Thursday, April 23, 2020

Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque

They are giving $1750 to University Students with a disability.

When I was in University I mostly lived off my student loans, so if they are like me they would have about $5000 to live off for four months while in school in the bank today from Canada Student Loans, yeah the years is pretty much over though anyway, then they would get a $1750 cheque, plus they may work,

Not only that University students are usually middle and upper class families and their parents work with a steady income so they would get the $2000 Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque.

That means $1750 cheques for regular disability recipients is not even close to unreasonable because they have no student loans or parental support.

People in the same group as them, students with disabilities have more money at home.

It only makes sense that regular disability reciepents who have way less money than that will get the $1750.

So I would automatically assume that regular disability recipients will get a $1750 Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque.


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