Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Man Unconstitutionally charged in Newfoundland after yelling FHRITP at a NTV Television News Reporter or "FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY".

Apparently the term FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY goes along with the popular term YOLO meaning "You Only Live Once" according to the Urban Dictionary.

For example you say  "YOLO, FHRITP." Which means, "You only live once, fuck her right in the pussy."

The guy was charged with Sexual Harassment which is Unconstitutional. Yelling at someone outside is NOT ILLEGAL. 

It is up to the other person to yell back and tell them off. This is the gay argument that people aren't allowed yelling profanities at each other in public. 

Harassment would have been if he was following her around all the time yelling and stuff. They said he drove by and yelled Fuck her right in the pussy when she was doing a news broadcast which is NOT illegal.

However, pressing charges for yelling is illegal.

The news broadcaster Heather Gillis didn't like being yelled at in public and pressed charges. 

So they are saying yelling Fuck Her Right In The Pussy at Heather Gillis is Illegal when she is out filming the local news. Which it isn't.


HEATHER GILLIS: Illegal to yell "FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY" at her in Canada while she is outside in the Public.

This is quite the cause for NTV in Newfounland, Local Police and Heather Gillis to be taking up in Canada's courts.

The Law they are pushing for: NOT ALLOWED TO YELL AT NEWS REPORTERS.

This is totally illegal. This will probably go nowhere as you can't call the cops if people yell at you outside unless they are a stalker or something and it is ongoing.

The news story is titled "Man Charged After TV Reporter Hit With Sexist Slur"

Newsflash Television People...Sexist Slurs are not illegal. The same as racial slurs.

The actual story should have been "Man Illegal Charged for Yelling Sexist Slur".

Saying it is because she is a news reporter is worse because they mean she has special privileges like she is the Queen of England or something and you're forbidden from opening your mouth around her in public because she's right important and has a job on the news in Newfoundland.

According to her biography Heather Gillis graduated from Kings College at Dalhausie in Halifax in 2011 six years ago and took Political Science and Sociology in Newfoundland.

Now you can't yell at her outside or you'll get charged with harrassment because she's right big in Newfoundland.

Copied from Twitter:

"A man in this truck just yelled FHITP at me while during an interview at the landfill. Publicly shaming you."

So after Fuck Her Right in the Pussy was yelled at Heather Gillis from Kings at Dal she said she was publically shamed and the Police pressed charges.

Yeah right, that's going to get far in the courts.

Now all her people are on Twitter saying how great for her it is that that did that all Tweeting about it because she should have special rights cause she went to Kings at Dal and is on NTV.


Now the Newfoundland Police are on Twitter posting with her looking for attention saying that disrespecting people is illegal.

The whole story is not even believable and they must be the gayest cop calling people to ever exist.

All of NTV in Newfoundland can FHRIPT  in my opinion. They will probably all be arrested up there anyway for breaking the constitution and covering it on the news to pass some illegal law anyway.


The Police's charges they are saying are based on:


Under the public disturbance laws.

The example they use is loitering....the whole argument falls apart because they issued NO WARNING according to the story and pressed charges.

This is the being drunk in public law.

They can't issue charges like with loitering THEY HAVE TO BE WARNED FIRST FOR YELLING.

NO other details were given but Police are not allowed to press charges for yelling, the maximum they can do is ASK you to stop.

If you continue it could be harassment. The police will probably all be fired for filing false charges.

Anyway, Heather shouldn't mind people talking about the story because she's on there all day talking about everyone else's business on the television.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter 2017

Today is the Saturday before Easter which is, tomorrow. Girls ask me this all the time, this is what I tell them........

Just remember Easter Saturday is not a Holiday...Sunday is and so is Friday.

The deal with good Friday is the Easter bunny is super small and Good Friday is a holiday, this is the day he leaves so he can get there on Easter Sunday to deliver your Easter Presents because he's just a little bunny so it takes him two days to make the trip.

Saturday is a travel day for the Easter Bunny so you're allowed to go shopping, and he will be here tomorrow which is a holiday like Good Friday when he leaves.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Medical Marijauna Colossal Waste of Time As Federal Goverment Moves To Legalize For Everyone in Canada

The Federal Government this week is planning to pass regulations to openly legalize marijuana in all of Canada.

They are debating the minimum age which may be 25 because apparently weed can slow brain development in young people.

However, the legal age may be 18 and will be up to the individual Provinces to set the local minimum age to buy marijuana like with smoking and alcohol.

They are planning to regulate marijuana in the same way as tobacco and alcohol but advertising will be similar to tobacco. They are recommending store front sales as well as mail order purchasing and a 4 plant limit per person in your house.

The law could be in place for next Summer on July 1st, 2018.

The Federal Government says this will reduce crime by taking profits from gangs and increase tax revenue.

Legal marijuana will be about $9 per gram and could generate up to $1 Billion Dollars per year in tax revenue.



Sunday, April 9, 2017

MOVIE REVIEW: Star Wars – Rogue One

Star Wars – Rogue One is a “one off”, one movie by itself set in the Star Wars Universe and is a standalone story. This move is a prequel to Star Wars – A New Hope, the original from 1977.

I got the Blu-ray Disc version this week when it came out and it comes with a DVD version in it and a bonus disc of special features and a free digital download on the internet for like $25.

To officially rate this video I had to realign the movie review rating system to give it the proper amount of stars or whatever out of 10 rating.

This is the new format for reviewing movies today because they are so terrible:

Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back from the 1980’s is the new official 10/10 rating. All movies from now on should be compared to Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back for the official textbook definition of what a 10/10 movie or 5 Stars for example would look like.

Based on this example most movies today receive a -7 Rating, meaning for each movie you watch you have lost -7 entertainment points. So instead of entertaining yourself for 2 hours you have made your life worse because your choice of entertainment has decreased the value of your time.

So watching a movie that got a 3/10 rating made your life +3 entertainment points better, even if it sucked.  For 2 hours or so your life was +3 entertainment points more enjoyable. 

Today most movies are a negative seven out of ten or -7/10 is how you would write it. That means every time you watch a movie you lost entertainment points and your life was a -7 worse for your entertainment value.

So instead of going to the movies to have fun, your life was WORSE for two hours. So if a 10/10 is the best time ever, you lost all 10 entertainment points and gave up 7 out of your time. So instead of having fun you were punished for 2 hours at a -7/10 movie which made your life worse.

That would be compared to the Classic 10/10 Movie or 5 Stars they call it, Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back from the 1980’s.

Movies today mostly receive -7/10 compared to the 1980’s benchmark 10/10 Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back, one of the best movies ever.

Star War’s – Rogue One on Blu-ray gets a 10/10 on the new rating system, which would be about a 3/10 overall on the old rating system based on the benchmark Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back.

However, for battle scenes Star Wars - Rouge One gets a 7/10 for fight scenes on the old system compared to Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back.

Giving it a 10/10 or 5 Stars, based on today’s new movie rating system. 

What the movie lacks is “Classic Characters”, so it is supposed to be an old story from the Star Wars Universe but it is about different characters who are not classic characters and are rebel forces not Jedi’s. So it’s about the Rebels in the Rebel Alliance, not Jedi’s.

No classic characters gives the movie 3/10 on the old rating system and a 7/10 for fight scenes and original costumes and ships like in Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back.

Today, that would give Star Wars – Rogue One a 10/10 for modern movies.

Other movies today receive a -7/10 on the old system which meant you were making life worse for the duration of the film. 

On the new system today a -7/10 would be a 0/10.

That’s because once you hit negative numbers in the rating you can never convert that into a positive review. Anything below 0/10 on the old system is automatically a 0/10 on the new one.

That means a -2/10 or -8/10 on the old system would automatically be a 0/10 on the new one. So if you watch a movie that is a 0/10 on the new rating system you probably felt nothing. That’s because a 0/10 on the new rating system has no feeling in it. 

If you watched it with the old rating system in mind you were probably losing -7/10 entertainment points and making your life worse during the duration of the movie.

So if you watched a modern movie and felt NOTHING AT ALL about it, then you are on the new rating system and you watched a 0/10. If you watched it and felt it made your life worse for 2 hours or so then you are on the OLD RATING SYSTEM and probably saw a -7/10 compared to Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back.

This gives us room to expand the new rating system into negative numbers, so if movies continue to get worse over time at the current rate then you may see a -7/10 on the NEW RATING SYSTEM which would be about a -18/10 compared to Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back on the old rating system the classic 10/10.

Fortunately, this has not yet occurred. 

For now, the lowest rating on the new system is 0/10 which means you felt nothing when you watched it. If you got mad when you watched it you are on the old rating system and movies are making your life worse by watching them. If your anger gets too severe maybe you should only watch old movies which get a 3/10 and up on the old rating system so you don’t get a rage attack or maybe get a new a new hobby if modern movies are too infuriating to watch because they are making your life so terrible. Every time you watch one they are taking pieces of your entertainment value points if they are a -7/10 and you paid them to do it.  Everyone else just feels nothing when they watch them, the classic 0/10 on the new rating system.

Star Wars – Rogue One is about the Rebel Alliance Battle to get the plans for the Death Star just before Luke Skywalker blew it up in Star Wars (1977).

The end of the movie is the scene just before Princess Leia gets captured by Darth Vader in the opening scene in Original Star Wars and gives the plans to R2-D2.

The plans that she gives R2-D2 in the original Star Wars are retrieved at the end of Star Wars – Rogue One and then given to her and she escapes and is then is captured by Darth Vader in the first movie.

In the movie “Rogue One” is a band of rebels in a stolen imperial ship who break off and go “rogue” from the Rebel Alliance to retrieve the plans for the Death Star.

When they get there, their is a huge battle for them to get the Death Star Plans form the Imperial Library or something. Then the Rebel Alliance has to come and save them and get the plans so Luke Skywalker can blow it up later.

The movie is about Darth Vader building the Death Star and they have just loaded the Super Weapon but it is not up to full power and they are testing it by blowing up cities on the ground from outer space.

Rebels find out about the Weapon and break off to steal the plans when they are testing it.

Darth Vader appears later in the movie and is in charge of the Construction or something, then there is a  huge battle like at the end of the first original three movies with original ships, so this battle is like the one at the end of the first movie (1977) but it is a prequel and the battle is to get the plans and takes place in outer space and on the ground.

At the end Darth Vader kills a bunch of rebels with his light saber and the force but they escape and give the plans to Princess Leia and they escape leading to the opening of the original movie.

At the end Princess Leia is pasted in from 1977 and is like a hologram or something and she looks identical to the first movie but has new lines or something.

So they just copied her and pasted her in at the battle scene so it looks original and she escapes and is pursued by Darth Vader.

So Rogue One is about the fight to get Princess Leia the Plans to the Death Star with a huge battle at the end like in Star Wars - Return of the Jedi or something.

The movie has all original Stormtroopers, X-Wings, Tie Fighter’s, costumes, vehicles like AT-AT’s, etc. and some new ones as well as the Death Star is in it, Darth Vader is in it, Princess Leia is in it, R2-D2 and C3PO have a cameo in it etc.  but it is about the rebel fight to get the plans not Jedi’s except for Darth Vader is in it  later in the movie. 

Apparently they are making a bunch of these, hopefully they are all full of holograms of original characters with new lines because they look great.

RATING: 10/10 on new Rating System.