this about my court case that I won.

The Provincial Government here in Halifax is in a breach of pending default settlements...I already filed my case and now expect them to get flooded with lawsuits against their offices. 

Like I said, I won my case but they won't file anything because they are the defendant against me in they will be sued at their homes, the staff, for not filing government paperwork or doing their jobs.

So I get 2% rent reduction...the Government along with legal aid in Halifax knows this but they are saying it is beyond their capabilities to enforce the rent decrease so I will have to deal with it directly with the landlord by to people on disability cheques...forcing them to get private lawyers to enforce the government rent reduction.

They are saying "I have to represent myself with Private Lawyers to the landlord to get my reduction" because the government REFUSED to give me the rent rebate they wrote into law but won't enforce against landlords.

So I am.


The" Community Services places" for disability and medical benefits refused to file the government paper work and AGAIN refused to correct the medical forms for the disability rate for the THIRD TIME in front of lawyers now.

Now they are saying they refuse to help me or file my forms and I have to have paid private lawyers to force them to correct my medical file for my benefits and federal tax audit and the legal aid can't help because it is "beyond their capabilities".

So I'm suing them all at home then with a private lawyer, the government staff, for not filling my paperwork for my medical files and benefits, now they owe me back money and stuff.

Then they also said it's up to the citizen on disability to enforce the government rent reduction with private lawyers and to get their medical benefits corrected because the government staff "won't do it" and they are saying it's "beyond the capabilities" of legal aid.

So how the fuck are you going to say in court when I sue you for it at home at the local government that that's real to the judge?

That a disabled person living on a cheque in Halifax has no legal representation to get their rent rate and cheque rate fixed from the Nova Scotia government to their staff at the front desk and the landlord jacking the rent up.

Then I'm pressing charges against you, because you're all fucking lying in a scam together.

Remember, I already fucking won...what are you going to defend my case with at your house?

Your government wages off our tax money at home, you're going be bankrupt as soon as I file.

Then trying to say you won't help me and I have to defend myself with private lawyers against Nova Scotia Student Loan posing as Revenue Canada Staff and coming to my house trying to steal my money and none of you will help me.

Working with them right to my face at your government offices.

That because you're the one I'm suing.

Good enough then, remember I already fucking won and I told when I get my new lawyer to go get my money back I'm pressing charges against you at home and suing you for assaulting me at your office over my rent and benefits and stuff.



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