Monday, November 26, 2018

The Mystery Girl

I was reading the news the other morning and I noticed it was a crazy Black Friday locally with car accidents, assaults, a murder and a taxi ran over two people in a cross walk, I'm not sure if there was a bank robbery or not, I was watching the show Prison Break so maybe that's what I was thinking of. 

I saw on the news that the name of the Halifax CFL team is The Atlantic Schooners which was the original name of the team they wanted years ago which is what the voters picked. I saw the jersey and the logo looks super nice.

What I saw on the United States news I found extremely surprising and thought to myself "Is Donald Trump going after talk show host Alex Jones from the 9/11 Truth Movement?". Surprised at the headlines I continued reading, Alex Jones is a large conspiracy talk show host that I used to follow everyday back in the original days of the 9/11 Truth movement  and well it was good for a while but after the demise of the "North American Union" group the show kind of fell off the old topics and I lost interest. 

Alex Jones is an anti-corporate conspiracy talk show host and hypocritically owns his own LLC and make like 11 Million Dollars a year now and an LLC is a corporation if you didn't know that. His income was revealed in a recent defamation law suit and to my surprise he is also now facing a second lawsuit. 

Corporate mogul Donald Trump seems to have it in for anti-corporate conspiracy host Alex Jones, since talking office Alex Jones has been banned from iTunes, YouTube and Facebook for "hate speech" which actually means lies and defamation. I'm assuming that Donald Trump is doing this because Alex Jones is a large anti-corporate enemy of Trump.

What happened is an Alex Jones collaborator Jerome Corsi was just indicted by the Trump Administration by special prosecutor Robert Mueller for perjury and Jerome Corsi has just refused Mueller's plea deal.

Corsi is also a conspiracy theorist and I believe has is own show or something and is a frequent guest on the Alex Jones show. Apparently Corsi is the person who started the story that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. 

Now here is the huge bombshell, it looks to me that Robert Mueller is investigating Corsi in the Wikileaks case and that information received by Alex Jones for his Radio Talk show may have been secretly leaked from the United States Government by internal sources.

Meaning that Alex Jones radio show content and 9/11 Truth Movement content may have come from places like WikiLeaks and his show contained classified information about the United States Government.

Jerome Corsi an associate of Alex Jones and backer of his show has connections to Donald Trump aid Roger Stone, now Corsi has been indicted by Donald Trump's Mueller probe for lying to investigators in Government information leaks from Washington D.C. 

What that means is Jerome Corsi leaked information from Washington D.C. which was the source of the content for the Alex Jones radio show, then Corsi lied to Robert Mueller's investigation and now has been indicted for perjury and is apparently heading to prison. Corsi said he was going to accept the plea deal but today on the news says he refused the deal. 

My question is will Donald Trump have Alex Jones indicted in the Mueller probe for covering information leaks from Washington D.C.? 

I mean that is his show content, if Mueller probes Alex Jones about the sources of his information that was leaked from Washington D.C. about topics such as President Obama and the 9/11 attack Jones could be facing similar charges if not cooperative with the Mueller investigation. 

What I found great about all this is that the 9/11 Attack information looks like it was leaked from Washington D.C. to the Alex Jones radio show giving the story credibility about an "inside job" on the 9/11 attacks. Now it looks like people who leaked the information about the 9/11 attacks in New York City may be facing indictment from Donald Trump under his presidential administration.    

What I am saying is when Donald Trump has the people indicted for leaking information about the 9/11 attacks during the Robert Mueller probe it only helps to prove the attacks were part of an inside job because they are indicting people in the truth movement for leaking information from Washington D.C. on topics like 9/11 like Jerome Corsi.   

My head spinning by these revelations from President Donald Trump I decided to go for a walk and get some air. 

It was dark out just after supper in Halifax and I was walking down near the new canal where I noticed a small hatchback automobile, I thought to myself that it reminded me of some things that I was just recently thinking about. 

I thought what if this girl comes back looking for money and stuff and a long time ago I did promise to buy her a Corvette, I thought it would be a lot nicer for her to have then some hatchback, but that was long time ago and she didn't want the new car. You don't find roses growing on stalks of clover. 

I mean when I did know her she took all kinds of stuff from me when no one was around and I did all kinds of stuff for her in secret but she didn't want the Corvette I said I wanted to buy her. Well, it's not like we were in an actual relationship though, it was more like a couple kids going out and pretending they weren't, kind of like a girlfriend that you don't kiss or anything but you are together all the time.

Then I gave her a bunch of stuff and helped her out all the time, but she didn't want me to give her a new car. In a way I was just doing that little kid going out thing with her on purpose just be around her and it went on for a long time and I thought it was intense. Then I made her all these promises in secret about my money and stuff and promised her all these things for when I was well off with money. 

I'm sure that's where some of these girls come from that people don't know about when something happens and they try and come in and claim your money like a secret wife or something that no one knew about.  

I don't understand though why she wouldn't take stuff like the new car after I promised her all this money and stuff, but she was fine to take stuff from me when no one was there but not a new Corvette. 

I thought she might want to go for a walk with me in the park and see the Christmas lights but she said she didn't like to do stuff like that, which I thought was probably not true. I just assumed she was down there with other people and not telling them about me when I wasn't around.  

This went on for a long time with us and I didn't know that I was some kind of secret, meaning that when she wasn't around she was pretending to be someone else and not telling them who she was when she was with me alone, like when I promised her money and stuff from my books, music and work. 

I finally said to her in front of everyone "hey why don't you get the broom because I'm going to sweep you off your feet" but she pretended she didn't know what I was talking about, I said to her you know like when we're alone together like you said when I was giving you all that stuff. 

She said in front of the other people that she didn't know what I was talking about and pretended to be someone else when I wasn't there, maybe I shouldn't have said that to her in front of them. When she was with me she was her regular self and we had all kinds of fun together, but when she wasn't she just pretended to be some kind of regular person like a wife or something and she said she didn't go running around all over the place with someone like me buying Corvettes and stuff and had a regular life at home without me. 

Of course I new she was lying about who she was and that she was her real self when we were alone and I helped her out for a long time in secret when we pretended we weren't together. Then I was just thinking about all that when I was by myself and saw things that reminded me of her in the park far away from where she might be at, I thought if she did come back that I would probably owe her a lot of money from the promises that I made to her when we were alone.  

These days I'm not sure what to think about all that, maybe I'll write a book and confess my love for her in it. 


Thursday, November 22, 2018

My Soulful Journey

The Atlantic Storm CFL
My soulful journey, yeah right why do people say that stuff. I don't need to be on a journey right now I'm too busy doing music and books.

I got up today and read the news and to my outrage the new Halifax CFL Team names contest is down to the Atlantic Schooners and the Atlantic Storm...the storm? No one is going to be scared of that, they need something to scare people like The Atlantic Red Coats, although I was happy they mentioned the possible name The Atlantic Admirals which is pretty good. 

They are still taking entrants for the name the team contest though so there is still some hope for the team name, really though I don't care what it is I'm getting ready to buy the whole fanboy package and I'll be down there yelling at the Argonauts when they finally show up.

There is no way Toronto or anyone will ever beat Halifax in a football game come on, I'm sure we will win the Championship in two minutes and I'll be down there to help make sure that happens. There is a great clip on TSN today of Halifax and the new stadium site but you can't see my apartment in it, I live up the hill. 

I was happy to see on TSN the conference was at St.Mary's University and I am a fan of their Football team The Huskies, although my actual University team is the St. Francis Xavier X-Men where I went to school and is like the top University in Canada. 

Come off it, they are looking for season ticket holders and wondering if fans will be interested and looking for about 15,000 fans or something in a 24,000 seat arena...are you joking TSN? There's 400,000 CFL Football fans living right next to the new stadium site, plus I'm going to be down there.

They are taking $50 deposits for season ticket holders and looking for fans, the Halifax CFL Home Team Season is only ten games, come on every one will be there. I might have to get season tickets just to go to the opening inaugural opening game. I know that place will be packed, they better not get some stupid team like the Calgary Stampeders for their opener with their cowboy stuff, everyone knows Halifax will smoke Calgary in one second plus Atlantic Canada has real cowboy stuff not like that mock up they have out west in Alberta. 

The real issue is how many championships will Halifax win in the CFL because everyone knows that Halifax has the best fans in Canada and no one can beat us, especially at football. 

Other than that this week has been super frustrating I did a bunch of drum track editing for like ten songs and then song eleven is taking me longer, I hate that. When you're recording and editing a bunch of songs I hate when like track eleven takes longer, that frustrating to get stuck like that and it feels like you've never achieved anything. I'm sure all kinds of people have to deal with that issue. 

I'm also trying to get my albums pressed, but I finally decided on a distribution option but I'm keeping is basic for now for some of it and I'll do that later. First I have to finish all those album booklet layouts because it's going to be full length albums and singles.

Now I have to do like five new album covers, two for my new record and ep and then I might need like three album covers for singles I am putting out, did the work ever pile up on me. Then I might go back and repackage my single "I Don't Care What You Say" and then issue it with a bonus track and artwork. 

So that came up, then I have to do my new album and ep and I was planning to release two or three singles from that with bonus tracks on them not on the other albums. Of course I will be printing them all on compact disc and distributing them but the Digital Album is the main release. 

That would be six new album covers just for my next two releases, but I have plenty of artwork options in the works. 

What I have decided I may have to do is just settle for now for a temporary distribution option just to get them all printed which means they be on CD on Amazon and Discogs etc. but they will not be widely distributed. 

Then I have another album and singles, plus a compilation album to finish last. The point to that is when I do an album now is I'm releasing cd singles like I'm Lady Gaga with bonus tracks on them from songs not on my record, that is a good way to get your music out because people might just want to buy one song on a cd to check out your band. 

The problem is though I have to break my release format to distribute my albums, meaning now I have to put a bar code on the package and before I wasn't to please distributors. Whatever. Now I have to switch my albums over to the barcode format to sell them and all that. So I'm just going with a smaller temporary option to get my albums released for now after I redo the artwork and stuff.

The albums will stull be free downloads on my page though after I add the barcode to the cd version.

After that is done this is what I have decided to do but it totally breaks my format. I have decided to put my other albums out and singles that I previously mentioned free on my page, then I have to switch to the barcode for a temporary option just to get them released...that's for my four older albums and new album, ep and probably three cd singles and ..then the reworking of my digital single I don't care what you say.  That's just for my current stuff. After that I still have another cd and compilation plus singles for that later....what next year maybe?

Between all that and I don't know when I have decided that I might do a regular release and do a larger distribution option and that one I have to charge for the digital download and stuff and it breaks my format. 

So after this batch of records, an album, ep and four singles with non album bonus tracks out soon...I have decided to release a cd single of an official cover song. Meaning I'm going to do the rest of my stuff smaller and then I'm throwing my efforts into releasing an official cover song as a single with a bonus track that will be out on all the iTunes services and Spotify and tons of distributors.

I decided the best way to promote myself right now is to release a cover song and put it out on all the distributors and services like iTunes etc. That means it has to have a barcode, be registered etc and I have to pay royalties to the original artist. I wanted to do a full cover songs ep but it's a little expensive. 

So I am probably releasing a CD Single as a cover song with a bonus track that will be all over Amazon, Spotify, iTunes etc. plus it will be on internet radio on Death Metal stations, somewhat. So that will be all over everything, then people will see the cover song and then become more familiar with my band and hear me on the radio under a larger distribution thing I am doing. 

The other albums will be released smaller, then I'm throwing a bunch of money into releasing a real release on all the services and it's all registered and stuff so I have to pay royalties so I can't offer a free download of that because it has to be sold on iTunes and stuff to track sales and pay royalties. Then when people look up the original song, they will see my version of the famous song and know who I am making me a famous star on the internet. Then they will all buy my new CD Single, of a famous cover song thus making a name for myself in music. 

The cover song single will be a regular release on all services hopefully and store distribution on my own label Forward Regression and separate from my free downloads because of royalties to the other artist.

So I'll have my regular free digital format then the Cover Song CD Single will be a regular release like for Spotify and iTunes and store distribution and internet radio. All that is a bit expensive to put out and stuff for radio play so I am just going to do one single and use a cover song to make a name for myself. Plus I have decided to expand into printed CD Singles and Digital Singles so fans can hear one song at a time to help promote the band and then for the extra album artwork and it would make good tshirt and sticker designs for later.

I haven't decided on what cover song I am going to release yet but I thought I'd do something huge like Metallica but I don't know what song, maybe something from And Justice For All but I don't know yet. 

That would give me a lot of attention on Spotify etc. Look for that maybe between my next two full length albums. 

Doing something like a Metallica song would look great on iTunes and Amazon etc as a real CD Single or something like Lady Gaga and give me lot's of attention etc. but really though I wanted to do a more classic metal song to please the underground heavy metal fans which is what I will probably do. 

Sticking with my hardcore heavy metal values I will probably release a CD Single of a more true to Death Metal band with a smaller name than Metallica to show how hardcore I am to true metal fans by releasing a less mainstream song that will get less attention from fans but please the die hard metal fanbase which is more important to me than money by showing them all how metal I am over wider exposure.

Then song that I have tentatively decided on is Venom - Black Metal, which has been done before but I am a better musician than all previous versions of covers and I know how to play the actual song in it's entirety, and stay true to it's original version. 

For me releasing a CD Single of the song "Black Metal" by Venom into all the stores as a full release for a CD Single with radio play etc. is something that real metal fans will see everywhere and they will all know that I am true Heavy Metal.

Then their will also be a bonus track on it. The CD Single for "Collapse - Black Metal" with bonus track will be out on all services as a regular release on my own label in stores hopefully between my next two full length releases, which I still plan to give away as free downloads on my webpage.

I can't offer free downloads of my version of Black Metal because I was told that Venom wanted the royalty money even if I give the song away for free so I have to track the digital downloads by selling them on iTunes and Amazon etc. to keep track of their royalty for the song. Then Metallica and everyone else is the same thing, maybe I'll do a Metallica song sometime later as a CD Single.

That's why a cover song has to be official, they have to track the downloads and it all has to be official even if it's a free download Venom wants to know how many I'm giving away and they want the money for it anyway even if it's given away. Which is fine so it has to be sold as an official album in stores.   

Keep checking back for more updates on my new albums and cd singles and new artworks which will include non-album bonus tracks only available as "b-side tracks" on CD Singles and Digital. 


Monday, November 19, 2018

Writing A Record

My Next Girlfriend
I went for a walk a few nights ago in Halifax just after the first snowfall of the 2018 Holiday Season and I always hate when summer is over and the weather turns cold but then it's always a nice change when the air cools off at night and is cold out to get a break from the Summer heat. 

It's just the thoughts of winter and the freezing cold I hate but then being out for a walk in the City at night during the winter is always super nice out if you wear the proper outdoor winter clothes, which I do. I always make sure to have proper winter clothing so that I don't mind the freezing temperatures and it's always nice to get out in the cold and do some walking or something and then you warm right up. 

I can tell that I'm way in the middle of working on a bunch of music and books and stuff because I'm about three quarts into the straight tequila, I never understood why people use salt and a lemon with tequila because it's better just drinking it straight and maybe chase it with some Pepsi or something, maybe it's just me but all I can taste in the liquor is just sugar and straight tequila just tastes sweet to me. 

That could just be from my diet because I don't eat much sugar, mostly only in my coffee. Now in tequila all I can taste is sugar. 

It's pretty great though that marijuana is out now because I also had some of that, but I don't do that much of it but I smoke some weed when I'm listing to music or writing a record, then the tequila just take the edge off when I'm trying to think of ideas for my music and book stuff.

When I sit down to have a few shots of straight tequila and then smoke some marijuana I like to listen to some music just to get in the vibe for doing some writing or something, some days I find it hard to get going but not starting ideas just getting them finished because it takes a long time to put all that together. 

A lot of the time I just end up sitting here by myself drinking tequila and having a little marijuana and listening to people's music playlists on YouTube to pass the time when I don't feel like working on my own books and music. Then I just end up listening to music and posting what I'm listing to on my Twitter account where I made my own music playlist of stuff I'm listening to when I'm just sitting around. 

I was thinking to myself maybe I'm sitting here by myself because I'm not the type of person to be in a relationship because I spent most of my time working on music or book ideas or trying to think of ideas for my music blog, which is slow during the holidays. 

It's probably not much fun being around someone like me who just sits here listening to music all the time and writing and stuff and trying to think of ideas for books and songs or magazine like content for the internet. I mean I don't have the time to devote to some relationship because I use most of my time for myself and trying to write and stuff. 

I was just sitting here having a few drinks and working on my record recently and having some marijuana and I couldn't really get going on it but I had just finished editing the drum tracks for about seven songs I have coming out, and I've been looking into my best options for distributing my albums.

Thankfully I don't have to write a dance routine or something to go with my music, books and online  magazine content and artwork because I'd have absolutely no time at all left and I have large workload already that I've put on myself. The last thing I need to take on is a dance routine or a script for a play or something, adding that to my endeavors would probably mean I wouldn't get anything done the workload would be so big.

I started listening to music here by myself on YouTube and then thinking about girls that I used to be in love with a long time ago while sitting here by myself and listening to songs that reminded me of them, I'm assuming that was just the marijuana and the tequila doing that, and I spent the whole night being reminded of these girls and relationships that never worked out for me or didn't happen at all. 

I'm sure many people experience that, I mean sitting around alone working on art and music and stuff and then you start thinking about your past loves and stuff that didn't go anywhere and listening to all the songs that remind you of them. Now though when this happens I don't get mad like I used to even though I am trying. Being mad at them used to give me an outlet for music and I would throw it all into that but no matter how hard I try I just don't get mad anymore.

Usually I just end up sitting here alone in my regular apartment with my regular stuff and there's nothing crazy going on anymore in my life and it's just quiet now. Then I am all alone and have no time for a relationship because I want to write and play music for my life. Then everyone else is out having fun and partying and stuff with their girlfriends and I'm just home alone writing a book or something in my regular apartment. 

I guess I'm not mad anymore about all that now and I'll just live by myself then and work on music and stuff, but it would be nice if I was mad to help inspire me to write my music and books as revenge on some girl I used to be in love with. It would also be nice if I could get all my work done easily but doing all that is hard and sometimes it's frustrating when you can't get the song recorded right or the book script isn't coming together fast enough. 

So I'll just sit here alone then and listen to YouTube playlists and entertain myself then when I can't get my work done since their no one here with me to occupy my free time with me. 

I was thinking I might get a few of those real girl sex dolls and set them up around my apartment and dress them up in sexy outfits to keep me company when I'm frustrated and my music and books aren't coming together but they are awfully expensive, and maybe I'll find some imagery in thinking about my past loves that never happened when I'm alone and drinking and writing music, I thought what if I think about them forever, a love that never happened? Why would that happen to someone, I mean being super busing wring music and books and then you are alone and all you think about is the girl that never happened. 

Maybe that will last forever I don't know, but when you're far away geographically and that was a super long time ago why do you think about her when you are alone? After all she didn't want to be with you, but maybe that happens to lots of people. 

Then I decided to put on the webcam with this girl on a sex page on the internet and use the VR Headset while talking to her on the sex page in the chat room....I'm never going to do that ever again.


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Finnish Hate Group In Halifax

Finnish Hate Group
Well, I found the Finnish influence in Atlantic Canada that has been coming up recently in the heavy metal scene, and during my recent Facebook flaming. 

Soldiers Of Odin are a Halifax based anti Muslim etc. hate group from Finland that go around the area spreading white extremism. 

At the same time I have been flamed and also correlates with the timing of this Finland hate group amidst Finnish and Scandinavian influence and promotions in the area.

Thank you to The Coast for sharing this story,  I'm just going to assume that these are some of the people backing this Finland promotion in the area promoting "Norse influenced heavy metal" and going around flaming people. 

The group is said to against non white people and are comparing them to the KKK, all coinciding with my recent internet flaming and Finland inspired influences in the local heavy metal music scene. 

Now what am I getting flamed by a hate group from Finland? That's just a little bizarre that this is all happening at once and their Finland inspired heavy metal music in the region and also used the Norse god Odin as lyrical themes connected to heavy metal in Atlantic Canada.

That's just a little coincidental isn't it....I mean Finland inspired heavy metal music stuff and promotions going on that flamed me at the same time as a hate group from Finland in Halifax?

I wouldn't be surprised if that's what it was.


Monday, November 5, 2018

Rant About Saudi Arabia & Iran

Saudi Arabia - Open Rape Of Women & Public Executions 
When I saw this I almost lost my mind.

Islamic Jihadists have taken over Saudi Arabia and made the Koran the Countries Constitution. Then they enslaved women and started killing everyone.

That's the whole point of the Jihad....they made it their constitution.

So the "Muslim extremists" are in some holy war and now they have taken control of Saudi Arabia and made the Koran law as the constitution. 

Now they have public executions in Saudi Arabia, Iran is doing the same thing with public executions.

Now looking at what the Jihadists did in Saudi Arabia when they made the Koran the Countries Constitution I know that this is the goal of every Muslim extremist group. They plan to take over countries and then make the Koran the Constitution. 

If the Christian Bible was our Constitution nothing here would even be functional, that is what is happening there. Their Countries are not functional because they have religion as law and that makes it impossible for them to operate. 

Now when I look at any Muslim extremist I know that is what they are after. 

As soon as they did that they stripped women of all their rights and make them cover their faces so no one knows who they are and then beat them in secret in their houses.

Men doing this to them have been protected by their fake religious Muslim government so that the men who run the Government and Military can rape women without being reported and the woman gets arrested if she says anything. 

You're not allowed to tell on a man who rapes a woman in Saudi Arabia, some religion that is. Plus they made it their Constitution to hide women and beat and rape them with no rights in secret at home and you're not allowed reporting them.

That's because it is their government and military doing it, some religion.

Now they have religious police to enforce the Koran as the Constitution and they are saying it is illegal to bring pornography into Saudi Arabia and if you have it inside the Country which is allowed you may get arrested if the girl is showing too much skin.

If you have porno in Saudi Arabia the Jihad Government's religious police will arrest you if she is showing too much in the picture and then their men rape women and they are not allowed to tell anyone or they will be arrested.

So some men can rape women, the Jihads, and other's get arrested for having pictures of fully naked women. 

This is what they did to women in Saudi Arabia:

Then they stripped women of their rights.

Made them hide their faces.

Keep them hidden inside.

Then they beat and rape them and no one is allowed telling.

Then they made all that their Countries Constitution and their religion. 

I think they Jihads just did that to beat and rape women in secret without anyone telling. 

That is an outright Dictatorship and they are just making all that up to rape and abuse women. 

Now to me their cause has no credibility because it was just to make the Koran the Constitution so they could enslave their women because they are perverts pretending to be religious. 

Only they just use the Koran to hide their sex crimes and murders by making it law.

Saudi Arabia and Iran and now also having public executions under the Koran and are Dictatorships.

Don't be fooled, Africa and the Middle East and poorer and worse than ever with the Jihads taking control of countries there and now we can see their only goal was rape women in secret and murder people. 

Now the open dictatorships are back there and they are worse than ever right in the open, now they should all be destroyed like Iraq under Saddam. 

Saudi Arabia is the WORST Country I ever heard of.  


Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Digital Music Format

The Digital Audio Format
Now I have been working on my new music for quite a while and this is what's holding me back in music, so I am making some changes to my band.

I wrote four hours of music, my new album and ep are almost finished. 

Now I can't release the music because of the music format.....Compact Disc. 

Everyone says cd's are dead and it's all digital now.

Now what, the compact disc format is preventing me from releasing my albums sooner. 

This is what I am doing now with my band. 

What is holding me back is the price of manufacturing compared to digital, meaning digital is free to release and cd's cost a lot if you do a bunch of them. 

Then compact disc's are SUPER BULKY with large boxes and huge shipping fee's.

In essence, Cd's are too bulky, slow to  distribute, huge shipping fees, and cost a lot if you make a bunch of different albums that you have to press all the time. Plus they only hold 80 minutes of music over probably unlimited digital albums on your computer, if you could even listen to all that.

Then it's also the CD Booklet is getting in my way , I do the album cover then it's a waste of time to do the booklet because it's just text mainly which you can post on your website.

So why bother making the cd and making the booklet, all you need is the music and the album art. 

Like this:

You do the music and cover and then release it on digital. 

You say in your bands official discography that the album is a digital release. 

Then you say the Digital Release is the OFFICIAL release format, and then the CD is the secondary format.

Then it will be instantly shared on file sharing programs after someone buys a copy and share it with their friends and stuff. 

Then, when you release your digital album the first customers to your band page will be underground "release groups" sharing it on the internet.

After they buy it they will "tag" it on file sharing and put their "handles" and stuff on it. Then their name is the first "web rip" or "digital rip" on the file sharing sites and everyone will see it. 

All kinds of people do that. 

Then release groups will share your album on the internet. 

I release mine for free on my web page.

Like this on your bands discography list:

Collapse-Destroying By Design - 2018-Digital Release

Collapse-Destroying By Design - 2018-CD

Collapse-Destroying By Design - 2018-LP

Then everyone will know that the digital release is the OFFICIAL version and first version on the internet, and be counted in your discography as an album.

Then I am putting the price of my printed CD albums which are now SECONDARY  up to $25 Canadian because they are too expensive to print, like the vinyl lp record which is $40, only hold 80 minutes, are too bulky and too expensive to ship in large numbers. 

I am going to put this on my band webpage later to adopt to this release format.  

I will be making all my albums available on CD, but they will be $25 each Canadian when they are printed. In the meantime dropping the CD format to finish my four hours of music to release on digital as the official versions is the best solution to release my new albums.

Then I will put the CDs as secondary and print them later at $25, I will try not to charge more than this but they are TOO EXPENSIVE to make over the digital format.

Then this will "free me up" to release more music and them I will be doing "Digital Singles" for the bands official discography.

Then I am going to go back and say the song "Collapse - I Don't Care What You Say" was a one song digital single released in 2016, then I am going to update it and say "recorded 2016" and then officially released as a one song digital single 2018 later when I update the format on my page. 

So my new stuff is still not quite done!!! 

In the meantime like this, I will just release a new two song digital single on my webpage and bandcamp and then make artwork for it and count it as an official release on the internet.

In my discography it says this:

Collapse - Destroying By Design - 2018 Digital Release
Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression - 2018 Digital Release 
Collapse - I Don't Care What You Say -Single - 2018 Digital Release

I am now saying that "I Don't Care What You Say" is a  stand alone digital single, then I am going to repackage it and add artwork to it and include it in the bands official discography.

Then the singles I make in the future will be a two song albums "on the internet" as an official format release with it's own album cover and will look just like a regular album release on file sharing programs. 

Then since I'm behind on my releases still, I can just do an album cover and a two song single and release it on the digital format. 

Later that can be printed or released on a compilation album or as an vinyl ep or something if you even care.   

Do you know how expensive that is to release a two song single on CD? It's a lot, but it's free on digital. 

Why would you pay all that money to press CDs when you can release them for free on a webpage as Digital Albums. 

Making Cd's cost like a million dollars compared to releasing them on a free format like digital. 

Then I will do the album cover, the music and then any booklet content will just be on the webpage.

All that paper is useless anyway and mostly a waste of time. Then I will just make a simple booklet for the cd version later and charge $25.

Record Companies should stop making cds right now, and then put the price of them up to like $25 Canadian and then put them with the lp. 

Then just switch to the digital release format, because compact discs are took bulky, the psychical compact disc is so bulky for one album it's an lp now. 

Your phone is smaller than a compact disc and holds unlimited music. 

Why would you even want cd's which are getting pretty stupid like the cassette tape did years ago unless you are music collector of Cd's then you'll pay $25 anyway. 

Who cares if the band doesn't make any money off the free Digital Format, everyone will still know who they are as a band, then they can just make money of shirts, stickers, buttons and playing concerts if they are any good. 

Then they can make collectables like cd's and lp's secondary for music collectors and then put the cd price up. 

Anyway, that's what I am doing and will be "reflected" on my bands webpage later at , where you can link to free DIGITAL RELEASES of our albums.

This will free me up to do DIGITAL SINGLES while I am working on my longer material , which will be a real release in my discography and be like 2 Songs with an album cover.

Song one is the single and song two is the "digital b-side" of the release single. 

I am saying two songs and an album cover which is my personal requirement to consider it as an official digital release. 

Then cd's will be secondary and $25 Canadian. 

Stop making cd's and then put the price up with the lp then adopt an "Official" Digital Release format, I am making my own digital release format, and then make money of stickers or something or t-shirts.

So you can look forward to my new digital singles coming out soon I hope, with it's own art work and digital b-side.

In short, I am making my official releases DIGITAL RELEASES and then making the Compact Disc "collectable only" and then charging $25 like the lp because they are too expensive over the digital release format.

Thank you.


The Missing Cymbal

The Missing Cymbal
There is a story going around in the Heavy Metal scene in Atlantic Canada mainly Halifax that a local band played with a larger Death Metal band in Halifax within the last 12 years. 

The opening band lost their drum cymbal at the show and they are saying that their drum kit cymbal is in a brand new video from the band they played with years ago...released within the last few years. 

The cymbal is very distinct they are saying and is old and worn out and easily recognizable. They are saying that their cymbal is in the bands new music video and that they stole their cymbal in Halifax.

They are going around saying that it's their cymbal in the bands brand new music video and that the band stole it, like something on BMG Rights Management or something. 

I'm not sure where they are going with that but that's what they are saying.


Friday, November 2, 2018

I Smoked Weed On Halloween And This Is What Happened

Sexy Witch Bakes Pies In My Kitchen
Smoking marijuana is not really something that I have done in a long time not really since my 20's and early 30's, after that I stopped smoking marijuana for a long time. Back then, I never really got into trouble with marijuana and it was more like people used to say to me that I shouldn't be smoking weed all the time and going to school and work and stuff, but if you can't help it it's ok.

They meant like if I had a "problem" or something with marijuana I should just see a counsellor about quitting or something but I never really had that much trouble smoking weed all the time in my 20's and early 30's. 

I just used to tell them that it helped my wrists feel better from playing Death Metal on the guitar all the time because it's strenuous and  marijuana can relieve joint and muscle pain. I mean playing all that lead guitar and death metal songs can get super tiring on your body and arms and marijuana can help relieve those symptoms and also working out and exercising helps to stay in shape and avoid pain and soreness while being a Death Metal lead guitarist. 

It wasn't until marijuana was recently legalized in Canada where I live that I decided to try smoking marijuana again, to my surprise now that I'm a little bit older that I am noticing some of health benefits of marijuana and not just fun like it was in my 20's. 

Smoking marijuana when you are a little older can help you get a better rest and your muscles will be more relaxed which is great and stress relieving and not just getting stoned which is also nice.

It had been a long time since I had smoked marijuana and it in the past in my 20's and 30's when I used to smoke marijuana when I was going to University and working and stuff I was usually pretty "baked" sitting in class or at my office job and in fact sometimes I was just outright high at work.

This past weekend I went down to the Cannabis store to get some marijuana for Halloween week and they didn't have what I got the first time because of shortages, so the menu at the marijuana store is a little short right now since they just opened and it's supposed to be about three months before it starts to stabilize.

The last one I got was MK Ultra which had super good tripping out effects, but they were all sold out of that so I had to get a different kind. I wanted to try some of the fancy ones but they really didn't have that much and a lot of the weed was weak and I only like the strong ones. 

I ended up getting a few grams of Edison Casa Blanca. To my surprise the Casa Blanca marijuana gave me that "I love everyone" experience and makes you right emotional and happy and gives you all these great feelings. 

Smoking this marijuana gave me flashbacks to being in University and working in an office in my 20's and early 30's. I started feeling like it was a long time ago when I was younger. 

Smoking this Casa Blanca made me feel super young again and full of love and excitement like when I was a young University student or entry level project manager in an office years ago. 

I was standing around in Downtown Halifax at the new Scotia Square Mall at the Casino and Delta Barrington Hotel on Barrington Street in Halifax. If you don't know Barrington Street Halifax is like the "main drag" in Halifax. Probably similar to Madison Avenue or Beverly Hills only not even, but I am there so it's not that bad. Anyway, some people think it's like that. 

I was at the McDonalds Kiosk inside the Scotia Square Mall and I was trying to get some McDonalds Fish & Chips out of the kiosk but they don't have it there now, so I decided to get an all day breakfast instead and settled on a Sausage and Egg McMuffin with extra hash browns and a coffee. 

I was sitting inside the new glass enclosure looking out towards the Casino and Hotel Area where there are a lot of business type people down there around the Hotel and Casino plus their are a lot of offices around there. 

I was sitting at the new tables and just watching the people and traffic outside when this girl I somewhat knew approached me from the Casino and business area. 

"Smoking some Edison are ya?" she said.

I replied "What?".   

Then she said "I saw you down at the Cannabis Store yesterday buying some Edison, like Mary Jane only it's called Edison do you get it ."

I thought for a minute and replied "Yes, I was just smoking some Edison."

I decided it would just be best to agree with her. 

She said "Yeah, smoking that Edison you'll be in a good mood." 

I said "Yes, I am in a great mood and just watching the traffic." I joked with her "yeah it must be the Edison." 

I started thinking to myself that what happens if my 20's and 30's come back like when I used to smoke marijuana and go to class and work all the time, then they'll be all these girls around going on about marijuana all the time and trying to get you in trouble. 

I thought that it must be the marijuana doing this because she wouldn't stop talking and I started to find her attractive. Like when you don't like this girl and then when you get alone with her she starts giving you marijuana and then she looks alright. 

I thought to myself "how is marijuana doing this anyway?"

I said to her "You like weed do you?"

She said "Yes, I like to have a bowl sometimes."

I said "oh yeah, what did you get at the Cannabis store?"

She replied "I was just looking to see what they had, and I saw you buying some Edison."

I said "Yeah, I enjoy smoking the Edison that's for sure."

She said "yeah I know, I saw you buying it."

I said "Do you get high or are you just looking?"

She said "I might get high if I had some Edison, can I have some of yours?"

She added "I saw you at the Cannabis store why don't we go smoke some Edison together." 

I thought to myself  "is this girl following me around when I go to the Cannabis store and then bumming me for weed?" I thought "well she's not that bad looking and I'm still kinda baked from the night before so their should be no harm in that." 

I said "I don't carry marijuana around even if it is legal, I keep it at home in a safe container." 

She said "well we can go to your house and smoke it, after all it's Halloween."

With this girl following me around at the cannabis store and bumming me for weed I started to think I was back working at some office and all the girls from the office were trying to come over to my house and smoke my weed again. 

She said "well, I can dress up if you want for Halloween."

Being slightly buzzed from the night before I instantly needed to see this girl in a Halloween costume and I knew exactly which one.

I said to her "Well, I used to have this girl come over to my apartment on Halloween and dress up like a witch and bake me pies and stuff on Halloween in the costume, and then then we'd smoke some Edison lol or something and have a few drinks. Why don't you do that?"

She said that "well if a different girl used to dress up for you on Halloween and bake you pies and stuff then I could do it, in fact I would probably be way better at it anyway."

I said to her "yeah that's what you all say." 

She laughed and said "probably" knowing that it was probably true that they all did that. 

I said "Well there's no one at my apartment this year so if you want you can do it, then we'll smoke some Edison to."

She said "Alright, let's go get a costume then." Then we did and went back to my apartment.

Now this is not something I'm used to at 42, this is more of something that would have happened to me when I was in my 20's or early 30's and then girls at school or some girl at the office would be doing that, sneaking over to my apartment to dress up like a witch and bake pies on Halloween and   
then be smoking marijuana. 

Even sometimes when a girl I like didn't go for it, her best friend or friend from the office would usually come over the next day and take her place and dress up in sexy outfits for me and get high on marijuana.  

When she came over she dressed up like a super scary witch in a super hot sexy outfit and we spent the day smoking some Edison and baking pies on Halloween. 

Later she said that she really had fun with me on Halloween this year dressing up and smoking Edison because it makes you feel super "lovey" and stuff, then she said that she had to take some of the pies she baked at my apartment on Halloween home with her because some of her friends wanted a piece. 

She said that they were looking forward to eating some of the pie that she made at my house on Halloween while we were getting high on marijuana. 

Then she said "maybe you'll see them down at the Cannabis store sometime?"

I said "Right, do they smoke marijuana as well?"

She said "yeah a little bit."

I said "If I see them I will say Hi."

She said when she was leaving "I will see you around later in Downtown Halifax then, she said bye and make sure if you see my friends at the Cannabis store to say hello to them."

I said "Yes, I will do that."

She said that "they were really looking forward to the pie."

I said "ok" and she left at like 3am after Halloween. 

Now it's not regular for me to do that these days and getting girls to do that was just something I used to do in my 20's and 30's so I thought that it must be the marijuana doing it. 

And for the record, it's not just older women dressing up for me on Halloween like a witch and baking me pies in the kitchen and smoking marijuana, it's also girls my age and younger than me that do that. 

If you absolutely had to know.