Tuesday, April 28, 2020

COMMENTARY: Canada Needs To Convert It's Asian Factories Directly To Chinese Government

This is what needs to happen, private companies and lax political leaders have already failed all Canadians only a month in the crisis offering no emergency funding to citizens in order to pay private government contractors wages to manufacture its goods in China.

The result, no real emergency health plans in Ontario with test reporting lagging and a 89 million hospital mask production failure in China.

Masks that would have been used to save Canadians lives during the pandemic if private contractors were closed.

The Solution:

Canada needs to seize all private government contracts in Canada and the give the contracts directly to the Chinese Government in Asia to produce our health supplies directly to Canadians as a Government run non profit organization.

These profits will be given back to Canadians in health rebates and essential supplies and supply workers in China with more jobs working directly for Canada through the Chinese government with no private third party contract.

These factories owned directly by Canada and under the control of Communist China in Asia will provide direct support to Canadians from Asia and allow Canada to build private factories through out the South East Asian region, this will provide many jobs to Asians as their countries take over the private production of our outsourced government goods.

Canada along with China and other Asian Nations will own this money together, providing jobs for people in Asia and wealth for Canadians that will be given back to us with rebate cheques through the Canadian and Chinese Government.

This will allow a faster and safer production and reduce health risks for citizens as medical equipment will no longer be managed by low bidders, going forward we will get the medical product right the first time which will save lives in Canada.

Coronavirus Second Wave Concerns - containing the virus in Canada with a continued shut down and financial support to Canadians to allow us to stay home during the pandemic will help us beat the virus on the first try, a second wave of Coronavirus by forcing Canadians back to work early will only restart the transmission with unqualified government contractors producing medical supplies will only cause more deaths in Canada.

Canada is now calling for new leadership in Ontario as both major parties political platforms fail in public after Ottawa offers zero support to Canadians.


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