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Food: Recipes That I Have Invented Like The Philly Cheese Steak In My Kitchen

Cora Omelette Burger
If you read this blog you may be aware that one of my interests is recreating food items from cooking shows like Burger Wars etc. for fun at home. That is on an earlier blog post.

Now I would like to share some menu items that I have invented in my kitchen, I'm releasing these food recipes freely so go ahead and use them whatever why you want at home or commercially. 

I'm working on my "food release" like a record or book only it's a food menu item. To do a proper food release you can't take money for it, it has to be a public domain recipe. This will get your food item into the public freely and everyone will make it knowing that you invented it.

First, I recently noticed in Halifax that Cora Burger has invented the "Omelette Burger" in 9 varieties. I was impressed to see this in Halifax and hopefully it's still going.

This is the kind of item I am talking about, two thumbs up on the Cora Omelette Burger this is a big item that I imagine will be ripped off globally in two minutes. Make sure and get a Cora Omelette Burger delicious.

I also recently noticed that Tim Horton's is switching to all day breakfast which should be a big hit. Remember, any time of the day is a good time for breakfast. I'm sure all day breakfast will be big at Tim Horton's.

Some advice, if you are in need of an idea for your restaurant just remember that you can never go wrong with all day breakfast. I love breakfast any time of the day and that's always a big hit at restaurants. 

If I had to pick, all day breakfast would be a number one restaurant item. Sometimes you just need to have bacon and eggs at 9 pm, thankfully the all day breakfast menu is out.

As a small public service announcement these menu items contain lactose, so if you're lactose intolerance which apparently is quite common these days you'll need to take those lactose pills that help you digest food. Yes, it's inconvenient but if you want to have dairy then you need to take a supplement to help you digest the dairy, that is a big cause these days and a lot of people have this problem.

Just remember if you are lactose intolerant this food like eggs and cheese mixed together will bind up your stomach with cramps and everything in two minutes, make sure to have lactose pills to help you digest the dairy.  I'm saying this because I know people with the problem.

Last year I did the Super Thanksgiving and had the similar meal at Christmas, Super Christmas. I didn't bother to post that because it was essentially the same meal as Super Thanksgiving.

Then I was making  a lot of television like meals for a bit since last summer and ate a lot of meat during the summer last year. I find when it gets hot out during barbecue season that you eat a lot more meat. 

I'm assuming that this is why Texas Barbecue is so big, probably because of the heat there. What I have noticed is that during the Summer Months that your meat intake goes up, which also affects your food budget.

For me, I eat more when it's hot out during barbecue season and your meat intake goes up. Just watch for that in your diet, this can cause your food expenses to skyrocket during the summer from eating meat and barbecue.

From talking to people, I have found that people eat way more when it's hot out and eat way more meat, just watch out or plan for that because your food intake may go up when it gets hot and you might start craving meat which will super affect your food budget during the summer months.

That is what I was up to last summer and making a lot of meat based meals during the Summer, then I did the Super Thanksgiving and Super Christmas meals mentioned earlier on this blog.

After that, this is what happened. Someone told me what people in the Trench Coat Mafia had for a food budget and what they ate in a month. My goal was to match that and put together a buffet and eat more in 24 hours than the Trench Coat Mafia does in a month.

According to my chart of what they eat, I bought a similar value priced meal that they would eat in a month and made the same food amount in one day.

I made a huge buffet of meat and Chinese food that would be comparable to what they eat in a month. So when you look at the food I made it will be the equivalent to what the Trench Coat Mafia eats in a month.

Then I ate it all in one day.

In fact, it took me 24 hours to eat all the food. So I made this buffet and just picked at it all day when ever I could and it took me 24 hours to eat it all. That was supposed to be their entire food budget for a month including calories etc. that they would have.

I did this because I hate them so much and wanted to eat more than them in one day than they do in a month just to be a prick. Keep in mind that's not a lot of money but for them it was a months food supply.

Well it must have worked because that was several months ago and now I'm on a diet. So after all that food I made last year and ended it off with the more food in one day than the Trench Coat Mafia eats in a month now I am stuffed.

Since then a few months ago I have been on a diet because I can't keep all that food eating up for long periods. I may post my diet program later but it mostly consists of boiled eggs and toast, with lots of water, coffee and exercise.

So this Summer I am on a diet and getting lots of exercise.

Any recipe that I post from my kitchen feel free to use as you wish at home or commercially.

Tracing the origins of my fight with the Trench Coat Mafia if I had to give a specific date on it that would be in 2007. 

This was just one year after the release of my first record "Destroying by Design" and shortly after the recording of my second demo "Mechanisms of Oppression".

My mistake was probably having members of the Trench Coat Mafia over to my house and letting them see the food in my kitchen in 2007. 

Mixing my Corporate job life with hanging around heavy metal concerts in the slums was obviously a bad idea looking back on it. I didn't realize having these people to my regular house would have went so bad.

The actual origins of the fight can be traced to one meal that they saw in my kitchen. It was the Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich with block cheddar and real butter.

After they came over to my house to see the band stuff and witnessed the Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich I was attacked by them and flamed on the internet one year later and moved away.

Then they stole one of my songs and used it on their record, I will never stop repeating that until everyone knows and gets in their heads that that is my song and is  uncredited on their record. I am saying this permanently until they get it in their heads that the song is my property.

After the people from the Trench Coat Mafia witnessed the Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich that was one of the early origins that set off their Dylan Klebold like attack on me in the public by flaming me on the internet.

This is how you make the sandwich, but not the recipes I have invented. This is an earlier one.

The problem is these days I can't find Texas Toast, they didn't have it in the store when I was looking for it recently, those are the super thick double size bread slices. 

They had Texas Garlic Toast in a box frozen that you heat up but that is not the same and they are small slices not full bread slices.

So you get regular Texas Toast Bread slices and butter them with real butter not margarine, then in the middle you place regular old block cheddar slices in the middle then you fry in in a frying pan like a regular grilled cheese sandwich.

I guarantee that this is so good that you will get flamed on the internet by the Trench Coat Mafia, I know I did.

The other one I used to make is the regular grilled cheese sandwich with bacon. 

First just fry some bacon strips separate then when they are done make your grilled cheese sandwich as normal and just put the cooked bacon on top of the cheese and recook it inside the grilled cheese sandwich.

When it is brown and the cheese melts you will have cooked bacon inside your grilled cheese sandwich covered with melted cheese, delicious.  

Classic French Toast
Now here is the big reveal.

After all this food stuff I have been doing for over the last year or so this is what I have invented to compete with the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.

My goal was to make a breakfast menu item that would be comparable to classic breakfast menu items like bacon and eggs, the grilled cheese sandwich and french toast.

I thought to myself, what have never been invented that would be in the same category as those items.

Then if I was to invent the next bacon and eggs for breakfast then I would have to give this recipe away freely so that everyone in the world can use it like classic menu items like bacon and eggs.

That is why this is a public domain recipe, use it anyway you want then this may be the next bacon and eggs or classic menu items. Use this recipe at home or commercially anyway you want then it could become a regular breakfast menu item, then everyone can say that Jason MacKenzie has invented the next bacon and eggs for breakfast.

It has to be a free non copyrighted menu item to achieve this, plus I have also invented a second free reciepe.

I didn't take any pictures so don't get too excited.

Here is the big reveal:

I have invented the French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

The French Toast Grilled Cheese sandwich is a public domain recipe invented by me.  It is french toast fused with the grilled cheese sandwich.

There are two variations the main one and a second one.

This is how you make it.

On the outside of the sandwich it is a grilled cheese sandwich coating and on the inside it is french toast.

So it's a grilled cheese sandwich except on the inside instead of cheese it's the outside of french toast.

So the bread is from a grilled cheese sandwich on the outside and on the inside it is french toast style eggs.

This is how you cook it:

You butter your bread slices like you are making a grilled cheese sandwich on one side only, then you place them in the frying pan.

Then, this is the hard part. You can't just place raw eggs in the middle of the bread like a grilled cheese sandwich.

You have to slightly cook the eggs first separately until they start to get thick, this is so they will stick to the bread and stay on it.

When the eggs have cooked a little bit you put them on top of the buttered bread and assemble it as a grilled cheese sandwich.

The eggs cook inside the bread as if it was cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich.

There is no cheese on the classic French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

It's the outside of the grilled cheese sandwich only, and on the inside it is french toast.

So, instead of cheese inside the grilled cheese sandwich it's eggs cooked inside the bread instead with the same outer cooking.

When you do this it should taste like a grilled cheese sandwich on the outside with a slice of french toast in the middle.

So one side of the bread is grilled cheese coating and the other side is french toast. If you do this correctly, it will taste like a grilled cheese sandwich with french toast in the middle.

That is the main classic breakfast sandwich I have invented. 

It's The French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It's a regular grilled cheese sandwich on the outside of the bread and french toast at the center on the inside of the bread.

Use this recipe freely as you wish at home or commerically.

The variation is this, make the outside of the bread like regular french toast by dipping the bread in eggs on one side only, then on the other side place a slice of cheese on it and make a sandwich out of it.

Then when you cook it the outside of the sandwich is french toast and the inside is cheese like in a grilled cheese sandwich.

So it's a melted cheese slice in the middle and the outside of the sandwich is french toast.

So like a grilled cheese sandwich on the inside but the outside of the bread is french toast.  

That is the variation of the French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich and has a cheese slice in it.

This is the second reveal, also use this however you wish:

The second item I invented is the Philly Cheese Steak Egg Roll.

The Philly Cheese Steak Egg Roll is an Egg Roll with the filling of a Philly Cheese Steak in it.

To make you own egg rolls you need to get egg roll covers at the grocery store.

Place inside the egg roll cover, a small amount of classic egg roll ingredients like cabbage and carrots to give it the regular egg roll taste.

Then, instead of meat as a filling use the toppings from a Philly Cheese Steak.

That is , fried mushrooms, onions, green pepppers , cut up steak strips and cut up cheddar block cheese.  You can also use Cheese Whiz inside it or mozzarella.

Cook the steak stips, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers separate first in a frying pan.

Then cut up cheese or use cheese whiz.

Then mix it together and add all that after it's cooked to the egg roll cover with the cabbage and carrots etc. the regular egg roll filling.

Wrap the egg roll and cook as you would a regular egg roll. 

Then you can add plum sauce or other dipping sauces to it.

Also, you can deep fry the the Philly Cheese Steak Egg Roll. 

After you complete filling the egg roll cover and wrap it, coat in batter similar to Chinese Chicken Balls, and then deep fry it until it's crispy like a chicken ball.

Then you can add sweet and sour sauce to the coated Philly Cheese Steak Egg Roll.

So these are the variations:

First, it's a Classic Vegetable Egg Roll with Philly Cheese Streak Stuffing.

Regular, is baked in the oven and then you can dip it in plum sauce.

The alternate is deep fried. So coat it with seasoning like a chicken ball and deep fry it until crispy and then add sweet and sour sauce like on chicken balls. That is how I like them.

After my adventures in food stuff this past year like on burger wars those are the menu items I have come up with. Feel free to use these as public domain menu items for any purpose at home or commercially.

Remember it's the French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich and The Philly Cheese Steak Egg Roll.

This helps add to the classic breakfast menu  and helps to Americanize Chinese Food by merging it with the Philly Cheese Steak.

Americanized Chinese Food like the Philly Cheese Steak Egg Roll is delicious.

Happy Eating!


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