Sunday, June 24, 2018

Youtube Launches Music Streaming Service & Vinnie Paul From Pantera Dies at 54

Just a quick Sunday evening update:

As if on cue to my previous posts I never noticed it before, youtube has launched a music streaming service that uses an app or something to play you music lists and full albums on your smartphones.

I don't know why anyone would want service on a device that just plays you continuous ads on free content, then they keep asking you for money every two minutes then if you want the ads to stop you have to pay them to turn it off.

Holy crap, must be the number one site on the internet that keeps asking you for money.

Oh, and remember google ads? Well think about it, those are the ads on youtube now. Today they just run you ads all day on your smart phone off free music videos and audio tracks.

Yeah, no thanks. I like the smartphone but the service is stupid, who would want a device that just plays you ads all day while you listen to music.

The song they play in the video for their ad network it called "invasion of privacy"...yeah I know they are doing that to us on there. Just try and upload a video on there, they all sit there at youtube watching you encoding it checking to see if you don't own it then they start running you six millions ads and asking you for money on top of that.

Then they want you buy a membership and then pay them to make them stop showing you ads.

Don't ask you for much do they.

Right they go,you don't need to know they name of the song. You just type in the lyrics and the song comes up.

That means that when they made the content id they typed in all the lyrics and matched them to the videos, then when you search for a lyric the song comes up, just like they do with content id.

So you would go and type in the lyrics in search and then the song would come up and match the lyric line to the point in the song that says it and the content id would show you the exact part of the video where the lyric is at automated in the search, then they can show you a picture of the sound file of where the video and lyrics are at all at the same time.

Then they want six million dollars from you watch it, plus they don't even own any content. It's all other peoples.

So they did that on other peoples content with content id, ok there Amway.

You watch, you say it sounds like Amway and then they run Nutrisystem ads on it all day and then next week you find out that Amway and Nutrisystem  are their other business partners with the third party content id manufacturer.

Then they backed all that in an Amway scam on Android and now they'll probably go bankrupt.

And on a sad note, Vinnie Paul Abbott from Pantera died of a heart attack at 54 this weekend, his brother Dimebag Darrel was murdered on stage.

Just terrible, that's sad for those families and the other Pantera members. Half of Pantera is dead now and it was their guitar player and drummer and they were brothers.

Diamond Darrel was killed on stage and his brother died of a heart attack at 54.

I feel bad for them all.


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