Tuesday, April 28, 2020

COMMENTARY: Canada Needs To Convert It's Asian Factories Directly To Chinese Government

This is what needs to happen, private companies and lax political leaders have already failed all Canadians only a month in the crisis offering no emergency funding to citizens in order to pay private government contractors wages to manufacture its goods in China.

The result, no real emergency health plans in Ontario with test reporting lagging and a 89 million hospital mask production failure in China.

Masks that would have been used to save Canadians lives during the pandemic if private contractors were closed.

The Solution:

Canada needs to seize all private government contracts in Canada and the give the contracts directly to the Chinese Government in Asia to produce our health supplies directly to Canadians as a Government run non profit organization.

These profits will be given back to Canadians in health rebates and essential supplies and supply workers in China with more jobs working directly for Canada through the Chinese government with no private third party contract.

These factories owned directly by Canada and under the control of Communist China in Asia will provide direct support to Canadians from Asia and allow Canada to build private factories through out the South East Asian region, this will provide many jobs to Asians as their countries take over the private production of our outsourced government goods.

Canada along with China and other Asian Nations will own this money together, providing jobs for people in Asia and wealth for Canadians that will be given back to us with rebate cheques through the Canadian and Chinese Government.

This will allow a faster and safer production and reduce health risks for citizens as medical equipment will no longer be managed by low bidders, going forward we will get the medical product right the first time which will save lives in Canada.

Coronavirus Second Wave Concerns - containing the virus in Canada with a continued shut down and financial support to Canadians to allow us to stay home during the pandemic will help us beat the virus on the first try, a second wave of Coronavirus by forcing Canadians back to work early will only restart the transmission with unqualified government contractors producing medical supplies will only cause more deaths in Canada.

Canada is now calling for new leadership in Ontario as both major parties political platforms fail in public after Ottawa offers zero support to Canadians.


CANADA: Ottawa Defense Contracts Could Lead To Faulty Hospital Masks

Japan is reporting that China has recalled 89 Million faulty face masks during COVID pandemic.

Canada's reliance on third party contractors to manufacture medical face masks and striking new production deals during the pandemic is putting Canadians at risk of contracting COVID by purchasing from lowest bidder government contractors.

89 million masks made by China during the health scare were seized, making Canada's first G20 agreements during the pandemic a total waste of time because contractors couldn't produce the masks which also includes places like General Motors who are manufacturing ventilators. 

Scam contracts or not this defense deal is a total failure by Ottawa who instead of producing it's own masks is using these third party businesses who can't manufacture a proper medical product, which is a recurring theme through out their companies.  

During the pandemic Canada has no time for wasted productions of medical products, we need the real one the first time and it's time to ban these companies contracts in Canada so we can be properly protected during an emergency declaration.


Friday, April 24, 2020

Arson attack on Hong Kong Independent news paper Epoch Times

Beastie Boys - So What'Cha Want

Nirvana - Blew (Live at Reading 1992)

Slipknot - Before I Forget [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Sepultura - Territory [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Sepultura - Refuse/Resist [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Sepultura - Inner Self [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Destroy Everything


DEE SNIDER - American Made (Official Video) | Napalm Records

WASP - I Wanna Be Somebody (Official Video)

Ace Frehley - Hide Your Heart (KOB Edit)

Creatures Of The Night

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Accept - Balls to the Wall

Megadeth - Peace Sells

Suicidal Tendencies - "Institutionalized" Frontier Records


Rob Zombie - Sick Bubblegum

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, April 1978)

April Wine - I Like To Rock - (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 1981)

George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - 7/5/1984 - Capito...

Ram Jam - Black Betty

Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever (Live)

Judas Priest - Breaking the Law (Live from the 'Fuel for Life' Tour)


Motörhead Bomber (Live Hammersmith) (HQ)

Anthrax - Antisocial (Official Video)

Ministry - Just One Fix (Official Music Video)

Hit The Lights

Danzig "One Night"

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck


Napalm Death 'Plague Rages' (Official Video)


DEATH ANGEL - Voracious Souls

Testament - Titans of Creation (FULL ALBUM 2020) | THRASH METAL

Thursday, April 23, 2020

How Much Would A $50 Pizza Be On The New Adjusted Budget To Your Wallet?

This is a good question, after the issuance of the new Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque ($2000 a month min income)  something like a Dominos  Pizza that cost $50 today that I am told would feel like $22 out of your new budget, like the sale pizzas are like $7 or $10.

Dominos a pretty basic Pizza Restaurant with a well known name an extra large works pizza at $50 today with your current budget would feel like $22 dollars out of your new budget.

I can't confirm that personally but that's what I am told, you would have a little more than twice as much money or something so $50 would feel like $22 on your new budget.

Not to mention something else from the previous post, University Students parents and the students may also have money saved in the bank and they are getting $1750 on disability, with savings in the bank.

Most people on basic assistance and disability don't have much or any savings so it looks like a good scenario for people on cheques to get $1750 for disability for the emergency funding.

Like they have no loans, savings or parents with money, speaking in general terms.

So if they give it to the more well off people like University Students who have parents who work and potentially have savings then they will have to give it cheque reciepents as well.


Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque

They are giving $1750 to University Students with a disability.

When I was in University I mostly lived off my student loans, so if they are like me they would have about $5000 to live off for four months while in school in the bank today from Canada Student Loans, yeah the years is pretty much over though anyway, then they would get a $1750 cheque, plus they may work,

Not only that University students are usually middle and upper class families and their parents work with a steady income so they would get the $2000 Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque.

That means $1750 cheques for regular disability recipients is not even close to unreasonable because they have no student loans or parental support.

People in the same group as them, students with disabilities have more money at home.

It only makes sense that regular disability reciepents who have way less money than that will get the $1750.

So I would automatically assume that regular disability recipients will get a $1750 Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque.


CANADA: COVID Statistics

Canada is supposed to be upping COVID testing from 20,000 to 60,000 tests per day.

They are saying this will allow restrictions to be eased back on the public because more testing will allow people to be treated faster with less deaths.

However....this will NOT stop the spread of the virus.

In fact this will INCREASE the spread of the virus by reducing restrictions.

Again, Canada's Government in Ottawa is asking you to allow the spread of the virus and risk getting sick to force Canadians back to work so that companies can still make money off the citizens during the pandemic while offering no financial relief to Canada's citizens.

On top of that during the pandemic they want you to spend your regular money on business products they are offering through the companies they are backing.

What they mean is they are saying you are at a less risk of dying by going back to work because they have more testing, meaning they want the public to get sick saying they can treat it faster.

Then they want you to spend your money on the businesses they are backing.

This policy will increase the spread of the virus, then they say faster testing. 

However they are also saying they have low medical supplies. 

Canada's policies will increase the spread of the virus and then dwindle medical supplies, then you will have to wait for treatment and more people will die. 

The virus is mainly targeting nursing homes and long term care facilities. 

Canada wants you to let this people continue to get sick and die so they can operate businesses from Ottawa with public funding from Canadian tax payers while offering no breaks to citizens to allow them to stay home and no financial support for Canadians during the pandemic.

People living next to the care facilities are at the highest risk, like in the North End of Halifax, because nurses and staff are using essential services in the area.

So the public is sharing the public services like grocery stores with staff from nursing homes, which is not a high risk because regular people are less susceptible to the virus, that's what community transmission is.

A nurse who works in a long term care facility, something like people who are autistic or the elderly, brings the virus into the community by grocery shopping for example then people in the surrounding neighbourhoods catch the virus at the stores.

That's their neighbors or store staff, that's where the outbreaks at stores are coming from but this is a low risk.

A minimum income for everyone in Canada of $2000 a month, regular wages or cheques plus a $1200 per month Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque, will provide Canadians with the money they need for basic health and nutrition requirements and allow them to be more prepared to reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

For example in an area like the North End of Halifax which is run down and has a lot of poor housing which should be demolished is at a larger risk of contracting the virus because of the poor neighborhood conditions and unsanitary store fronts.  

Places like soup kitchens in poor neighborhoods are at a high risk because of the staffs government interaction with places like nursing homes and care facilities.

This money, $2000 a month minimum for everyone in Canada, will allow Canadians especially those in poor areas with less resources will allow them to buy more food and cleaning supplies so that they can stock up their kitchens and allow them to stay home longer.

That money will allow poorer people to get larger grocery orders from the store so that they can stay home and continue to self isolate. 

This is the main scenario for community transmission and has not be covered by Canada's government.

They are only covering large business and people who work and own houses so they can pay their mortgage payments and keep their employer open during the pandemic.

Then they want you, the public, to risk working and spend your money on their products so they can continue to earn money off your low income without offering any financial support which is bleeding Canadians of thier money for Ottawa and large government backed businesses.

Remember, Canada's government is only backing businesses not Canadian citizens.

It is best if you do not but anything except essential services and not give companies any of your money for luxury items, many people will also boycott brand names and large companies.

Save your money and use it for stuff you need like food and cleaning supplies. 

Many people will also want gas, cigarettes, liquor and cannabis which is part of your grocery budget.

What you need right now is to stay home and save your money, then stock up on essential items. Like maybe only take one trip to the store per month or twice for stuff like meat and perishable items.

This will reduce the risk of catching community transmission. 

The faster testing does not open Canada faster, if anything we need a stricter lock down.

Faster testing should only be applied to people like nurses in hospitals and care facilities and essential service workers so they can be treated faster if they catch the virus.

The rest of us should leave those resources for them and stand at the back of the line for testing because we are at less risk.

Then the $2000 a month will allow us to stock up and stay home longer so we can be safe.

There should be no Canadian causalities of the virus to allow business to make money, they should be arrested for murder by forcing you to work so someone else can make money.

Those are not legal practices in Canada they are saying on the news and there is no relief package that has done anything yet for Canadians.

According to statistics, Quebec (20,000 cases) probably in the Montreal area is the most affected. Places like Alberta are barely affected (3,000) cases.

Ontario is the largest populated area in Canada and has 12,000 cases. All their statistic are always reported last and no one believes this number.

I would recommend not going back to work or giving these businesses any money, then tell the government you need stricter public health conditions and more money at home.

Hopefully, this will help Canadians get up to the $2000 minimum monthly income that everyone here needs without the virus, now it is even worse because we have no money stock up and stay home.

They said there are no product shortages, however shelves may be empty because of slow store stock replacement from factories etc. 

Stay smart and stay safe.


Trudeau Says Universial Basic Assistance Coverage Not As Simple As It Sounds

Fifty Senators have called for Universal Basic Coverage, that's like $2000 a month, Trudeau says that's not as simple as it sounds, well...for one we're using the real government functions not Prince Edward Islands for all of Canada.

The Huffington Post says that Trudeau's comments are a "defeat" of sorts for the Senators calling for that, I mean one side comment by a Prime Minister does not cancel and entire public movement and the opinion of fifty senators.

So I'm not getting your point Huffington Post.


"The idea of a basic or minimum income has been around for more than 500 years since Renaissance philosopher Thomas More wrote about the concept in his book Utopia."

So what, no one's saying it's a new idea like this illerate news article.

We already have that under the welfare program, what we're saying is that the money isn't high enough.

Besides that, no one said it was simple we said that's what we're doing.

University Students to get  $1200 - $1700 payment.

$1200 for normal and $1700 for disabled.

"Post-secondary students who are currently in school, are planning to start school in September 2020, or have graduated from school since December 2019 will be eligible for the $1,250/month CESB payment."


So where's the rest of the money at? Like for normal disability and regular welfare and old age pension?

They didn't get any emergency benefits all they got was an extra gst rebate.

If Canada's government refuses to provide support for all Canadians and then tries to force us all back to normal without resolving the issues saying later that we don't need it because they wouldn't send out money during the crisis then they are going to get arrested.

Why wouldn't Canada's government send out the emergency money from Ottawa and then provide it to companies?

Obviously they are the ones stealing the tax money and jobs from Ottawa and won't approve the citizen's right to our faces. Then they are taking all the money for themselves and won't issue us anything like Justin Trudeau and Raytheon.


Wednesday, April 22, 2020

PANDEMIC: Domino's Build Your Own Pizza Walk Through

I read Domino's was having a 50% sale but it's over, might have been United States only.

Domino's Build Your Own Pizza:

$50 for one pizza, extra large works, yeah no thanks.

KFC says that $50 per meal, that's what I mean...regular take out items are $50 a meal now...meaning you can never have on on welfare for the rest of your life they are saying. 

You're government cheque only provides money for like four $50 meals, $200...that's a whole months food budget for single people. 

Then when you make pizza at home from scratch or a Kraft box you can make like two for $20.

Like the ingredients may cost $40 - $60 at the store, but you only you only use $20 worth of ingredients then you have all kinds of leftover ingredients, like you don't use all the bacon and hamburger on two pizzas, you have all kinds left in the fridge for other meals, like they'll be $40 worth of food left in the fridge after you make that.

What are you people making all that and handing out government cheques retarded or what?


MUSIC: The Misfits, Legacy Of Reprints

Misfits - Legacy Of Brutality
Don't you hate it when something gets partially ruined for you? 

That's what happens to me when I'm doing music research sometimes, you love this band and then you find like a thorn in it that drives you nuts. 

Of course that could be applied to probably any topic.

Glenn Danzig's The Misfits is one of my favorite all time bands, no matter what and it's still the most awesome. 

Then when you get further into researching The Misfits you see that they didn't make that much original material from their early days, like Glenn Danzig's second band Samhain they only did like three records or something plus they are all short. 

Really though all you need is one good song and your band is set for life and the Misfits have all kinds of that.

Here is what I noticed when researching music about The Misfits.

First The Misfits only did two albums:

"Misfits - Walk Among Us" - like 25 minutes long and "Misfits - Earth A.D." and is like 15 minutes long.

That's their whole original discography, like 35 minutes.

Then the rest of the material is all dropped songs and outtakes and was released on singles, that's like 8 singles with bonus tracks.

Then they have all kinds of artwork from their singles, which are all super awesome.

Their first two albums before 1982 were both canceled and never got signed.

Misfits -  Static Age - canceled (released in 1997)
Misfits  - 12 Hits from Hell - canceled (cancelled again in 2001,never came out)

Then their first album was Misfits - Walk Among Us - 1981.

Then they did "Misfits - Earth A.D." and the "Die, Die My Darling" single which was later added to the "Earth A.D." album.

That was their entire release catalog.

Like this though....

All their original singles, mostly or probably, came from their first two scrapped records. 

Songs like "Who Killed Marilyn", "Static Age", "Bullet" and "Horror Business" all came from the original scrapped records, those albums never got signed. 

The original Misfits lp singles are so rare, like 500 copies each, that they never came out and were sold by Glenn Danzig himself. Today you can not get an original copy I would assume unless it came from Glenn Danzig himself or something.

So really that never happened, then after the original Misfits broke up that's when the rest of the material came out.

In fact after the Misfits broke up in 1983 Glenn Danzig released the rest of the material by himself as a solo artist.

The classic Misfits self titled compilation album is when most of the songs actually came out which Glenn Danzig actually released by himself.

The Misfits album "Legacy Of Brutality" which is the most well known Misfits album was released after The Misfits broke up.

This album is actually a Glenn Danzig solo album.

On this record after the Misfits broke up, Glenn Danzig took the original tapes for the songs and then overdubbed all the guitar, bass and vocal tracks.

That means he just did all the parts on top of the original recordings to make the guitar, bass and vocals etc. louder and sound better.

Like all the singing on that record is overdubbed vocals, then it has this echo sound to it.

That's because of the multiple vocal and instrument tracks on the overdub that create a harmony and an echo, they are saying the didn't have the studio tracks or something separate and then Glenn Danzig just overdubbed everything onto the original recording to make it sound better, then if you listen close you can hear the echo.

The "Mifits - Static Age" album was supposed to be their first album, that is the original songs that were not overdubbed.

They released this in 1997 and said that the tapes were so deteriorated that they had to bake them in the oven to get them to play and then they played it once in the studio to record it on digital and then the tapes disintegrated - a sketchy story at best, with no original version of the album.

That came out in the 1990's in The Misfits box set, which to get released the Misfits had to sell their catalog to Caroline Records, Universal Music today, and they do not own their original material.

Then they had to split the profits from the sale.

On the box set is mostly just repeating studio sessions I think they are saying and the actual album "Misfits - Walk Among Us" is not on the release I think they are saying.

However, most of the songs are on the record from different recording sessions. 

I always knew it was missing the song "Braineaters" from "Walk Among Us" or something and that is why.

"Misfits - Walk Among Us", owned by Warner Music I think, is not in the boxset  but the songs are still on it from other sessions I think they mean. 

Then "Static Age" was released as a seperate album later.

So you really don't know what you are getting from the band. Classic songs though and nice artwork on the singles but most of their catalog is just reprints with two albums and one single, "Walk Among Us", "Earth A.D." and "Die,Die My Darling" , that's all that was originally officially released.

The rest is just sessions, overdubs and reprints.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Last Week Of The Month, Let's See What's In The Mail

Coupons for Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King.

$73 Dollars in savings from KFC in coupons and a whopping $150 dollars in savings from Burger King.

Let's see what that gets us during the pandemic....

20 Piece Chicken Meal for one family dinner $42.

$20 for four whopper combos for one meal.

I'm just trying to understand in the coupon book where the Federal Government aid is at to use those coupons.

Like I'm not seeing it.

I'm looking for what the Prime Minister said, but there's nothing at home or outside for aid.

So I'm just wondering where these coupons are coming from? 

Where, the garbage man?


You Don't Find A Cause It Finds You

What I mean is people who take up causes are personally affected, like myself for example. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up suing people in Ottawa in my case over it.

It's like this...you get a University Degree, then no one will hire you, companies rip you off and then Ottawa doesn't take the complaint and passes rules for the same people who assaulted you...that's because they are the same people.

Like with Rehtaeh Parsons....if bong stores and all that were banned then that attack may have never happened because that's the crowd they are in...bong stores and the Prime Minister.

Here is something else not covered.

People who have no internet also have no library access.

Those people may be using the public library for all their needs, they may not even have cable. 

Then they can't follow the pandemic, then the government wants everything done online and messages from the Queen but some people can't access them.

What are you supposed to do if you depend on the library for internet access? 

You won't be able to pay for or maintain the stuff you are using.

Then what if your computer breaks and you have important stuff to do on the internet?

You can't run to the library because they closed them.

So they are not doing anything about that as far as I know. 

Then they offer no relief for emergency internet access, computer replacements etc during a pandemic. 

What are we supposed to do? Go fuck ourselves like Ottawa told us? I don't think so.

Then everything they pass is for people with jobs and houses and stuff and nothing for everyone else at home.  

You are like a government for two people...the prime minister and his hobo.

Get bent.

Ottawa is like the welfare office right and everyone went in to get their emergency funding and the Prime Minister goes "fuck you, get out" like when you confront them at the welfare office when the staff harasses you saying they don't cover anything no matter what you ask for.


Welfare prime minister. 


NOVA SCOTIA: Political Update Spring 2020


Here is the latest on what is happening in Nova Scotia, plus this includes regular political update.

In Atlantic Canada there are two illegal laws:

1. Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia is illegal, stores are open anyway but it is an illegal law. 

This law was passed in a lawsuit by Sobeys Company against the citizens of Nova Scotia in an illegal ruling by the courts which overturned the citizens vote in the referendum which is illegal in this Province. 

This week Sobeys I am assuming will be applying to Ottawa for Government Funding from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cover 75% of Sobeys staff wages since food is an essential service under another fake G20 Arrangement with foreign companies in Canada.

Sobeys should NOT QUALIFY for financial aid from Ottawa for staff wages because they are in no danger of financial distress and even reported their sales are up. 

All while the first laws putting them there have not been legally passed. 

2. Student Loan defaults are a permanent bad credit rating, this is also illegal in Nova Scotia.

A student who could not pay their student loans does not qualify for any financing for cars and homes which is illegal in Nova Scotia. 

On top of that, Companies don't hire for full University Wages like for example Systems Analyst positions, then when they can't get work they illegally ban them from the credit system. 

Then they can't get a house or car, that is an illegal system in Nova Scotia.

This leads us to a certain situation here in Nova Scotia and all of Atlantic Canada, I will just throw out my topics and then explain below that.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made deals with foreign companies through the G20 Group that  have been passed in Ottawa and are illegal in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.  

Several things need to come out of this for the issues to be resolved in Atlantic Canada.

1. Google needs to be banned in Canada.

All of Canada but specifically Atlantic Canada which is being targeted by foreign businesses along with the Prime Minister in Ottawa have stated on their web page and government platform that no one lives in Nova Scotia and that were are a "community" and that if one person dies everyone knows them which is an outright lie from the Prime Minister.

Meaning this...Justin Trudeau is siding with foreign companies like Google to display Atlantic Canada as an empty region with no Citizens meaning Google should be banned in Canada.

After this we need a CANADIAN ONLY search engine for our main internet access so our citizens do not have to be exposed to this material. 

What that means is foreign companies like Google will no longer have Canadian profits from internet advertising and then Canadians can keep the search engine money internally in Canada.

Then that money will generate private wealth for Canada that can be given back to the citizens through rebates. 

Obviously, in Canada this should be an open market and then EXCLUDE all foreign business from starting Canadian search engine companies.

This will open the market for new business from within Canada to compete for the Canadian internet search engine market.

Then being Canadian we should have a main search engine for Canada only like the CBC and then also allow private competition.

Foreign companies selling products here will then have to pay Canadian businesses to put ads on their search engine pages.

Doing that will allow Canadian advertising businesses to start new markets by forcing foreign businesses to pay Canadians directly to put ads on their search engine pages to replace google in Canada.

It gets even worse than that....

2. All foreign companies should be banned from the Canadian cannabis market. 

This is because companies like google could also be running cannabis production companies in Canada and bong stores.

That is why we need Canadian search engines only, which offer the same services with no google.

Then banning foreign companies from opening cannabis companies in Canada will prevent google from coming back and taking more of our money through the cannabis market with foreign companies which is the only thing Ottawa has passed.

After this, all cannabis production and bongs etc, will be Canadian only.

No foreign companies will be allowed to sell or manufacture any cannabis products in Canada.

Just like I am saying...then cannabis will be Canadian only.

All of the Cannabis industry in Canada needs to be Canadian only. 

Like cannabis is a Canada thing only with no foreign involvement.

All foreign companies cannabis products need to be seized in Canada  and they are probably not legal anyway, which I will explain.

All pipes and bongs need to be Canadian produced and manufactured only and we need to keep all of the cannabis money in Canada only.

Any Canadian cannabis products like bongs etc, should be illegal for export to all other countries. 

This will force visitors to Canada to buy Canadian cannabis products only, some of which can not be brought across the United States border.

After this, the cannabis market will open up for Canadians only.

Bong and private cannabis stores will be closed.

Canadians manufacturing cannabis products will have to have them sold in government stores only.

Why should be people like Snoop Dog the musician come here and take all out Canadian cannabis revenue back to a foreign country?

Then leaving us broke with nothing.

That is the whole policy of Ottawa, every time they do anything the moneys goes over seas leaving nothing for Canadians.

I didn't even look but I think I read something about that.

If someone like Snoop Dog comes here and opens a cannabis business it needs to be seized by the Canadian Government and the money given back to Canadians.

I'm pretty sure that United States citizens coming here and starting a cannabis business is illegal in Washington D.C. 

Washington D.C. may say that is illegally drug dealing in the United States by starting a foreign business to sell cannabis from the United States where it is illegal.

His money needs to be seized, then the United States is asking for the death penalty for drug dealing.

If all that happens people like Snoop Dog could be facing the death penalty in Washington D.C. for running cannabis companies in Canada which are illegal in the United States.

That includes all bong stores and cannabis outlets that are not Canadian owned.

Legal cannabis has to be a 100% Canadian operation only.

This will block people like Justin Trudeau and the G20 group form bleeding our Canadian revenues for foreign companies.

This will allow Canadians to start things like a cannabis sticker and bong sticker market that is Canadian only where it is legal.

Novelties like cannabis stickers, key chains, cups, t-shirts etc. that could be sold anywhere in Canada but the more adult items like bongs and cannabis pipes have to be sold in government stores only. 


I mean where we live not South America or somewhere, all foreign pipes and cannabis products are contraband in Canada because their origins are not from a Country with legalized cannabis.

Foreign Countries CAN NOT SHARE with us from overseas our legal cannabis laws in Canada where it is illegal in their country.

All foreign cannabis products need to be seized by the government and incinerated.

Like why would want legal cannabis and then an illegal bong from the United States?

That makes no sense at all.

Then people like Tommy Chong who is Canadian can do all that and sell Tommy Chong bongs and pipes, but not Snoop Dog.

The Tommy Chong pipe would be the legal bong in Canada.

None of our cannabis revenue should be leaving this Country.

Of course that would have to be phased in to give people like Snoop Dog a chance to leave Canada but I don't know what Washington D.C would say about it.

What I mean is no one cares about Ottawa's policies and they are not real.

We need regular policies in Atlantic Canada, not bongs and google from the G20 and Justin Trudeau.

When we make the cannabis Canadian only this is what we can do with the money, financial rebates to Canadians to get basic assistance up to $2000 a month.

Then we need this.

Nova Scotia Home Housing Program.

The Nova Scotia Home Housing Program will allow people on cheques and low wages to transfer the portion of their cheque for rent to buying their own house which is probably cheaper anyway.

The home housing program which we need in all of Atlantic Canada along with the $1200 per month Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque will allow people in Atlantic Canada to purchase their own home.

We should also be given a back rent credit from the government to transfer the money put on your rent towards your own home so this will remove companies from claiming your rent payments from the welfare office. 

The credit system in Ottawa only allows your government cheque rent amounts be given to business owners, then all them from Ottawa are running housing businesses and apartment complexes.

This "forces" citizens to give their cheques to business and foreign business through their rent payments while they could not be Canadian and only allows business owners to have homes and cars.

That is illegal.

Issuing a back rent credit towards the purchase of a home for people on cheques will remove the bank and private businesses from claiming your rent money.

Then depending on your income on a cheque because some people work you will be approved for a home loan to buy your own home which is usually less than rent.

You will save money and then own your own home.

The mortgage payments will be automatically deducted from your cheque or Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque of $1200 per month for home ownership payment so more people can have thier own house.

Then your regular cheque you would just keep it because your mortgage payment was already covered. 

People on low wages could have the mortgage payments deducted from their Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque, then use their wages for extra income.

This will allow people on cheques to buy homes with no credit cheques through an automated mortgage system with monthly cheque deductions for your payments.

This will allow more of our money to stay in Canada in the hands of Canadians and out of private businesses like what they have passed in Ottawa.

On top of that there needs to be a second program for emergency funding for home repair and maintainence. 

That way when you buy the home the Nova Scotia Home Housing Program will then cover, somehow, expensive repairs like roof maintenance, hot water heater / furnace maintenance, water pipe and foundation repair.

Those are the scary "unexpected" bills that come with buying a home that people on low wages and government cheques can't afford. 

Then the repairs will be done automatically from the Government like an assistance program, then the bill will be worked out later under the same program without interfering with your monthly income. 

Then everyone here in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada will have a chance to get out of debt, abandon companies like large creditors and then own their own home privately and this will also save money from their monthly budget. 

  • Canadian based search engines only / no google.
  • The Canadian Cannabis Industry will be CANADIAN ONLY with no foreign involvement, with the exception of tourist shopping only inside Canada - all tourists will have access to cannabis unless their Country has placed a travel ban on us like for religious beliefs against cannabis from some overseas nations.
  • New Nova Scotia Home Housing Program & $1200 monthly tax free rebate for citizens.

CANADA: Prime Ministers Ignortant Statements On Mass Shooting Enrage Public

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must be going in the Canadian History books as the most ignorant Canadian Prime Minister to ever live.

This is also during the lock down here....it is clear on Ottawa what their stance is on Halifax and Atlantic Canada, they hate us.

It's  clear in Ottawas statements and places like google who are also slandering Nova Scotia during the shooting and pandemic.

Google posted on their page that Nova Scotia is a "community" and the Prime Minister agrees in his speech making the most ignorant statements against Nova Scotia I have ever heard by any Prime Minister in history.

The Prime Minister thinks that everyone is Nova Scotia knows those people personally at the Denture Clinic, that's because they are saying that's how small Atlantic Canada is.


“The vast majority of Nova Scotians will have a direct link with one or more of the victims. The entire province and country is grieving right now as we come to grips with something that is unimaginable,” Trudeau said. 

You're an idiot.

No they don't, why would the Prime Minister think that all of Nova Scotia know those sixteen victims? 

That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life, they think that Atlantic Canada is so small that everyone has a direct link to those people....uh, no they don't.

Then they said they are running Ontario with the resources of Prince Edward Island.

Well Mr. Trudeau, then where is this small isolated land patch with no citizens you live on with your ignorant statements you're calling Canada because no one is seeing it with you.

I  got it though, you're in line with foreign business thou right? 

That's because they did the fake G20 deal with the Emergency Funding and then the Prime Minister backed Google's page calling us a "community" so small everyone has ties to the victims.

I'm not seeing this planet you're living on and describing there Ottawa.

It's clear Canada that Prime Minister Trudeau is not interested in regular issues like University work and employing educated Canadians and issuing updated government cheque funding.

Where is Trudeau during all this?

Out playing with his Google pages and his Bong and Cannabis Stores backing foreign businesses like Google here in Canada, saying we are small and no one lives here ninnying with  Google and at the G20 all playing with their stickers and bongs and stuff.

Uh, isn't that guy like 45? 

All that stuff he's saying is for like ten years old with their cool stickers and stuff, it'd be nice if we had a Prime Minister who knew what the University and stuff was instead of being out playing with his smartphone and facebook everyday, pleasing google and bong stores at some kind of Cheech & Chong run Parliament in Ottawa.


Oh right, and the queen sends her messages to us by Twitter. I don't care if it's her birthday, that's pathetic.

No one cares about anything you people are talking about. Twitter, bong stores...all of it.

Everyone else like here in Atlantic Canada just wants the Library and stuff, work for University Graduates and Educated Canadians and to be able to eat from the Canada Food Guide but no one has any money.

I mean all the farms & fisheries here in Atlantic Canada and they won't even give us enough money to eat there and have our daily food guide intake.

Then the Nova Scotia teachers don't even want to work or teach the kids and hate Christmas concerts, move to Ontario and smoke bongs with the Prime Minister then.

Around here we're gonna be back in one room school houses soon so the kids can get a decent education is what I'm seeing, everyone will be home schooled and then study and one of the parents houses out back in a one room school house so we can get some peace and quiet from google and all these "bong stores" whatever that is.

That is the political system of no one, and it all take place at the bong store with Cheech & Chong stickers and shit.



Monday, April 20, 2020

This Is What The New Map Will Look Like

This is what the new map will look like Nova Scotia will be expanded into Quebec and the United States to Washington D.C. and also include the City Of Toronto.

This region, The Appalachian Mountains Area, will qualify for the $1200 a month Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque from Nova Scotia who also own large assets in the Canadian Territories and remaining Provinces.

The $1200 Cheque will be  converted to local currency rate.

The region will include Washington D.C. and New York City.

The Toronto Stock Exchange will be split into West and East, all companies from the East will be removed and then transferred to the New York Stock Exchange, companies not in compliance in the East will be closed in New York. 

After this, Washington D.C. will begin efforts to open lines of communication in the rest of the South East Region.


Excess of 19 victims killed in Nova Scotia massacre, RCMP say

Minister Bill Blair provides update on Nova Scotia mass shooting

Trudeau Addresses Canadians On Nova Scotia Situation

Who cares what Ottawa says, no one wants them anyway. Besides all that, don't even worry about it go back to the slums with your hobos. You have no support from anyone that I would ever know, fake Parliament.

What I mean is Nova Scotia and all Atlantic Provinces need their own rebates...no one cares what Ottawa is saying. Here in Atlantic Canada we need minimum $1200 monthly rebate cheques going forward.

Just give us our money back, no one needs you anyway.

Halifax needs to step in and pass out own rebate checks for Nova Scotia and the rest of Atlantic Canada....Quebec and Ontario can figure out their own problems.

Here in Nova Scotia we don't need their issues they have in Upper and Western Canada, we have our own problems. No one wants private anything, we want the regular government services issued back to us the citizens and then we can solve our own issues, $1200 a month here plus along with our regular money will get everyone up to a minimum of $2000 per month.

After that, we can start to recover and then work on solving our own problems that have nothing to do with Ottawa, all they have is hobos and fake government contracts.

Here in Atlantic Canada we want our regular services back, like no private government contracts and a $1200 a month supplement so we can start fixing our own issues since Ottawa has no solutions for the public here.


CANADA: No May GST Payment

Here it is here...

They announced $400 rebates for May in the news. 

They they issued $290 with no notice and cancelled the May payment and shorted everyone by $100.

No one in Canada is ever going to look at Ottawa ever again, whatever fake government.

What were they doing instead?

Issuing fake funding to the G20 business group and refusing to lock down to help the public staying open through the crisis increasing the death rate from the virus.

Then issuing private cannabis licenses to heroin and cocaine rings in Ontario who run their stores off illegal drug money and have bong stores.

They they all sit in there private all day from the Prime Ministers office thinking their super cool walking on their customers and smoking and selling weed all day while they sell cocaine and heroin out back and at the bong store like "Rad 420" in Halifax.

They they follow you home from the store and try to bleed your bank account threatening you like what happened to me and my fellow University Alumunists. 

Obviously, Ottawa is run from the slums and the homeless because that's who they cater to.

All private government contractors all in as the lowest bigger, then all their staff are from the slums and are cocaine and heroin addicts living in garbage and filth....all while you don't give us back the money and services we need like financial rebates we said so you can have free labor from hobos on your contracts, obviously you don't need or want University people in Ottawa ever again.

You wanted bums only working for you in Ottawa so that's what you have then.

Then you leave nothing left for us in this country...University Graduates.

Good luck continuing in this Country Ottawa.


Nova Scotia: Mass Shooting Should Extend Government Lockdown & Create Tougher Drug Laws

Commentary:  Tougher laws needed in Halifax to stop Portland Street Drug Gangs and Murderers.

Hopefully this mass shooting, one of the worst in Canadian History, will lead to tougher laws against cannabis dispensaries and bong stores.

Portland Street is the most pathetic street to ever exist man, it has to be. 

I mean what's all down there drug fronts or what?

Cannabis dispensaries and bong stores, I hate everyone of them. Why do you people think you are so cool anyway? 

Whatever losers. 

Every time something like this happens when they get caught it's coming from cannabis dispensaries and bong stores and stuff.

Here's what I'm telling you the problem is.

Businesses like Five Star Bailiff and Sketchy Cannabis Stores are illegal. I don't know or care how they got a permit, they are illegal and the public is not going to allow them.

I just said on here that I was down there and they had the Five Star Bailiff car parked in at the warehouses on Mount Hope Avenue and they are fake cars, any business offering their supposed services is illegal.

Then the buddy in the same area at the Denture Clinic comes out in a fake police car and kills so far they are saying 19 people in a mass shooting.

Thanks for the tip though...now I know what is up there in them warehouses..cocaine and heroin.

Like the bailiff car right...they can just run down the two kilos of cocaine and heroin from the warehouse district using the car to shuffle drug bags around the city like to the Portland Street 420 store saying they are there delivering rent notices.

At least that's what it looks like anyway.

Then the denture clinic owner must have got wind they that they were cutting him out or something up in the warehouse district and went on a killing spree or something.

In the news they said it was Debert, NS...all that place is known for is yet again....Sobeys Warehouse, then every time it's always the same places and people.

Then the guy killed correctional guards...well that's getting awfully close to the so called "bailiffs" in town isn't it. 

I'm not saying the victims were cocaine and heroin dealers like at Rad 420 but it's awful suspect.

The problem on Portland Street is like this....Sobeys just had a chemical attack or something, then Rad 420 got busted with two kilos of cocaine then they have these fake sheriffs driving around all in the same area...I mean what's in the fake sheriff's car, cocaine and heroin or what?

Remember, Five Star Bailiff  is run by MMA fighters who are linked to MMA murderer and drug mule Steve Skinner in a cocaine ring in the MMA, that's what Rad 420 got busted with.

I mean god man....everyone hates you people so bad you're not even real.

That just seems like an awful lot of drama going on down there on Portland Street doesn't it?

I mean it's not even a bad area. 

The problem is between the Pizza Girls restaurant, the Recycling depot area down to the main stores on Portland by Rad 420....that is all right beside the Community Services welfare office area, park, ferry terminal and public library.

I mean could you be any more in public with your drugs and illegal activities, you even got it painted on your cars and everything.

I mean you go down to the Cannabis Store the real one and get some weed or something then what?

You go to the bong store and then it's  "raaaaaaad 420", then the girls and people in there think they're all better than you acting right cool and important, then they are all cocaine dealers and try following you home, then you start getting fake rental hearing notices from Five Star Bailiff through Access Nova Scotia on Baker Drive.

A little too comfortable down there on Portland Street aren't ya in your public drug ring through the MMA and them, bong stores and stuff.

Yeah, anyway I don't think so...you bother me with that man and I'm going to go down there and turn you in to your face for selling cocaine and heroin  then trying to annoy me outside or try and come to my house with those shitty bands in the North End Halifax.

Well that's their game isn't it? 

They're all commiting crimes in public, come here and bother me or outside I'm ratting you out to the cops right to your face.

For example...you're all selling drugs out of fronts on Portland Street...two of them just went nuts. Then if it's not that it's cannabis dispensaries or bong stores.

As a local citizen you can't help but to hate all their guts, don't share you time with them by shopping at private bongs stores...make them know they are not wanted in regular society with a public boycott to their faces, places like Five Star Bailiff, sketchy cannabis dispensaries and bong stores....all their customers are probably just cocaine and heroin addicts anyway down there for that....not lighters and bongs.


The Solution:

Here are my recommendations for a public solution...extend public lock down and make people clean their store fronts in these areas and bring their properties up to standard codes and get rid of all the dirt and stuff off their properties...seeing a health inspector down there at those shitty restaurants would be nice.  

Since all cannabis products have been legalized in Canada we need a zero tolerance policy for all other illegal narcotics in Canada. 

- We will start with any possession is automatic jail time in a zero tolerance policy then increase sentencing from there.

This will deter criminals like the girls who ran Rad 420 because the penalty is too severe.

- No clean needles for heroin addicts. 

Syringes should be for diabetics and stuff only, having syringes should be made illegal without a permit.  

The heroin addicts will only be able to use dirty needles they found in the garbage where they live, then when they all fear getting sick and dying the problem will be solved on it's own.

-No Private Cannabis Dispensaries....like in Ontario for example, all cannabis stores are front's for heroin and cocaine rings, where do you think they are getting money from to run the stores.

All Cannabis needs to be run and sold through the government only like the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission where I live.

Then all cannabis profits will go to the government with no private third party.

It is too much of a risk to let the public sell cannabis because their stores are being run as fronts for cocaine and heroin rings and that is their business money....then people there will follow you home and assault you smoking and selling weed all day while they sell heroin and cocaine, disgusting.

You people have it too easy, all of your activities and hobbies like hanging around the private cannabis stores and bong stores smoking weed and selling heroin all day will be banned in this Country.

All you criminals will find out that you will NOT be coming to citizens houses from your drug fronts and getting things from them while you harass them, like with what happened to me from the same neighborhoods when I was assaulted by these losers years ago at my house.

Finally and this is a big one.

-Bong Stores Will Be Made Illegal

All cannabis products will be make for government sale only and then all private bong and "weed merchandise" stores will be made illegal.

Then Canada's Government will sell all cannabis smoking products in their stores only like the Nova  Scotia Liquor Commission. 

This will create a government monopoly in Canada on bongs and cannabis pipes, papers etc, and will only be sold by the government. 

Private sale of bongs and stuff will be banned on the internet in Canada except for government sales only.

This will create a large financial surplus for the Canadian Government which will be given back to citizens under programs like the Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque. 

When that is done this will remove in Canada the "hang outs" of drug people, like bong stores and sketchy cannabis dispensaries.

When the government monopolizes all cannabis and all cannabis paraphernalia this will close all businesses like Rad 420 on Portland Street and help reduce violent crime in Canada by removing the drug gangs hangouts.

This is my advice.


Private bong stores are NOT SAFE in this Country.

Only buy your cannabis supplies from a government seller like the Nova Scotia Liqour Commission like we have here.

Those places are known heroin and cocaine dealers, they will start mocking you and calling you down, then they try and act tough to you and then follow you home...they are drug ring people.

A regular person in Canada like a University Student who buys Cannabis should NOT be subjected to cocaine and heroin rings when buying cannabis smoking materials.

The student is better off than these people and having bong stores and non government run cannabis stores is only feeding drug rings victims in this Country.

It's great that you can get cannabis in Canada when you are a regular citizen, but it is not great to have to buy smoking supplies from heroin and cocaine rings at stores like Rad 420.

Personally I hate everyone one of them, never even think you can look at me in real life.

Hopefully the government will issue a zero tolerance policy with automatic jail time on non cannabis drugs in Canada in a short time frame then close all these perverts.

Then when the government monopolizes all bongs and accessories for their stores only the regular citizens can get the money back on rebate cheques from the government instead of leaving the profits in the hands of heroin and cocaine rings in Canada that follow you home from the bong store high on heroin, meth and cocaine and then try and bleed money and possessions from you similar to what happened in my court case.

Then when all of you people are gone in this Country the rest of us will be happy and have more extra money when it get's removed from their pockets.


Like this, people say what would a zero tolerance sentence be?

I would say for cocaine for example...possession of any cocaine or unregistered syringes would be an automatic one year jail sentence.

That's because of the crime around the bong and cannabis store stuff with drug rings and because of how terrible they threaten you in public when they are looking for money trying to bum off you and they never stop mouthing off about you, that will be an initial incentive for them to start regulating their behavioral problems while using illegal drugs.