Friday, November 10, 2023

"SPORTS": Sidney Crosby No Driver's License? Updated

With all the recent events in sports rumor in Halifax is Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins banned from driving in city areas like Halifax for being drunk at the NHL games.

Now I get what's happening...

Sidney Crosby...huge promotion at Dartmouth Crossing Huge Official NHL Store and Tim Horton Hockey Card set promotion.

Anything else just say Nathan MacKinnon in Halifax at the Halifax Mooseheads for the new CFL Expansion in Halifax and maybe St, Mary's University Football and then that's where you can help promote Nathan MacKinnion as he works his way up to a Sidney Crosby like local promotion in Halifax.

Remember, Nathan MacKinnion is also a Halifax Stanley Cup Champion on the Colorado Avalanche from the Halifax Mosseheads promotion here in Halifax.

My point is Nathan MacKinnion has a large promotion that could be used here in Halifax and I can only assume that they are looking for endorsements for Halifax like Sidney Crosby for Halifax for him as well so there is lot's of local opportunity in Halifax for independent or direct promotion of Nathan Mackinnion in the area.

Now you get this new run of sports with new rules and expansions etc...

I'm telling ya first...

A star like Sidney Crosby from here in Halifax should be playing on a bigger team like the Montreal Canadians to bring the Stanley Cup back to Montreal.

You get in the new sports leagues now they challenge Sidney Crosby from Hockey Town Cole Harbour Dartmouth at his game with Pittsburgh, his game, and now comes out on the ice with a martini in one had and beating everyone in the NHL with one hand at his own game.

That's what I wanted to see.

Sidney Crosby challenged in the NHL with Nova Scotia street hockey rules, then he came out and kicked everyone's ass with one hand.

That's more of an NHL game that I wanna know about.

I mean with talent like that, and Sidney Crosby finally getting the NHL game he wants is left without a new franchise in the expanding new tea cool leagues with the new top drills and playbooks.

Now Crosby thinks you all suck in Pittsburgh...and is looking for his new big star deal with the red carpet treatment and all new playbook like the new MLB League.

So he came out and beat everyone, and Pittsburgh has no new super trendy super star team in the new rules leagues and drunk at the rink or something and beating everyone with one hand.

I would say now is a good time for Montreal to swoop in with a new offer because today with new sports rules expansion Crosby could get a way better deal for his Pittsburgh hockey stuff back here in Canada in Montreal and the money would go way further for him here in Canada if he backed the Canadians with his money and hockey access etc.

The he would be put up with a great Montreal players in the sports hall of fame with them and not associated with current players like Lemieux and Gretzky.

The point is the Montreal Canadians need to gold dig that Sidney Crosby guy right now as he looks to own his own expansion team probably when I say it, with him as the star in rules book.

I mean, he could get that franchise in Canada in Montreal if he wanted it with what he has right now and put himself up as the star in Montreal and relaunch the Montreal Canadian as a new version is the current expanded sports changing rules system.

Then he own's a piece of the Montreal Canadians here in Canada as a new re-lunch team and can get his new red carpet and playbook with the other teams he's beating this year.

My point is to all the kids playing is this...get in there and challenge Sidney Crosby on the Pittsburgh Penguins to play his game on the ice...Hockey Town Dartmouth Street Hockey.

Then you'll see the real guy playing, just watch out for that Martini glass when he's beating you with one hand when they run "official plays" on him.

Now the rumor is Sidney Crosby banned from diving in City areas.

Then watch him play because he knows he got ripped off....

So this is the perfect time for Halifax to trade him to Montreal to be their new star center ice team captain.

Update, my point is it don't matter because the rest of the team on the Penguins couldn't hit the open net at the end of the third period and Sidney Crosby on the second attempt had to come it and score on the empty net himself to keep his team up with other teams like the Ducks, Sharks and Kraken who have been successfully scoring on the open net.


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