Monday, June 11, 2018

North Korea Summit: My Predictions

Lindsey Graham says only two options on North Korea, Peace or War.

Well I think that's a little cut and dry there fake news.

Here is my prediction for the Summit.

The news will say that Trump has failed and that there probably be a war. Then they will say he is not going to be the President anymore.

Then they will say North Korea won, then they will say Millions on Americans will die in the war to get you to believe CNN.

Then Washington DC will be humiliated for backing the mainstream news for the statements.

After this attempt fails at scaring the public they will say that a war has broken out because of the summit.

Then they will say in print that Donald Trump was successful and we are now closer allies to North Korea.

Then after this, they will start over later tomorrow when the public didn't believe them and run the same angle on the next story later tomorrow.

This will lead to the closure of CNN and the Google Pus Network.

Then Washington DC will start trying to make amends to the public during the Countries failure during the Korea summit.

Then they will start trying to make it up to you because they let CNN run the  American Government standpoint during the summit and they used it for personal gain and to run someone like Hilary Clinton after they try and ruin the summit.

Keeping that story in mind watch CNN and die laughing and I will explain the details later on this blog.


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