Wednesday, November 29, 2023

RE: Smart Phone Music App Lame Feature

On Smart Phone you get this music player app, then when you minimize the screen to scroll left and right it doesn't skip tracks on small view.

I mean, you talk about wasted phone ram.

Shoppers Drug Mart had better cameras than them for $1000.

The phone takes a picture of the music player and then when you switch apps it takes a .jpg file and displays it as the picture.

Then you can't switch songs on small music player display because it's only a .jpg .

Then you get hacked with tons of new music loaded and my old hacked link is gonna be wrong for twenty years on the page.

Now Dungeons & Dragons and tons of stuff is posted and you can't even make sense of anything on it, I assume it's public domain with the pictures etc. now but the page is broken I mean you say just write Hasbro on it anyway and it goes out on that system.


Monday, November 27, 2023

RE: University Varsity Story, Updated

 Like I said, they had no money for SAP from the Universities even under guaranteed wages contacts.

You know how it ended?

A fake job posting, asking employees to take secretary wages.

It's not even an SAP function.

Then they threw it out, I mean every student FAILED as an analyst in SAP.

I mean, I had mine done and no students or staff worked there.

You say to the analyst...go to the company with a pen and paper and then draw the diagram for the company and make the SAP Custom Installation CD.

Then no one could do it, then they wanted the desk as secretary wages and that was the end of SAP.   

Now people like me, move on have new services now mine is an Advertising Network in Comics and Music and I have large scale web traffic.

SAP had nothing.

I mean where did all the money go?

Now my completed SAP server went into Digital and now it's the same thing plus web ads and online retail.

I mean, it's not a big store on it yet but it's a large page across many domains with web traffic.

Once I get a larger store on there I'll be back up.

Then I mean it's the same thing...

Now I'm taking my digital page to the game at the University and watching the NFL draft and that's what they mean.

Topics like public domain Superman and Batman will close small comic companies because no Varsity writers means no text at smaller companies because they have no access, a writer on the College Football team I knew who wrote a story would have access to my page when we are at the College and NFL games.

Now when I open that table and start promoting right at sports etc. and comic conventions.

Someone like me who a Project Management Certification and Software Design Degree will easily move to that field since SAP didn't have my $11,000 a month after taxes.

My new completed page I am running at sports with my University friends and that's the access we will have, top web traffic on comic pages for sports and new Superman books etc., on my web traffic ad space.

That's when we will recover, people I know, and get the money back LOST from our SAP investment.

Update, I mean you get this archive page with public domain on it and you can use that for free promotions, as soon as I drop music as my top ad and switched to Night Of The Living Dead the movie on my old page one death metal page got a million hits in six months.

Since switching to comics and movies my web traffic tripled in 14 days this October.


UNIVERSITY: Many Fraternities / Sororities Stop Supporting "Nerd Sterotypes" Now Only Use Varsity Players & Students

In a recent discussion I had with many grad students and athletes they now say that this time with their school Fraternities and Sororities now voted to only use their own athletes from their groups where only they were successful.

Meaning they voted to throw out the "nerds" when they didn't participate in the complete school work load.

The science department now has gifted scholarship athletes that won on the field and in school and beat all the "nerd" stereotypes.

I mean many other student protest but the fact is the football players won both Varsity Awards now they measure their own science formulas on the team for the class doing their own math for plays etc.

The other group never attending was "being carried" by the Varsity Team and now they have moved ahead quickly passing the other group.

The Varsity Case is the "boy down the well claim" where the Varsity Team claims that the other group "puts themselves in a well" and the Varsity Team has no time to go back and help them with their school work etc.

No word from the schools yet.

Looks like this time like in College Football for the NFL Draft things have gone forward the Varsity Team claiming "lost income" for having the other group try and hold them behind as the top students / players on the teams went ahead to larger plans they finished and left them behind separating the two groups in their Varsity Classes.


Saturday, November 25, 2023

The Top 100 Plays of 2023! | MLB Highlights

NEWS: NFL "Monday Night Quarterback" Divorced By Friday's Game

Now you get on last Monday this "Monday Night Quarterback" character coming out saying the new players suck, now they are divorced on Saturday morning five days later because they didn't know what the snap was on the football game and were telling everyone what the first NFL Black Friday game was all night, hahahahahahahahha.


RE: New NFL Black Friday Launch New York Jets / Miami Dolphins

So I called my NFL pick a few years back it's New York Jets...anyway...

They have pretty much a complete team re-launch I mean some of the teams were pretty behind in the NFL.

Now that's a big deal...the new NFL Black Friday game that just started this weekend.

So you watch NFL and College Football like ESPN coverage of the College Football season.

Anyway, the rules between college and NFL change, so I mean just because a guy is better than an NFL star in College Football, I don't see a reason why they can't fill in in games during the school year in the NFL while still on the college team.

It's the ref people, the rules change between the two leagues so you play and then the ref calls the game different in them.

The Miami Dolphins just had a record two games ago and then beat the New York Jets the next game and had 99 yard touchdown interception etc. and they said on CBS Sports that Miami scored more against the New York Jets offence on interceptions than their defense.   

My point is this the New York Jets have 4 wins so far this season and LOST 4 games at the end of the game clock in the 4th quarter by missing the touchdown reception or they would have been 8 and 1.

So I think that's a pretty successful season.

Now we gotta call the ref out on the plays on the snap and the flag on the pick.

My opinion is new plays in Football are being called offside on the snap and being given flags on the pick.

So I mean...if the teams and players want to get going they need to fix two areas in the NFL for the Jets to win.

First my only issue is the threads on the football, I'm saying teams like the Jets are losing because they are calling the pick on the on the offence on the snap offside so that gives the Jet's opposition more space to snap the ball, and the Jets get called offside for trying to touch the threads on the snap.

That's not offside, the NFL needs to learn that both teams need access to the threads on the ball on the snap so they not get called offside by the ref.

I'd say the new Jets team is about 1 foot offside on the snap when being called offside because the NFL doesn't understand their pick move on the threads of the football.

On the  other side on defense the Jets are getting flagged for the pick move on the threads and being penalized.

I mean a two foot NFL review on these plays will clear up this issue.

The players need more space from the ref on the snap and the pick to get the offsides and flags down in the NFL.

However, the Jets also need to work on their passing reception for longer touch down passes, if that was different this year the Jets would have been about 8 and 1 right now, having lost 4 games at the end of the 4th quarter because of these issues.


Wednesday, November 22, 2023

RE: Tom Brady NFL Player Flaming On Halifax Sports Radio (CBS), Updated

In Halifax you get your sports radio affiliate here is CBS New York.

First, players at schools like St. Mary's University Football team really don't need to think about those topics ex-NFL player Tom Brady was saying on Sports Radio.

I mean...the University decides who get's in the NFL draft with their school marks and sports performance not some retied Monday Night Quarterback.

Don't even listen to that.

The rules of sports are changing, players from the past some have just retired like Tom Brady.

With the emphasis shifting to new rules focusing on school and field studies and play performance.

It doesn't matter if ex NFL stars come here to Halifax and say all the players in the NFL suck today like my pick Patrick Mahomes...

I remember a few years ago I went to the St. Mary's football opening game...that was big and then they beat my school St.FX for the football championship that year.

Then everyone started saying Mahomes and Kansas City here in Halifax and he won two Superbowls or something.

The rules of the game are it's always the same 100 yards in Football...

Now players are carrying the ball different, not the "Monday Night Quarterback" way Tom Brady mentions and winning in the new sports rules system where it's always changing.

So I mean...

When professional players are playing during rule and field changes, it doesn't mean they suck today when they are setting up the plays on the new sports new MLB changes, because the players don't look like Tom Brady when the referee is setting the play up.

So who cares what that guy's problem was, it doesn't affect St. Mary's University Football (AUS) - Atlantic University Sports or something.

Update,'s what I mean, Brady means that the NFL players suck, so St. Mary's Football sucks because if they made the draft there's nobody good playing, meaning St. Mary's University if the affiliate from CBS New York airs that here in Halifax, he means AUS Football St. Mary's players suck, and that's not appropriate for Halifax radio when the players are studying at the Universities.


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Nissan GT-R : Brutally Honest Review & Why I'm Selling

RE: Anthony Volpe Beats Derek Jeter At Shortstop

New Yankees rookie shortstop beats Derek Jeter by winning the first New York Yankees Gold Gloves award as a rookie.

I mean, Derek Jeter had gold gloves as Yankees Shortstop but new rookie sensation Anthony Volpe beat that by winning the Shortstop Gold Gloves as a rookie.

That beat's Derek Jeter stats with a gold gloves award as a rookie.


Everyone knows that they made the bases bigger in baseball.

They keep saying on television, that the base lines are shorter.


Bigger bases automatically mean a shorter baseline, you don't need to keep saying that.

Plus it's not what it is.

The base position changed and the base itself has been updated with four sides like a diamond shape where the runner can step on his side and not the foot of the other player.

So now...

The baseline are not shorter.

Each side of the four sided base in the new position is the same distance as the same distance as the old position.

So each player owns a side of the base when playing that is the same distance as it was before for each player BUT now they don't trip because they each have their own side to step on.


Here's more baseball stuff they are not using but may appear in the World Baseball Classic WBC like players Jose Altuve who broke his thumb in that game and then lost game 7 of the AL Championship or something.

Then right on the page on the video below, they show that each POSITION in both leagues is awarded a gold gloves award.

Then they don't those teams AL vs. NL Gold Gloves match and that...

Or Gold Gloves team vs. All Star Team or whatever or MLB.

Stuff like that is where Baseball could be expanded.


Anthony Volpe on Winning His First Gold Glove

Anthony Volpe's BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYS of 2023 | New York Yankees

Saturday, November 11, 2023

2023 Gold Glove Winners! (The best of the best with the glove)

RE: Halifax Rememberance Day Services

Well they didn't have much, but Global Television had a service from Sullivan's Pond at the new Canal.

Downtown Halifax services were non existent, but I mean in an area like Halifax "HRM" it's the same service at 11:00 am in every Remembrance Day area but I didn't see much outside.

Mainly people jogging at the football field at St. Mary's around downtown and they have a bunch of old tents and garbage piled up at the hospital area and around the town hall and it was just old tents and garbage in the City Square.

I didn't see much of the military out but I think some gang members downtown tried to beat them up for wearing red.

Take it as you will...

HRM is a large area, the service must be spread out across all the parks now so the parade area at Barrington Street is not really relevant now.

As a note, a few years back on my blog I was on CBC Television at the service and got a free Remembrance Day sticker for my scrap book from the Governor General .or whoever it is from Government House.

I mean if there were gangs down there it would be a good chance for citizens to defend the Governor General from assault, but I think it was just gangs fist fighting soldiers for wearing red downtown.


Friday, November 10, 2023

Golden Knights @ Ducks 11/5 | NHL Highlights 2023

NHL Highlights | Kraken vs. Avalanche - November 9, 2023

NHL Highlights | Oilers vs. Sharks - November 9, 2023

SPORTS: NHL 2023 Season - Canadiens vs. Penguins

Clearly with the NHL Season running until June 2024 the Montreal Canadiens had the better start to the 2023 season year facing teams in the Original Six plus recent Stanley Cup Champions Tampa Bay Lightning.

Remember, there were teams in Professional Hockey before the "Original Six" NHL teams including Ottawa Senators and the Stanley Cup came to the NHL Original Six from the Seattle Professional Hockey Team who won the Stanley Cup in the Western Hockey Division is today the Seattle Kraken in the NHL.

With Pittsburgh taking a hit this year with the Sidney Crosby meltdown and bad tv schedule facing teams from the South West etc., Montreal has the better season and television deal.

Meanwhile with the return the the Seattle Professional Hockey team in the NHL are back with the Stanley Cup.

Now we get San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, Seattle Kraken, Colorado Avalanche, Las Vegas Golden Knights and New Jersey Devils all playing in the new "Western NHL Division".

I mean New Jersey Devils, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche are all spawned from the same franchise (Colorado / Quebec)....

Today that is multiple teams including the New Jersey Devils in the East.

Now they get joined by the Sharks, Kraken and the Ducks for the new Western Division.


Blackhawks @ Canadiens 10/14 | NHL Highlights 2023

Capitals @ Canadiens 10/21 | NHL Highlights 2023

Canadiens @ Red Wings 11/9 | NHL Highlights 2023

Lightning @ Canadiens 11/7 | NHL Highlights 2023

Wild @ Canadiens 10/17 | NHL Highlights 2023

NHL Highlights | Penguins vs. Kings - November 9, 2023

NHL Highlights | Penguins vs. Sharks - November 4, 2023

NHL Highlights | Penguins vs. Ducks - November 7, 2023

"SPORTS": Sidney Crosby No Driver's License? Updated

With all the recent events in sports rumor in Halifax is Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins banned from driving in city areas like Halifax for being drunk at the NHL games.

Now I get what's happening...

Sidney Crosby...huge promotion at Dartmouth Crossing Huge Official NHL Store and Tim Horton Hockey Card set promotion.

Anything else just say Nathan MacKinnon in Halifax at the Halifax Mooseheads for the new CFL Expansion in Halifax and maybe St, Mary's University Football and then that's where you can help promote Nathan MacKinnion as he works his way up to a Sidney Crosby like local promotion in Halifax.

Remember, Nathan MacKinnion is also a Halifax Stanley Cup Champion on the Colorado Avalanche from the Halifax Mosseheads promotion here in Halifax.

My point is Nathan MacKinnion has a large promotion that could be used here in Halifax and I can only assume that they are looking for endorsements for Halifax like Sidney Crosby for Halifax for him as well so there is lot's of local opportunity in Halifax for independent or direct promotion of Nathan Mackinnion in the area.

Now you get this new run of sports with new rules and expansions etc...

I'm telling ya first...

A star like Sidney Crosby from here in Halifax should be playing on a bigger team like the Montreal Canadians to bring the Stanley Cup back to Montreal.

You get in the new sports leagues now they challenge Sidney Crosby from Hockey Town Cole Harbour Dartmouth at his game with Pittsburgh, his game, and now comes out on the ice with a martini in one had and beating everyone in the NHL with one hand at his own game.

That's what I wanted to see.

Sidney Crosby challenged in the NHL with Nova Scotia street hockey rules, then he came out and kicked everyone's ass with one hand.

That's more of an NHL game that I wanna know about.

I mean with talent like that, and Sidney Crosby finally getting the NHL game he wants is left without a new franchise in the expanding new tea cool leagues with the new top drills and playbooks.

Now Crosby thinks you all suck in Pittsburgh...and is looking for his new big star deal with the red carpet treatment and all new playbook like the new MLB League.

So he came out and beat everyone, and Pittsburgh has no new super trendy super star team in the new rules leagues and drunk at the rink or something and beating everyone with one hand.

I would say now is a good time for Montreal to swoop in with a new offer because today with new sports rules expansion Crosby could get a way better deal for his Pittsburgh hockey stuff back here in Canada in Montreal and the money would go way further for him here in Canada if he backed the Canadians with his money and hockey access etc.

The he would be put up with a great Montreal players in the sports hall of fame with them and not associated with current players like Lemieux and Gretzky.

The point is the Montreal Canadians need to gold dig that Sidney Crosby guy right now as he looks to own his own expansion team probably when I say it, with him as the star in rules book.

I mean, he could get that franchise in Canada in Montreal if he wanted it with what he has right now and put himself up as the star in Montreal and relaunch the Montreal Canadian as a new version is the current expanded sports changing rules system.

Then he own's a piece of the Montreal Canadians here in Canada as a new re-lunch team and can get his new red carpet and playbook with the other teams he's beating this year.

My point is to all the kids playing is this...get in there and challenge Sidney Crosby on the Pittsburgh Penguins to play his game on the ice...Hockey Town Dartmouth Street Hockey.

Then you'll see the real guy playing, just watch out for that Martini glass when he's beating you with one hand when they run "official plays" on him.

Now the rumor is Sidney Crosby banned from diving in City areas.

Then watch him play because he knows he got ripped off....

So this is the perfect time for Halifax to trade him to Montreal to be their new star center ice team captain.

Update, my point is it don't matter because the rest of the team on the Penguins couldn't hit the open net at the end of the third period and Sidney Crosby on the second attempt had to come it and score on the empty net himself to keep his team up with other teams like the Ducks, Sharks and Kraken who have been successfully scoring on the open net.


RE: Technology Outage, Ongoing...

If you're around the "blogosphere" I recently noticed in my interest area on the internet there have been many changes mostly outages, in fact vacancy.

I mean...

They can't get the K's right on the internet on the products for example.

Like the USB stick used in television's / laptop projectors for example all models only work on 360p to 720p.

After that, at 1080p they offer multiple options for different player versions.

Then most televisions and projectors can't take the latest video format on the different versions of 1080p.

So...I get a USB stick and hook it up to my television or laptop projector THEN I had to download all the clips I wanted at 360p to watch on the projector etc. which is still watchable on the screen like an older television model lower than standard early release 1080p.


Just before Covid now there is no money around, they started promoting the SD removable drive like the 2TB chip than you can remove and take with you that fits in by the laptop headphone jack.

Now they dropped that.

Then....they expanded the USB stick.

So I go on the internet and say, this all sucks on here, then downloaded all my clips like sports clips and bikini / wet t-shirt contest at a lower K rate like 360p.....I mean, that's not much below true high def at 720p.

Then I put them all on my USB stick was 32 gigs and then watched them on my projector.

That all looks fine on there at 360p.

So you go on pages like you tube, then set your K rake at 360p or 480p or something and the whole page runs better.

Then I thought, that's a good idea...I just download a bunch of cheap rips at 360p to 480p and then just watch them on my USB stick on most new devices.

Now they threw out the SD drive and EXPANDED the USB drive instead I found out.

Now you don't need that SD drive because USB expanded to larger storage space sticks.

That was also way cheaper, then you see the fine print it's USB 3.2.


USB 3.2 is replacing SD large removable dives with expanded USB cheaper storage.

So soon you will have the new USB 2 Terabyte stick.

That's on a NEW USB upgrade so I couldn't get the new USB stick because I only run USB 3.0.

Then I use that at a lower K rate like 360p or 480p on my device.

So I'm stuck at around 32 gig's a stick because the new ones are so cheap at USB 3.2 that no one would ever buy a 128 gig 3.0 USB stick.

So there you go...

If I wanna watch 1080p I'll just get a Blu Ray disc version and watch it on a real player.

Wal-Mart during all this I couldn't find any USB sticks.

My point is why are places like Wal-Mat and Amazon going to keep backing Google etc. Chrome books etc. when they can just make their own shitty laptops to sell.

Then Wal-Mart can make their own laptops and take their customers and leave and just sell to them direct.

Then you get a Wal-Mart manufactured PC with all finished components that they sell to have  a complete system.

Again they offer no "middle tier products" like tablets and smartphone that have no LAN plugs and don't work at home during power outages that includes sparks / static on power plugs during bad storms when power lines are damaged. LAN plugs on you mobile device means a separate bill on them during low power outages when routers don't work on home electrical plugs because of static on the lines.

The whole point you bought the device for, didn't work.

So here is what I see coming.

Places like Wal-Mart will make it's own PC's for their own stores "Wal-Mart PC's" then they will offer all finished components to sell in their store to match the finished system.

Then USB will expanded to 2 TB after no one bought SD removable drives (like an additional usb slot on your computer that was NOT COMPATABLE with usb) and now larger USB is coming out.

So a pc like Wal-Mart could manufacture doesn't even need large hard drives because of free cloud online storage and new USB that will be removable 2 TB USB drives that you can take with you and now not have to leave you hard drive in you PC anymore when you leave it unattended because you can take ALL your files with you on the new expanded USB stick.


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

HALIFAX: News, Rapper Maestro Fresh Wes Offers New Scholarship In Dartmouth On Main Street

Rapper Maestro Fresh Wes "Drop The Needle" now offers a scholarship program at Nova Scotia Community College on Main Street here in Dartmouth to help black students go to Community College Cooking and Trade School on Main Street.


Oklahoma State OL/Offense vs Oklahoma Defense (2023)

Friday, November 3, 2023

RE: Halifax On CBC Radio, Immigrant Sponsorship Program, Updated

CBC "news radio" in Halifax reports that during all these recent event with weather etc., that in Halifax itself it's a tourist area.

Here's where this story goes off the rails on CBC....

I mean, parts not covered...leading to more information not on the show.

The people bumming and squadding downtown don't qualify for private sponsorship like immigrants here in Nova Scotia on a work program like on Main Street, where the news also said before they had no local job applicants.

Here's where I get the shaft from the UK, it's my "forced work period" between University Graduation and age 65.

Someone like me has to do everything myself here in Canada. 

In the UK, wealthy people from where I live in my demographic who are older over 65 have funded private immigrant sponsorship to work for wealthy women in the UK specifically New Zealand...where Nova Scotia is their tourist area within the UK.

So immigrants in Halifax they get to ask wealthy people like older women in New Zealand for money then they work at their business connections for them through the sponsorship program.

$100,000 for ten sponsored people.

She meant on CBC Radio that was a one time payment for her staff or whatever here in Canada when they needed help running their business.

That's to keep their businesses open here in Canada and Halifax a top UK tourist destination where people in UK from places like New Zealand running business here in Halifax by hiring immigrants that they sponsor to get their work permit for when they get to Canada.

So people from UK they help people get to Canada to be immigrants by sponsoring them for citizenship then they work for them when they get here and can ask for private assistance payments.

People bumming can't ask for that money from Canada, so you get issues on Main Street which has the same thing for the Mic Mac Mall with immigrants workers, who also have more money than them because of their UK sponsors who run businesses here in Halifax for tourism from places like New Zealand.

I'm from that background, whey they pay the sponsorship that I live in in the UK / CANADA.

So now you get all this hate stuff going on over here.

It's also not easy to get private citizen sponsorship, one person who now lives in Canada in Ontario works for people from New Zealand and they had fled Afghanistan and then spent ten years in Indonesia in a holding facility before being allowed to go to New Zealand to earn a private sponsorship to work here in Canada in Ontario in the UK program for a Canadian Citizenship.

The applicant has to do all that themselves to get the sponsorship plus work when they get to Canada.

Now that becomes an issue in Halifax because many immigrants besides work hours have a private sponsor to help with their bills etc., to stay working for their sponsor here in Canada.

This is just part of the problem with squdding and crime and bumming here in Halifax that has just started and has become a top issue here in Canada about poorer people and gangs harassing immigrants over their Private Citizen Sponsorship money from other places here in the UK region.

Updated, you know what Canada meant? That the guy from the Indonesia holding facility for ten years was in a treatment program and the bum downtown wasn't hahahahha, so they didn't give him anything.

Then...they called and they got in shit for not being a treatment program and asking for money.

So the bum got mad and called the government and they said the other guy was in a treatment program and the bum wasn't for calling and they picked him up for being homeless and out of treatment programs.