Saturday, November 11, 2023

RE: Halifax Rememberance Day Services

Well they didn't have much, but Global Television had a service from Sullivan's Pond at the new Canal.

Downtown Halifax services were non existent, but I mean in an area like Halifax "HRM" it's the same service at 11:00 am in every Remembrance Day area but I didn't see much outside.

Mainly people jogging at the football field at St. Mary's around downtown and they have a bunch of old tents and garbage piled up at the hospital area and around the town hall and it was just old tents and garbage in the City Square.

I didn't see much of the military out but I think some gang members downtown tried to beat them up for wearing red.

Take it as you will...

HRM is a large area, the service must be spread out across all the parks now so the parade area at Barrington Street is not really relevant now.

As a note, a few years back on my blog I was on CBC Television at the service and got a free Remembrance Day sticker for my scrap book from the Governor General .or whoever it is from Government House.

I mean if there were gangs down there it would be a good chance for citizens to defend the Governor General from assault, but I think it was just gangs fist fighting soldiers for wearing red downtown.


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