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MUSIC: The Misfits, Legacy Of Reprints

Misfits - Legacy Of Brutality
Don't you hate it when something gets partially ruined for you? 

That's what happens to me when I'm doing music research sometimes, you love this band and then you find like a thorn in it that drives you nuts. 

Of course that could be applied to probably any topic.

Glenn Danzig's The Misfits is one of my favorite all time bands, no matter what and it's still the most awesome. 

Then when you get further into researching The Misfits you see that they didn't make that much original material from their early days, like Glenn Danzig's second band Samhain they only did like three records or something plus they are all short. 

Really though all you need is one good song and your band is set for life and the Misfits have all kinds of that.

Here is what I noticed when researching music about The Misfits.

First The Misfits only did two albums:

"Misfits - Walk Among Us" - like 25 minutes long and "Misfits - Earth A.D." and is like 15 minutes long.

That's their whole original discography, like 35 minutes.

Then the rest of the material is all dropped songs and outtakes and was released on singles, that's like 8 singles with bonus tracks.

Then they have all kinds of artwork from their singles, which are all super awesome.

Their first two albums before 1982 were both canceled and never got signed.

Misfits -  Static Age - canceled (released in 1997)
Misfits  - 12 Hits from Hell - canceled (cancelled again in 2001,never came out)

Then their first album was Misfits - Walk Among Us - 1981.

Then they did "Misfits - Earth A.D." and the "Die, Die My Darling" single which was later added to the "Earth A.D." album.

That was their entire release catalog.

Like this though....

All their original singles, mostly or probably, came from their first two scrapped records. 

Songs like "Who Killed Marilyn", "Static Age", "Bullet" and "Horror Business" all came from the original scrapped records, those albums never got signed. 

The original Misfits lp singles are so rare, like 500 copies each, that they never came out and were sold by Glenn Danzig himself. Today you can not get an original copy I would assume unless it came from Glenn Danzig himself or something.

So really that never happened, then after the original Misfits broke up that's when the rest of the material came out.

In fact after the Misfits broke up in 1983 Glenn Danzig released the rest of the material by himself as a solo artist.

The classic Misfits self titled compilation album is when most of the songs actually came out which Glenn Danzig actually released by himself.

The Misfits album "Legacy Of Brutality" which is the most well known Misfits album was released after The Misfits broke up.

This album is actually a Glenn Danzig solo album.

On this record after the Misfits broke up, Glenn Danzig took the original tapes for the songs and then overdubbed all the guitar, bass and vocal tracks.

That means he just did all the parts on top of the original recordings to make the guitar, bass and vocals etc. louder and sound better.

Like all the singing on that record is overdubbed vocals, then it has this echo sound to it.

That's because of the multiple vocal and instrument tracks on the overdub that create a harmony and an echo, they are saying the didn't have the studio tracks or something separate and then Glenn Danzig just overdubbed everything onto the original recording to make it sound better, then if you listen close you can hear the echo.

The "Mifits - Static Age" album was supposed to be their first album, that is the original songs that were not overdubbed.

They released this in 1997 and said that the tapes were so deteriorated that they had to bake them in the oven to get them to play and then they played it once in the studio to record it on digital and then the tapes disintegrated - a sketchy story at best, with no original version of the album.

That came out in the 1990's in The Misfits box set, which to get released the Misfits had to sell their catalog to Caroline Records, Universal Music today, and they do not own their original material.

Then they had to split the profits from the sale.

On the box set is mostly just repeating studio sessions I think they are saying and the actual album "Misfits - Walk Among Us" is not on the release I think they are saying.

However, most of the songs are on the record from different recording sessions. 

I always knew it was missing the song "Braineaters" from "Walk Among Us" or something and that is why.

"Misfits - Walk Among Us", owned by Warner Music I think, is not in the boxset  but the songs are still on it from other sessions I think they mean. 

Then "Static Age" was released as a seperate album later.

So you really don't know what you are getting from the band. Classic songs though and nice artwork on the singles but most of their catalog is just reprints with two albums and one single, "Walk Among Us", "Earth A.D." and "Die,Die My Darling" , that's all that was originally officially released.

The rest is just sessions, overdubs and reprints.


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