Friday, June 15, 2018

Sexuality: You're Grossing Me Out!

What the fuck is polyamorus?
Ga Rossssss! Gross me out or what! 

The "Unified Family Court" ruled that a "polyamorous"  group of three people are all allowed to be a child's legal guardians.

First, it's not even a man with two women. That I can at least understand what they are doing.

It's a woman with two men, sick!!!! sick!!!! sick!!!! I didn't even think girls were allowed to have two boyfriends.

A guy can have two girlfriends so that's ok because the girls can just go out with each other, I get that.

But a woman with two guys living there...Gross!!!

If I have two girls living in my bedroom I'm Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion, but a girl with two guys there is just sick.

What is she doing getting gang banged by two guys all night? Then she got pregnant, maybe with them or some other guy.

If you're gay and have a boyfriend I don't care plus you like girls a little so what, I'm just saying two guys sharing one girl in a marriage is just sick.

She's what watching two dudes do each other all night and then getting gang banged by two dicks every night, then one in each end and double penetration every two minutes.

That's what they're doing.

If you're a girl doing that what your're just a slut if you have two guys there.

A guy with two girls that's just normal anyway, besides that's acceptable because everyone likes watching girls kiss each other.

That's because girls are nice looking and wear makeup and stuff so people don't mind them kissing each other in public, that's why its acceptable. Nobody cares about that because it's "pleasant" looking.

So if your a guy with two girls no one cares, that's normal plus girls are allowed kissing each other anyway as far as I know.

But a woman with two men is just plain wrong.

I don't really want to get into to topic like if you're a gay man then people don't think your a man anymore.

I wouldn't know.

So if you're a guy that's gay and comes out of the closet other people won't think you are a man anymore.

I'm not saying that because I don't care what you're doing.

People don't like gay men because they don't like seeing two big hairy guys making out, that's why. It's not visually pleasing. That's why people don't like being around that.

People don't think that gay men are men anymore when they hear that.

Girls for example what, they wear makeup and stuff, then they put it on and start kissing each other. That looks even more girly. If you see two girls making out it looks super girly, like it's even more girly to be a lesbian than a regular one, like lipstick lesbians or something. 

They're all putting on make up and stuff together and going around kissing each other all the time.

People don't mind looking at that because it's "dressed up" that's why naked girls are on signs and billboards everywhere etc.

Then regular girls who aren't lesbian they want to be like them for fashion and stuff to attract a boyfriend or something.

Don't get me wrong though, some people hate lesbians worse that anything in the world bad.

For men, people think you are not a man any more.

If you're a gay man, everyone think's you have a job or something that could be considered gay like make up artist or hair dresser. That's because gay is something like feminine, or not even that just less masculine. That's the jobs gay men like.

If you are regular man with tools and automobile engines and chainsaw's and hunting rifles and stuff, if you come out of the closet people will think you're not a man anymore. Just keep that in mind.

They'll think you work in a hair salon or something.

Then they will say that you don't fit in at the hunting and rifle shop anymore because you're not a real man.

I'm just saying, that's what people say.

So a woman living with two men is gross, she's some kind of slut or something. I don't know why a slut would want to have a kid anyway. 

I don't know what polyamrous is anyway, that's some kind of open relationship. 

Like a girl getting gang banged every night by two guys or something.

I think that is Newfoundland , they made all three of them the parents. That's fucking dumb anyway because it traumatizes the kid.

Trust me, kids just want regular parents. Nothing gay with two fathers in the house.

Right so if I grew up in a house with two gay parents I'd probably want to kill myself. 

That's because kids growing up want a regular family not a retarded one, they should keep that shit regular anyway for the sake of the children.

How about if you're gay just be a single parent and keep your boyfriend in the closet or something or maybe just not have kids. 

The point is you probably can't get all those things at once anyway, if you have an "alternate lifestyle" then you can't have the same thing as regular couples.

Plus that's hard on kids and traumatizes them, when they grow up they will probably hate you bad. I would expect on getting disowned at some point if the kid is a regular everyday kid.

I'm not saying that, it's just what people do anyway.

Yeah anyway, polyamous threesome are the legal parents, Gross anyway!

Then it's a woman with two men! Sick sick sick.

It's not even a guy with two girls.

I know if I was in a relationship and living with two girls I'd have no time to be a parent anyway, plus I'd be too busy "doing my girlfriends" to have those kinds of responsibilities.

If I had to guess my "first glance opinion" would be that they are all having sex with each other and think they are in love or something and are going to be there together forever and trying to make it work , like they are infatuated or something then they have this crazy plan  to stay together forever and raise a family, they probably just met or something.

Over the long term this will probably not work out anyway, plus you're grossing me out.

Immature everyone, when their infatuation  wears off from having gay three ways with some woman every night this will probably end bad, like they all do as usual.



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