Tuesday, April 28, 2020

CANADA: Ottawa Defense Contracts Could Lead To Faulty Hospital Masks

Japan is reporting that China has recalled 89 Million faulty face masks during COVID pandemic.

Canada's reliance on third party contractors to manufacture medical face masks and striking new production deals during the pandemic is putting Canadians at risk of contracting COVID by purchasing from lowest bidder government contractors.

89 million masks made by China during the health scare were seized, making Canada's first G20 agreements during the pandemic a total waste of time because contractors couldn't produce the masks which also includes places like General Motors who are manufacturing ventilators. 

Scam contracts or not this defense deal is a total failure by Ottawa who instead of producing it's own masks is using these third party businesses who can't manufacture a proper medical product, which is a recurring theme through out their companies.  

During the pandemic Canada has no time for wasted productions of medical products, we need the real one the first time and it's time to ban these companies contracts in Canada so we can be properly protected during an emergency declaration.


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