Wednesday, November 22, 2023

RE: Tom Brady NFL Player Flaming On Halifax Sports Radio (CBS), Updated

In Halifax you get your sports radio affiliate here is CBS New York.

First, players at schools like St. Mary's University Football team really don't need to think about those topics ex-NFL player Tom Brady was saying on Sports Radio.

I mean...the University decides who get's in the NFL draft with their school marks and sports performance not some retied Monday Night Quarterback.

Don't even listen to that.

The rules of sports are changing, players from the past some have just retired like Tom Brady.

With the emphasis shifting to new rules focusing on school and field studies and play performance.

It doesn't matter if ex NFL stars come here to Halifax and say all the players in the NFL suck today like my pick Patrick Mahomes...

I remember a few years ago I went to the St. Mary's football opening game...that was big and then they beat my school St.FX for the football championship that year.

Then everyone started saying Mahomes and Kansas City here in Halifax and he won two Superbowls or something.

The rules of the game are it's always the same 100 yards in Football...

Now players are carrying the ball different, not the "Monday Night Quarterback" way Tom Brady mentions and winning in the new sports rules system where it's always changing.

So I mean...

When professional players are playing during rule and field changes, it doesn't mean they suck today when they are setting up the plays on the new sports new MLB changes, because the players don't look like Tom Brady when the referee is setting the play up.

So who cares what that guy's problem was, it doesn't affect St. Mary's University Football (AUS) - Atlantic University Sports or something.

Update,'s what I mean, Brady means that the NFL players suck, so St. Mary's Football sucks because if they made the draft there's nobody good playing, meaning St. Mary's University if the affiliate from CBS New York airs that here in Halifax, he means AUS Football St. Mary's players suck, and that's not appropriate for Halifax radio when the players are studying at the Universities.


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