Friday, November 3, 2023

RE: Halifax On CBC Radio, Immigrant Sponsorship Program, Updated

CBC "news radio" in Halifax reports that during all these recent event with weather etc., that in Halifax itself it's a tourist area.

Here's where this story goes off the rails on CBC....

I mean, parts not covered...leading to more information not on the show.

The people bumming and squadding downtown don't qualify for private sponsorship like immigrants here in Nova Scotia on a work program like on Main Street, where the news also said before they had no local job applicants.

Here's where I get the shaft from the UK, it's my "forced work period" between University Graduation and age 65.

Someone like me has to do everything myself here in Canada. 

In the UK, wealthy people from where I live in my demographic who are older over 65 have funded private immigrant sponsorship to work for wealthy women in the UK specifically New Zealand...where Nova Scotia is their tourist area within the UK.

So immigrants in Halifax they get to ask wealthy people like older women in New Zealand for money then they work at their business connections for them through the sponsorship program.

$100,000 for ten sponsored people.

She meant on CBC Radio that was a one time payment for her staff or whatever here in Canada when they needed help running their business.

That's to keep their businesses open here in Canada and Halifax a top UK tourist destination where people in UK from places like New Zealand running business here in Halifax by hiring immigrants that they sponsor to get their work permit for when they get to Canada.

So people from UK they help people get to Canada to be immigrants by sponsoring them for citizenship then they work for them when they get here and can ask for private assistance payments.

People bumming can't ask for that money from Canada, so you get issues on Main Street which has the same thing for the Mic Mac Mall with immigrants workers, who also have more money than them because of their UK sponsors who run businesses here in Halifax for tourism from places like New Zealand.

I'm from that background, whey they pay the sponsorship that I live in in the UK / CANADA.

So now you get all this hate stuff going on over here.

It's also not easy to get private citizen sponsorship, one person who now lives in Canada in Ontario works for people from New Zealand and they had fled Afghanistan and then spent ten years in Indonesia in a holding facility before being allowed to go to New Zealand to earn a private sponsorship to work here in Canada in Ontario in the UK program for a Canadian Citizenship.

The applicant has to do all that themselves to get the sponsorship plus work when they get to Canada.

Now that becomes an issue in Halifax because many immigrants besides work hours have a private sponsor to help with their bills etc., to stay working for their sponsor here in Canada.

This is just part of the problem with squdding and crime and bumming here in Halifax that has just started and has become a top issue here in Canada about poorer people and gangs harassing immigrants over their Private Citizen Sponsorship money from other places here in the UK region.

Updated, you know what Canada meant? That the guy from the Indonesia holding facility for ten years was in a treatment program and the bum downtown wasn't hahahahha, so they didn't give him anything.

Then...they called and they got in shit for not being a treatment program and asking for money.

So the bum got mad and called the government and they said the other guy was in a treatment program and the bum wasn't for calling and they picked him up for being homeless and out of treatment programs.


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