Monday, November 27, 2023

RE: University Varsity Story, Updated

 Like I said, they had no money for SAP from the Universities even under guaranteed wages contacts.

You know how it ended?

A fake job posting, asking employees to take secretary wages.

It's not even an SAP function.

Then they threw it out, I mean every student FAILED as an analyst in SAP.

I mean, I had mine done and no students or staff worked there.

You say to the analyst...go to the company with a pen and paper and then draw the diagram for the company and make the SAP Custom Installation CD.

Then no one could do it, then they wanted the desk as secretary wages and that was the end of SAP.   

Now people like me, move on have new services now mine is an Advertising Network in Comics and Music and I have large scale web traffic.

SAP had nothing.

I mean where did all the money go?

Now my completed SAP server went into Digital and now it's the same thing plus web ads and online retail.

I mean, it's not a big store on it yet but it's a large page across many domains with web traffic.

Once I get a larger store on there I'll be back up.

Then I mean it's the same thing...

Now I'm taking my digital page to the game at the University and watching the NFL draft and that's what they mean.

Topics like public domain Superman and Batman will close small comic companies because no Varsity writers means no text at smaller companies because they have no access, a writer on the College Football team I knew who wrote a story would have access to my page when we are at the College and NFL games.

Now when I open that table and start promoting right at sports etc. and comic conventions.

Someone like me who a Project Management Certification and Software Design Degree will easily move to that field since SAP didn't have my $11,000 a month after taxes.

My new completed page I am running at sports with my University friends and that's the access we will have, top web traffic on comic pages for sports and new Superman books etc., on my web traffic ad space.

That's when we will recover, people I know, and get the money back LOST from our SAP investment.

Update, I mean you get this archive page with public domain on it and you can use that for free promotions, as soon as I drop music as my top ad and switched to Night Of The Living Dead the movie on my old page one death metal page got a million hits in six months.

Since switching to comics and movies my web traffic tripled in 14 days this October.


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