Monday, June 11, 2018

The ruining of CNN

Watching CNN all day, I get what they are doing.

They are owned by the Democrats.

They are on there selling advertising to places like All State Insurance and Nutisystem off the North Korea summit for ratings.

Then they bash Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un all day and their on their praising Obama during the summit.

Then now they are saying that Donald Trump is "almost a criminal" and lying to sell advertising to Insurance like Liberty Mutual.

I wouldn't be surprised is CNN was also owned by All State and Nutrisystem.

Then everything is bad unless its Obama and Clinton and the Democrats.

This make me wonder if CNN got bought by the Clintons or somebody, obviously the other party is running the news.

If I had to guess I would say the the news is owned by the people that lost the election to Trump and are lying to ruin him and sell advertising to get the Obama's back in office.

If you're bored today watch CNN, it's not that exciting but there's all this pathetic stuff on it and lying to sell advertising. I'm just watching to see what their problem is.

I mean they picked an argument with  me in real life at CNN, Google and I'm going expose them for the scam they are. Washington DC won't sanction them.

They stole others peoples searches and content and pointed at their internet pages.

Just like what happened on MySpace.

So I have to watch all day during the summit because they are all just making everything up for advertising to get the Democrats that own them back in power, pathetic.

Pus we still didn't get our internet searches back yet.


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