Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Medical Marijauna Colossal Waste of Time As Federal Goverment Moves To Legalize For Everyone in Canada

The Federal Government this week is planning to pass regulations to openly legalize marijuana in all of Canada.

They are debating the minimum age which may be 25 because apparently weed can slow brain development in young people.

However, the legal age may be 18 and will be up to the individual Provinces to set the local minimum age to buy marijuana like with smoking and alcohol.

They are planning to regulate marijuana in the same way as tobacco and alcohol but advertising will be similar to tobacco. They are recommending store front sales as well as mail order purchasing and a 4 plant limit per person in your house.

The law could be in place for next Summer on July 1st, 2018.

The Federal Government says this will reduce crime by taking profits from gangs and increase tax revenue.

Legal marijuana will be about $9 per gram and could generate up to $1 Billion Dollars per year in tax revenue.



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