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Internet: The Economy Of Today & How South East Asia Can Help Build Us

The Internet: The Economy of Today
Don't be concerned about anything in the news about the Economy, yes some people lose their jobs and others get new ones but overall  the state of the Global Economy is stable and perhaps increasing.

With The United States currently pulling out of global trade agreements and adding increased tariffs on imported goods from Canada and Overseas we should not be concerned, that's because The United States is only one Country pulling out of trade agreements. 

The rest of the Countries are still united and need to pull together to make new agreements between each other to make up for the difference of The United States pulling out and adding tariffs, together we can work to stabilize the void in the economy left by the United States by redistributing our old trade agreements from the United States among our other global partners.

That way we can "level off" the economy and maintain the same levels of income and trade for Canada and the rest of the world by redistributing the old United States agreements to our other partners global so that we can maintain the same global financial levels.

What used to be part of a United States trade agreement would now fall to France for example for Aluminum exports from Canada in a new arrangement and then Canada would in turn take on materials from France replacing their old United States trade agreements.

Doing this in all sectors would replace the void in trade agreements left by the departure of the United States from current global financial markets in the import / export trade sector and create new jobs and working relationships in other Countries.

In the United States this is Donald Trumps "Make America Great Again" campaign. 


Well by pulling out of NAFTA and keeping jobs in the United States.

Donald Trumps increase in tariffs will keep manufacturing in the United States and create jobs by blocking cheap foreign imports from Canada and other Countries.

Everyone hated NAFTA because people are concerned about losing their sovereignty and creating too interconnected business between two countries, this "merges" the countries in sorts and this concerns people that it would merge Canada and the United States for example with too many loose trade ties.

Well you don't have to worry about that now because Donald Trump has cut them and pulled out of NAFTA, creating a more sovereign United States with less global trade ties.

What they are doing is keeping manufacturing in the United States to create jobs in areas like steel and lumber manufacturing.

That means more work regionally in the United States which will grow their economy internally with fewer outside partners.

This also forces Canada out of NAFTA because we no longer are a partner with The United States and helps to increase our sovereignty.

Cutting ties with the United States will allow us to open up Canada's global markets and create  new working relationships with other countries under new agreements.

Goods previously shipped to the United States from Canada are now available to the rest of the world at the old price they were paying, other Countries can now get the old deal that The United States had in the past now other foreign countries can take advantage of the new agreement, Canada in turn will take on your countries imports in return in new trade deals similar to the terms under the old NAFTA agreements.

I'm not sure what global arrangements were in place with other countries while we had NAFTA, I'm just assuming the United States had a larger cut of our exports which are now open to foreign markets under new global import / export trade agreements.

A similar model probably applies to other countries facing new tariffs from the United States under Donald Trump.

Donald Trump making America great again is also great for the rest of us, it opens our global markets between ourselves to work together to create new trade deals and jobs in our countries outside of the United States.

The new Global Trade Deals now available from Canada to the other countries in the world will help push Canada's Globalization Movement forward creating new jobs and wealth and working agreements between all non United States Countries.

Canada's Globalization will open up new markets after the departure of the United States from NAFTA, in essence we will need more Global NAFTA like deals with other foreign countries outside Canada.

Globalization is great for Canada. 

This will open up new relationships for business and with other countries and probably nullify the departure of The United States from NAFTA and most likely create new wealth by importing and exporting to non United States Countries under new non-United States Global Free Trade Agreements.

For Countries outside of The United States of America Globalization is a great deal,  non- United States Countries can now set up a new Global Free Trade Agreement that does NOT include the United States.

This is great for smaller countries who can participate in Canada's Globalization by picking up a piece of the old deal abandoned by The United States.

In short, other smaller Countries can step in and bid on a new free trade deal in a Global Market to get a piece of the old Canada / United States Agreement.

That way we will get the same deal internally for our businesses only the exports go somewhere else now for the same price, in return Canada will but goods from your smaller Country.

That way businesses in your Country will be open to new contracts from Canada which will be purchasing some of your countries manufactured goods.

That is what globalism is, it's Global Economic Free Trade Agreements.

Globalism is great for Canada, that's because we have a friendly image to the world and are the second largest Country geographically. That's makes us a perfect fit for Globalization, by spreading Canada's great reputation to other Countries through new Global Free Trade Agreements.

Not to mention, Canada being the second largest Country in the world what do think is in that?

That's right, resources!

Steel, Iron, Minerals, Farming, Gold, Silver etc... Canada's wealth is mining and manufacturing which is one of our main exports....steel and minerals etc.

That's what has been tariffed by The United States.

Canada's small population and massive amount of natural resources like steel makes us rich under Global Global Free Trade Agreements.

Similar to China, Canada can dig up all those materials in massive volumes thus lowering the sale price of steels and minerials.

Excessive mining by Canada to create an internal surplus of materials which will lower the price of those materials because of the large volume which we can then sell cheap in new Global Free Trade Agreements.

This will open Canada's exports up to new markets in other countries that are looking for cheap imported steel, metals and minerals.

This will create a massive boost to the economy with new future export contracts, in return Canada will import other goods from your country to increase wealth in other areas locally in your region.

Canada's Globalization and push into new Global Free Trade Agreements will create a massive amount of new foreign contracts for Canada's resources and increase our economic position and will provide cheaper materials to overseas Countries under the new global free trade from Canada as part of Canada's open Globalization Movement.

Your Country will benefit from cheap steel and building supplies as well as  minerals like zinc and magnesium which if I need to remind you are used for manufacturing in everyday products.

Canada will benefit from new exporting Contracts creating work in Canada and also we will have new cheaper goods on store shelves from new foreign markets previously unavailable. 

That is stuff we bought in return for our export contracts.

For Canada with it's tough competitive markets next to the "entertainment and financial" capital of the world The United States, Globalization would be a "great fit" for Canada.

Canada's Globalization will help us compete Globally with United States markets, plus we have more land which means more steel and minerals.

Plus, when the revenue from the sale is returned to Canada the wealth goes into Canada's infrastructure for roads, hospitals etc. and having that income distributed under the small population will make us more rich per capita meaning per person. 

That way each person in Canada gets a "bigger personal cut" of the new wealth meaning better health care and more Government benefits and nicer roads City and Town areas.

This will make Canada a rich Country and everyone will benefit based on the high value of our resources and returned distributed wealth among our population.

That is Canada's Globalization Model.

Doing this will allow us to compete on a scale similar to the scale of the United States but from Canada. 

Canada unable to compete because of the wealth of  The United States our competitive option is Globalization.

Canada's Globalization and new Global Free Trade Markets will open our economy to new foreign markets and allow us newer cheaper imports in return for other products.

That's why Globalization is great for Canada.

To replace the term NAFTA we need a name for Canada's new Global Free Trade Agreements, which will drive Canada's economy into the future.

In short, we cut the throat of the United States in metals and minerals in the global economic market by digging up an excessive amount of our natural resources and dump in on overseas markets like Europe and Asia dirt cheap for next to nothing like China does to get them to import our steel and minerals.

Then we make tons of money which is great for Canada , That is Globalization = Great for Canada.

Digging up tons of our natural resources and selling it off for next to nothing to Europe and Asia in return for trade deals on imports is Canada's Globalization and one of best our best options for economic growth, plus our material are in demand overseas. 

You have to say FTA which means Free Trade Agreement when you name it.

CGFTA - Canada Global Free Trade Agreement
WFTA - World Free Trade Agreement
CWFTA - Canada World Free Trade Agreement

So when this gets an official name just those in mind, I don't know if those are taken or not that's just an example.

Under the Canada Globalization Movement and new Global Free Trade Agreements one of the main economic drivers is internet.

Internet is probably the second largest industry after mining and manufacturing.

What is on the internet? 


In fact, overseas shopping.

Canada needs to increase its presence in allowing cheaper imported goods through customs. 

That is because of Internet Shopping, allowing Canada's Citizens to access cheaper internet shopping from foreign countries under new free trade agreements will allow us to order cheaper personal goods online and also increase the wealth of our foreign global business partners.

Right now, internet shopping is restricted in Canada because of exchange rates, customs tariffs and GST taxes.

Ordering online overseas is just too expensive for many Canadians. 

Opening the foreign markets to Canadian shoppers will not "hurt" Canada's economy, it will help keep more money in our Citizens pockets which will be spent in Canada.

Ordering online will save us money that we can spend on other goods in Canada.

Then we will also import more cheap goods from China and South East Asia to stock our stores and that money will stay in Canada when we shop at places like Wal-Mart locally.

China and South East Asia (and other countries) in return for importing our metals and minerals will get trade deals as we export more goods.

Then we open up online shopping from Canada to allow us to shop under free trade with overseas markets which will allow Canadian consumers to shop overseas manually at home on the internet with less restrictions.

For example Canada may be able to get cheap goods directly from Europe and Asia with no tariffs or a closer currency exchange rate to Canada's.

That would mean some T-Shirts would be like $8 - $10 and Compact Discs may be $5 - $6 Canadian each coming from overseas markets like Europe and Asia.

Then when shopping online in Canada in addition to our regular products we would have discounted products from overseas we could buy at half price Canadian. The rest of that you spend in Canada.

To do this we need no taxation at customs for consumers importing items at a value of something like $1000 per purchase.

Currently the rate is currency exchange plus 7%.

I just feel $1000 is a good number that covers single purchase common household items. $1000 would cover most things you would want to buy like cheap computers and electronics from overseas like stereos and stuff.

Larger priced items could be taxed like cars etc. over a certain value but for everyday shoppers  I think a $1000 no tariff value is a good starting number to get a discussion going which covers most common household items like Computers and Electonics.

That way there would be no import tax in Canada on buying a discounted regular Computer from Europe or Asia.

That is just a good starting number that covers regular home items like electronics, or like $1000 worth of clothes would be non taxed at customs.

The current non taxable maximum import value is $20.

That is an old number from before the internet. 

Removing that and allowing a minimum of $1000 non taxable on imports will help drive internet shopping in Canada and allow us to buy cheaper goods, just like shopping at Walmart only we order ourselves directly from Europe or Asia at home through online shopping.

Then we need to REDUCE EXCHANGE RATES - reducing exchange rates and cutting import taxes will give Canada's Dollar a higher purchasing value in overseas markets for everyday customers.

For example a $20 shirt in Canada may be $8 Canadian online overseas once we lower exchange rates and cut import taxes, then customers in Canada can shop direct from Europe and Asia and save big by ordering direct from overseas.

Again, the difference in local lost revenue is made up by you have more money in your pocket from overseas savings that can be spent in Canada. 

Also, Canada will import more cheap goods from overseas for everyday shoppers like at Walmart, all money that will be kept in Canada...PLUS, overseas Countries will also be supporting Canada's Economy by importing cheap metals like steel and minerals under the new global free trade agreements creating work and wealth in Canada from foreign Countries buying our cheap materials.

That money is passed on to Canadians by allowing them to shop directly overseas from the same Countries online. This will give them more consumers while import our cheap materials.

They buy our steel and then we shop there un taxed in local Canadian Dollars with no exchange rate or import taxes would be ideal under a certain dollar value per purchase, minimum $1000 non taxable imports for Canadian consumers shopping online

Finally, the Internet.

Youtube's recent Content ID project got me thinking that we should digitize all the worlds books and magazines and then transcribe out all the movies and tv show scripts, in multiple langauges English first.

Then we could create the "virtual library" which is a real library on the internet  just like the psychical libary.

Then instead of going to the library you can look up the book and read it online.

However, it has to be searchable. 

Someone would have to type out all those ebooks and magazines and movie and tv scripts into a searchable html format.

Then you can search all the book content in html format like flipping through a psychical book at the library.

Like this, if you write a university research paper the professor can look up your references and citations on the html search and the book would come up on the internet library and he could read it to verify your citations from his home or office computer.

Researchers could use this material to study texts from home to work on research papers, plus reading books on there for free would just be like reading them at the library.

That is NOT file sharing.

Those books are not file sharing that is a library.

This is the number one reason file sharing is NOT illegal, the public library does NOT put the bookstore out of business.

Public Libraries that offer free books that everyone reads does not put bookstores out of business.

Bookstore's do not got out of business just because you can read them for free at the library.

On the internet ebooks and music are just like the Public Library.

When you file share ebooks that is the same as reading them at the library, the same goes for music and video content.

So you can't say file sharing is illegal when it is the same thing a going to a public library.

Then we need to write out all the Library Books into an html format manually so it can be searchable in an html format on the internet.

Then you can read all the Library Books on your home computer  and verify quotes and citations in an html searchable format.

Then should be a number one priority for the internet.

I think that this should be typed out manually in South East Asia.

This would take too long in North America. 

South East Asia has a large population and low wages, so if they want to work for like $1 an hour to type out all the books that is their decision.

That is their wage there anyway. Yes, it sounds bad to say that but they are the ones there that want to do the work.

Places like China and India and South East Asia would do this fast and cheap with low wages and a large population.

In return for hiring them to type that out super cheap we would get the internet library at home in a search format just like at the psychical library.

Canada (and other Countries) should help fund this project.

Canada should pay their Countries out of our pocket to type out that material so we can get this internet public library made quickly. Then they might need the work anyway plus that might be a lot of money there.

I think that South East Asia typing out all the Library Books in every language would  be a great project for them to take on with funding from Canada and other countries here.

This would also help to release the Free 4G Network for home use and help build real internet television.

The html searchable public library built by South East Asia would be a second new feature that would be built with Internet Television.

It would be Internet Television and the html public searchable free library on the free wireless 4G Phone Network.

Those are practical uses of the internet that we need today.

We in Canada would help fund this project with our overseas business partners in new non United States Global Free Trade Agreements  and then they would by our cheap metals and minerals when we dig them up and sell them off, then we would be able to shop un tariffed an un taxed online in an open market with Europe and Asia to buy cheap consumer goods.

That would be a great deal for Canada.

Plus, I'm sure the United States would want to help fund the Internet Public Library built for us in South East Asia.

That is the Globalization of Canada, great for all.


Monday, June 25, 2018

Youtube Follow Up Post

This is a Youtube follow up post.

Since Youtube has all that time on there to make all that crap when a Company signs up for Content ID since they added all the lyrics to the songs, they should do that will all the movies and stuff and type in all their movie scripts, then they should watch all the copyrighted documentaries and transcribe out all the text and add that too the video, or the owner could submit the transcript.

Then when you go on Youtube you can type in your favorite movie lines in the search then the scene will appear in the search results with the scene from the movie or, if you have to pay the movie it will tell what movies and scenes have the clip in it and at what time on a script index matched to the movie scenes.  Then you could pay to download it.

When you type in text phrases into the search movie scenes will pop up with matching lines in it.

Then when you write a movie script you can check to see if someone else is using your lines in a movie scene by matching them on Youtube.

That would be neat.

Anyway, they just seem to have a lot of time on their hands that would be a great project for them to do for the internet.

Then the public might want to use it.


News: Modern Scientisits Prove Einstein's Theory Right, duh.

Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla
I posted this from the CBC News, I'm not blaming them for the article they are just reporting on others people's work.

Einstein is proven right yet again — this time on a galactic scale:

Proven right yet again? He's probably always right anyway.

Anyway, everybody already knows that. 

How many times do scientists have to make the news proving something that everyone already knows is true anyway.

Einstein's theories are true, and not only that they are more likely fact. They are also old facts from the year 1900 and on top of that they are quoting him wrong in science and news, that's because they are losing the translation.

Now I'm no expert in quantum psychics yet, but this is stuff I like to read about.  


""It is so satisfying to use the best telescopes in the world to challenge Einstein, only to find out how right he was," said researcher Bob Nichol of England's University of Portsmouth."

Why do they let these people use the Hubble Space telescope and stuff? 

They are using that equipment to test Einstein's theory , then they found out he was right. DUH! That's like getting up every morning watching to see if the Sun is going to come up.

Everyone knows it will, if you need to check that everyday with a telescope to prove it then you are retarded. 

That's what they are checking with the Hubble Telescope etc. to see if Einstein's theory is right. Everyone know's it is.

In the related article is says "scientists can't believe they found a galaxy with no dark matter in it".....duh, obviously the Universe is infinite, that means it goes on forever.

Don't you think when viewing an object of that size that you are practically guaranteed to find anomalies like that?

Statistically, there has to be stuff like that out their because if the infinite number of galaxies. Obviously that could be a failed galaxy or something or a dead galaxy or something.

With the size of the infinite universe being infinite there are probably countless  failed galaxies for example and would have no dark matter, even if that's what it is at all.



"One property of gravity described by Einstein is that objects with considerable mass can bend the light of distant objects. This was first proven in the Milky Way during an eclipse in 1919, when astronomer Arthur Eddington witnessed deflected light from a star that appeared near the sun.

This phenomenon, called "gravitational lensing," can be quite dramatic when massive galaxies bend the light of galaxies that lie behind them. This is known as "strong gravitational lensing.""

They say right in the article that this is research from 1919, plus and they are reading the English translation from what German or something, where ever Einstein is from and are quoting him "again" in the news in the wrong context.

Listen people, those scientists are using the Hubble Space Program to prove the Sun comes up, we could really use a new space program.  

I don't even think they are referring correctly to Einstein's theory of relativity (E=MC2).

They are saying that Einstein's theory on this is that the "gravity"  caused by the size of an object "bends" light, then the gravity is the mass of the galaxy.

In Einstein's equation E=MC2 , the M means the mass of an object.

In the article they are saying the mass of the object which is a "galaxy" bends light.

That's NOT what Einstein is saying, therefore the Scientists in the article are WRONG.

Also, they use the Theory of Relativity as a "blanket term" for a body of work, which it may be but I don't know. The actual theory of relativity (E=MC2) is a separate term.

Then they are saying they are talking about Gravitational Lensing.

In the article they say that the mass of the galaxy bends the light around it.

Not correct.

What Einstein means is that when you view outer space and look at a Galaxy it creates the effect of looking through a lens, like you're holding up a pair of glasses around the object.

So, when you look at a galaxy the galaxy creates the effect of eye glasses, around it.

Objects on the other side of the galaxy appear distorted because the object, which is the galaxy creates a lens effect as if the galaxy was acting as "eye glasses" when viewing objects around it.

For example it would be like looking at outer space through a pop bottle, everything would be concaved.

When you look into outer space and view a galaxy, you see the galaxy but objects around it are concaved.

That's because you are looking through the galaxy at objects on the other side of it.

The galaxy would create a "pop bottle" effect and distort images that aren't in the galaxy.

It's like this, you can see through a Galaxy and look at things on the other side of it.

The Galaxy itself would create a "glass effect" when you see it.

Objects in the galaxy would be clear, then objects on the other side of the galaxy would be distorted because it's like you are looking at them through glass. 

That is the concave effect they are talking about.

That is called Gravitational Lensing,  meaning the galaxy is so large that it distorts the view of objects on the other side of creating a concave effect around the galaxy.

The mass of the galaxy does not "bend light", they are wrong. 

It is just a visual effect.

Again that is not the theory of relativity E=MC2.

The theory of relativity means that if the galaxy exploded then the energy released would be directly related to the mass of the galaxy.

Einstein says that the mass of the galaxy would determine how much energy would be released if it blew up.

That is not theory people it is a fact like the sun coming up everyday.

In Einsteins theory of relativity E=MC2...

E means "energy released"

M  means the size of the object.

C2 means the speed of light squared.

That means if you hit an object at the speed of light squared , it's energy output would be based on the mass of the object.

The larger the mass of the object the higher the energy output when you hit it with another object.

That has nothing to do with gravitational lensing.

Gravitational Lensing is image distortion.

Theory of Relativity is a scientific formula to determine energy output.

Therefore, your scientific theories wrong and you are incorrect.

Einstein's theories are old people from like the year 1900 to explain everyday phenomenon like energy output, travel times in vehicles and image distortion in astronomy.

It has nothing to do with fictional events like time traveling machines and objects that can bend light.

Plus that is what is written in all in the books.

As a side note I posted a picture of Albert Einstein with Nikola Tesla who worked on the invention of power and the Tesla Coil.

Although Einstein is great and all with his super weapon I find Nikola Tesla a more mysterious and interesting character, Tesla also created a super weapon he claimed called the "Tesla Death Ray" but after he revealed it he quit and retired and it was never made.

I may in fact have one of these buried in a field in my back yard.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Youtube Launches Music Streaming Service & Vinnie Paul From Pantera Dies at 54

Just a quick Sunday evening update:

As if on cue to my previous posts I never noticed it before, youtube has launched a music streaming service that uses an app or something to play you music lists and full albums on your smartphones.

I don't know why anyone would want service on a device that just plays you continuous ads on free content, then they keep asking you for money every two minutes then if you want the ads to stop you have to pay them to turn it off.

Holy crap, youtube.com must be the number one site on the internet that keeps asking you for money.

Oh, and remember google ads? Well think about it, those are the ads on youtube now. Today they just run you ads all day on your smart phone off free music videos and audio tracks.

Yeah, no thanks. I like the smartphone but the service is stupid, who would want a device that just plays you ads all day while you listen to music.

The song they play in the video for their ad network it called "invasion of privacy"...yeah I know they are doing that to us on there. Just try and upload a video on there, they all sit there at youtube watching you encoding it checking to see if you don't own it then they start running you six millions ads and asking you for money on top of that.

Then they want you buy a membership and then pay them to make them stop showing you ads.

Don't ask you for much do they.

Right they go,you don't need to know they name of the song. You just type in the lyrics and the song comes up.

That means that when they made the content id they typed in all the lyrics and matched them to the videos, then when you search for a lyric the song comes up, just like they do with content id.

So you would go and type in the lyrics in search and then the song would come up and match the lyric line to the point in the song that says it and the content id would show you the exact part of the video where the lyric is at automated in the search, then they can show you a picture of the sound file of where the video and lyrics are at all at the same time.

Then they want six million dollars from you watch it, plus they don't even own any content. It's all other peoples.

So they did that on other peoples content with content id, ok there Amway.

You watch, you say it sounds like Amway and then they run Nutrisystem ads on it all day and then next week you find out that Amway and Nutrisystem  are their other business partners with the third party content id manufacturer.

Then they backed all that in an Amway scam on Android and now they'll probably go bankrupt.

And on a sad note, Vinnie Paul Abbott from Pantera died of a heart attack at 54 this weekend, his brother Dimebag Darrel was murdered on stage.

Just terrible, that's sad for those families and the other Pantera members. Half of Pantera is dead now and it was their guitar player and drummer and they were brothers.

Diamond Darrel was killed on stage and his brother died of a heart attack at 54.

I feel bad for them all.


Friday, June 22, 2018

Internet: Youtube Copyright Expungement

Youtube Copyright Expungement
Here is more information on the Youtube Copyright Expungement.

Of course, the Courts will have to declare this first and make a ruling BUT the public knows that they are expunged. 

Then the court has to make a ruling, none of this will happen until after Supreme Court rulings. Again, this is explained in the previous post but what happened is Companies misused their Copyrights against the public and the result is copyright expungement.

First, just let us pause for a moment to acknowledge the Copyright Expungement and how great this is for the public and what we can do with it. This is kind of like something that happened in the 1920's or something but it is taking place today. 

That's because if companies run a scam from the 1920's on the internet in 2018 the penalty is Copyright Expungement for Copyright Misuse and Abuse for those companies.

Anyway, they are the group that did it music, television and movies. They will be the example for the future of who got expunged on the internet when it first came out, then no one in the future will do that knowing what happened today in the early days of the internet.

Again, not all companies did this and Google will say that the group did it on their own and misused the Google Youtube policy against their permission, however the business copyrights are still expunged. The Courts will have to rule if  Google participated, in fact they may know already. Just keep that in mind that their has to be a court ruling.

So we need to stop for a minute here because knowing that their Copyrights are expunged this gives the Government a great chance to make a policy on the expungement.

Government people knowing this can take their time and "decide what they want to do" for what's going into the new laws for internet rules.

People working on these platforms need something like this Copyright Expungement as a platform to write new laws for the internet, knowing that they are expunged in advance gives them time to make the new rule books based on the fact that they know the ruling on the expungement will pass in the courts.

Knowing that they already won the copyright expungement gives them time to decide what they want to do with it when they write the new laws for Copyright on the internet.

Trust me, they need this expungement bad because it serves as a platform for them to be able to write the new internet laws and run for office etc. in the Government.

What the public gets is free files on the internet to do whatever they want with. Albums, movies, tv shows etc. all free to use and sell on the internet from the public domain.

It's like the whole file sharing community databases on the internet (almost) , all that stuff is public domain now because the companies misused their copyrights on Youtube and are going to be expunged, then they will be free usage public domain files.

However, it has to pass first. Knowing this will pass is great for the government as it gives them a chance to step in and write the new internet copyright laws for the future after the old files are expunged.


Who is affected by the Copyright Expungement, that would be any company that used the Youtube Content ID match and registered their files at youtube, then made fake users on youtube and didn't declare copyright ownership then removed other people files illegally that had similar content.

That's like Sony etc. and major companies. 

Not that they will close, they will just lose their copyrights and then anyone can use their files for anything they want.

After the ruling on the expungement, their new products will fall under new copyright rules for the internet and the new material will have copyrights that you can't use with regular copyright protection after they conform to copyright law.

That is why the Government will probably take their time knowing of the expungement to write the new internet copyright rules.

It would be like for those companies, anything after 2020 is Copyrighted but before that is public domain because of their expungement over copyright abuse on youtube.

Now, I have two topics here. 

1. The Youtube Content ID Software.

2. What you can do on the internet after the expungement.

The Youtube content ID is brand new in the last three years, when you load a file it scans the file and looks for content matches and returns who owns the content and then tells you if you are blocked or not.

People using the Content ID are facing Copyright Expungement for misuse of their copyrights.

The point is here that I know how the content id works or the theory of how it would work which I will explain. Then like Android which is free Linux anyone can make it. 

Well as you guessed it the Content ID is also made of free open source software that anyone can make.

When I first saw that Youtube was running this software my first glance opinion was that they don't have the means to make that at youtube or google to make that.

The Content ID Software is too big for Google to manufacture and is probably a larger operation than youtube itself, plus it's open source or public domain - anyone can make it.

The point is Google is not big enough to develop the Content ID Match software used on Youtube and  I doubt they have the means to make that. That's just because it's too large.

My first thought's were that well, a third party company must have made it for them.

Then they are probably their business partner.

I said to myself, fuck that looks like NASA made it. So my first thought was that it must have been a Private Contractor for the Military or NASA that built it for Youtube.

Like a private defense contractor, if you've never heard of that don't be surprised because the military or government will hire anyone if they can make that stuff and do it everyday.

My thoughts are that a private government or military contractor made it for youtube and google in a separate private contract.

So they also work for the military or government and then they also work with google / youtube as a business partner.

That's because the copyright content id match is too advanced for google to make so a large contractor must have made it that also works on government or military contracts.

That's everyday practice for them people, and that is who I still think made it.

Then I said well how does that work then?

Easy people, it's built on open source facial recognition software.

Youtube scans the file for matching facial features in your video that you upload to ones they have registered in their content id database and returns matches. If your video matches the one in their database it returns the name of the other video and says they own the content of the match.

It's so easy a toddler could make it for a Linux phone.

That's how you can tell it's silicon valley making this stuff,  it's just a bunch of kids making it like on google or facebook and its all open source.

Anyone with an actual education can shred their work in one second.

This is how it works.

They are making an "artificial fingerprint" on the registered video from a company and they assign it a Content ID.

Then they scan your file looking for the "fingerprint" and compare it to their database. If it matches they show you the owners name.

Its super simple and easy, but it's too large for them to make it. We're talking what trillions of fingerprints in their database? That had to be a contractor that made that.

To understand this, first think of video game software with the wire frames of people made of polygons and shapes.

The Content ID software would read the original video and "draw the wire frame work" like for a video game around the pictures in the video file.

Then they would make a polygon overlay on top of all the images in the file.

So they would draw polygons on top of the video stills for a video game.

That is basic facial recognition software people.

 Then they would do that for the entire video.

When they were finished each video is different and would generate a different polygon pattern.

So because all the images in original content are different, when you draw polygons on all the stills it generates a different result every time.

Something About Mary has a different polygon drawing outcome than Pulp Fiction.

Then when they scan your upload it draws that on your video and looks for the match in the database.

If it sees the drawing in the polygons on your video that they generated on Something About Mary or Pulp Fiction it matches with that video and says it's the content id generated by Something About Mary and then it returns the name to you "something about mary" then it says something like "owned by MGM studios" then is says "blocked" and your file is deleted.

ANYONE could make that people, it's just so large with the polygon drawings that Google can't make it for Youtube so it had to be a contractor.

We're talking trillions of Content IDs for that people, there's no way youtube made that for such a small page.

So that's how content id works.

You can do that at home like a toy for toddlers and it's free and probably open source software.

You just load the software and turn on your webcam and take your picture, then the software adds polygons to the picture of your face and makes a pattern.

Then when you turn if off  and turn it back on you sit in front of the webcam and press scan on the screen and it reads your face and matches it to the polygons in the database and when it sees the one that matches your face on the webcam it returns that picture and shows your your image on the screen.

Easy people, that's like basic University Project Work.

So the webcam reads your face and returns your picture when it matches the generated polygon pattern.

That's a joke people, that's like a Playschool toddlers toy for babies, it takes your picture and then plays it back to them.

That's too simple for stay at home moms and housewives and its more like a toy to entertain their toddler. That software is not even advanced enough to keep a housewife interested in it. Then it's just a novelty for their baby or something.

The Sound ID match is the same thing, instead the polygon match is on the picture of the wave file.

So youtube must rip the file to wave format and then polygon print and match it to their database to return the result of the sound owner.

They must rip the disc for Sony and them and the polygon print the picture of the wave file and id for Sony and those companies.

Then they compare your uploads print of the wave file to the matching polygon one they generated to find the user of the wave file image, then they return you the owner of the picture of the file, just like on the webcam for your toddler.

That's a joke people.

That is called a "digital fingerprint", it's just polygons drawn onto the peoples faces and on the picture of the wave file.

Then facial recognition software scans the files for matching polygon generated patterns, yawn. That's too boring people I'm too busy dating your mom to even bother with that and as you know she's not even very interesting.

So that is my explanation for how I would design their content id match and is probably exactly what they are doing.

2. After the expungement.

After this expungement takes place Youtube should be made into this....

Retaining the content, it should be an html webpage for file sharing open on the internet, then run by a public organization like the dns for video and audio file sharing on an open webpage.

Then all the expunged content should be made free for anyone to use.

Then if you post something on youtube it should be free for everyone to share within youtube like file sharing, but on an html webpage.

I mean come on people, shouldn't we have an html webpage for file sharing by now.

Then if a company posts a video anyone can share it within the page, they would still own the copyrights but any other user can use in only on Youtube.

The old content would be public domain.

So if I posted a video on youtube everyone on youtube could load it to their page, but they wouldn't own it. That is only for expunged content.

Then this would happen, everyone could use all the content on their for their own youtube channels that you can watch on smart tvs and smartphones.

When you search youtube the files would come up on a list like in a file sharing program but on an open html regular web page.

Then you could go onto youtube and make a tv channel off the content and expunged content and load it on to your youtube channel.

Then your personal youtube channel would look like mtv made of any online file sharing content.

Just within youtube.

Then, you can watch your channel on smart tv's and smartphones like real television. 

Then you can watch your channel that you made on the yourtube app on tv and smartphones.

The competition would be right, getting people to watch your show. Anyway good luck, but your friends could see it.

Just like homemade tv channels on Internet Television made up of file sharing content.

Then youtube would be owned by the FCC or something and regulated with the dns service as an html video and audio file sharing public network to load youtube onto televisions and smartphones made of user content.

So if the Government dosn't want to launch internet television, they should give that to the public so they can make it.

Doing that would create tons of free youtube television channels that you could watch on smart tv and would help launch internet television.

The public would launch internet television out of that content in one second if they gave it to us.

Right so why don't you fuck off and give us our stuff back so we can launch internet television out of the expunged content if the government and these companies won't do it.

Everyone at home would make that and launch it with six million channels in one second. Then they would be competing for tops spots in an unbiased environment, plus you could include your own content with the expunged content and make your own broadcasts for internet television.

That would help launch internet tv.

Finally, what convinces me that a contractor made that for youtube is that they gave them the 4G Phone network built by the military to run it. FUCK YOU.

Then the military built the 4G Phone network and some military or government contractor built the content ID and they gave them the wireless public owned internet network to run youtube and google for free.

So you can tell it's the government and military that did that because they made the 4G Network, that is owned by the public.

Then another government or military contractor must have made the content id match for youtube.

Then they all shook hands out back and gave google all the services made of free content because they hate the public.

Now all their Copyrights are expunged if they pass it or not.

Then the public wants the 4G Network back because they own it so they can use it at home to help launch internet television.

So instead of giving all that to the public which we paid them to do so we can make that stuff they gave it to some kid in silicon valley who can't program software for nothing because they hate us and like them better and all their work sucks.

Then they blocked all of us from using it when we can shred silicon valleys work at home in one second. 

That's because they are all just university kids who don't know anything getting a free handout from the government and then they blocked everyone at home who knows how to make the software.

Then they took all our files off the internet.

Then the Government gave all that to google and kids from silicon valley to run it on the 4G phone network made of free content.

Then everyone at home can shred them in one second and they wont give us anything.

Then they gave it to some prick kid in silicon valley for a free government contract on the 4G network and they kicked us off the youtube pages when we know how to make all that at home and the google people and silicon valley are just end users of open source content that people made at home.

Then they took everyone's home content that was open source and made youtube and google and the government gave them the 4g network to run it for nothing.

That's why everyone hates them.

Then those prick kids in silicon valley used the 4G network to run scams and advertising on youtube with it and it's all garbage.

Then they took all our files down.

So fuck you then.

Now everyone wants the 4g network back from the military and the file sharing content to use for free on youtube for internet television.

That's because everyone at home is already done making internet television but the government and military hates us at home and won't let us have it or file share on youtube because we want to load other peoples content so we can share files on the youtube television app.

Then we can watch each other's content on file sharing on television on the youtube app.

Then they took all that and gave it to some prick kid in silicon valley and gave them the 4g network and they just run ads on other peoples content all day because they suck and can't program.

Then the Government and Military thinks that is the real internet and let those kids run it because they are fucking pricks.

Then they hate us and won't look at us at home because they think we're dubbing tapes on the internet. So fuck ya then.

Now silicon valley is in breach of all the copyright laws and their copyrights are in expungement but it hasn't been ruled on by the courts yet.

Then the public wants the 4G Network back because we paid for it and want to use it at home to make new technology and inventions. 


Stay tuned because this is a huge topic.


My Recent Experience On Youtube.com

"My recent youtube experience."
Recently I was posting a video to Youtube, this was up to no longer ago than the last four years including recently. Anyway, I don't post my videos to Youtube or use the service for my own stuff because it's biased and other users cheat to get high play counts, which I will explain.

So because of the cheating users and the biased page I don't use it for my own stuff, I just use it to watch videos and share content that I like on my pages.

Plus, that it a business and in fact the business is Google. 

So a while ago I was looking at Youtube and it also happened recently. 

I was looking at the other Youtube user pages and they were all posting music videos and "full album rips" to their pages without anyone saying anything, then Youtube was running advertisements on the content.

So I did the same thing as the other users just to test how the page works, so I posted a full album rip on my page and then I got a copyright infringement notice, so I deleted my account. This was like upwards to four years ago.

Then the notice came from the record label owner through Youtube, then later the same full album rip was posted on the record label page.

So I couldn't be bothered even using the site to post videos because one gets a copyright infringement notice and others don't and you don't know what video is going to generate that on the page so it's a waste of time even bothering to try and use it for that.

So if you're posting full album rips or other people's videos on your page it's a total waste of time because you don't know what will generate a copyright infringement notice, then they only give you three chances and then kick you off the page.

Their whole business is based on selling advertising on free content, then if you want to male a "cool" homemade video page on it it takes you like six million hours to rip and encode all those videos and upload them to youtube then if you get three notices they kick you off and delete your page.

That's why I don't use it, because it's a total waste of time because you don't know what video will get the complaints.

So when I see youtube I see people posting full album rips, videos and live bootlegs on their own pages , then I want to make the same kind of page because their all doing it on their and mine gets deleted.

That's the biggest piss off you can ever get on their.

So why does that happen, well I came up with an explanation based on experiences like that.

The other people with the pages of full album rips are staff of the record labels.

That should be illegal on the page.

The record label posts the official videos on their page, then they have a group of users off site pretending to be regular users.

Then the people from the record label off site make accounts and pretend to be regular users and then they post all the copyrighted material from the record labels.

Then they don't say anything and that's where those pages come from with copyrighted material.

Keep in mind now there are regular users posting copyrighted material openly then Youtube posts advertisements on it, that's illegal and is megaupload.  

Then this is the part where they piss everyone off and it's a scam.

This is sort of long.

The record label posts their official videos.

"Regular Users"  posts all the bootlegs and album rips...THEY WORK FOR THE RECORD LABEL.

Then the record label allows them to keep the page up, then they advertise and sell stuff on it.

Those smaller pages look like people at home using the page but they are not, you can prove this by verifying their copyright policies on youtube.

Then it looks like tons of users at home making videos and they get millions of hits on youtube. First, those are over inflated numbers.

So you at home can't get high play counts, then the other people have over inflated numbers.

They have people at home off site in another business playing those videos at home to get the play counts up, that's they only way they can do that. 

Plus, there is no way a site as small as Youtube can get those super high play counts on their videos.

 No, they are paying people to play them around the clock to get the play counts up.

Right, a Death Metal band can't sell 10,000 albums but their video has 25 Million Plays on youtube, then their record label doesn't even have one million customers.

No those numbers are fake, that's one of the main reasons I don't use youtube is because of the fake play count numbers

Then this is where I get in an argument with them here at home every time I use their user content pages. 

It's exactly the same model on wikipedia.

The "lower" users pretend to be home users and then they get permission form the labels and post copyrighted videos, that should be illegal and it probably is plus it's a scam.

Then you "think" they are other home users but they are really record label people just pretending.

Then you copy their pages and they kick you off youtube.

So when you copy others users on youtube they kick you off the page, then they let the other people keep doing it because they are really record label staff, FUCK YOU!

Then the "fake users" are really record label staff and are on a home account or remote business location then they post "full album rips" and copyrighted videos at home. Then they get millions of plays.

No they just work for the record label and they all play their own videos nonstop to get their playcounts.

Those are FAKE USERS on Youtube and they should be kicked off.

Record labels should NOT BE ALLOWED to have fake users working for them on youtube and posting album rips under their home name.

Then they pay them or something to inflate play counts.

Then youtube sells advertising on the videos, that is a scam and is megaupload. 

PLUS, this makes you even more mad....then the label has fake users setup on youtube using their content with "secret permission" (then if you post the same at home youtube kicks you off the page) , then they artificially inflate the play counts by playing them nonstop and then the label itself....they post advertisements on the fake user pages.


So the label sets up fake user accounts and they look like people at home.

That is probably illegal anyway.

Yeah, the Record Labels should be kicked off Youtube.

That's why Youtube sucks, it's a spam page and all copyright infringement on it with ads on it and has scams all over it.

You can verify all this and I will show you the example.

So, the fake users for the record label they post tons of copyrighted videos and they never get removed, that's because they have secret permission.

Then this is where I go to their company and start complaining.

If you post an album rip on youtube on yourpage all the fake users start flaming you and complaining to youtube and ratting you out to get you kicked off.




How do you know they are doing that, well it's the only explanation. Record labels don't have the resources to screen millions of home users.

They are using the "scum" of the internet to do it.

So the "scum" at home or in an off site business location they are the fake users.

Then they "get to post all the albums rips" on their youtube pages, as fake users with permission from the label.

Then they sit there all day watching videos to see if anyone else posts "their" content pretending to be home users.

Then if you at home post a video just to be cool the fake users see you and all flame your page and get you kicked off.

They are the biggest scum on the internet. 

They do that just tor ruin your youtube account, then everyone thinks they are "right cool" on youtube and then they post all the cool videos showing off for all the kids at home so people will think they are popular on social media pages with their album rips and stuff.

No kids, they are NOT cool.

That is a scam and is illegal anyway.

Then the fake users pretending to be cool on youtube, they all flame your real page to get you at home the real cool people kicked off youtube.

That's because it's cool to post album rips on youtube at home and get millions of plays on your personal webpage but it's NOT cool to work for a record label and have secret permission to post content and then flame all the home user to ruin their accounts and get them kicked off the page.

No, they are losers.

They are the fake users pretending to be cool on youtube by getting millions of plays on copyrighted material that they don't own.

No, in fact they are a group of people who have permission from the label to post their content and then they pretend to by the kids at home being cool on the internet, when if fact they are scum and are a megaupload type internet group or something that flame home users for copying their pages.

Then the home user flips out when their page gets deleted not knowing the other people who did the same thing as them worked for the label.

This is the point.


This is what that is illegal, they are pretending to be home users and posting copyrighted material in secret posing as a kid at home.


They have to say on the youtube page that they "have permission to post the material from the label".

The label can't say that to them in secret, then block it from the public.

This is why.

Doing that makes home users think they are allowed to post the material.

Companies can't say that one home user is allowed to post the video and the other isn't.

To do that they have to say on the home user page that they have permission.

100 people post the same videos, but only one had permission in secret from the label.

99 people got kicked off youtube and 1 didn't.

The one that didn't had "secret permission" from the label so they kept their account.


Youtube can't kick 99 users off the page without telling them why, but they do.

Then everyone says "they let that guy stay on though."

That's because he has "secret permission" , that means he is a FAKE USER from the record label.


That should get the record label kicked off the page.


The one user that stayed up didn't have it posted on the page that they worked for the label and had permission and millions of plays.



Youtube can't hide that in secret and kick the other users off but they are, that is GOOGLE and ANDROID.



They have to say on the home user youtube account that the video was "posted with permission from the label" or the copyright on the video is NOT VALID.

So if you see a "full album rip" with millions of plays that never goes down, they might work for the label and have "secret permission".

Well secret permission doesn't count it has to be public permission.

That's because if the label let one person do that on youtube then ANYONE can post it the same and no one is allowed stopping you.

That's because the label didn't declare the copyright on the page.

If the label doesn't declare the copyright on the user page everyone is allowed posting the same video.

They can't discriminate individual users by saying the others have "secret permission".

If the label allows one user to do that in secret then everyone is allowed doing it.

That's because the labels copyright claim is NOT VALID when they complain to youtube about your video.

That's because your account is the same as the other account, youtube can't say that your's can't be on the page but the other persons can because they have "secret permission" then they don't tell you and kick you off the page.

Then the fucking pricks go, then you only get three chances...fuck you. Meaning as soon as you start posting you lose your account.


Then they don't tell you that the other person has secret permission.


That is because youtube is a SCAM and is MEGAUPLOAD.

They have to say on the user page that they have permission from the label or their copyright claim is not valid at the label.

If they set it up as an open user with no copyright claim then anyone can post it on the page.

That means the label has made the video open to post on the internet.

They can't secretly block it.

Then they try and secretly claim their copyright working out back with youtube. THAT IS ILLEGAL.

No, to claim your copyright their has to be PUBLIC NOTICE or anyone can use the video.

That is the biggest and most biased scam on the internet against home users.

 *note: to be fair, some songs they allow you to publish on your page. 

Then others are blocked, anyone using them on Youtube has gotten permission from the label.

If you find a blocked song from home users on Youtube and someone outside the label pages is using it then they have permission from the label.

Then when you look at their user pages they have NO COPYRIGHT NOTICE POSTED.

That means that their copyright claim from the label that you can't use the song is NOT VALID.

If youtube kicks you off for posting the video then that is illegal for them to do that.

You can sue them for that, plus it's a scam and they could be shut down.

Personally, I think the whole Google Plus and Android network is going to fail and be bought by some other business and go back to a regular page.

Anyway, the whole network is public domain and user conent.

Here is the example:

Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga songs are blocked on youtube from home users,

Then if you go to Lady Gaga covers songs home users are making cover songs and posting them and getting millions of hits and they don't get taken down.

That's because they have "secret permission" (keep in mind these things they are saying are imaginary terms like "secret permission").

Then on their user page they did not claim the copyright in public.

That means the labels copyright claim is NOT VALID on the song and anyone can now use it on youtube.

If they kick you off at home for using it that is illegal.

The label has to claim the copyright on the user page.

That means that the cover song page is a FAKE USER from the record label.

Those people posting cover songs of banned songs on youtube for public use are record label people using their home names and using fake accounts.

Label's can't claim their copyrights in secret "out back" and give "secret permission" to fake users in collaboration in secret with youtube.

That is illegal.

The fake user from the label has to claim the copyright on their home user page or anyone can copy it.


Claiming the copyright in public on the user page tells the public that they can't use the song.

Then the label pretends to be the public using the song to look cool as a home user , then they don't claim their copyright in public on the fake user page.

Then they try and enforce the copyright out back with youtube by discriminating against home users one at a time working with the label, youtube staff and other fake users in a group of people flaming home users to get their accounts kicked off the page.

So you go to youtube and start using the page like everyone else does in public and then all these people come on your page and start yelling at you and flaming you, then they start disliking your video and making rude comments on the page, then they start complaining to the record label.

Then the record label starts complaining to youtube and youtube starts sending you copyright infringement notices and yelling at you and then kicks you off the site in one second.

That is the same as wikipedia and also in the google network with android. That is why you can't get your wikipeda page up either.

Anything on those sites is totally meaningless anyway because it's all user content and their policies are fake businesses on the internet.

The point there is anything they posted on youtube is open for anyone else to use on youtube on the page, like public domain only on yourtube.

That's because the companies never declared their copyright ownership on the website.

Then they try to claim their copyrights "out back" and with fake users on youtube flaming the public and yelling at home uploaders in a scam.

According to youtube's own policy all the labels and fake users doing that should be kicked off.

Then they don't kick them off because they are working with them for their content, then they place ads on it and sell their video downloads like on Netflix.

Anyone on youtube with a magazine like setup for content and posting blocked videos from record labels in magazine format and not claiming copyrights are fake users from record labels and businesses.

They don't post copyright ownership in public, so they are a fake user. "Out back permission" doesn't count for copyrights, IT HAS TO BE PUBLIC.

When you enforce copyright laws to youtube's model what it spits out is that Youtube is an "Open Domain Website" meaning that anything posted on youtube is available for anyone else to use on youtube, which is what the site should be.  

Then youtube itself tries to keep all the open domain content for itself and make money off the labels and businesses by kicking off home user accounts and keeping the open domain content for themselves, like they did on google with the Linux on the Android Phone.

So google and youtube, is all free open content and then they try and keep it for themselves for their business and then on youtube they kick off home users for doing the same thing just like they do on wikipedia.

The point here this is Google, Android and Youtube.

Then they stole people's trade mark's on the search page google and pointed them to their pages in a redirect.

Then they use the trademark terms on youtube on the owners content to sell advertisements like Nurtisystem.

So when you are using the google plus network...Google, Android, Youtube, Wikipedia..that is a dead business made of user content.

The Google Plus business network is dead because there is no way they can continue to operate going into the future because they are in violation of every copyright law in the books and it's all open content.

Businesses not claiming their copyrights on youtube fake user pages make it open content on the website.

Youtube then tries to "own it in secret out back with the business" to make money by kicking off home users off the public content if they don't work in secret for their business partners like record labels.

All that is illegal.

That is so illegal that in fact I believe that all the business and record labels participating in that scam with google have voided their copyrights.

My opinion is that record labels have ruined their copyright ownership on the songs on youtube and they have been  "expunged" into the public domain for improper use.

Record labels doing that practice with youtube and google may have in fact expunged their copyrights. That would mean anyone can press their albums in the public domain.

For example, a record label did that on you tube.

In your opinion that means they have expunged their copyrights.

Then you press their albums and start selling them because of their forfeited rights.

When the label sues you for copyright infringement , you plead "not guilty" and show the court what they did on youtube to expunge their copyrights.

That would be your court defense.

Then the judge would have to rule if the record label did in fact expunge their copyrights or not.

However, the court can't say that they aren't doing that on youtube because they are.

Then you never know how the Supreme Court will rule on the issue.

My ruling would be that they expunged their copyrights and that youtube is a public domain website and anything on it is available for any other users. Which is what it should be anyway.

The Supreme Court may not agree with me on all those things that I want, they might want to make some kind of ruling out of it with clauses and amendments and stuff for some copyright policy.

Then they would made a big law book on how to resolve matters like that for copyrights on the internet.

For me, I would just let anyone use anything posted on youtube for anything they want, only on youtube, then expunge all the businesses copyrights who did that for participating in the megaupload scam on youtube and release their materials to the public domain.

Anyway doing that and taking them to court to print their copyrights would take many years and millions and millions of dollars to resolve. That would not be a small task.

Two more things.

Google is not a public search engine anymore it's a business.

When you search google now it's the Google Plus network and Android and Youtube, so you are searching a business now not the public.

Then they filter your searches and place their pages at the top.

So you are using the Android and Youtube (that is their money) search engine.

Google is the search engine for android and youtube now, so you see their business and partners listed first. That is not the regular internet, that is a search engine at a business page now not the public search engine.

So you are logging onto a business to search, not the public. You see their results first. It's fucking stupid. 

Then here is the BIGGEST PISS OFF OF ALL.

The open content on Youtube they try and block it from use for home users and try and own it.

Again, why?

The public youtube content is ALL THEIR VIDEOS FOR THE ANDROID PHONE.

That is one of the things I hate the most.

Google uses the Youtube content as their material for the Android Linux Phone and Phone Apps.



Then they try and block home users with "secret polices" for copyrights that they are just making up and aren't real so they can keep the public video content for themselves to make money on Android from people buying phone and video content on youtube while they block home users in a scam.

I like the Youtube content though, but they are illegal.

When the Google Plus network closes it should be make into a free site that anyone can use in the public and then preserve the youtube content for home users and then kick all the bushiness off the page from the scam so anyone can use the content. 

If it's posted on there anyone should be able to use it just on that page, they can't claim it in secret it has to be in the public and fair.


This is just a small point of annoyance for me or a "pain point" they call it.

On youtube it says "video blocked in certain countries".

They they go "Not available in Canada or United States"

Or they go only available in "England and Germany."

Then when you look the people posting the videos in England and Germany where you can see it are the fake users from the record label with no copyright notice posted.

Then the other is every Country except Canada and United States, then the ones posting it everwhere else are the fake users from record labels and flaming everyone else to get their videos removed while not posting the copyright of permission on their page.


You are all posers and are "not cool" you are just showing off with your fake label user page and pretending to be cool people like in the public but you are not, you are scum.

You are going to get kicked off youtube and lose your play counts then your record label practices and your scum network annoying us on Youtube from your megaupload page will be banned from the internet.


That is all.