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4G Internet Network On Smartphones **Updated**

4G Network Model - This is how they block you from free service
This is in fact called the 4G Network the 5G Network is the Wireless Router at 100 Megabits per second transfer rate.

I will be calling this the 4G Network now which is its actual name.

The diagram I posted to the left is for sarcastic purposes, the point of that is that's what it looks like on a diagram, it's actually purpose is to block you from free service.

Here's the point here, The 4G Network is like a wireless ISP that was developed by the United States Military at DARPA, which everyone in the world hates anyway.

So the Military made the Smartphone network and they and the government gave it to google and apple.


Here is the like to gay wikipedia for the gay DARPA entry about the 4G Network:

Right so this is what I'm saying. The Military has one of those for itself that they use free, then they made the public one and gave it to google and apple, then they just run Linux.

A little out of your bounds there aren't you government and military?

Then this is how it works on the phone sort of...Android companies act as the ISP for the 4G Network, that's the Government and the Military. 

So they let google charge you for access to the wireless network that the military runs for free, that's so they can bleed you bank account and charge you three bills for one service, a different bill for each device type.

So, when you activate your android that runs free linux and unix , it goes to the company you bought it from. They activate your phone for the 4G , like an ISP.

The actual ISP would be the Government and Military.

So instead of inventing something to save you money, they invented something to bleed you dry financially for three payments to one internet. Then the government and military get all the money from google through smart phone and apple phone bills.

So for one, the 4G Network is the Military, that means the public owns it.

Then it's broadcast into your homes and then they use the sim card to block your other devices.

That's so you can't use you laptop on it.

So that is in our homes anyway, then it belongs to the Military so the public owns it.

The military and the government gave it to google and apple for free and they bill you for buying Linux on the device.

So, you are paying for Linux on that as well. 

Who are they supposed to be at the government and military anyway royalty?

Well, they are certainly not mine, plus they are not the leadership of the public.

No one wants the people in the government and military to be our leaders, we want them and google removed from the 4G network.

They just give everything to google.

As out peers in the government and military there making these decision, I hate you.

You are not my peers, you are a liar and a ripoff. You peers outside do not want your leadership.

You are all a failure to the public, do not support these people.

For example, we as the public did not want smartphones.

We wanted the 4G network free at home.

So, these "failed leaders" as the government and military made the 4G network which is in our homes now free and then they work for us outside, then they stole it.

Then they gave it to google and charge us for free content, then they want a new device for each service and extra bills at the military and government.


We don't want smartphones from fucking  google, remove it.

We want the 4G Network at home for free, with internet television on it.

Then the phone service outside is free, then all your devices work free outside.

Then you pay for television service for like $40 a month. Plus pay per view.

Then when you buy a smart tv from Walmart and take it home and set it on the kitchen table and plug it in, it automatically has 6 million channels on it wireless on the 4G network that are pay as you go or subscription, then tons of free content.


This is why it doesn't work.

They made the sim card. 

This is the best I can figure out about the sim card.

The smartphone has a network card in it for wifi, that works anywhere.

The sim card is a SECOND wifi card for the 4G network.

That means the 4G network broadcasts on to the SECOND network card, then you get two connection bars on the top of the screen.

Now I would say I was reverse engineering the smart phone but I don't think it's that complicated.

Then what do you think is on the sim card?

Well duh to myself, its a MAC Address for the 4G wireless ISP.

So the second wifi card is the SIM Card, then to get on the network they must add the MAC address from the sim card to the 4G ISP through the google phone to the network.


The 4G network is therefore a WIFI connection.

They just broadcast the 4G wifi into the simcard, through the MAC address just like your home modem.

That means, that they can "filp a button" at the military and 4G would switch from the sim card to home wifi devices like laptops.

Then you would have free internet on all your home devices that pick up wifi and free phones outside and free roaming internet.

So the 4G network is just open broadband wifi.

Then they block it with the sim card, that's just software and a second network card.

Then the military can press a button and flip it to wifi devices and your laptop would pick up the 4G wifi network for free.

They don't do this because they want triple payments at the military and government for google and equifax, plus they all hate you at home.

Listen very closely powers that be at the government and military.

You are not our leaders and do not represent us at home.

We did not want the smartphone - SUCK DICK - we wanted the 4G Home Wifi Network for Free.

That is ours not google or you.

That is public property and we own it and are you master.

You do not have our support, you are Equifax.

You will all fail as our leaders.

The 4G Home Wifi Network is FREE.

That is public property at the military and government.

Do not let them take this invention for Google and Equifax.

The public paid for that and we own the government and military at home, that is our invention and we want it now.

The public needs to make them give us back the network. The public owns the government and military, we paid them to do that.

Now they made something that we want at home and they won't give it to us.

Then they gave it to google and are equifax.


Make them give us our public investment back by releasing the 4G Wifi Network for free home use.


No fucking gay one from equifax or google that you always make as the failed leaders, we want the real one this time and the real internet. FUCK YOU.


Release the 4G Wifi networt at home for free.

This is how it works, its just like having a G5 High Speed 100 Megabit Router, only it transmits into your house from a pole in the neighborhood.

It also probably transmits from outer space from satellite which the public also owns.

Remember, the military is there so we don't have to be. 

They work for us, now they have an invention that we need so we have to take it back from them.

They have failed us and given it to google.



It's like the Cable Modem is on a pole outside and transmits into your house instead of having a router.

Then all your devices receive the internet from the pole outside for free.

That is there right now, thats what the military uses for free.

Give us our property back, that is the one we paid you to make now release it.

Stop give our money to google and equifax, your families should all be ashamed of you to even work there for your failure.

I am trying to think of inventions that the public could make once we retrieve the 4G network from the government and military and strip google off the internet.


Free internet radio in your car.

Internet televison in you car, for passengers. That's real tv in your car people.

Free Onstar security apps, gps and car tracking. You could track your car for free and make car alarm system apps etc. for car owners.

Parents can buy cheap phones for their kids and have free phone service to help keep our children safe.

Then laptops work anywhere wireless for free, just like tablets etc.

No more crazy bills and triple payments etc.

The is also leading to free home power, also meaning cheaper rent in apartments with no power bills.

Then your only bill is internet television at $40 a month.

Right now digital cable, phone and internet in Canada is almost $200 a month plus pay per view. Plus smart phone and tablet etc is extra.

Are you fucking joking fake government and military? Fuck you.

It's already free for them and will only cost us at home $40 a month for tv plus pay per view.

No, the gave it google instead without asking and it's home property from the public. These people need to be thrown in the garbage today at the government and military.

We never wanted any of that shit from them and google.

We wanted the basic devices to program ourselves and then the 4G Home and Roaming Wifi Network that we own anyway.

You would need to do what? Have a login in for it for legal purposes so it shows your ip address and name on the free 4G network.

So what, that only takes like 1 sec to make that shit, so where is it at bastard?

Demand the 4G Home and Roaming Wifi Network be released back to the public from the military and government for free.

That is the main one we need back from them for investing in them from the public.

Now we need to take it back.

That one is ours at home and we need it today.


Take back the 4G Network from the Military.

We paid them now we want our property back.


Oh right, if you're into programming (I'm not I just know how this works) and looking for the SIM card info , the Android Linux System.

The SIM Card software to access the MAC address would be written in Linux.

So I would like to see someone crack that, I'm not into that I was just looking at wiping it and reloading clean Linux.

If you open and figure out the Linux Code for the SIM card, you may be able to "release" the MAC address of the sim card because it's written in Linux.

Then in the Linux code, you would turn off the return protocol on the 4G Network.

Than it would be "open wifi" with no MAC Address.

That's because the 4G is open wifi that always on. So if you look in Linux, the missing code from the smartphone would be the 4G Sim Card Logon.

Then you "write a patch" on your own that would disable the 4G MAC address because its open source.

Then you would also include a "no return" command so you would just write that in Linux not to report to the 4G ISP.

Anyway, I wouldn't do that. But I doubt it's illegal anyway.

The 4G network is broadcast openly, plus the phone runs Linux.

That means if you can access the sim card code through Linux, you would "write backwards" the missing code to make the SIM card activate, then you would disable the mac address and return to isp protocols.

Then would give you free internet and phone outside on the 4G network without them knowing.

That's because you would just disable the return protocols and gps source in the Linux and they can't track your phone or see you in the network.

You would just program the phone to "receive only" to get free not tracked internet.

I doubt thats illegal to do that because it's made in open source and you own the phone.

Anyway, that security leak on the Phone is Google's and the Military's fault and responsibility not the home user.

They put it there, you can do whatever you want with it.

I wouldn't do that tho because of the legal issues regarding "unregulated internet", and that would be a lot work to do that.

Anyway, that's the military's security leak and google's and not the pubic's responsibility, plus your allowed knowing that anyway.   


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