Tuesday, April 21, 2020

You Don't Find A Cause It Finds You

What I mean is people who take up causes are personally affected, like myself for example. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up suing people in Ottawa in my case over it.

It's like this...you get a University Degree, then no one will hire you, companies rip you off and then Ottawa doesn't take the complaint and passes rules for the same people who assaulted you...that's because they are the same people.

Like with Rehtaeh Parsons....if bong stores and all that were banned then that attack may have never happened because that's the crowd they are in...bong stores and the Prime Minister.

Here is something else not covered.

People who have no internet also have no library access.

Those people may be using the public library for all their needs, they may not even have cable. 

Then they can't follow the pandemic, then the government wants everything done online and messages from the Queen but some people can't access them.

What are you supposed to do if you depend on the library for internet access? 

You won't be able to pay for or maintain the stuff you are using.

Then what if your computer breaks and you have important stuff to do on the internet?

You can't run to the library because they closed them.

So they are not doing anything about that as far as I know. 

Then they offer no relief for emergency internet access, computer replacements etc during a pandemic. 

What are we supposed to do? Go fuck ourselves like Ottawa told us? I don't think so.

Then everything they pass is for people with jobs and houses and stuff and nothing for everyone else at home.  

You are like a government for two people...the prime minister and his hobo.

Get bent.

Ottawa is like the welfare office right and everyone went in to get their emergency funding and the Prime Minister goes "fuck you, get out" like when you confront them at the welfare office when the staff harasses you saying they don't cover anything no matter what you ask for.


Welfare prime minister. 


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