Monday, November 5, 2018

Rant About Saudi Arabia & Iran

Saudi Arabia - Open Rape Of Women & Public Executions 
When I saw this I almost lost my mind.

Islamic Jihadists have taken over Saudi Arabia and made the Koran the Countries Constitution. Then they enslaved women and started killing everyone.

That's the whole point of the Jihad....they made it their constitution.

So the "Muslim extremists" are in some holy war and now they have taken control of Saudi Arabia and made the Koran law as the constitution. 

Now they have public executions in Saudi Arabia, Iran is doing the same thing with public executions.

Now looking at what the Jihadists did in Saudi Arabia when they made the Koran the Countries Constitution I know that this is the goal of every Muslim extremist group. They plan to take over countries and then make the Koran the Constitution. 

If the Christian Bible was our Constitution nothing here would even be functional, that is what is happening there. Their Countries are not functional because they have religion as law and that makes it impossible for them to operate. 

Now when I look at any Muslim extremist I know that is what they are after. 

As soon as they did that they stripped women of all their rights and make them cover their faces so no one knows who they are and then beat them in secret in their houses.

Men doing this to them have been protected by their fake religious Muslim government so that the men who run the Government and Military can rape women without being reported and the woman gets arrested if she says anything. 

You're not allowed to tell on a man who rapes a woman in Saudi Arabia, some religion that is. Plus they made it their Constitution to hide women and beat and rape them with no rights in secret at home and you're not allowed reporting them.

That's because it is their government and military doing it, some religion.

Now they have religious police to enforce the Koran as the Constitution and they are saying it is illegal to bring pornography into Saudi Arabia and if you have it inside the Country which is allowed you may get arrested if the girl is showing too much skin.

If you have porno in Saudi Arabia the Jihad Government's religious police will arrest you if she is showing too much in the picture and then their men rape women and they are not allowed to tell anyone or they will be arrested.

So some men can rape women, the Jihads, and other's get arrested for having pictures of fully naked women. 

This is what they did to women in Saudi Arabia:

Then they stripped women of their rights.

Made them hide their faces.

Keep them hidden inside.

Then they beat and rape them and no one is allowed telling.

Then they made all that their Countries Constitution and their religion. 

I think they Jihads just did that to beat and rape women in secret without anyone telling. 

That is an outright Dictatorship and they are just making all that up to rape and abuse women. 

Now to me their cause has no credibility because it was just to make the Koran the Constitution so they could enslave their women because they are perverts pretending to be religious. 

Only they just use the Koran to hide their sex crimes and murders by making it law.

Saudi Arabia and Iran and now also having public executions under the Koran and are Dictatorships.

Don't be fooled, Africa and the Middle East and poorer and worse than ever with the Jihads taking control of countries there and now we can see their only goal was rape women in secret and murder people. 

Now the open dictatorships are back there and they are worse than ever right in the open, now they should all be destroyed like Iraq under Saddam. 

Saudi Arabia is the WORST Country I ever heard of.  


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