Friday, November 2, 2018

I Smoked Weed On Halloween And This Is What Happened

Sexy Witch Bakes Pies In My Kitchen
Smoking marijuana is not really something that I have done in a long time not really since my 20's and early 30's, after that I stopped smoking marijuana for a long time. Back then, I never really got into trouble with marijuana and it was more like people used to say to me that I shouldn't be smoking weed all the time and going to school and work and stuff, but if you can't help it it's ok.

They meant like if I had a "problem" or something with marijuana I should just see a counsellor about quitting or something but I never really had that much trouble smoking weed all the time in my 20's and early 30's. 

I just used to tell them that it helped my wrists feel better from playing Death Metal on the guitar all the time because it's strenuous and  marijuana can relieve joint and muscle pain. I mean playing all that lead guitar and death metal songs can get super tiring on your body and arms and marijuana can help relieve those symptoms and also working out and exercising helps to stay in shape and avoid pain and soreness while being a Death Metal lead guitarist. 

It wasn't until marijuana was recently legalized in Canada where I live that I decided to try smoking marijuana again, to my surprise now that I'm a little bit older that I am noticing some of health benefits of marijuana and not just fun like it was in my 20's. 

Smoking marijuana when you are a little older can help you get a better rest and your muscles will be more relaxed which is great and stress relieving and not just getting stoned which is also nice.

It had been a long time since I had smoked marijuana and it in the past in my 20's and 30's when I used to smoke marijuana when I was going to University and working and stuff I was usually pretty "baked" sitting in class or at my office job and in fact sometimes I was just outright high at work.

This past weekend I went down to the Cannabis store to get some marijuana for Halloween week and they didn't have what I got the first time because of shortages, so the menu at the marijuana store is a little short right now since they just opened and it's supposed to be about three months before it starts to stabilize.

The last one I got was MK Ultra which had super good tripping out effects, but they were all sold out of that so I had to get a different kind. I wanted to try some of the fancy ones but they really didn't have that much and a lot of the weed was weak and I only like the strong ones. 

I ended up getting a few grams of Edison Casa Blanca. To my surprise the Casa Blanca marijuana gave me that "I love everyone" experience and makes you right emotional and happy and gives you all these great feelings. 

Smoking this marijuana gave me flashbacks to being in University and working in an office in my 20's and early 30's. I started feeling like it was a long time ago when I was younger. 

Smoking this Casa Blanca made me feel super young again and full of love and excitement like when I was a young University student or entry level project manager in an office years ago. 

I was standing around in Downtown Halifax at the new Scotia Square Mall at the Casino and Delta Barrington Hotel on Barrington Street in Halifax. If you don't know Barrington Street Halifax is like the "main drag" in Halifax. Probably similar to Madison Avenue or Beverly Hills only not even, but I am there so it's not that bad. Anyway, some people think it's like that. 

I was at the McDonalds Kiosk inside the Scotia Square Mall and I was trying to get some McDonalds Fish & Chips out of the kiosk but they don't have it there now, so I decided to get an all day breakfast instead and settled on a Sausage and Egg McMuffin with extra hash browns and a coffee. 

I was sitting inside the new glass enclosure looking out towards the Casino and Hotel Area where there are a lot of business type people down there around the Hotel and Casino plus their are a lot of offices around there. 

I was sitting at the new tables and just watching the people and traffic outside when this girl I somewhat knew approached me from the Casino and business area. 

"Smoking some Edison are ya?" she said.

I replied "What?".   

Then she said "I saw you down at the Cannabis Store yesterday buying some Edison, like Mary Jane only it's called Edison do you get it ."

I thought for a minute and replied "Yes, I was just smoking some Edison."

I decided it would just be best to agree with her. 

She said "Yeah, smoking that Edison you'll be in a good mood." 

I said "Yes, I am in a great mood and just watching the traffic." I joked with her "yeah it must be the Edison." 

I started thinking to myself that what happens if my 20's and 30's come back like when I used to smoke marijuana and go to class and work all the time, then they'll be all these girls around going on about marijuana all the time and trying to get you in trouble. 

I thought that it must be the marijuana doing this because she wouldn't stop talking and I started to find her attractive. Like when you don't like this girl and then when you get alone with her she starts giving you marijuana and then she looks alright. 

I thought to myself "how is marijuana doing this anyway?"

I said to her "You like weed do you?"

She said "Yes, I like to have a bowl sometimes."

I said "oh yeah, what did you get at the Cannabis store?"

She replied "I was just looking to see what they had, and I saw you buying some Edison."

I said "Yeah, I enjoy smoking the Edison that's for sure."

She said "yeah I know, I saw you buying it."

I said "Do you get high or are you just looking?"

She said "I might get high if I had some Edison, can I have some of yours?"

She added "I saw you at the Cannabis store why don't we go smoke some Edison together." 

I thought to myself  "is this girl following me around when I go to the Cannabis store and then bumming me for weed?" I thought "well she's not that bad looking and I'm still kinda baked from the night before so their should be no harm in that." 

I said "I don't carry marijuana around even if it is legal, I keep it at home in a safe container." 

She said "well we can go to your house and smoke it, after all it's Halloween."

With this girl following me around at the cannabis store and bumming me for weed I started to think I was back working at some office and all the girls from the office were trying to come over to my house and smoke my weed again. 

She said "well, I can dress up if you want for Halloween."

Being slightly buzzed from the night before I instantly needed to see this girl in a Halloween costume and I knew exactly which one.

I said to her "Well, I used to have this girl come over to my apartment on Halloween and dress up like a witch and bake me pies and stuff on Halloween in the costume, and then then we'd smoke some Edison lol or something and have a few drinks. Why don't you do that?"

She said that "well if a different girl used to dress up for you on Halloween and bake you pies and stuff then I could do it, in fact I would probably be way better at it anyway."

I said to her "yeah that's what you all say." 

She laughed and said "probably" knowing that it was probably true that they all did that. 

I said "Well there's no one at my apartment this year so if you want you can do it, then we'll smoke some Edison to."

She said "Alright, let's go get a costume then." Then we did and went back to my apartment.

Now this is not something I'm used to at 42, this is more of something that would have happened to me when I was in my 20's or early 30's and then girls at school or some girl at the office would be doing that, sneaking over to my apartment to dress up like a witch and bake pies on Halloween and   
then be smoking marijuana. 

Even sometimes when a girl I like didn't go for it, her best friend or friend from the office would usually come over the next day and take her place and dress up in sexy outfits for me and get high on marijuana.  

When she came over she dressed up like a super scary witch in a super hot sexy outfit and we spent the day smoking some Edison and baking pies on Halloween. 

Later she said that she really had fun with me on Halloween this year dressing up and smoking Edison because it makes you feel super "lovey" and stuff, then she said that she had to take some of the pies she baked at my apartment on Halloween home with her because some of her friends wanted a piece. 

She said that they were looking forward to eating some of the pie that she made at my house on Halloween while we were getting high on marijuana. 

Then she said "maybe you'll see them down at the Cannabis store sometime?"

I said "Right, do they smoke marijuana as well?"

She said "yeah a little bit."

I said "If I see them I will say Hi."

She said when she was leaving "I will see you around later in Downtown Halifax then, she said bye and make sure if you see my friends at the Cannabis store to say hello to them."

I said "Yes, I will do that."

She said that "they were really looking forward to the pie."

I said "ok" and she left at like 3am after Halloween. 

Now it's not regular for me to do that these days and getting girls to do that was just something I used to do in my 20's and 30's so I thought that it must be the marijuana doing it. 

And for the record, it's not just older women dressing up for me on Halloween like a witch and baking me pies in the kitchen and smoking marijuana, it's also girls my age and younger than me that do that. 

If you absolutely had to know.  


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