Monday, April 20, 2020

CANADA: No May GST Payment

Here it is here...

They announced $400 rebates for May in the news. 

They they issued $290 with no notice and cancelled the May payment and shorted everyone by $100.

No one in Canada is ever going to look at Ottawa ever again, whatever fake government.

What were they doing instead?

Issuing fake funding to the G20 business group and refusing to lock down to help the public staying open through the crisis increasing the death rate from the virus.

Then issuing private cannabis licenses to heroin and cocaine rings in Ontario who run their stores off illegal drug money and have bong stores.

They they all sit in there private all day from the Prime Ministers office thinking their super cool walking on their customers and smoking and selling weed all day while they sell cocaine and heroin out back and at the bong store like "Rad 420" in Halifax.

They they follow you home from the store and try to bleed your bank account threatening you like what happened to me and my fellow University Alumunists. 

Obviously, Ottawa is run from the slums and the homeless because that's who they cater to.

All private government contractors all in as the lowest bigger, then all their staff are from the slums and are cocaine and heroin addicts living in garbage and filth....all while you don't give us back the money and services we need like financial rebates we said so you can have free labor from hobos on your contracts, obviously you don't need or want University people in Ottawa ever again.

You wanted bums only working for you in Ottawa so that's what you have then.

Then you leave nothing left for us in this country...University Graduates.

Good luck continuing in this Country Ottawa.


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