Wednesday, April 22, 2020

PANDEMIC: Domino's Build Your Own Pizza Walk Through

I read Domino's was having a 50% sale but it's over, might have been United States only.

Domino's Build Your Own Pizza:

$50 for one pizza, extra large works, yeah no thanks.

KFC says that $50 per meal, that's what I mean...regular take out items are $50 a meal now...meaning you can never have on on welfare for the rest of your life they are saying. 

You're government cheque only provides money for like four $50 meals, $200...that's a whole months food budget for single people. 

Then when you make pizza at home from scratch or a Kraft box you can make like two for $20.

Like the ingredients may cost $40 - $60 at the store, but you only you only use $20 worth of ingredients then you have all kinds of leftover ingredients, like you don't use all the bacon and hamburger on two pizzas, you have all kinds left in the fridge for other meals, like they'll be $40 worth of food left in the fridge after you make that.

What are you people making all that and handing out government cheques retarded or what?


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