Tuesday, June 12, 2018

News: CNN Is A Tabloid Now

This is CNN.
Here is my recap of the Donald Trump North Korea Summit, everything looked fine and North Korea apparently wants to denuclearize. Good then.

CNN is no longer a television news channel.

I spent the day yesterday complaining at their coverage of the Summit, all they did all day was bash the President in a Tabloid format and they are some infomercial now.

Plus they ran no real news content all day for the Summit.

This is why I got mad and spazzed about the CNN summit coverage.

Google took search terms that people own, I'm not saying what because they get too much attention for it.

Let's say I have a trade mark term that I use on my website That could be a real trademark or popular saying, so it could be a trade mark or it might just be something that you use that anyone can say but it's popular to you.

Right so they blocked trade marks form the google search and pointed them at encyclopedia.com for google plus and their affiliates like youtube.

For example.

Jason MacKenzie black and pink polka dot fired eggs.

That could be a trade mark or just on my page.

Then that is a unique search key on google, well they killed the search term.

They crossed out Jason MacKenzie and then ran "black and pink polka dot fried eggs"

That is a manual filter on the search page, a person has to update it to to that. So google's searches are filtered , after you search the term is filtered and then it's a "redirect" and load a new result page with your term missing off it.

When "black and pink polka dot fried eggs" comes up, the top page is encyclopedia.com about fried eggs.

Then they didn't have the unique search key listed at all, so they stole it and pointed it to encyclopedia.com then on that page it was a different result that was listed.

So they are just stealing search terms.

Google did that, then when you go to Youtube and type in "black and pink polka dot fried eggs" that page comes up on Youtube a Google affiliate, then when you look at that page they are running ads for CNN and their affiliates like Nutrisystem.

So they stole the unique search terms from google off other .com page's like "black and pink polka dot fried eggs" and then linked them to videos on youtube with ads and videos for CNN on it and advertisements for crap like Nurtisystem in their network.

If you missed that in my rant yesterday, Nutrisystem food makes you lose weight because there is no substance in it, like empty food.

That's the same as just eating bread and water for next to nothing excpet they flavored it.

Then when you go to CNN off Youtube it's all people on there making up stories in a tabloid and bashing the president all day. Thats all they do on there.

CNN is not even news anymore, it's just bashing the president.

Again, they always throw out the real story and pick one item from it and and then lie and bash the President, they should have be pulled by the FCC yesterday its so bad and no one does anything.

A couple examples:

They said that all papers the President uses go to the Presidential archives and it's illegal to tear them up, and people got fired for talking about Donald Trump tearing up papers.

Are you joking!!!

No one would ever believe that. There is NO WAY that the White House permanently preserves every scrap of paper on every memo used by the President!

They only way you would believe that is if you were just watching and not paying attention and not thinking about it, then when someone points it out to you then you know they are lying.

Don't feel dumb for not getting that, you're just not thinking about what they are saying and they are talking about something you never heard of. 

Once you know the difference Wolf Blitzer and them sound handicapped.  

Do you know how big that would be in a warehouse?

They said the Government archives every paper used by the President, no they don't!

They said on CNN that the White House doesn't throw paper in the garbage and it all goes to the archives.

Then they said that the President tore up paper and he's not allowed to do that so he should be fired.

Then they said they staff got fired for saying that they had to tape the papers back together and they wern't allowed talking about it.

They do that on every story! They are not even news anymore.

They are just looking at the White House and "making things up that are going on inside" and then lying to the public and saying its real, they are not allowed doing that on television.

The real story was probably that staff found papers that Donald Trump tore up and they taped them back together to read them, then they told CNN what was on it to get on the news and got fired.

Then CNN just lies and makes up these crazy stories and thinks people will believe then. All they do there now is lie to slander the President. They should be closed.

The other example was that Kim Jong Un met Dennis Rodman the basket ball player and later Donald Trump.

The real story there is Kim Jong Un will only meet celebrities like  Donald Trump and not regular politicians and they didn't have the story.

Then they asked Rodman if Kim Jong Un spoke English and he avoided the question.

Obviously, you're not allowed to say if Kim Jong Un speaks English or not, saying so would be an insult to him and you're not allowed embarrassing him in the media.

Then they didn't have that story either!

That's because they are a tabloid making stuff up and lying then they missed all the regular news content. All the other news pages copy CNN and they didn't have the regular news stories either.

Instead they ran, The President's not allowed tearing up paper in the White House so he should be fired.

That is a total lie and they should be pulled off the air. Like, it's not one show of that like Hard Copy or something it's a whole tv network that does it all day.

CNN is a 24 hour a day network that just runs to slander the President now and it's all made up, plus they stole "trade marks" actual or just sayings they use and pointed them at CNN pages and advertisements on Youtube for Nutrisystem through Google Plus and Youtube.

Please leave Earth now CNN.


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