Monday, June 25, 2018

Youtube Follow Up Post

This is a Youtube follow up post.

Since Youtube has all that time on there to make all that crap when a Company signs up for Content ID since they added all the lyrics to the songs, they should do that will all the movies and stuff and type in all their movie scripts, then they should watch all the copyrighted documentaries and transcribe out all the text and add that too the video, or the owner could submit the transcript.

Then when you go on Youtube you can type in your favorite movie lines in the search then the scene will appear in the search results with the scene from the movie or, if you have to pay the movie it will tell what movies and scenes have the clip in it and at what time on a script index matched to the movie scenes.  Then you could pay to download it.

When you type in text phrases into the search movie scenes will pop up with matching lines in it.

Then when you write a movie script you can check to see if someone else is using your lines in a movie scene by matching them on Youtube.

That would be neat.

Anyway, they just seem to have a lot of time on their hands that would be a great project for them to do for the internet.

Then the public might want to use it.


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