Sunday, June 10, 2018

Internet: Right so, google is what then an advertisement now?

So here is comes as usual, they say they have internet television and it's all ready to go and it's youtube television, which would be great. 

Then all the devices are compatible for global internet television.

Then my Sony blu ray player is ready to go for internet television with the youtube app and they made all these smart tv's that are compatible with internet television.

So this is what happened. 

Youtube had the opportunity to go with internet television or remain youtube.

Guess what they did instead?

Youtube instead launched with Google Plus and now it's a spam page like or something.

Now when you go on Youtube, they show copyrighted material that anyone can upload and they run advertisements on it without paying the artists and copyright holders.

Now they are broadcasting this on Sony blu ray and Smart tv's.

So they merged with Google Plus and google blocked search terms off pages on the internet and for file sharing under the digital millennium copyright act.

Then when you search on google, the page comes up with other results on it like a spam advertisement or like

So it's like when the page says it has what you want and then when you click on it it was just spam from with other pages content on your search term.

That is on the main page of google now.

So they block your search on google and connect it to an advertisement like some spam page for

Then they block file sharing searches.

Then you have to use Google Plus to log into youtube now.

Then the blocked searches are on youtube.

Then you can view the copyrighted material on youtube that they block on google and it's in high definition.

Then they added advertisements to the material they don't own like megaupload, I think they also did that.

Then youtube started charging to download movies seperate.

Then after they blocked file sharing and band content on google, they added it to youtube and put advertisements on it and are making money off it, then they streamed it into smart tv's and sony blu ray at home on televisions through the youtube tv app.

So they took the copyright material and put advertisements on it then streamed it onto to smart tvs and blu ray players through the youtube app.

Then they are making money off smart tv's at home putting advertisements on other people's material right on their televisions and then they started charging for movie downloads.

Then they said they have Internet Television but are running a megaupload scam instead.

Then they put youtube on google plus and blocked all the search terms for band stuff and file sharing on google and stole them for advertisements.

Then they put it on youtube and broadcast it into people's homes with no copyright and put advertisements on the content.

That's megaupload.

That's worse than file sharing people.

They tried to block the file sharing on google and bands search terms.

Then they took the same files and loaded them onto youtube and broadcast the same blocked material  from the internet right into people's homes with advertisements on it on smart tv's.

That's way worse than megaupload, now it says youtube on every television coming out now and when you watch it they are megaupload and making money off putting advertisements on other peoples material and broadcasting it into their homes without permission.

Then they blocked home users from file sharing and promoting their bands on google.

You are scum.

Then they said they had  internet television, but ran megaupload / advertising on it instead and its all spam on their content and you still can't buy internet television.

Anyway, I am still waiting for internet television but on youtube instead they blocked death metal band search terms and mp3 file sharing users at home on google.

So youtube did have something going but they ran a megaupload scam instead.


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